Thoughts of Rooster
Thoughts of Rooster
Summary: After her Pythian Apollo encounter, Rue stomps her way towards the gym to shake it off. On her way, she finds Addie who has guessed just what's bothering her.
Date: 22 ACH
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Captain Addie Nikos is seated on the stairs somewhere above the Hangar Bay but below Marine Country, sneaking a smoke. It's a Caprican cigar, and she ignores everyone who walks past her, though most seem to be distracted elsewhere at the moment.

Major Savannah Rue is coming down the stairs. Stomp. Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp. It's rapid fire like that. She slows and stops when she spots Addie and throws herself into a seat a stair or two above the woman. Nostrils flaring, she doesn't say anything. Instead, she just stares at the far wall.

There's something about the resonance of the boots that draws Addie's attention. She doesn't turn, and she doesn't speak up for a while, smoking quietly as she is on the stairwell. There's a long moment when it seems like she might not say anything at all. "You loved him."

"Always did." The blonde breathes out, then in heavily, running a hand through her hair. Rue sighs and adds, "We. He and I were." Pause. "Now he's gone. We admitted we still loved each other and then he died. What does that mean?"

"It means," Addie replies, with a heavy exhalation of smoke, "That you still love each other, and he died. Now you love a dead man." The words are soft. "If there's any justice in this world, he loves you on the other side, and he'll be there when your reflexes aren't fast enough one day."

"There are days when I absolutely hate him," Rue says flatly, before glancing aside at Addie. She eyes the smoke twisting and trailing in the air around the squadron leader before she asks, "Mind sharing?"

Addie nods. She reaches back to offer up her cigar. "That's how you know you absolutely love him." She exhales the remaining smoke from her lungs after the words are spoken, then adds, "Lust isn't that vindictive."

Rue takes the cigar and considers Addie's words. Then she puts her lips to the cigar, smoking it gently. Coaxing it, if you will. Pulling it back, she puffs out a small cloud of smoke and sighs again. Lots of that tonight. "What happens if I'm not slow enough? What if we win? Somehow. And we find a place to live."

Addie considers that for a moment, as if she never really considered that before. She leans forward, then turns her head to look up and back at CAG, dark eyes focused on Savannah. "You find someone you can love enough. You make babies, and you be as happy as you can be. We all come together again in the end, Savannah. You live well. You do that while you can. How you can. The rest works itself out."

Rue puffs on the cigar one more time before she offers it back. Eyes meeting Addie's, she just stares back for a while. Then she nods, rather visibly relaxing. "It's all we really can do." A beat. "I ever tell you about the time Rooster took me to the Winter Ball? It was all sequins and horrible hair. Rooster had a mullet of epic proportions, but his suit was … cut. The music was way too loud and the food was just gross. But it was the closest thing to being grown up that I had at the time. I didn't know where I was going to go or where I'd end up. But never in a million years would I have guessed this is where I'd be fourteen years later."

Addie shakes her head slightly at the first question, then listens to the tale unfold. She runs her hand through her dark curls, and studies Rue's face for a long moment. "I knew I'd be exactly here. On a Battlestar, but I didn't know most of my family would be heralded to their graves so soon before me." Addie blinks a little, but her eyes do not betray her with any tears. "We have our people waiting for us. The hands of the Gods are at our backs. Only thing left in the short term is to frak up as many Cylons as they throw at us. I don't know about you, Savannah, but I have a lot of damage to do."

"You and me both," Rue says. "There's few things I'm absolutely sure of anymore. My feelings for Niall. That if anyone could survive a nuclear holocaust it's my family. And that the Cylons made their biggest mistake since the first war when they attacked us." She adds, "Before we're done, I plan on personally destroying everyone and everything that they hold valuable."

Addie nods. "That, Major," She smiles and shoves her cigar between her lips, "is a mission I can get behind." She leans back an reaches up to take hold of Rue's arm. "I'm sorry you lost your lover. I hope you see your family again before this is over, in the flesh. I know the Cylons are going to pay. Never enough, but they will pay. And we will be there to watch it, in one fashion or another."

"We'll have an up close view, too. Better'n most," Rue promises. A grim sort of smile is shared with Addison. "It's alright. In a way, I've been mourning him for years. Doesn't mean I'm not spoiling for vengeance. We'll get 'em. Together. All of us."

"We will." Addie nods again, curls falling into her eyes. "Sleeping with marines is really fun when you're doing it, but you almost always regret it later." She tips back and smiles. "But in the moment…" She blows out a breath. "Nobody gets it done like a soldier in the CMC."

"This is true," Rue says with a laugh. "Apparently, Rooster tried to get into the pilot's school… 'fore he settled for the Marines. They, uh. Build 'em nice in the Corp. I'll give 'em that."

"It's all the PT and the carrying large guns around," Addie smiles again, tipping her head back with a throaty little laugh. "Gods bless the Corps."

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