The Stars' Tennis Balls
The Stars' Tennis Balls
Summary: Magus takes Leandros up in a Raptor to check the damage to the Genesis, and to catch a look at the gas spires.
Date: 100 ACH
Related Logs: Directly after He's Not Heavy. Picture of the gas spires is here

Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7
100 ACH 23797 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

Raptor-214 sits on the floor of the Hangar Deck, hissing quietly, having just landed an hour earlier from a SAR mission — dragging in a busted Viper. The deck crew is crawling all over her, while her Pilot and ECO sit on the wing — the Crew looking for any damage after the Raptor was engaged. There is a few minor burns, perhaps where Cylon fire got a little close, but otherwise the ship came out unscathed. The pilot himself, Priest or Lieutenant Anastasius, stares off blankly — a placid look having settled onto his features.

Then orders come down from on high. Raptor-214 is to launch with an Engineer on board, and make a visual inspection of the damage from the battle.

Leandros is right on time, combat boots making their heavy sounds on the hangar bay floor as he heads towards the Raptor pen. He has a black bag slung over his shoulder and a powerful digital camera on a strap across his chest, the lens capped. Pilots tend to look alike in their officer garb, and he exchanges a couple nods with the deck technicians before seeking out someone who looks like a flyboy. "Lieutenant Anastasius?" His deep voice questions the man standing by 214, as he comes to a stop.

It takes Magus a moment to hear Leandros it seems. His head slowly turns to Leandros, and his pale eyes seem to look through the Chief Petty Officer — focusing on him a few seconds later. "Aye Chief," he offers deeply, pushing himself up to his feet with a grunt. "You the Engineer we're giving a ride to go out and take a look at ship for damage?" The Pilot asks in an almost distracted voice, like he is slowly coming back to himself.

"Aye, sir." Leandros fishes a folded paper from the front pocket of his fatigues, opening it up and glancing over the scribbles. Something crunches between his teeth, the last of something minty. He holds the paper out for Magus between his fingers. "Areas we already know we got to have a look at are right here."

The paper is given a glance by Magus, who gives a slight nod of his head at it. "Saddle up." He says deeply to Leandros a moment later, motioning towards the Raptor. "Why don't you sit shotgun." Grabbing up his helmet, the Pilot drifts on into the Raptor, while the Deck Crew begins to pull the 214 into launch position. "What's your name, Chief?" Priest asks, settling into the Pilot's seat.

"Leandros." The tall engineer ducks his head as he follows Magus towards the cockpit. The camera's protected by his arm as he slides into the co-pilot's seat, and his attention flicks over the rows of instruments on the panel. He even leans forward while the Raptor's towed, inspecting the flickering lights and buttons without touching them. "Nice bird. Never seen their controls up this close."

"The Raptor flies like a bucket, depending on the flight, but she has got some top electronics. In the hands the right Pilot and ECO she can sneak past a Basestar and the Toasters wouldn't even know it." Magus says smoothly, running swiftly through the pre-flight check systems, and powering up the various systems. The Raptor is being lifted slowly on the elevator onto the Landing Deck. At the end of the deck a galaxy of stars fill the small trianglular exit. "Feel free to poke around a bit if'n you like… We got a few minutes."

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Genesis, Priest: Raptor-214 is prepared for launch. Awaiting clearance from the LSO. Mission, Damage inspection."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Priest, Genesis Actual: We acknowledge. You are cleared by the LSO's orders."

"No kidding." Leandros does reach out to touch the panel. Not pressing anything, but tapping his fingers below some of the gauges as though memorising their position. "How long you been flying these things?" His fingers dip into his front pocket and come up with a small wrapped mint, probably what he was eating earlier, and he offers it to Magus wordlessly.

"A decade or so." Answers Magus easily, his pre-flight checks finished. He glances back towards his ECO. "Get the full jamming suite up and running. I know that Basestar is all but dead, but lets make sure their DRADIS doesn't notice us. I'd to have a missle up our ass on accident." Priest says wryly, and then looks back to Leandros. "Buckle in Chief, on the off chance it gets rough." With that said, the engines fire, and the ship lifts up off the deck — thrusting forward soon after. "I've spent most of my career as a Raptor test pilot, so you're in good hands if you're worried about that…" He finishes with a half smile, glancing over to Leandros with those pale eyes that seem to look right through him.

As for the mint, Priest taps his gloved hand on the helmet on his head — a wordless answer.

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Genesis, Priest: Roger that. Raptor-214 is rolling. We'll be jamming the Basestar on launch. Please keep an eye out for us in CIC. We'll have the external damage report, shortly."

Leandros smirks some, settling back once the Raptor seems it's about to launch. He reaches up and hooks the belt with his thumb, drawing it across his chest with a casual tug. Metal clicks on metal, and he takes the cap off the lens of the black camera, sliding the cap into his pocket. His eyes return to the front, watching space rush towards them. "Not worried about a thing, sir. Ain't you doing the damage, now is it."

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Genesis, Priest: Roger that. We appreciate the extra eyes."

At the end of the Landing Deck, the Raptor rolls deftly out into space — spinning freely and lightly. Magus may refer to the Raptor as flying box, but he can make the box dance. The stars spin wildly, perhaps sickeningly for some, but soon the Raptor straightens out — the upper hull of the Genesis coming into view. That is not the only thing that comes into view though, as nestled out in the void is the heavily damaged Basestar — a dire threat even now. Priest eyes it carefully for a few moments, but then returns his attention back to the Genesis.

"Alright, Director…" Starts Priest, motioning to the Camera. "How long have you been in, and ready to film?"

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] From the launch tubes of the Genesis, a pair of Vipers emerge and come about to begin their patrol. The pilot of the lead bird looks around and inverts a couple times to get a all around view before levelling out.

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Raptor-214 is outside of the Genesis, skimming across the hull of the Genesis — her searchlights focusing on the armor of the Battlestar. Off in the distance, looming out in the void is the wounded Basestar, a dire threat even as it sits all but ruined. Still, something is alive on board of it, and a Squad of marines has been taken hostage on board.

The engineer's jaw is slightly tense as the stars spin quite like that on launch, eyes narrowed until the hull comes into view and stays here. He likewise watches the basestar for a few seconds as it comes into view, green eyes tracking the silent enemy vessel. "See something new every damn day," he comments under his breath, then looks back at the hull. Priority job is there. "In about same as you, been a while."

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "CAP-one to Raptor flight, how's it lookin', baby?"

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "CAP-1, Priest: Just starting our search for any serious external damage now."

"Yeah, they never quite become a familiar sight," Magus says quietly, his voice suddenly serious, as he glances back out towards the Basestar. Out the front of Cockpit the burns inflicted by the Basestar are just starting to come into view. "Alright, Chief… Action." He says softly, slowly the Raptor to a crawl. "Let me know how you want us positioned, and what we're looking for." The nose of the Raptor tilts forward slightly, giving the Snipe a better view.

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] The Raptor suddenly slows, her spotlights coming across some of the burnmarks on the ships armored hull. The Raptor continues to drift forward slowly, and with the help of Priest's steady hand her nose tilts over — standing the Raptor on its head.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo and her wingman do their circle of the patrol area, the wing inverting to her as they fly. On theiy way back around, she spies the Rapnastics going on near the hole and she blinks a moment.

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Priest, Tempo, CAG'll yell atcha fer tryin' to plug the hole with one of her birds, y'know. *A pause, then more seriously* Look salvagable to you?"

Leandros lowers his head, looking up towards the top of the Raptor's viewport. "What have we here…" He lifts the camera, a tiny green light coming on the top. Mechanical parts whirr softly. "Damage control report, starboard. Topgrid two alpha, D-arc and combing back. Deep exterior, she's right above the fore gun gallery. Got some scorch damage." He moves the camera to better see with his own eyes, and points ahead. "Pull up alongside if you could, sir, dead ahead. Let me get a better look at where they hit the hull right there."

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "Tempo, Priest: Trying to give the Director Chief Petty Officer Leandros a good view of the hull here. He's filming damage."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Raptor-214's RCS thrusters fire in short bursts, slowing the Raptor a little further, and sending her drifting over towards the fore gun gallery — still skiming just barely above the hull of the ship. Fact of the matter is the hull of the Genesis must be filling the view from the cockpit in the Raptor. Inside the Raptor, Priest looks over to Leandros at his side. "Just scorch damage? Seeing anything serious?" He asks the CPO at his side.

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Priest, Tempo, aye. Just playing with ya, baby. Makin another pass by that basestar."

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus chuckles, "Tempo, Priest: Roger that. If I find a hole big enough to plug a Raptor into… We're in all sorts of trouble."

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] The two Vipers continue their circuitous flight around the fleet, and their eerily still neighbor, maintaining a decent flight speed without laying the throttle open, to spare fuel. She chuckles softly at his reply, the first time in days, and nods to herself, then glances at DRADIS a moment before responding.

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] The camera continues to whirr softly in Leandros' hands as he puts his eye back to it. He waits till a pause in the tac talk between pilots, and quietly sucks his teeth. "Doesn't look too bad on the whole. Not seeing much breach damage, couple potshots here and there. Considering what they done in the past, looks almost like they were just playing with us."

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "*chuckles, then silence for a few moments* I'm sure if there were, I wouldn't have needed t'ask."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] "Roger that, Chief." The Raptor Pilot, smoothly — sounding vaguely distracted for a moment. His pale eyes are focused on the Hull, which is dangerously close right now, but the Chief certainly has a good view of the burn marks. The Raptor's rcs thrusters fire several times, and the boxy ship begins to drift backwards from the Genesis. "Only singed a bit then… Still, without a shipyard wont the continous pounding eventually wear us down?" Priest asks, his brow furrowed slightly.

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "True, True… *silence for a moment* If it was a Raptor sized hole, that skinny little viper of yours wouldn't be able to fill it…"

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Genesis, Priest: Inspection of hull damage completed. CPO Leandros has indicated the damage is mostly light. The armor absorbed most damage, and we were only singed a bit."

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] "Sir, when it's between dead now or dead down the road, I'm good with down the road," Leandros answers as he keeps his focus on the damage. "We'll get the metal." He stops to mutter some more notes into his small microphone, then lowers the camera. "Roll her back some, would you? I saw some more scorching aft." His chin tips, indicating the channel. "Take it you don't pilots Vipers yourself."

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] The Vipers continue their circle of the area, the eyes of both pilots drawn to the enemy carrier as it sits in ominous silence.

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "She's been dieting and running laps. I'm glad the damage isn't too bad, anyway."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "CIC, Tempo, not seeing any activity from the Cylon craft, continuing patrol, over."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Priest nods his head ever so slightly at the Chief's response about the damage, accepting the gloomy future of the ship stalwartly. "We all come to Hades in our own time, and our own way. At least we wont be alone…" The Raptor begins to roll aft now, the ship returning to its skimming manuevers. "If this ship goes though, I suspect the Ferryman will have a busy last day on the job." A little grave humor there from Priest — which turns into a chuckle at the Chief's question. "Negative chief. Viper's are too restricting. The Raptor when it jumps away to scout? Gives me some quiet time. Gives me a change of scenery. Lets me be my own boss for a couple hours or days… That's as close to freedom I'll ever see again I suspect."

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "Old 214's girlfriend left her. She's been up all third watch eating ice cream with the Deck Crew… Hey what ship you in? *idle chatter from Priest*"

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] Leandros lets the camera keep rolling, tracking a long trail of burn marks and deep scrapes. "Something damn near exploded right here. Better have been theirs and not ours." He leans foward, zooming the camera in on the most vicious damage, a starburst pattern of blown-up enemy metal lodged deep in their hull. "These birds got frequency jammers or something like that, yeah?"

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] The CAP continues around the basestar, the pilots putting a lot of attention on the enemey craft, for any signs of activity, then, their momentum carries them past and their attention turns to the front.

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Military channels are usually scrambled. No telling if the canners figured out a way past it or not."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] "Well, Colonial Military radio's use alternating channel burst technology, making it hard to listen in on our communications — unless you know the alternating pattern." Priest explains quietly, still guiding the Raptor slowly along. "In which case we're fraked if they do." The Raptor Pilot says with a dark laugh. "As for jamming the enemy? You name it we can probably do it to the enemy when it comes to Electronic Warfare — at least on small scale."

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "That's been… *she breaks off for a few, then a few moments of silence later* So that's where all the ice cream went."

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] "Can you jump on one of their own frequencies and tell them mama said go home?" Leandros mutters as he lowers the camera, consulting the display screen on the back. The picture glows softly, lighting up the underside of his face. He looks back up and raises an eyebrow at the tac panel, then back at the battlestar. "Last CAP reported seeing some gas spires out here. I want to grab a glance at them if you know where, might be useful."

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "Tempo, what bird you got out there?"

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Inside the Raptor, Priest reaches inside a small compartment next to where he is sat, and pulls out a wireless headset — tossing it over the Chief for usage. "I wish, Chief. Problem is I think 'home' used to be ours." Firing his thrusters then, Priest sends the Raptor cruising off towards the location of the indicated gas spires. "Roger that Chief, Gas Spires coming up."

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] Leandros keeps the earpiece in hand for a while before he actually puts it on. "Better than up our asses, sir." He sits back, switching the camera function back to record. The green light returns and he watches as the battlestar's hull peels away under them, revealing the long, twisting columns of gas and the reddish stars that seem to twinkle through the darker space dust. "Well. Hello there, beautiful."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] "Now that is a sight," the Lieutenant says softly, his pale eyes widening slightly, and looking off into the distance — focusing utterly for once on something. "It's why I love being a Raptor Pilot." He lets the Raptor continue forward, the ship falling away behind them, as Priest allows a moment for himself. "Looks like some sort of Nebula… Not sure what would cause the stars to look like that…" Priest says deeply. "Now, that is truly a miracle sent by Poseidon."

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Priest, Tempo. I'm in seventeen forty one, why, over?"

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "*silence crackles over the radio as the Raptor's nose points towards the distant Nebula*"

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo continues her relatively routine loop around the block as it were, her wingman maintaining formation as they make another loop whilst the Raptor goes to look around at some of the other things of interest to it's crew.

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] The camera is recording, the digital display in back showing the gas spires slowly scrolling. Leandros' eyes are slightly narrowed. "She's a sight, alright. Long as she doesn't interfere with the comms, that's what I'm concerned about." He glances at the radio panel again as it crackles. Justifying his thoughts, perhaps. Eyes flicker back to the gas hanging thickly in the blackness. "Birth of stars right there, sir. Gas like that rotates from the gravitational attraction. Pulls in matter faster and faster over time."

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "Sorry Tempo. 214 was just telling me your ship is the bitch that broke up with her. *he jests but his heart isn't in it and he sounds distracted*"

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "She's finicky. Priest, you ok? Sound a little out of it, there."

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] The lead Viper slows a touch and drops to echange some hand gestures with the other pilot, who nods in acknowledgement. They slow and Tempo spends some time eyeballing the Raptor on the way back around.

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Priest lets the Raptor drift, taking in the sight, and letting himself be lost in it for a moment. To him it is a miracle, the Gemenon in him taking hope from it, or at the very least a moment to forget about everything else. The Raptor pilot in him wants to fly into it, pearce it's heart, and learn its mysteries. "Roger that, Chief…" He says a moment later, coming back to himself, and grabbing the controls to turn the ship about — pointing her back towards the Genesis in regretful manner. "I wonder if humanity will still be around when that star is born…"

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "Roger Tempo. I'm okay here. Heading back to the Barn to left the Engineers at the footage. *his voice still sounds distant*"

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "CIC, Priest: CIC, request landing clearance from the LSO. Inspection completed. Returning to the Genesis, manual approach."

[RAPTOR_214: Leandros] Leandros turns his head, eyes staying with the dark shapes until they've vanished from view. He turns the camera off and replaces the cap, pulling the strap back over his head and watching the Genesis now fill the viewport. "Either way, sir," the Chief answers, pragmatically, "All things considered I doubt the star'll notice."

[Tac2] "Tempo" Dynames says, "They're a sight, alright, Priest…. I'd love to get a look at the sensor data on it, sometime. You still sound like you're not all on what you're doing. Wanna focus on your way back to the barn, baby. Copy?"

[Tac2] "Priest" Magus says, "Roger, Tempo. We'll be good. No worries. Over."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Raptor-214 drifts on back to the Genesis, leaving the CAP alone in space. Alone to patrol around a half dead basestar. A ship that can heal itself… Even if the Colonials don't know it.

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