The Revolving Door (of Crap)
The Revolving Door
Summary: Zaharis' door is always open. Greje gets her second disciplinary action, and Rue brings a new concern. Also, Reed gets stuck.
Date: 10 ACH (23 November 2008)
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Chief Medical Officers Office Genesis - Deck 13
10 ACH 6735 Souls

The office of the Chief Medical Officer is a small room, used mostly for consultations and review of sensitive patient materials than the paperwork of the Medical department, which goes through the Naval Administrative offices. Still somehow it has file cabinets along one wall stuffed full of papers, two chairs in front of a desk behind which a large leather chair is set. On the desk sits a computer terminal.

Zaharis is behind his desk looking over someone's chart, and two films of X-rays showing someone's knee. Or what used to be their knee, anyway.

Greje peeks her head in, "You needed to see me, Jesse?" Obviously timid, as the last time she was called in here she was in a great deal of trouble. She slinks around the doorpost like a middle-schooler getting called into the principal's office.

"Yes, Lieutenant." Zaharis puts a slight stress on her rank, setting down the films and closing the large folder. "You sought me out in an off-duty area last night to tell me that something 'urgent' - to use your words - had happened. Even though I received not one page from my staff about any matter needing my immediate attention. So now imagine when I get down here and find nothing at all, nor anyone who seems to have the least idea of what you were talking about. That essentially means that my time was wasted, and I would like to know exactly what was going through your mind for you to have done such a thing."

Greje draws her lips together, her back straightening somewhat and her eyes narrowing. She always attempts to take criticism with a good grace, especially in a military context, where she's here by their rules, not her own, and it's her own burden to live up to them. But this just seems entirely beyond the pale, and calls up a spot of indignation and irritation not often to be found in the usually meek and retiring priestess. "Now Jesse. You're being unfair. First, I didn't seek you out. I was looking to see if I might find Doctor Reighner in the mess, since the young lady was unable to find him on duty. Since I saw you there, I thought it might be worth a chance to ask if you knew where he was. Yes, the young lady seemed in rather urgent need of finding the doctor. I reccommended to her that she leave a note for you, as, again, I thought you were the most likely person to know the doctor's whereabouts. If she declined to leave you a note, and declined to talk to your staff, and your staff didn't take note of a young lady who was sitting in your waiting area for, as far as I could tell, quite some time, I don't see as it's any fault of mine. And if I made you to worry about the young lady's health, well, I was concerned as well, and I'm not even a doctor. Isn't it right that you should be concerned, a little bit?"

"Excuse me, Lieutenant." Zaharis' voice snaps. Where he was talking neutrally before, now it's slid to angry. "Am I hearing you correctly? Not only are you walking in here and being rude to a superior officer, but I am hearing you say that you saw it fit, when someone was looking for a member of my staff who is her physician, to instruct her to jump all the way up the chain past /all/ of my doctors and nurses - who are clearly below you, I see - and go straight to the Chief Medical Officer? Rather than have someone page Reighner or inform them that she was waiting? This is what I'm hearing? And then attempting to inform me with your nose in the air that /gosh/, that means you must care about our patients when of course none of these doctors or I do. Well, thank the gods we have you in Sickbay because man, if we didn't nobody at all would receive any care, would they? It would just fall all apart without you, because not a single doctor and gods forbid, me, give a flying frak about any of the patients. No, your position does not give you the right to march around with this self-important little attitude of yours and disrupt this bay, jump whatever chains you see fit, and above all sit here and insult me to my face."

Someone is knocking at the door.

Greje just stares. Absolutely incredulous. Mouth open, lower jaw shaking slightly before she closes her eyes and shakes her head. "Jesse. You are … impossible. There is no way to do right by you, as far as I can tell. I try to stay out of your way as much as I can. If someone has run out of so many other options in sickbay that they're asking -me- for help, what am I supposed to do? I do my best, and all I get from you is grief about it. Fine. I—" she looks to the door, then looks back with a faint sigh, "Someone else needs you, Jesse. I'll let people know, in future, that I simply have no notion what they ought to do about their medical problems, since I quite obviously have none."

"No, as a matter of fact, you don't." Zaharis answers, sharply. "Since when have your duties on this ship /ever/ involved what you ought to do about someone's medical problems? Last I heard you were a chaplain. I believe I asked you once before when you had gathered yourself a medical degree and the answer was never, and I damn well doubt that answer has changed in two weeks. You have a job on this ship, as a /chaplain/ here for their /spiritual/ welfare so why don't you frakking do it. The next time someone needs their doctor, you will instruct them to have that doctor paged, and that doctor will respond. And you will not…gods, how /dare/ you…walk in here and insinuate that my staff and I are so far below your little self-righteous cloud that you have to do our work for us because only /you/ give a shit. You, not a medical staff that is breaking their backs as hard as everyone else to do their jobs well. How…frakking dare you." Yes, he is extremely angry, his eyes chilly. "You are dismissed, Lieutenant."

Greje looks at Jesse steadily, displaying neither anger, nor fear, only a tinge of hurt. "You can't honestly believe I feel that way toward you, Jesse. In any case, if you do, well, I don't. I have the greatest respect for you and for this crew, and all I've ever done here has been in an effort to be helpful and of good use to the people here. I'm truly sorry if I've given you cause to believe otherwise." And, with that, dismissed, she goes.

Greje leaves for Sickbay [o].

Rue comes in from Sickbay.
Rue has arrived.

Zaharis is sitting behind his desk, a closed folder of X-rays marked with a numer sitting on top of it. The CMO's face is slightly reddened, his shoulders tense as though he'd just been yelling, and he's sitting there working on calming his breathing again. He clears his throat, looking up as the door opens.

"Hey Doc-" Pause. Rue stands there in the doorway a moment and asks, quietly, "Should I come back at a different time?"

The anger on Zaharis' face is draining away quickly. He rubs his hands together and shakes his head, giving the CAG an apologetic smile. "No, no, Major. It's fine. Please, have a seat."

The CAG looks a little uncertain, but nods and steps fully inside the office, having a seat. "It's about one of my pilots. I'm not looking for a lot of detail here, but I wanted to know whether or not Ensign Novella came in here with wounds to her hands last night."

Zaharis rubs his eyebrow, watching her as she talks. He nods once at the name, vague recognition somewhere. "Novella, yes. I believe she did. Lieutenant Craven was her primary."

"Do you know if he noted anything suspicious about the wounds?" Rue asks, worry lines creeping into her expression. "I think they were self-inflicted… I found her locker pretty banged up, so, I'm trying to get a good idea of what happened before I speak with her about it."

Zaharis frowns slightly. "Unfortunately I don't know. I didn't see her, myself. Lieutenant Craven is best to speak to on the matter, he having been her attending physician. I can have him contact you soon as he comes on shift."

"Alright. Thank you," Rue tries on a smile, though it's somewhat weak compared to her regular peacetime smile. Pushing to her feet, she asks, "Let me know if I can do anything for you, Doctor."

"I will." Zaharis' smile finally looks real, albeit tired. He rises as she does, politely. "How are your other pilots, is everyone doing alright?"

"They're… about as well as can be expected. Though, my department seems to be the one with the most disciplinary issues at the moment. Crow started a fight with an MP. There was the drama between Jocasta and Reeves and the fire in the Ares berthing. And now Novella," Rue runs her hands through her hair and says, "It's like trying to keep tabs on a bunch of mostly well meaning, but mischevious children."

Zaharis' smile turns slightly sympathetic, and he nods. "Yes, I heard about the Crow incident and the fire. Obviously it isn't my place to comment officially, but off the books, well…let me know if there's anything I can do to help. How are you holding up, yourself?"

"I'm fine." It's out of her mouth /really/ quickly. Too quickly. Rue pauses and adds, "I miss Rooster. Sergeant Cox. I always knew he'd blow himself up. I just figured it'd be with a homemade bomb or over-vamped potato gun back on Leonis, not out here."

Zaharis only smiles a little. "I heard the story. A shame…I'd only met him once or twice, always passingly. The two of you were close?" He uses the word 'close' very neutrally.

"We were engaged. A long long time ago," Rue admits, though as her cheeks ting pink, she ducks her head and looks away. "We weren't as close when he got posted here. Or maybe we were and that was the problem. I don't know. He's gone now, though. And I'll never know the answer to my questions."

Zaharis ahhs quietly. "I'm sorry, then. That must have been very hard for you." He doesn't sound awkward about offering the apology. "Well. Seriously, if there's anything I can do, you just let me know. Even if it's just recommendation about the best brand of whiskey over in the taproom."

"I may take you up on that. I'm starting to get into whiskey drinking," the CAG says with a quiet chuckle, before turning towards the door. "I'll see you around. Hopefully not because you're patching up one of me or mine."

Zaharis offers her a faint grin. "I'd drink to that, Major. Take care of yourself." He picks up a couple files on his desk, moving to follow her out to reception.

Rue leaves for Sickbay [o].
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
10 ACH 6735 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

D'Artanion is standing by the receptionist's desk. Novella is with her. The pilot holds a small dosage cup and is being offered a bottle of water.

Zaharis steps out of his office a few paces after Rue, carrying a large folder of X-ray films. He heads towards the nurses' station to hand the folder over, and picks up someone's chart to scribble notes on it.

"Thanks," Cav breathes as she takes the bottled water. The pills from the cup are tossed back followed by the crack of the bottle. She turns it upside down and drinks a bit. Recapping it, she places the bottle awkwardly into her pocket. "Yeah, I'm fine otherwise, Sergeant. Thanks a bunch. Anything else?"

Reed enters the Sickbay from the outer hall. He hasn't sprung any leaks or the like, he seems pretty chipper all things considered. He looks about and moves toward the receptionists desk, coming to a stop oputside the immediate range of the two standing by it.

Rue comes out of the CMO's office and heads for the exit, though she slows and then halts when she spots Novella at the receptionist's desk. "Ensign. You have a few minutes?"

Zaharis finishes his notes on the chart and hands them off, with a quiet explanation of some medication order. The nurse nods and heads into one of the corridors, and the CMO laces his fingers to stretch them. D'artanion's glimpsed and he smiles at the medic, then notes Reed. "Major. To what do we owe the pleasure?"

Regas comes in from Recovery Ward.
Regas has arrived.

D'Artanion smiles at Novella and makes gentle 'shooing' motions with her hands, "Nah, you're good, Ensign. Come back tomorrow to get the burns checked, though, please. Want to be sure you aren't looking at infection. If you start feeling fevorish, get your ass down here pronto, though." SHe steps back just a little then and looks over toward Reed. He gets a quick smile and a nod, though she does not interrupt Zaharis' conversation. Rue is also similarly acknowledged before the Staff Sergeant once more fades a little out of the way.

Reed looks to Zaharis, "Have to get more specific these days." He moves around Rue, nodding, "Major." He then looks to Zaharis as he approaches, "Majors, Majors everywhere. but to answer you, Infectious diseases bring me here, I came to inquire about the inoculations."

Novella smirks to D'Artanion with her gesture before spotting Rue coming out and she turns just in time to hear the request. That isn't really a quest. She turns back around and just looks at Rue for a moment. "Sure, Major." Flatly said. She stuffs her right hand into the pocket with the bottle. "Lead the way." She looks back to D. "I'll be back tomorrow or not at all, probably. Take care."

"It's a major party," Zaharis says, managing to deadpan that admirably. He rubs his chin and nods to Reed. "For the planet? Sure. Planning on heading down there?"

Regas is on is way out as Pepper is moving in front of him toward the hatch. A bit of a frown is settled on his features as he makes his way through. Salutes are returned if brought up, but he doesn't seem to be stopping. Commandy stuff is on his mind!

Regas leaves for Corridor 13B [O].
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Rue nods to Reed in passing, "Major," before leading Novella out of the Sickbay. Passing through the exit, she disappears out into the hallway after Regas.

Rue leaves for Corridor 13B [O].
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Novella leaves for Corridor 13B [O].
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Reed nods, "Eventually, yes. I want to go over what kind of-" He pauses, turning as the Colonel blows through, then looks back, "In a hurry, okay. What kind of timeframe do we need from injection of innoculation to proper protection? I understand these things don't just work instantly, give the body a chance to let the innoculation take?" He gets unsure about the specifics at the end.

Farkas comes in from Recovery Ward.
Farkas has arrived.

Zaharis glances over as Regas whooshes past. It's a momentary blip on the radar, and he looks back at Reed. "Anywhere from twenty-four to seventy-two hours, depending on the person. We have to have you back to test for sufficient antibody level before we clear you, and make certain you're not suffering any adverse reactions."

Farkas makes his way out of the recovery ward, adjusting his uniform and then crosses the room towards the bulkhead heading out into the corridor. A slight nod is offered in the direction of the medical personel in his passing.

D'Artanion watches Regas bustle through, then nods to Novella, "Right, then." Turning back, she reaches for the stack of charts at the end of the nurse's station. Flipping through them, she locates one and sets the rest down. Opening it, she makes a careful note within, double checking the time before adding it. Closing the chart, she returns it and then lifts the tube of burn cream and carries it back to the cabinet where it came from.

Reed nods, listening to the doctor, "I see." He looks behind him as Farkas goes past, then notices Dart is now free, giving her a nod before returning his look to Zaharis, "Okay, I have a list of personnel for innoculation in that case, and can have them report in for the shots as soon as you're prepped to administer them." He glances about, "I heard the last Op wasn't without injuries."

Farkas leaves for Corridor 13B [O].
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"I'll sending a supply over to the PAS, so they can duck in over there." Zaharis is all about making this easy. "Send us your list, we'll make sure they're taken care of. And yes…" He nods towards the recovery ward. "There were some marine and pilot casualties. Looks like the Colonel was just down to have a hello. Staff Sergeant." He looks past reed towards D'art. "How are you doing?"

D'Artanion looks over to nod to Farkas, then unlocks the cabenit to put the burn cream away. Locking it once more, she turns to Zaharis and Reed. One corner of her mouth twitches into a smile, though it is a quiet one, "Me? Oh, I'm alright, Doc. Thanks. Stings a bit, but…" She shrugs, "It's just a graze, sir. Not like Gars." There is a momentary flicker of distaste in her expression, though it vanishes fairly quickly, "But, he'll be fine too." As she speaks, the woman flickers her attention between the two, "And Ensign Bell just got some bruising. Her armor took the brunt of things."

Reed takes a step to the side and half turns, looking to Dart, "Sounds like we took some knocks but nothing too terrible." He looks to Zaharis, "Thank you for the innocs to the PAS, if you have any here, I'd like to get mine processing." He looks to D'Art, "I haven't met Gars. He alright?" He looks between the medical people.

Zaharis nods to D'art, giving her a glance over that's just reflex, then nods to Reed. "Sure, we can do it right now." Zaharis motions towards one of the exam rooms. "Staff Sergeant can come along if you don't mind it. Ensign…" He turns to speak to a nurse, who stops. "Grab me one of the vaccs for the planet and Major Carter's records, would you?"

D'Artanion nods to Reed, "That sums it up nicely, sir." Z's once over registers, but does not spark the sort of reaction that someone else's look might. He is her doctor, afterall. A nod toward the recovery ward and she adds, "He will be our 'guest' for a few days, yet, if you want to meet him, sir." It is then her turn to look between one and the other, "I would like that, if you do not mind, Major?"

Micah comes in from Corridor 13B.
Micah has arrived.

Reed lifts a hand to his duty shirt, unbuttoning it, and nods to Zaharis, moving to the exam room, "As you like, Staff Sergeant. I'm not bashful." He pauses, as he's taking off the shirt, and looks to Zaharis, "Where does the innoculation go, doctor?" He asks skepticly.

Zaharis is handed a syringe and a copy of Reed's chart, bringing both with him into the exam room. He smirks at Reed, casting D'art a look that says he knows what she's probably thinking, but shakes his head. "Right in the arm." He pats his own arm near the shoulder. "You left handed or right handed, Carter?"

Micah ambles into the medbay, hands in the pockets of the crisp officer's uniform that nearly — not quite, but /nearly/ — transforms him into respectable looking. He has the profound look about him of someone who doesn't want to be here, and is quite happy to scurry away at the slightest opportunity.

D'Artanion follows the others into the exam room. She returns Zaharis' look, although hers is one of utmost innocense. It almost screams 'what!?!' or 'moi?' Settling against one of the walls, she almost crosses her arms over her chest, then remembers when something pulls or twinges. That does cause a bit of a blush as she tucks her hands into her pockets instead.

In the main room, a nurse spots Micah and walks over to him. "May I help you, Ensign?" The man's smile is relaxed and it is clear that he sees that sort of reaction all the time.

Reed quirks a brow at the medical people and strips off his duty shirt the rest of the way, normal tee shirt and tank top underneath, "Left handed, Doctor. Unfortunately. Is the primary component of this innoculation cement? Or will it just feel that way?" Not that he'a wavering to get the shot, just wanting to be prepared for it.

"Doc told me to come by yesterday, so he can check up on my face." Micah's talking between gritted teeth to the nurse, wires and pins and ugly bruising probably quite visible without being directly referred to. "But since I was busy killing some toasters-" He smirks slightly at that, "-I figured he wouldn't mind me showing up a little late."

Zaharis smiles at D'artanion. He pulls some alcohol from a cabinet and a square of gauze, wetting it. The smell is unmistakeable, that sharp sting that reminds so many instantly of 'hospital', and he swabs Reed's upper right arm. "I can relate, I'm a leftie too. Bitch, isn't it? Primary component is rainbows and bunnies, I promise. Staff Sergeant, make a face and keep the kid busy a second, eh?" Here comes the needle!

Snickering a little, she nods, "Right." Now, what face could she make? She briefly considers one option, but discards it. Lifting a hand, she waves to Reed to get his attention, then crosses her eyes and touches the tip of her nose with her tongue. While it is not as attractive as blowing the man a kiss might be, it is likly more astonishing.

Outside, the nurse nods and moves closer to Micah. Lifting a hand, he does not quite touch the man's face as he examines the bruising, "Hmmm. I hope that you did not talk much, Ensign. Stress on the wiring can pull things loose." He then motions to a chair, "Have a seat, son. What's your name? I'll pull your chart and let the Major know you are here. Which doc saw you, by the way?"

Reed nods to Zaharis, "Massive bitch. When I have to have that briefcase handcuffed to me, it has to be on my dominant hand because regs require me be able to acknowledge salutes and give them." Which of course is done with the right hand. He looks at D'Art, blinking, looking quite blaitantly at a loss about what to think of that, even though he heard Zaharis tell her to do it, but he's still and all, "So is this going to merit me another cartoon bandage?" He asks lightly. "And you looking to be in on planetary landing yourself? Either of you?"

Touch or not, the pilot shies away slightly when that hand comes toward him. Maybe he doesn't trust a nurse not to frak it up some more. "Hate to tell you, but I talked plenty. Can't leave my squad in the lurch, sir." It does look to be healing well on the outside, which doesn't say much. "Lieutenant Roubanis, one of the surgeons. Ta." He pulls away and ambles toward a chair, which is dropped into carelessly.

Bell comes in from Corridor 13B.
Bell has arrived.

Zaharis snickers through his nose at D'artanion, and jabs Reed with the needle while his attention's on her. Brief sting, plunge, withdraw, and he wipes off the tiny well of blood before throwing a band-aid on there. A beige one. "No more cartoons, sadly. Yes, I plan to go down there soon. Lieutenant Craven is going with the first wave, taking some volunteers." He glances over at D'art, not knowing what her orders and plans are. "Anyway, you're good, Major. Report back here in twenty four hours and we'll check on how it's doing. You may see a small pinpoint rash around the site or some little bumps - that's normal. But if you feel feverish or develop a stiff neck or headache, come back immediately."

Once the shot has been accomplished, D'Artansion relaxes the silly face and reaches up to wipe her nose. She shrugs at Reed, "Just doing as I'm instructed, sir." Lowering her lashes, she twitches a smile that is almost shy and edged with sadness, "That always worked with my sibs." Then, she straightens and looks thoughtful, "I would like to go to the planet, sirs, but have not received orders regarding a mission on the surface. I expect that I will go if any of the Marines do, though."

The nurse nods to the Pilot, then turns to set his chart in the 'in box', A note is made so that the next available doctor will know that the patient has arived.

Reed listens to the instructions, and nods to Zaharis, "Understood. I'll be back in a day to have a look over." He nods to D'Art. "Missions in prep now. Science team, Marines for security. It's not going to be too fun, it's a swamp." He looks at his bandage, "Okay then." He says, getting ready. "Well, I guess I'll go into recovery and meet the injured." He pulls on his duty shirt.

Zaharis caps the used syringe and tosses it into disposal. He picks up his pen and makes a few notes at the bottom of Reed's chart, then closes it. A nod to the PAS' CO. "Have fun, Major." To D'art he gives a nod, handing her the chart. "Could you run that back to the nurses, Sarge? I need to take care of something. I'll catch you both around." And with that he's off to do…you know, something.

You head towards Chief Medical Officers Office.

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