The Lions Den
The Lion's Den
Summary: Ramiro is called to Gaelan's office.
Date: 63 ACH
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The Major is currently sitting in his office, the door propped open and he seems to be reading over files and paperwork. The Desk Sergeant is busy pulling some of the paperwork from his desk and taking it over to the filing cabinet. Pulling open one of the drawers he slides it into it's appropriate place. Pushing the door shut he steps over to another drawer and pulls it open, thumbing through the files in search of something.

Having been summoned over the intercom, Ramiro quickly makes his way down the stairs from marine country and towards the marine offices. Taking a moment to run his hands through his hair and take a deep breath to avoid seeming nervous, he steps inside and nods to the Desk Sergeant. He moves across the floor to Major Gaelan's desk and stops at attention, flashing a salute.

Looking up from his desk at the sound of the attention coming to on the deck floor, Gaelan looks to the Sergeant and returns the salute. Pointing to the chair, "Sit." Looking down to the file on his desk, he flips through a few more pages reading something for a moment then finally he lowers the papers and closes the file. The rasped tone of the Major calmly comments as he finally locks eyes with the Sergeant, "Tell me about the mission."

Deciding that Gaelan means the Recon, Ramiro suddenly sits down. Snapping his face to a cold as ice amount of expressionless gaze, he looks to the Major and starts to speak. Knowing well that Gaelan got the report, his spine tingles a bit. "Sir, we proceeded through the brush past some angry simians, located a sinkhole, came into contact with panthers. We followed a panther trail towards two seperate ruins that are religious sites. No enemy combatants yet, sir."

The Major nods slowly as he leans back in the chair, folding his hands in his lap he watches the Sergeant explain. The tone is calm, "I see. So care to explain the note you sent to the Commander then?" Eyes narrow a little bit as he seems intent on hearing this response. Nothing but attention now for the Sergeant.

"I felt that due to a series of events that there was something more to the planet or the sites involved sir. I wanted to not write the note, sir, but I felt that my need to self preserve didn't supercede the need to report my theory on what may have been a threat to the fleet sir." He pauses. "Sir? Have you received any reports regarding the investigation on the religious sites?" He dares to ask.

Gaelan nods slowly and shifts ever so slightly in his chair. Obviously hearing the question his tone comments, "Based on your report to the Commander, followed by a retraction and apology. Were your speculations and enlightenments correct?"

"An object from the dreams is planetside, sir." Ramiro replies. He simply stares straight forward, avoiding eye contact. He pauses, as if deciding to add to it, but stops himself. Instead, he blinks and finishes. "I did not retract my report. I apologized for not following protocol."

Gaelan clears his throat as his tone sharpens, "Sergeant. Were your visions, dreams and claims accurate or not?" The Major leans forward again from his chair towards his desk and the Sergeant settling in one of the chair across from him.

"Yes sir." Ramiro replies, being direct. He blinks and breathes slowly, reverting to his boot-camp self control.

The Major watches the Sergeant calmly for a few moments and nods slowly, "Very well then. I highly recommend that you consult your visions with the Sister along with your findings. I am not a theologist by any shapes or figures, so she will have to transcribe their value to Command." There is a pause as he drums his fingesr on the desk slowly before continuing, "Sergeant, I am not hear to figure out what your religion provided you. I am here to make sure I have a capable Marine who can provide successful missions to me with minimal failure of life. Are you still capable of doing that for me?

"Yes sir, I am." Ramiro replies, squaring his jaw. "I would never under any circumstances derelect my duty or endanger any living human or human property with my beliefs. You can depend on me for anything, sir."

Gaelan nods slowly, "I am very aware of this Sergeant. You have done a fine job in all your mission plannings and training efforts." Finally the Major leans back in his chair again, pulling the file towards him he opens it again and lifts it to look at it again as he comments, "So tell me Sergeant, and speak freely on this, if you were an Officer in my COmmand. What would you do with your responsibility?"

Ramiro simply blinks. This is definitely an unexpected change in direction and pace. He doesn't take too long, though, he wouldn't want to come across as conflicted. "Well sir I'd…." He pauses. "…I'd request to be your go-to on mission planning, training, and hope that I'd be able to continue my lead on sniper team. If the Corps deemed it necessary to take me off of SST, I'd make my reccomendation for SST leader and begin analyzing blueprints for ships of known use-type, planets we're likely to visit, and keep my ears to the grindstone for possible upcoming engagement locations. This way, battle or defense plans could be assembled on the fly, and squad leaders wouldn't need to figure it out from the field. I'd follow what Gars and I worked on, training four-man fire team tactics using the MG gunners to paint the targets, if I were given the responsibility."

The Major glances up over the files as he nods slowly and lets out subtle hums of acknowledgement to various points. Pushing the file forward he closes it and watches the Sergeant a good long moment. Fingers drumming on the closed folder in a slow methodical pace. Eyes finally break from the Sergeant as he reaches over to pick up his mug, a slow lingering sip comes next as he watches the Sergeant over the edge of the tilted mug.

Apparently that means to continue. "Being as how babies aren't being born fast enough to fuel marine needs, planning is of the utmost importance. Well prepared battle plans means that the marines can focus on the fight rather than their navigation. I can guarantee it will result in a lower risk of casualty. I'd also designate one member per squad to wireless so that coordinates can be arranged via tactical. This could lead to joint efforts for quick Raptor pickup, and possibly fire support if needed." He clears his throat, shuffling a little in his chair. He smiles a little. "In training, I'd also like to get the marines down into the MOUT and run them through a scoring system with the rigging for the pop-up targets. Get them used to identifying targets and quickly knowing if there's a fire situation or not. Then, I'd combine the two. I'd direct the squad leaders to have access to reconfigure the MOUT setup to allow for changing indoor plans, change the blueprints on them, add in unsaid variables. Get them thinking before going in. This will get them used to not only following battle plans, but improvising on the fly with what they've learned from maps and battle plans going in."

Gaelan slowly lowers his mug down and sets it on the desk. Looking back to the Sergeant, "Very good response Sergeant. I can tell you have practiced it well. Now I want to see you execute it, because the last time I asked you to implement a training effort I never once heard my MOUT in use." Hands slide together and fingers interlace as he looks to the Sergeant and comments flatly, "Let me see this training in place and working. You are acting under my full authority to do this. Time to execute the mission plan, Marine."

"Yes sir." Ramiro replies, a stiff nod following it. "Will I have access to available maps to study alongside the MOUT preparation? I have all of the req's filled and approved. I can have marines in the MOUT as early as 0600 sir."

Gaelan points out to the Desk Sergeant, "The Sergeant will provide you with any previously cleared mission maps for you to use in your scenarios that you need. Naturally we have to take all our current mission objectives in effect for their confidentiality to guarantee their execution." Looking towards the open door he looks back to the Sergeant and his tone seems to soften a little as he asks, "Now for a personal question Sergeant. What is your relationship with Petty Officer Sullivan? I noticed you departed rather quickly the night she was at my quarters to deliver medication for me.

Ramiro looks to Gaelan. "She's the closest thing to family I have here, sir." Ramiro speaks honestly, plainly. "Her brother attended a high school that my team played and lost to in district. We're from the same city, practically the same neighborhood." He pauses. "I've…offered myself to be her brother, so that she has a brother to talk to. We're close, but it's not romantic. I…left early because I saw she was there on a medical visit."

Gaelan nods slowly, "Understandable then. Petty Officer Sullivan has done a very good job in taking care of me while I was injured. I owe her a lot for her attentiveness. Do me a favor then, as her brother, make sure that your brothers in arms don't make her feel uncomfortable. This is something I am sure you do naturally when she is around but consider this a personal request from me to you."

"I'll keep an eye on her, sir." Ramiro replies, blinking with a little bit of curiosity on his face. He lets it fade and simply nods. "Consider it done, sir. Least of all even though she's all grown up, she's not a marine. I've been meaning to speak with her lately as it is."

Gaelan nods slowly as he comments to the guest, "Do you have anything else you need to bring to my attention, Sergeant? If not I have some stuff that needs to be tended too."

Ramiro looks to the side at one of the empty desks, smiling at it for a moment before looking to Gaelan. He shakes his head. "Nothing at this time, sir." He says, nudging his head in the direction of the empty desk. "Other than to tell you I'm gonna break my ass to get that desk."

Gaelan glances over to the desk briefly then looks back to the Sergeant and smirks, "Then I suggest you prove it more to your fellow Marines than me. They are the ones who will have to follow you if you do earn that desk and last time I checked, the senior enlisted don't like it when they get overlooked for promotions. Especially ones like that."

Ramiro nods back to Gaelan, simply happy to be having the conversation. "I'll send out the missive. MOUT Training, 0600 till 1000 for available troops followed for an afternoon for the rest of them. I'll be swapping shifts in and out." Ramiro replies with a nod. "I'll be by here early for the maps, I'll requisiton what I need for now." He dares a smile. "Thank you, sir."

The Major watches the man a moment and nods, "Don't tell me about it, Sergeant. Do it. If I wanted to chat about how things should work I will go talk to Naval Officers. We are Marines. We execute." Glancing to the door and the hatch in turn he looks back to Ramiro and flatly comments, "Dismissed Sergeant. Have a good

Ramiro nods, and quickly stands, saluting the Major before he turns to leave. Heading for the door, he provides another nod to the Desk Sergeant as he exits. Stopping at the door, he looks both ways before he turns toward the aft of the ship, entering the stream of people walking quickly.

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