This Is Gonna Hurt
This Is Gonna Hurt
Summary: The Marines take out Cylons so they can get their Tyllium.
Date: 11 ACH - 11/24/08
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The area the Sula found is what the Marines are going for tonight. The Pandora brings them so far and then the Phantasm and Doreen the Raptor and her pilot and NCO, take it the rest of the way. The area is full of large chunks of pie shaped moon that was blown to bits at some point in time. Along with a heavy movement of asteroids. Once the Pandy moves to take care of the excess of heavy raiders (luckily the basestar is absent), the Doreen and the Phantasm begin moving toward the platform. Flak is also in the air now and it seems the sneaky cylons put in a missile system down right away. And one is firing in their direction.

Sora rides along in the raptor, giving a slight yawn as she does. Another day, another mission..another chance to put a hole into the chest of a toaster. She always was a waffle person anyways, so she doesn't feel bad about it.

Bell sits in the back of the Raptor, clinging to her seat and filled with quiet dread. As is her way before being shoved out a Raptor door. She gulps softly.

Skip leans back in his seat, nodding a bit to himself. Eyes half-closed some people might believe he's asleep, but if people look closer, they can see he's in fact very much awake, with a thoughtful expression.

Gaelan rocks his head from side to side, eyes sliding down to the rifle in his grip giving it a gentle pat he glances out towards the Pilot's windows and grunts at the impending sight. Glancing back to the squad he looks them over and comments in his rasped whisper of a voice, "Alright Marines. This is what we are good at, we got our fancy Navy chauffeurs bringing us to the front door. We are all dressed up all nice and pretty and ready to pick up our dates for the night. So I hope you are ready to show our dates a frakkin' great night out, Marine style!"

Wulf locks down his weapon, having done a field-check of its innards. Slapping it shut, he then insers a mag and cocks the weapon. His stern features doesnt seem to change as he leans back against the wall and allows the weapon to rest in his lap. He looks at the others of the unit, his yellow shades reflecting the lighting of the dropping APC as he listens to Gaelan's speach. Then, leaning his head back as well, he starts to sing to himself. "When cities burn, and armies turn, and flee in disarray, cowards will cry, tis best to fly, and fight another day, but true warriors knows it in their marrow when they die and fall, it is better to have fought and lost, than not have fought at all."

Sora says, "Hell yes sir, it's gonna be one party there never gonna forget. Music, and streamers, and one frak of a fireworks show."

The pilot, co-pilot and Navigator of the Phantasm are up front, plus there there are two weapons guys in that space they call a cockpit. There are open sights for seeing out by the Marines. Heavier windows than most Raptors have.

There is the sound of guns being fired on the Phantasm as it helps clear the way and the Doreen makes for that missile site. Her Air to Ground missiles firing off in rapid succession. Right on the mark and that thing explodes in hot pieces of metal flying off into space. The trundle bug of a Raptor banks upward to get out of the way of the exploding flak and another round of missile fire off behind the first. Those columns of death streak through the air as the tac fills with the sounds of 'Get the Frak outta there!'.

Skip opens one eye as he hears Gaelan's words, "Of course sir. Always ready and well behaved for this."

"*Huah*, sir!" Bell pipes to Gaelan. Trying to sound tough. It comes out squeakier than she probably intended. She looks sorry for speaking at all. She takes a deep breath, holding it, flattening her back against the Phatasm hull as the sounds of firing pepper outside.

All geared up and seated beside Bell, Ramiro backs out "HUAH!" with a feral sound to it. Tapping his helmet twice, he smacks the side of his helmet into Bell's again. Starting his breathing ritual as he utters a mental prayer to Apollo that if he's going down in space that it be in a very quick explosion. His eyebrows lower and his lips start to move slowly, reciting his pre-battle prayer.

Gaelan grins to the squad and utters a simple, "Huah!" Looking back to the window he eyes the explosions then looks down to his Rifle again. Sliding the safety off of his rifle, he raises it up placing the stock against his thigh. Leaning forward he presses his helmeted forehead against the barrel and his eyes close. The lips are moving faintly in some form of silent discussion. Eyes open slowly and rifle lowers to cradle his lap, his focus now on the Pilot windows as the impending LZ comes closer.

A secondary Raptor rolls in and takes out that hidden site, which silences those guns and then they veer off as well. At first, what happens doesn't seem real. They've been in hotspots before. Even though it is early in the war, these things don't happen to their shipmates and friends this quickly…

The huge ball of fire that goes up practically blinds the crew and those around them. Some pilot screams in the tac..and they realize that was the pilot and the last thing they heard of his voice. What is left of the Doreen, Orlando 'Rabbit' Reeves and his ECO Dazzler, goes spiraling out of sight with trails of metal following..

"Those damn toasters are gonna regret ever getting assembled when I get my hands on those shiny bits of nuts and bolts" Wulf says, a frown ever slapped on his features. "Im gonna rip their cords out and shuv 'em down their robotic throats until they deep-fry on 'em like some piece of pork at my gran'ma's barbeque! Gods damn it; Get me into combat already, pilot!"

Sora raises an eyebrow as she listens to Wulf's little tirade. He seems a bit, excited by all this. She stretchs out her arms a bit, as she checks junior over again. Yep, ready for what may come.

Skip just shakes his head a bit, before he looks over at Wulf, "Just remember that life all comes down to a few moments. And that this is one of them." Spoken a bit thoughtfully, before he starts checking his weapon again.

Gaelan looks over to Wulf and comments in his rasped whisper, "Keep that up Corporal, but you damn well better aim straight when we hit that dirt. These frakkin' toasters don't mess around." Looking down the Phantasm, "Squad. Keep your shots controlled and accurate. Two per toaster until we widdle them down. One starts getting too friendly concentrate fire on them." Pointing to Skip, "Sergeant, you are on my ass. I got point. Line up your squad order."

Bell manages a little wink at Ramiro, meeting his helmet-tap. She keeps her eyes on Gaelan, nodding along attentively. Keeping her mouth shut and trying to look vaguely prepared.

The guns of the Phantasm open wide once more as a Heavy Raider decides to get in its way. It's too late to pull out of this flak and they barrel right on through, slamming into pieces filled with smoke and fire and something extra gooey that hits their shields. It begins dropping quick to that platform where huge Tyllium tanks sit that the Cylons are filling up as they mine the asteroids around them. The pilot shouts back at the bumpy ride when the phantasm rocks and rolls closer down until the can set it on the platform.

Wulf turns to Skip, "My moment aint come yet, sarge" he says, eyes open wide behind his yellow shades. "But the moment has come for the frakking toasters to step into my sights. Gods vengeance has come to visit their heathen computer ways to purge them mother-frakkers like a dust-sucker on steroids!"

"Just like last time, Bell…" Ramiro says to Bell quietly, nodding at her wink to him. "…cover best you can, hold the line, and I'll be watchin your ass, huah?" He offers a fist to crack against hers as he prepares to line up next to her again.

"I'll watch yours, too, Ramiro. Hu-ah," Bell replies. Not squeaking on it that time. But it's said in an undertone, and the lack of volume helps her be less shrill.

Gaelan pulls the breathing apparatus into place as they proceed closer. Giving a deep breath and nod, he stands up grabbing the support netting and walks his way near the door. Glancing back towards the front of the ship he takes a firm hold of the netting and the other hand on the door's release handle. Barking up at the Pilot's way he emits, "Any day now, you can get us on to some frakkin dirt, Pilot!"

Guns jolt once more as the Phantasm fires into the Centurions guarding the front entrance of this place they built. They don't have a need for breathing, their return fire opens up on the Phantasm even as the doors begin to slide open to let the Marines out on the platform.

Skip nods at Gaelan's words, "Got it, sir." He looks between the others as he gets to his feet, and prepares himself. "Let's all be ready, shall we?" he offers to the others. Doing one last check of his rifle and the other gear.

Grabbing the netting above him and giving it a yank, Ramiro pulls himself to his feet and falls in line. "On that, Sarge…" Ramiro replies to Skip as he does a final check of his gear. Slapping on his breathing apparatus, he yanks at it a few times to make sure it's tight. "…Ramiro Ready." He barks out, hanging onto the latch and getting ready to spill out into the gates of hell itself.

As the Cylon rounds strike the APC, Wulf jumps up on his feet. "Let's be all we can be, ladies and sissies!" Dragging the breathing-apparatus over his head. "Let's kick some friggin robotic ass!" echoes from inside the helmet.

Bell gets herself masked and netted. And takes her rifle's safety off. That'll help with the shooting. "Good to go, Cap," she says, squeakily, as she goes in place to bail out.

Toasters fall like metal dolls as the guns bark out a returning fire on the Cylons advancing to the Phantasm. Behind them, there is a large metal door with a rotating crank to open it up. Odd they would have a sealed area that does need air. But, let's not think about those things. Bullets are flying all over the place.

Sora stands ready to move out, glancing around at the others a moment. She keeps her fingers loose on her gun. Relaxed, but primed

Gaelan pulls the release latch as the door swings open. The rifle quickly pulls up at the door opening and a quick volley of shots are released towards the shiny defenders as the Captain steps off the Phantasm' deck onto the surface. Taking a few swift steps up he crouches into a kneeling position and lets another volley of covering fire in conjunction with the Phantasm's own fire. Glancing over his shoulder he lifts his hand and makes a forward motion quickly followed by the comm commands, "Get the frak up on those doors and get inside! Huah!" Another solid volley of fire unleashes towards the determined guards.

Skip makes his way outside just after the Captain, before getting down into a covering position as well, a little closer to the door, as he tries helping in getting those guards taken care of. Glancing to the door, once in a while.

Ramiro drops out of the Phantasm and ducks low, taking the covering fire for what it is and starts to advance. Raising his rifle, he fires a few three-round bursts on his way up the battlefield towards the doors. Keeping low to avoid a shot in the back of the dome by his comrades, he tucks away that scared child deep inside and pushes forward.

Bell certainly doesn't think. She's a Marine. She bails out along with Ramiro, keeping low to start, bringing her rifle up and ready. Blue eyes getting even wider behind her mask.

Wulf steps out of the APC and fires off a prolonged burst from the hip. "That's right mother-frakkers; Get Some! Swallow good and proper! Eait It!" He then uses zero-g to move out of the way and slide along the platform to reposition himself. Kneeling, he reloads, "Yeah; Didn't like that, did ya, you shiny polished limp cocked ass-fingering radio-stations!"

Sora moves out, sweeping junior back and forth as she walks. Discouranging anything that might want to move in on them.

The door just sits there. It doesn't fire back. This is probably a good thing.

Gaelan glances towards the line and drops in behind the squad, giving Skip a quick tap on the shoulder he advances quickly up the line and takes up a forward position near Ramirio falling into place with more cover fire and he lights up the comms, "Try shooting the frakker's instead of yelling at them Corporal. Let's move it! Get that frakkin' door open!"

Skip nods a bit as he's tapped on the shoulder, and starts moving as well, this time going all the way to the door, trying to get it open. "Need a hand over here," he calls out.

Peeling around Gaelan's back as the Captain lays down more cover fire, Ramiro starts to advance further and a much faster pace. Sliding into position in front of Skip to provide him with a human shield, he fires off some more cover for the advancing marines as the door is being pulled open.

Wulf jogs over to Skip and the door. "Lemme give ya a hand there, sarge. Looks like you could use some muscle" he chuckles. "Now… Lets get this frakking clamp open so we can get to the goodies inside."

The door cranks open easily enough when Skip is given a hand. Unsealing and opening into a wide area, that has another hatch. It's a space between the main area that is being built. So the oxygen lights are set along the side panel of the next hatch when the door is resealed back again.

Bell lays down more covering fire for the boys working the door. Her chicken-wing arms are probably more useful doing that than trying to shove it open. Once it's open she peers inside. Starting forward with some caution. Scary hatch.

Gaelan steps up against the door and crouches behind Ramiro and points towards some of the guards, "Draw their fire." Looking back to those getting the door open he quickly comments, "Get inside, get cover and let's clear this place quickly. I don't like this already.."

"Excellent idea, sir," Skip offers, leading the way inside, and ducking behind the door for some cover, while waiting for the others to enter.

Resting his rifle against the shoulder as soon as he steps inside, Wulf inspects the large airlock. "Huh… Seems like the toasters are trying to keep somethin' alive inside here. Why not just blow the hatch and sufficate what ever's inside, huh?" He takes a look around at the others of the squad. "I mean, we got suits, right? Why not let space do the job for us? Save some ammo for the polished flashlights instead? That's what I say in any case" Wulf says and takes another look at the inner door of the airlock, scratching his groin in the process. "Frakkin' robitcs… Why do they need an airlock, huh?"

It's not only a scary hatch, but there are sounds on the other side of it. They are rather muted, but they know they are about to get some company. That ominous click and whirr as those handguns lock into place. Must be a Cylon Welcome Wagon.

…And the…other marines are in front ready to open the the other door when they get the command to do so.

Moving forward to the far side of the door, Ramiro lines up on a few of the guards that Gaelan pointed to. "Copy that!" Firing two more three-round bursts at their center masses, to get their attention, he provides cover for everyone heading inside. Entering last once the job is done, he closes the outer door behind him to let the Phantasm take care of the remaining guards outside. He then slaps down the manual, indoor lock.

Skip glances over at Wulf, and shakes his head briefly, before he looks back to the new door. Frowning at the sounds from the inside, "Seems like we've got some company there…"

Bell does some more gulping at the ominous clanking and whirring noises. She presses on, rifle in white-knuckle grip.

Gaelan takes a quick step inside the inner door as Ramiro draws the fire. Looking towards Wulf he slides a flat hand against his neck to indicate cutting it out, "Do you ever shut up Corporal? Always assume it's frakkin' Marines trapped on the other side until you can prove otherwise to me." Looking to the doors on the interior he motions to the sides, "Ammo check and reload. Setup a defensive perimeter on that door, no telling what's waiting on us." Pointing to Wulf, "Open the door chatter-box." Taking a knee he does a quick ammo check and reloads to a fresh clip, drawing his back up to a ready position he steadies his sights on the inner door.

Sora follows behind the others, not saying much. But at the moment there really isn't a lot to say. She keeps junior ready, for anything that might pop up in front of them.

Wulf looks over his shoulder as the airlock slowly begins to seal. "Well, I've only been in this shit for twenty years… What do I know?" he mutters, borderline sulking, and then turns to face the inner door, aiming his rifle at it from the hip. "Sure thing, ignore the guy with the experience. Let's bring 'em on; breathing or not. Kick ass, troop. Kick some frakking shiny ass" he mutters to himself as he follows orders and walks over to the inner doorway.

Once the command is given, the inner door is released with a 'WHOOSH' and the marines in front take a duck and cover as the Centurions begin firing without even 'Howdy and Welcome!'

Skip crouches to aim for one of those Centurions, getting ready to fire.

Everyone ducking, that means that Ramiro has to stand to adjust his fire. Reloading as fast as he can, he racks his rifle and crouches as high as he can to ensure that he's getting over everyone's head. Following Bell's lead he goes two-by-two and joins her target.

Sora pulls back on the gun, ready to fire as she draws a bead on one of the toasters.

Gaelan readies his sights on the first toaster ready to take aim.

Although she is in the back, D'Artanion moves to one side to take advantage of some cover. This gives her a fairly clear shot at the second toaster coming in. Softly, she addresses the thing, "No frakin' way. Not on our watch."

Bell ducks, to make herself an even smaller target, and hastily brings her rifle up. To shoot at the first random metal thing she sees.


<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Wulf attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Gaelan attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Head) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent2 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> D'Artanion attacks Cent2 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Head)

<COMBAT> Marine1 attacks Cent7 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Marine2 attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Marine3 attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent1 attacks Skip with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent2 attacks Sora with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ramiro with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to LeftArm)

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Marine3 with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Marine2 with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Gaelan with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Bell with Centur and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Marine1 with Centur and barely misses!

Ramiro starts praying again quietly to himself amidst the gunfire. "Lord of Light, oh distant archer..May you never be distant from me…" He says, mostly standing in the rear of the group. He doesn't even notice the bullethole that grazed through his fatigues in the process. "…take…these bastards…down." He grunts, turning to the next Cylon in the row.

Sora takes a hit to her leg, as she keeps firing back at the toaster. "So, thats how it's gonna be!"

As the airlock opens up infront of Wulf as he slams the pad, his eyes widens as he spots the amount of guns aimed his way from within. "Holy frakking hell!" Wulf kneels down, firing his gun from the hip, "Get Some of this! Aint so tough now, you rusty piece of walking refrigirator! I got more! I got plenty!"

In a hail of bullets the forward marines start firing into the group of cylons waiting for them. They take their slight hits and move around for some cover. Atleast there is some cover here, barrels stacked all over. Crap, is that volatile Tyllium being processed?

Gaelan as soon as the door opens, the Captain squeezes off a volley against the first Toaster that comes into sight. Bullets pilfer against the right arm, before the door fully swings open and one of the Centurion's unleashes in his general direction. The sudden sound of fabric ripping against his vest causes him to glance down looking to the faint line of damage against his side. Swinging his rifle to bear he calls out, "Frakkin toaster!" as he takes aim on the one who shot at him to return fire.

Although her shot did hit, the toaster is still comming. She watches a moment, then calls out, "Sing out if you need me." Not hearing anything immediately, she takes aim for one mroe shot. Shifting her medical kit to one side, she figures on getting in one more shot before her services will be needed elsewhere.

Bell is a small target, so the bullets fly harmlessly around her. Not that that keeps her from squeaking. "Frak!" she gasps, bringing her rifle up again to add more to hail of bullets.

Skip fires with the others, nodding as the target goes down. Unfortunately, it still had time to fire a shot that hits the front of Skip's vest, sending the Sergeant stumbling a few steps back, and wincing. "Frakkin' Hades!" he growls, aiming for the same piece of junk that the Captain's aiming for.


<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent2 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftArm)

<COMBAT> Wulf attacks Cent2 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent2 with MG and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent2 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> D'Artanion attacks Cent2 with Rifle and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to LeftArm)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Gaelan attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Abdomen) CRIT !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Marine2 attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Marine3 attacks Cent7 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Head)

<COMBAT> Marine1 attacks Cent5 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Head) CRIT

<COMBAT> Cent2 attacks Sora with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Marine2 with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Head)

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Marine1 with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Bell with Centur and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Gaelan with Centur and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Skip with Centur and misses horribly! BOTCH

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Sora with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen)

Skip fires off a shot, then turns to aim for the next Centurion in line, which would be the one that almost missed him by a mile.

"Go to town! Go to town, man!" Wulf hollars, his gun firing long bursts from the hip. "Have some hobo dick-cheese with that, you rusted dildo!" He then rolls over to the side to replace his empty magazine. "Reloading! Bringing the lead to the metall-heads! Hooah!" Cocking the gun, Wulf is back in business.

More bursts of fire rattle the barrels around the marines. One of the Centurions manages to have his weapon blow up in his face which knocks him backward into some barrels and actually 'stuns' the thing for a moment or two.

Gaelan breathes steadily as he watches his adversary. A steady pull of the trigger and the bullets sink hard into the abdomen of the Toaster, parts flickering at their sudden exposure to air at the behest of the bullets tearing into the midsection of the giant toaster. Seeing it buckle over he quickly comments to Skip, "Good shot, Sergeant." Shifting quickly to a new target he steadies his aim.

Sora gets hit a couple more times, it seems like she's drawing the fire for the entire squad today. As she moves back into the airlock, out of the line of combat.

"Tyllium in those barrels, Cap!" Ramiro calls out as he plows another burst through the Cylons abdomen. That second of a glance is while he picks his next target and brings his assault rifle to bear on the doubling target request that Gaelan made. Ramiro moves up a bit to stand behind Sora and whips around behind her, taking her spot.

D'Artanion looks around to see who has been hit. So far, she does not see anything that needs immediate attention, so she aims to take one final shot. Looking back, she spots one of the toasters go down. Turning a little, she takes aim on a new target.

Bell continues to dodge bullets by being small. It's finally working for her in the Corps. Though her eyes widen when she catches the punishment Sora is taking. Poor tall girl. She tries not to snivel and keeps shooting.


<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent5 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent5 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> D'Artanion attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<COMBAT> Wulf attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Gaelan attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent7 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Marine2 attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Head)

<COMBAT> Marine3 attacks Cent3 with Rifle and misses completely!

<COMBAT> Marine1 attacks Cent5 with MG and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ramiro with Centur and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Marine3 with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Wulf with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Marine2 with Centur and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Marine1 with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Gaelan squeezes off another solid volley of round, finding the same target area on the new Toaster. Bullets riddle the mid section but don't provide the same effect this time. Sticking to his target he takes aim for another volley of shots.

Grinning a little as he and Bell are walloping on the same Cylon's center mass, Ramiro grits his teeth amongst the firing to keep his teeth from chattering. Saying a word of thanks for the luck he's had so far, undamaged, he holds the line. "…crown me with laurels. Show me what it is to have that power." He mutters under his breath, off of the comm as he presses the attack.

Skip nods, "Likewise, sir," he offers in Gaelan's direction, before he fires off his shot, watching the next Toaster fall, and aiming for another, far less hurt, one.

Wulf leans out and lets his weapon roar once more. "Face the thunder! Face the thunder, motherfrakkers!" he calls out. "Aint too tough no…" As the incoming fire slams into his chest and flakjacket, Wulf is lunged backwards. Shaking his head he looks down to the smoking bullet-holes. "Frakking hell, dude… This shit really works?"

They never stop. Ever. Their firing continues into the center of those marines trying to hide from their bullets. They ping off the metal walls, deck and barrels. Like they would care if the place blew them back to Caprica.

After cutting loose on one more of the toaster invaders, D'Artanion sholders her rifle and ducks. Moving quickly, she darts from cover to cover until she comes up to Sora. Opening her bag, she begins to work. "Doesn't look too bad, Marine. I'll have you back on the line in no time." Luckily, the armor took the brunt of the force so bandaging Sora is merely a matter of quick and… well, certainly not dirty, patching. When she finishes, she looks at Sora and nods, "Good to go, Marine. See you in sickbay."

Bell manages to return Ramiro's grin with a flickery smile of her own. She stays quiet, aside from occasional squeaks and swear words, just continuing to pump the trigger rather desperately.

Sora nods, to D, "Thanks…bit of a sting, but not too bad.." as she checks over her weapon. "I'll have to pay them back for the time.."


<COMBAT> Wulf attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent5 with Rifle and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent5 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Gaelan attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Marine2 attacks Cent8 with Rifle and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Marine3 attacks Cent8 with Rifle and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Marine1 attacks Cent4 with MG and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks D'artanion with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftArm)

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Gaelan with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftArm)

<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Bell with Centur and misses completely!

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Skip with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg)

Skip fires off his shot, but it seems that he left himself a bit too exposed for another of the Cylons, and winces a bit as a shot hits his leg. Most of his focus seems to still be on the Cylon he's been targetting, though.

One of the marines goes down, yet he is still holding his rifle up. They never give up either. Marine2, is bleeding like a stuck pig about now. A Centurion breaks off, switching from his gun to that razor sharp saw as he begins cutting through a barrel to get to the downed Marine.

Gaelan lines up for another shot and pulls the trigger. Suddenly the ripping sounds of fabric and burnt flesh forces him to pull back at the shot and the Toaster gets a grazing wound as the Captain calls out, "Frak me!" Shifting his crouched position he takes aim on the encroaching Centurion, "Concentrate fire on that frakkin' toaster!"

Crawling back up on his knees, smoke still rising from chest and jacket, Wulf takes aim from the shoulder down the barrel of the rifle. "Oh, you frakked up now, bitch!" he calls out. "Ya'll should've killed me when ya had the chance!" The weapon opens fire, spewing forth flame and lead, spitting out empty casings to bounce off the floor. "That's right! Now I am really Peed Off!"

Sora steps out of the airlock again, as she opens fire at the toasters, "Payback time!!" and she lets loose with a stream of fire.

Just as D'Artanion finishes with Sora and turns to survey the rest of the field a toaster gets in a lucky shot. Ducking to one side, the medic almost falls fast enough but the bullet grazes her left arm, "Frak!" Lifting her hand, she looks at the wound, but… she's had worse. Shifting her rifle to her right arm, she looks again for wounded. Spotting the Marine go down, D'Artanion darts forward to drag him back behind the line, "Come on, Marine. Push with your feet…" Oh, she does see the Cent headed toward them, but… Can't think about that now, nope.

"That's frakkin Tyllium!" Ramiro barks out from his far left position on the front line of the firing group. "Captain!" He barks out before ducking out of the airlock door and running for Marine2, who's bleeding profusely from the head. Rounding down the side to avoid the covering fire, Ramiro's going to grab the marine and pull him down with the fire coming in.


<COMBAT> Gaelan attacks Cent3 with Rifle and misses horribly!

<COMBAT> Wulf attacks Cent3 with Rifle and barely misses!

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent3 with MG and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Abdomen)

"Sweet!" Bell pipes to Ramiro as one of the Cylons goes down. Though, as her head whips around to look in the direction he rabbits to, she pales. Marine2 is not looking so sweet. "Oh, frakfrakfrakfrak…" she murmurs. Sort of like praying. With profanity.

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to RightLeg)
<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Marine2 attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg)

<COMBAT> Marine3 attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftArm)

<COMBAT> Marine1 attacks Cent4 with MG and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ramiro with Centur and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to RightArm)

<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Wulf with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks D'artanion with Centur and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

Skip fires off another shot, nodding a big grimly as someone else takes the thing down. He then aims for the one attacing Ramiro and the others, growling a little bit as he does.

Gaelan seems to be too busy glancing at the sudden movement towards the downed Marine and his shot rings high and wide from it's intended target. Hearing the deflection he looks back to his target and stands up, charging towards it finger clenched on the trigger as he advances without even a battle cry. Just the sounds of bullets leaving in fettered anger.

"Yeah! Have some of this!" Wulf yells over the roar of combat and lowers the gun to be fired from the hip. Unfortunately, his 20 round burst hits nothing but air as he sprays it down towards the Cylons. "I'm your frakking Nemesis you…" Flung on his ass, Wulf finds himself looking up at the ceiling, another hit to his chest a fact. "That son of a…" is all he manages before he needs to try and catch his breath.

As Ramiro and D'artanion both reach the downed marine, Ramiro turns to see the Cylon bearing down on him. "BACK BACK BACK!!!" He barks out as a blade comes slicing down through his arm. Spasming, he drops his rifle and falls down onto his back as he's trying to use his back to shove D'artanion and the trooper backwards. Pulling his pistol, he raises it and squeezes the trigger until nothing else comes out.

Sora delivers payback to the toaster right in the center, putting a nice hole in it…she just keeps pulling on the trigger now, as she starts to laugh evily. "Now your scrap!"

Bzzzzzzwhirrrgushcrack as bone is hit from the saw of the Centurion as it comes down out off the barrel and heads for the marine pulling one back. Blood gushes and flies up splattering his shiny metal as the red eye hust hovers back and forth…back and forth…and its saw drips blood as it rises up again.

Pulling the Marine is easier with two, yeah. At least until that frakkin' bullet cuts through her left leg. The leg gives way and she falls to her knees. "Bloody hell." Paling, D'Artanion clicks open her medical kit and draws out a tournequet. Wrapping it around her thigh, the Marine turns it until it is tight. "Right then." Sweat breaks out on her brow, but she bends to work on Marine2's head. That is when she hears Ramiro's calla nd she looks up in time to see the slice to his arm, "Frak me."

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<COMBAT> Sora attacks Cent3 with MG and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

<COMBAT> Gaelan attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent3 with Pistol and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Head) !!DOUBLE KO!!

<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Abdomen)

<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent8 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to RightArm) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Ramiro with Centur and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftLeg) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Cent8 attacks Skip with Centur and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftLeg)

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Great (5).

When she finishes working on the Marine's head, D'Artanion drags her black bag to Ramiro's side. Er. The wounded, not the firing side. Working quickly, D'Artanion bandages Ramiro's arm, "Shitshitshitshit, hang in there, Lance." Despite being rushed, the bandage is secure and neat. The poor man gets shot full of lovely antibiotics because who knows where the toaster's saw has been, right? Right. When she finishes, she loosens the tournequette about her own thigh to let blood back through. Ick.

Chaos of the worst order! That saw keeps coming closer, spitting death and blood as it whirrs wildly. It's metal body twists and turns as the hail of bullets take it out. Toppling over and Ramiro gets to break most of its fall as it pitches off to the side and his arm bonks him on the head and knocks him out.

There are simply bullets…everywhere. Ramiro weakly raises his pistol as his face goes pale white from the immediate blood lost and fires a few rounds into the Cylon's head. It cracks through the helmet, and the killing blows come from his Captain. Ramiro is knocked out cold beside his medic, half buried by the Cylon.

Bell lets out a high-pitched cry as her comrades are peppered around her. It's not a particularly fear-inducing battle-cry. But it works. At least she hits what she's aiming at, scurrying hastily back as the Cylons go down. Some of them on Marines. Ow. She gasps, blinking rapidly, hustling over to help D'Artanion with Ramiro. "Ohmygods…" she breathes.

Coughing, Wulf rolled over on all fours before pushing himself off the ground. "Holy star filled heaven… This shit really hurts." Coughing some more he reaches out and picks up his rifle, "Like a frakking sledge to the lip on a friday night out… Gods damn."

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).

There's a slight problem with kneeling on your right knee. It makes your left one exposed to bullets, and most people tend to be allergic to those bullets. And if anyone ever wanted to hear a string of curses shouted out by a NCO from Caprica, this is their lucky day, as Skip lets out a long string of words that should not be repeated, after taking a bullet to that mentioned left knee area. Dropping his rifle and rolling over on his side, the string of curses continue.

Gaelan quickly flips the safety and shoves the rifle along his back on the sling. Lookig down to Ramiro he takes a quick glance between those downed and those standing. Looking over to Skip he points, "Take the rest of the squad and clear that room. I don't want any frakkin' surprises!" Looking back to D'art then over to the Cylon. Stepping over to the Cylon covering Ramiro he squats down, gripping it at the edges and with a loud grunt the Cylon gets lifted and rolled off of Ramiro in an absurd level of ease for the adrenaline rushed Captain.

Sora lets her gun cool down, as she watches the tinmen finally go down. "Now that was…interesting" she says, as she checks over her weapon before letting he hang down.

The other squad goes to check the other room and finding nothing they call the All Clear. The place can be unloaded and hopefully blown the hell up on the way out.

Skip nods at Gaelan's words, and is about to say something, when he hears the other squad doing just that. He then tries straightening out his knee properly, wincing as he does. "Hades…" is muttered as he tries to bite his teeth together.

Still kneeling, Wulf rests his gun against the shoulder as he watches the aftermath of the chaos caused. Smoke is still escaping his flakjacket from the bullet hits, swirling up past Wulfs head and into his nose. "Gods damn it, this shit really do hurt" he hisses and coughs. He looks down at his chest and feels inside one of the bullet holes. "Huh… I knew I was tougher than 'em damned toasters."

When the Cylon is pulled off of Ramiro, D'Artanion tightens the tournequette about her thigh again and crawls across to the man. Reaching forward, she places her fingers at this artery then nods with relief, "Just out cold. We need to get these people to sickbay…" Duh. Okay, she's a hair woogy.

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