The Magnificent Bastards

The Magnificent Bastards



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The Magnificent Bastards, is an elite marine company established by the Raul Desusa, two years before the second cylon war. Having a record that tells the tale of heroism in the recent history of the Colonies, these battalion has earned the reputation of getting the job done at any cost.

Desusa himself earned the nickname 'Zeus' as he wrought down the lightning of the Gods upon the enemies that faced his Marines.

The latest assignment for the Bastards, prior to the Cylon Holocaust, was aboard the Assaultstar Pandora for a black ops mission near/around the Arm's line, in which they where testing the prototype dropship 'Phantasm'.

In the week prior to the Holocaust, sabotage put the Pandora out of action.

It was due to the efforts of Battlestar Genesis, that some of them survived, before the Pandora was restored to full capacity.

The Bastards

Name Rank Other
Raul "Zeus" Desusa Major Commanding officer
L.T. Hazzard Sergeant SST, Squad Leader Team Bandit
Silj Lakis Private First Class MIA
Shepler Goste Corporal NPC
Nathaniel Gars Corporal Disbanded
Mackie 'Tank' Kells Gunnery Sergeant NPC
Tucker 'Tuck' Grannel Staff Sergeant NPC
Ephraim Jessup Private First Class NPC
Albie Dent Private NPC
Edmond Caparzzo Private NPC
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