Ice stings my face, even through the ski-mask. It manages to find the smallest of holes and I feel like my cheek is going to fall off. But, I keep going..

I can't think about them. I can only remember Dane yelling for me to come back over the sound of the Raptor. I didn't look back. I could only picture their faces. Hazzard's face. A serious letdown is what they'll discover. It's better this way, otherwise, I'd be standing in front of them as the Major called the command to fire.

One bullet. One life. How simple that seems after awhile. It's all so easy too. I can hear them at night. The sound of metal moving about in the cold and I wonder why they don't freeze their parts off.

It's cold as frak down here, but I wasn't raised a stupid girl. I had my training. Damn good training too. I just don't really understand all that is going on. Why is this—

Wait..someone's coming…

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