The Maru Maneuver
The Maru Maneuver
Summary: Jocasta performs The Maru Maneuver on Salin. Gets a 10.
Date: 44 ACH (27 Dec 08)
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JAG Office Genesis - Deck 11
44 ACH 6285 Souls

The office of the Judge Advocate General is a normal office room in appearance, with a pair of desks and a bookshelf in one corner containing legal texts and reference materials. Each desk has a computer terminal on it and built in set of drawers. Across from each desk is a pair of chairs for interviewees to be seated. Also along part of the back wall are a row of grey, metal filing cabinets.
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Jocasta comes in from Navy Offices.
Jocasta has arrived.

Surprisingly, the JAG Offices are pretty quiet today, regardless of the most recent decleration by Command. Within the office, Salin is seated behind his desk, pouring over a variety of paperwork that seems to have built up in small, uneven piles. Occassionally, he signs one of the documents and sets it in a 'To File' box before moving on to another. A mug of untouched coffee sits off to the side, steam still curling off of it.

A dark-haired Navy officer dressed in duty blues steps into the office and knock on the bulkhead instead of the open door to announce her arrival. "Major… you got a moment?"

The sound of a knock on the bulkhead draws Salin's head upwards and after a brief look at Jo, he's giving a slight nod of his head. "Sure, Ensign. Come on in." Leaning back slightly, he tosses the pen onto his desk, "Come on in and have a seat. What can I do for you?"

Well, you know, it's still within that 48-hour designated aftershock period in the wake of Command's controversial decree and so the betting odds are that this Ensign - this female Ensign - is probably here to discuss it. Or rant about it. Or scream and throw things in an official capacity. All the same, Jocasta takes a seat and, sure enough, the first words out of her mouth are, "So, about this… pregnant and married thing…"

Once she's been seated and begins to speak, Salin can't help but offer a chuckle and lift a hand upwards, waving it briefly, "It's being dealt with, Ensign." There's a pause and his hand lowers to rest lightly atop the armrest of the chair, "I've spoken with the Commander and informed him that the order is both unlawful and unconstitutional. My aides have already begun running around the ship, pulling down the notices. I'm afraid, though, that the damage is already done."

Jocasta only takes a moment's pause, opening and closing her mouth briefly, but then she just trundles on with the original plan… perhaps to Salin's chagrin once he hears what she has to say: "That's heartening, sir, but… just in case… I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to marry me." Insert record scratch here.

"Won't be a just in case. It's …" Blink. Blink. Salin lifts a hand upwards to rub at his face, not once, but twice, befoer he lets the hand fall away. "Wait, did I just hear that correctly?" That brow remains arched upwards slightly and now he's canting his head to the side, "There won't be any need for marriages, Ensign, unless two individuals feel compelled to do so for their own private desires."

The Ensign can't help but look somehow bemused and yet she holds her expression firm in that practiced Navy protocol as if she were standing at attention and awaiting uniform inspection. "So, that's a 'no' then?" She mimics the Major's eyebrow perking and then makes a fuss about fishing out a folded piece of paper from one of her pants pockets and asks, "May I borrow a writing utensil, sir?"

There's a soft laugh and Salin is giving a quick nod of his head, "I'm afraid it is, Ensign. I don't exactly have a desire to get married at this particular moment and especially not as the result of Pregnancy Directive 101." Leaning forward slightly, he grabs a pen and extends it over towards Jocasta, "I can do that much. Here you go."

"Well, it was worth a shot…" The pen is taken and then used to scratch out what is presumably Salin's name in… a list? She's got a list? What the —
After a moment, Jocasta peeks back up at JAG officer and says, "You know I was kidding, right, sir?"

Leaning back in his chair, Salin brings his elbows to rest on the armrests of the chair, fingers lifting to steeple before him, "Oh, I was quite aware that you were kidding, Ensign. Still, the manner in which it was done caught me a touch off guard. Not an easy thing to do and well played." He's offering a smile then, "So, how many people have you sprung this little prank on?"

"You're my first," Jocasta confesses with a hint of innuendo hung in the crooked corners of her mouth. She then tucks the list away and assumes a more casual pose. With her head tilted slightly to the side, she asks with eyes full of mischief, "Sure you don't wanna change your mind? I'm really good in the sack." Wow. Hello whole new levels of inappropriate!

Salin gives a soft groan before he's shaking his head and when the groan fades, it's replaced by a soft chuckle, "Good Gods, Ensign. You may not want to take that approach on all officers that you spring this on. Some may find it a tad … overbearing." He's giving another smile then before he leans forward, fingers unsteepling so that he can move a hand to place it on his task, tapping the surface, "And just what were you thinking? I'd say yes and we could solidify it right here on the desk?" A brow perches upwards again as his lips curve into a slight grin, "But, I'll give you credit for delivery and offer to buy you a drink later."

With a gesture meant to suggest that she's both willing and able to strip down right that moment and do as Salin's suggested, Jocasta unsnaps her uniform overshirt up by the collar and leans forward but then collapses back into the chair with a laugh. "I think I'll settle for the raincheck, sir." She then lifts her chin and notes his paperwork and adds, "I wouldn't want to put you any further behind. Might even be another marriage proposal in there somewhere…"

Her laugh is joined by another from Salin and he's giving an approving nod of his head, "Probably for the best." Shifting his attention down to his paperwork, he grunts softly, "Oh, I don't think there's going to be any more marriage proposal's in there. Alot of comments on that directive, but no proposals. I think you win that particular category, Ensign." There's another grin as his hands settling atop the desk, fingers laced together, "So, you going to try that on the Commander or the Colonel?"

"They're both on the list. I figure if I get knocked up, I may as well see what I can do about climbing the chain of command the easy way." Again, she must be joking but this little jest doesn't come with a disclaimer. "It's contingency planning, really. I should get a commendation for my initiative. Maybe we could institute a fleet-wide program… the Maru Maneuver…"

There's a soft snicker and Salin shakes his head quickly, "Those are some high aspirations, Ensigns, I wish you the best of luck with those." His lips are still curved upwards into a grin, "As for the commendation and fleet-wide program, you'll have to take that up with the CAG. But, I will say that's the most inventive thing I've seen in a long time. And certainly adds a touch of flair to this situation."

"I do what I can, sir," says Jocasta with no small measure of pride. She then falls into a second or six or quiet, looks around the room with silent eyes and then taps Salin's desk gently before rising to her feet. "Well, that's all I really came in for. I'll try not to take the rejection too hard," she offers in departure, complete with a fake frown.

There's another soft laugh and Salin is rising to his feet as Jocasta does, "Well, it was certainly an .. interesting conversation, Ensign." His hands move behind his back, clasping together, "And I'm glad to hear that you won't take it too hard. The offer of the drink stands, when you're able to get the CAG to release you for a few hours."

Jocasta resumes her lopsided smile and says, "That should help, sir." as she makes her way over to the door. While rebuttoning her uniform shirt, she adds, "When you finally crawl out from underneath that paperwork, come up to Deck 12. Ares Berths. That's where you'll find me."

"You'd be waiting awhile, Ensign. The paperwork only ever seems to be grow." Salin's giving a soft chuckle to follow and then he's nodding his head, "Deck 12. Ares Berthings. When I pass off some of this paperwork to the legal aides, I'll venture out of the JAG Cave and make my way up there. Take it easy, Ensign and don't let that humor go to waste."

The swarthy-skinned Ensign then departs with a sharp salute, stepping back out in to the corridor and disappearing around the bend.

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