The Ward room is the principals office
The Ward Room is the Principals office
Summary: Well, you knew it was coming
Date: 6 BCH
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Passageway Support Station PAS - Deck 3
6 BCH 2235 Souls

The passageway here goes full circle and returns to the stairs going back down and a set that continues on up to the main communications area. A cafeteria is here for those working on the station. There is also sleeping areas for the Contractors and a recreation area.

Contents: Manny Reed

Exits: [C] Cafeteria [CQ] Contractors Quarters
[D] Down [G] Gym
[H] Head [LR] Laundry Room
[RA] Recreation Area [SS] Sec Station
[U] Up

Standing at 5'3 this young woman is lean and muscular, obviously no stranger to hard work and her figure is softened out by her busty and curvaceous figure. While tattooed, her golden brown skin is naturally dusky even without tanning and while mostly smooth, she has a few scars from life and its trials. Bright hazel eyes take in her surroundings and her full lips twist in a wistful smirk from time to time. Her hair is dark brown with natural highlights of different shades of brown, thick and curly and falling down to her mid-back.

Her tattoos when exposed, all have meaning. She has a tattoo on the nape of her neck, a tiny name 'Sierra' in cursive over a birth date. She has a band of musical notes tattooed around her right bicep and on her left forearm is a spiral of stars. On her left shoulder blade is a beautifully detailed elegant tiny and buxom woman in a toga, straddling what could be the nose of a viper and leaning over ala pin-up style. There is a tattoo on her lower back of a snarling black pittbull, guarding a stylized red heart that 'drips' into a puddle at the base of her spine. On each of her hip bones is tattooed a detailed wing.

Her tank could double as a sports bra that just grew too long or something, it is black and fitted, v-necked and stopping just below her navel. A pair of loose fitting cargo pants hang low on her hips and she's thrown on a dark blue zip-up hoodie, left unzipped, boots on her feet and hair left to hang free in its natural waves, held out of her face by a dark blue bandana.

Reed comes down the passageway from the upper level, rubbing the back of his neck.

Manny coming down the passageway looking very grim, fidgeting with a piece of gum, hoodie zipped up for once as she fidgets and unwraps her gum and grumbles. She sees nothing.

Reed stops, watching Manny fighting with her gum. Looks like the Gum's going to win. "Manny." He calls out with the edge to it that comes from command.

Manny jumps when she hears her name, throwing her gum up in some shock, eyes widening as she stares at Reed and then presses a hand to her chest, swearing softly. "…gods…yes?" She catches her breath.

Reed stares at her, stone faced. "Ward Room. Now." He points to the stairs he just came down.

Manny's jaw sets and she stares to glare as she marches towards the stairs, heading up and shaking her head grumbling.

Ward Room Support Station PAS - Deck 4
6 BCH 2235 Souls

The ward room is a multi-purpose conference room used for everything from staff meetings to press conferences. The room boasts A large, faux wood table which curves around the center of the room. The chairs have large, comfortable cushions. Unlike most of the ship, the deck here is actually carpeted. The carpet is a deep blue shade, adding a splash of color to the otherwise drab gray of the ship. Along the walls are pictures, sealed in their frames, they are watercolors with small title plaques denoting them each as one of the Colony worlds.

Contents: Manny Reed Wireless 946

Exits: [O] Out

Reed walks in, closing the door behind him. "Damnit, Manny, why am I having this conversation now with you?"

"Because at the end of the day, even if I am the victim it is my fault?" Manny folds her arms under her bosom and arches an eyebrow.

Reed points to Manny, "I tried it one way the first time, and I told you, tone down the dress. I told you to keep the attitude in check, and I told you not to swing. Gods listened to me far too closely. Now there's a Marine in the Brig, which he deserves, I'll give you, but there's another one with a lump on his head, and there's an incident fully on record with the MAA of the Genesis."

Manny just stares at Reed, sucking her teeth and arching her other eyebrow. "I've been watching the way I dress. I've been minding my own business but I have the RIGHT as a woman and as a human being to-" She cuts herself off and throws her hands up. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. To survive, exist and live on this frakkin' ship, I have to either be a man or a woman who's in the military or has been raised to be his pretty prim princess. So I've decided to just be a little mindless drone, do my work, and finish out my time here."

Reed leans forward, "Then let me make this easier for you to do exactly that. Elbow to neck to ankle, with no little tempting breaks between to flash something. No cleavage, chest or ass. Nothing showing. And you frak me around on this, Manny, I'll put you on limited access which runs just like AIQ. Work, Cafeteria, Head, Berthings, Laundry. No Taproom, no booze, no nothing. If that doesn't frakking work, I'll toss you in a room with facilities, have your food brought, and ship you off with your default payout and your bonus ten percent and have your ass back in the Tauron slums so fast your piercing will need an extra day to catch up with you. Am I clear?"

Manny just bites her tongue, looking up towards the ceiling for a moment before finally just looking back to Reed. "Crystal." She grits out.

Reed watches Manny for a moment, then nods, "And no, I don't care anymore. I tried it like that, and it didn't work, so now, I'm cutting off your fashion show. Get Regulation sweats and whatever from distribution." He nods to the door. "Go."

Manny just grinds her teeth together. With a roll of her eyes, she's heading out, thankfully without offering a parting shot, she's just quiet.

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