They Train Snipers To Think
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Summary: They train snipers to think. OR DO THEY? … Lex & Ramiro have a little chat in his bunk re: rumblings in the ranks. And potential shotguns.
Date: 68 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 10, Marine Enlisted Berthing, 68 ACH

Marine Enlisted berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two marines and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

Ramiro steps into the berthings, already pulling off his duty uniform to reveal a tank top underneath. With one arm, he holds open the door for Lex and waits for her to enter. Letting out a sigh, he raises his eyebrows and flattens his lips. Yes. That was fun.

"Nothing like a debrief post chapel," Lex grins, and makes her way into the berthing, headed to sit on the edge of Ramiro's bunk. It's closer than hers, even if it has Apollo in it. She takes a seat on the edge, and rests a hand on her thigh.

"Yeah…" Ramiro says, stepping over. Spinning his locker open, he hangs up his duty shirt and takes a moment to inspect his tank top. Good…no seepage. Melia did a great job. Running both his hands through his hair, he sits down on the bunk beside Lex. "You didn't tell me you could sculpt…."

You know it's an interesting week when you have to go check for seepage. "It never really came up." Lex runs her hands through her hair. "I haven't done it in a while. This should be interesting. High speed sculpting. Sculpting and throwing is good for strength and dexterity." She glances over. "How bad was it?" His injury, that is.

"Wasn't bad, you should have seen the vest though." Ramiro replies. "The vest stopped most of the impact but it still drilled into the first layer of muscle in my abs. Was pretty easy to extract but it burned like you wouldn't believe." Ramiro looks to her, then motions to her leg. "How about your leg?"

Lex nods and winces a little. "That's a bad spot." She glances down at her thigh, and says, "Through and through and a flesh wound. It's pretty sore. But only when I move. Or… sit still." She grins.

"Oh so…pretty much either way it hurts?" Ramiro smiles to her, speaking quietly as he looks around. He looks to his bunk and then back to her. "So…you still mad at me for callin' D'artanion on you? You know if she didn't get to you, you would've lost a lot more blood."

"I wanted to kick her in the face for calling me Gars, but I like my blood on the inside, so I can forgive it since she didn't make me stop firing," Lex grabs a pillow, and tips back against the wall with that wedged behind her. "You must have been watching me pretty close to notice, though."

"I was keeping an eye on everybody, don't worry. I wasn't singling you out." Ramiro smiles, sitting back against the other wall of his bunk as Lex takes away his pillow. Smiling, he likes seeing her in his bunk so comfortable. "You uh…okay seeing me get hit? That's a first since we started seeing eachother."

"You didn't drop." Lex glances over, hands folded over her belly. "I'm ok with that." She watches him for a moment before she nods slightly. "We did good. Surprises and all. Nice handle on that situation, Dane." She nudges him with her foot.

Ramiro resists the urge to grab her foot when she does. Instead, he grabs her calf. Seeing as how it's her left leg, he massages quietly. "Hey…I wanted to talk to you about something if you can swear to keep a secret. I mean swear."

Lex smiles, and lets him hold onto her leg. She's convinced to do so by the massage, and snuggles back against the pillow. "Every damn day." The smile widens to a grin. "I can, you know that. Cross my heart."

Ramiro lowers his voice to a low whisper so that she can hear. "I'm not counting any chickens before they're hatched, but given we are what we are I thought that we should talk about this just in case it happens." He looks to her. "Major Gaelan asked me what I would do if I were an officer in his command. He didn't seem to be looking for advice. It felt more like I was interviewing for officer candidacy."

Lex stares at Ramiro for a long, silent moment. Those words sink in, and rattle around. "Wow." She finally decides. "That's… not at all surprising. You're that guy." She smiles. "Definitely that guy."

Ramiro shrugs and flattens his lips. "I owe it to you to not blindside you with this, right?" He replies taking in a long breath and letting it out. "Perhaps I'm frustrating like this, but if I do get promoted I don't want to lose it because of breaking frat rules. I've been thinking about it ahead of time and I don't want to make things complicated. I'm not asking any questions here, just giving you something to think about. After all, this isn't a sure thing. It's speculation." He pauses. "But if I do get mustanged or something, or reach officer status someday, if I don't disclose immediately I can't ask for forgiveness. However if I do disclose there's a high probability they're going to tell me that we have to either get married or end the relationship. I…don't want to be given this authority and then piss on their trust of me."

Lex nods as she watches Ramiro. She reaches up to brush her fingers over her lower lip, then quietly gnaws on a thumbnail as the purpose of his bringing it up is spoken aloud. Lex, silent mode. Gnaw, gnaw. "I understand," she says at last. Is it warm in here?

"Yeah…" Ramiro says quietly. "Basically I'm just warning you because…I want to be a part of this fleet. It's important to me to help around here however I can, which I know is gonna put you in an uncomfortable situation." He pauses. "So I suppose now's a time that's good as ever to give you a chance to decide where you stand, rather than have it be a twenty-four hours notice thing."

Lex blinks. Her mouth opens, and she seems like she might say something, but then she doesn't. Her mouth closes. Lex sits up, and pulls the pillow with her. She slides her legs around, and grunts slightly as she scoots over to shove in next to Ramiro, closest to the wall, away from his injury. It takes her a little longer than it normally would, given she's got sutures in both legs. Ow, crap, ow. Ok. She reaches up to flick her hair out of her eyes, and leans against him.

Ramiro doesn't push. Twisting a little to keep his wound from her laying back against it, he wraps an arm around her. Leaning against her, he kisses her temple softly and goes quiet. It's comfortable, at least the bunk is that. It's a tight fit for two but there's no complaints.

Lex slides her hand over his arm, and takes his hand in her own. Lex sits there for a moment without saying anything, then she glances over, and says, "It's too new to make a decision, but I'm not ready to call it. We just got this frakkin' thing going."

Ramiro glances to her, nodding softly. "I know, and this isn't some stupid trick or anything. I'm being dead honest with you and I know it's an uncomfortable position." He replies to her quietly, being direct but as soft about it as he can. "…just don't tell me what it is until I find out if this is happening or not, allright? In return, treat it like this is an high possibility…just in case."

Lex nods. She can certainly do that. "Damn centurions," she murmurs. It had to be shots to the abs and thighs. Just because acrobatics are out, it doesn't mean there's no kissing. "I hadn't really thought about how easily my professional life could dominate my personal life so thoroughly."

"I'm pretty sure dating civilians is boring. They're not allowed to touch guns." Ramiro replies with a little chuckle. He tilts his head and gives her a soft kiss, brushing his lips over her lower lip. Letting it linger, he breaks it. "I'm just lucky this conversation didn't send you running…well…hobbling off."

"Dating civilians is completely boring. They can't take a damn joke." Lex, in honor of taking a joke, turns and pops Ramiro in the shoulder for his remark. "Keep laughing, Dane." She pauses. "I'm pretty sure if we try to sleep together in here, one of us is going to wake up in pain."

"Yeah…which sucks." Ramiro grunts, letting her hit him. Truth is that it hurt, but he doesn't grunt at the hit…but at her. "Because I've been thinking about it. This bed is way too small to risk that and I can't really move my abs too much. I should be good to go in a few days though, then I can do all the work."

Lex laughs. "Good man." She settles down a little, and leans in to say, "If you have to ask me any uncomfortable questions, I would advise you to do it when I'm naked." It helps with positive results.

Ramiro grins. "Why, so you can't just get up and run?" Ramiro smiles, shaking his head a little bit. Then a bit of curiosity flutters over his eyes. Was that a hint? Set that away for later. She'll see it coming if he calls an improptu leave with her. He lets out a slow sigh. "I wish you could just crash here."

"Something like that," Lex smiles. "I've streaked before. Don't think I wont do it if properly motivated." There are worse things to be brigged for. She watches Ramiro for a long moment. Lots of silences today. "You know," she grins again. "Watching you give orders turns me on a little."

Ramiro grins, slowly turning his head to look at her. They're very close in proximity in the single bunk. "Yeah?" He asks. Resting a hand on her hip, he considers for a moment. "How was I out there? Think I did a good job?"

"You did an excellent job. I was impressed. Who knew a sniper had it in him?" Again with the ragging on the snipers with their long distance preferences. "It was good, solid decision making. Seems like our CO agrees. He didn't yell. Always good."

"Yeah yeah…well they train snipers to think." Ramiro fires back. He traces a circle over her hipbone, flirting with her in his bunk. "Yeah…I think we need to show command that there are marines that can get it done right. Props on Hazzard for taking the initiative on the truck team, but they're lucky they didn't get more incoming fire."

"Oooh. Burn on the ground troops. Niiiice." Lex seems almost proud of Ramiro for snapping back there. All that religious… know what, she'd say that out loud, "Sometimes when you wax on from the base of that fundie stick up your ass, I forget you can cut loose and be downright snappy." She grins. "Thanks for reminding me."

"Fundie Stick?" Ramiro blinks, shaking his head a little bit. "Hey no problem, gotta remind you of some things sometimes, otherwise you'll get lost without me." He chuckles, tugging at her hip and giving her a kiss. "Man you were dogging me apart in the Chapel today…"

"The best part of that was how the priestess didn't bat an eye. She's pretty great," Lex laughs, kissing Dane's neck just under his ear. "You took it pretty well." She kisses him again, and then says, "Damn. I better go before one of us pops a stitch."

"Oh cmon, just stay a little longer. It's not a hotel room but it's time I get with you." Ramiro replies, resting a hand on her hip. He smiles, offering her his neck. "We just gotta make sure we dont crash out here together…"

Nico doesn't make a move to leave. She nods and agrees, "Ok, but… willpower." She leans against him again, and rests her head on his shoulder. "Next time I get shot, remind me to do it somewhere else." Oh, the life of a marine. "I love being a marine."

"Yeah…willpower. We'll actually have to concede that it's just not happening tonight." Ramiro smirks, not too happy about it either. He grins evilly and runs his hand down her side and shakes his head. She'll leave if he does that too much. "No…next time you get shot the leg is fine, I just need to keep from getting shot." He pauses. "I couldn't believe it took that long till one got through…"

"Yeah, one of us should really think about not getting shot or maimed. It really interferes with our down time." Lex rests her hands in her lap, well, maybe one on his thigh. "You're not a bullet magnet. That's a good thing. I'm not going to do all the work all the time." Marines, such high standards. "The longer I sit here, the longer I think there's a way where there's a will." Willpower, what?

"Oh my lords, Nico…" Ramiro suddenly blinks. He laughs, trying to hold out the heavy laughter and turns towards her. "Down on the Red Planet when we were getting stuff thrown at us by the monkeys and what was it you said again? I about shit myself…"

"When icky sticky was oozing down my faceplate?" Lex coughs. "I said deja vu." Yeah, cue a case of the giggles from Ramiro's bunk. "… That would have interfered with your whole stoic leader bit."

"Oh man I looked back at you for a second and I almost lost it when I saw it dripping down your goggles." Ramiro replies, grimmacing in near laughter. He leans against her. "You're crazy, baby…" He grins. "…that's what I like about you, yanno? You remind me to relax and enjoy it."

Lex thinks back to the planet, and the visual makes her laugh. And then she almost recovers, and just laughs again. "I'm happy to help. I consider it a service to the Corps." She shakes her head a little and says, "You should expect it from a woman who picked you up after she diffused your land mine."

"You know…I think I'm the first guy to ever get picked up because he's good at standing still while he's on a landmine." Ramiro replies. "I think what hooked me on some level is how you gave me that 'dumbass sniper' look before diving down into that rotten muck water."

"Yeah, well." Lex grins widely, flashing Ramiro that bright smile. "You stand still really well, baby. That's some of that sniper training you were talking about earlier." She nods. "Thinking comes in pretty handy when you're standing on a ball bearing loaded explosive device designed to ventillate you and fifty of your best buddies."

"Well…I owe you one." Ramiro says. "I don't think I ever actually said that to you. Sure I bought you a drink and everything but that was a pretty hard job." He leans over and kisses her again softly, starting to get tired. "So yeah…I owe you."

"You don't. I was just doing my job." Lex kisses him back, just a brief, soft kiss. "And, you know, as far as the style and the rest goes?" She touches his cheek. "There's no charge for awesomeness." She kisses him again. "Or attractiveness."

"Oh well good because I'd have to give you a bill that I know for a fact you can't pay, Private." Ramiro replies, winking at her. Then, he lays back a little bit and sighs. "I'd hate to do this baby but it's only a matter of time till I start to nod off. I gotta be up in the mornin." He says quietly. He looks to her. "You're going to have to go over there."

Lex nods. "I know." She kisses Ramiro's cheek. "I'm going to my rack, you stay here in yours." She is quiet as she climbs over his legs to get to her feet, very careful not to pull anything. "… Oh, by the way." She moves to climb out of the bunk. "I'm sleeping," she lowers her voice, and practically mouths the words, "Completely naked." Tiptoe, tiptoe.

Ramiro narrows his eyes at Lex. Oh that was wrong and evil on so many levels. He makes a face at her and then sits up, taking off his boots. Changing down into a pair of boxers and his tank tops, he casts her one more glare before turning into his bunk. He mouths the words 'good night' to her, and then closes his curtains.

"Night," Lex replies, before sliding into her bunk. The curtains are closed shortly. And there's a rustle of clothing being removed. D'oh.

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