Three Marines and a Bobblehead
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Summary: Socializing in the Sickbay and a bobble head.
Date: 67 ACH
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Recovery Ward Genesis - Deck 13
67 ACH 23817 Souls

This is a large room holding over twenty bed stations for patients to recover after having treatment severe enough that they cannot immediately return to duty. Each station has various connections for medical equipment, a bed with collapsible railings, fold out table, adjustable positions and a privacy curtain.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Hazzard

Exits: [O] Out [PR] Private Room

Hazzard is in one of the beds, attached to various equipment as he spends his wake hours reading a book.

Meris is in another. Not the same bed. That would be so many kinds of wrong. She doesn't have a book, and is instead keeping herself occupied by staring at the ceiling, slowly driving herself insane with boredom.

Ramiro comes in from Sickbay.
Ramiro has arrived.

Hazzard is in one of the beds, attached to various equipment as he spends his wake hours reading a book. Now and then he looks over towards Meris, checking on the huge Machine gunner to see if she is insane yet or not.

Meris spectacularly fails to wear her underpants on her head, put pencils up her nose, or go around shouting 'Wibble'.

Ramiro, offduty and sporting a definite bandage under his tank tops, steps into the Recovery Ward with a deck of Triad cards in his hand. Walking in, he salutes the two of them out of respect and stops between their beds. "Hey gang, you fancy some company?"

Hazzard lowers his book as he looks over towards Ramiro and nods his head slowly. "Dane." he mutters in greeting. The bed ridden Sergeant is bandaged in several places. Most of his face is covered in bandage on the top and smaller bandaids over the stitches he recieved in his face, one arm and one leg is also seen to with clean white bandage. "Guess I wont partake in the Mout or be on guard." he says with a soft soft chuckle.

Meris looks up from her ceiling inspection, nodding to Ramiro. "G'day, sarge," she replies in a monotone, shrugging one shoulder. For her part, her bandages are hidden. One would assume that she's probably bandaged, but who's got the balls to lift up her sheets and find out for sure?

"You'll just have to make the next one, both of you, but I've got my write-ups you can look at in the meantime." Ramiro looks to them. "You guys did really good out there, damn good. So relax while you're allowed to and don't stress, you'll be back up soon." He pauses. "How're you guys doing? Comfortable? Can I get ya anything?"

"You could get your old friend in here to tend to my wounds." Hazzard states as he glances over towards Meris to double check if this is the time or not. "But, hey..We are Marines we tough it out, atleast we have sheets where we sleep this time."

Meris smirks at that, rolling her eyes. "Aw, mate, I should have known you only got yourself shot so you'd get that medic pawing at you. Give me some good news. Tell me there's some good looking male docs, too, eh?"

"Well I'm not much of a judge on what women like, I only know to shut up and take it when they decide that I fit the bill, Hughes, but there are some guys workin' this deck." Ramiro smiles to Meris. He turns his attention to Hazzard. "I'll see who's on duty in a minute, didn't see Sullivan out there. You asking me to send her in or do you actually need a nurse right now, Hazz?"

Meris interjects crudely, "Yeah, he needs a nurse. He's all swollen up."

Hazzard glances over towards Meris. "Shut the frak up Hughes.." he chuckles and then grits his teeth in pain before he looks over towards Ramiro. "Dont need no nurse..I hope, just fancy your friend..Soo straight up Dane..You've got issues with it, let me know and I back down."

Ramiro looks to Meris for a moment with a small laughing grin before turning to Hazzard. He reflects for a moment before looking to his fellow sniper's face. "Petty Officer Sullivan is my sister. I've offered myself as her brother and she's accepted. At the same time she's an adult and can make her own decisions. If she likes you and you two go out, you have my blessing, by all means. All I ask is that in the whole pursuing and chasing her down thing that you don't make her uncomfortable. If she says no, please respect that." Ramiro grins. "Also don't forget, she's Gemenese like I am. We like scripture." He looks to Meris, smiling. "You met her, Hughes?"

Meris nods lightly. "Yeah, she's pretty cool. We sat and had a chinwag about blokes and everything, yanno. Girl stuff. And VK's all right. He knows what he wants and he says it. I don't see any issue with that, eh?"

Hazzard nods his head. "Frak man, you know me enough to know I'm not like VK." he mutters and adjusts a little in his bed, which causes a momentary amount of pain. "Motherfraker.." he hisses and shakes his head slowly. It should be added, there is a small bobblehead of Ares sitting on the stand beside Hazzards bed, for one who is as far from religious as one can be it is a strange sight. "Not saying VK is bad, I like him..Just at times to straight with the women you know."

Ramiro looks to the bobblehead for a moment, and almost scowls. The lords of kobol did not provide the people with strength and reasoning to be immortalized in a… Dane smiles, looking to Hazzard. He lets it go. "Who's your friend?" Ramiro nods to the bobblehead and then looks to Meris. "Yeah last time I talked to VK he was humping air in my direction because I got a social visit from a female. It wasn't even like that." Ramiro smirks. "I don't see a problem with him joking with us, but away from marine country he should be an example, you know? You don't disrespect women. If you catch him doing knuckle push ups you'll know I caught him doing it." Ramiro smiles. "Mind if I pull up a chair and deal some? It's a bit of a tradition…"

"Navy tradition, Anytime a marine is injured one pilot comes to play cards and vice versa." Hazzard explains as he looks over towards Meris, elaborating a little bit on the whole tradition part. He then looks over towards Ramiro and nods his head. "Sure for smokes?" he asks and arches an eyebrow. Thank fully the nurses placed Meris and Hazz in the beds next to each other so it wont be to much distance between the Marines incase of a Marine vs Navy riot.

Meris shakes her head, smirking. "Yeah, I don't play, mate, but thanks. I always lose, and then I get heaps pissy, so. Yeah." She glances to the bobblehead, wrinkling her nose. "What's with that, yeah?"

"Yeah…here's how it works. When I was sick up, pilot came by to keep me company and play cards. Then I passed it back to a pilot when they were in here. He passed it to Hazzard, I believe. This? This is just social, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if you don't see a pilot come by and hit you up for a game. The rule? You pass it on. If you can't pass it on, you ask someone to." Ramiro smiles. "So Hazz, who are you passing to? I think you were last right? Need me to drop a note to the pilot wing?" Ramiro says as he sits in a chair and deals to them, positioning so that they can play easily. "Also, frat rules apply, no bets or bidding when you're playing with the pilots. If they find out there's gambling in the RW, this tradition will get crushed. C'mon Hughes this is for social. It's not like they give you guys video games. It's not about winning or losing. It's about this conversation. Brotherhood."

Hazzard glances over towards Bobblehead Ares, usally found mounted on the dash boards of various ground vehicles and then looks back towards Ramiro and Meris. "Lucky charm." he mutters and leaves it at that. "Passing too..Yeah I was the last one a pilot played with, Micah came in..How about the new Raptor pilot who flew us down? Wide Load."

"Conversation's cool," Meris agrees, but sticks adamantly to her guns. "But I'm not playing cards, yeah? You guys play. I'll watch."

"I'll track her down." Ramiro looks to Meris and grins. "Then the next time we've got pilots in here the two of you are obligated. Keep an eye out for it. Don't necessarily have to bring cards, but you gotta bring a break in the boredom." Ramiro looks to the Bobblehead and then Hazzard, dealing only to him. "I can respect that. Just don't put it anywhere near my idol of Apollo in my bunk. It'll probably catch on fire." Ramiro grins, letting Hazzard know he's not going to open up the question if his fellow sniper's getting religious.

Hazzard glances back at the bobblehead and then shrugs. "If you say soo..dont even know who he is really." he mutters and moves his uninjured hand up to scratch some of the stitches in his face. "Look, she'll know I'm in here..she'll come if she wants too..No need to add preasure you know..She knows I like her, I wont." he grits his teeth. "No need to partake in a battle you can't win.."

Meris bites. "Mate, Hazzard, I thought you weren't into the gods and shit, eh?" she asks, an eyebrow raised. "Praying to Ares to win your battle for the hot medic?"

"No I'll let her know you want to see her, she's the kind of girl that would want to know." Ramiro says, shrugging. "Hey bud I don't know what to tell ya. She's her own woman, not mine to give, all I ask is that you treat her with respect." He adds, nodding to the bobblehead. "Yeah…that? That is definitely a…" He says the words as if they're coated in fire ants. "bobble-head to Ares."

Hazzard narrows his eyes as he looks over towards Meris. "Seriously, frak off. I aint.." he grits his teeth once again as he reaches over and picks up the bobblehead and stuffs it into the drawer of his bedstand. "There, you fraking satisfied. I had it just cause…cause it was the last thing I saw before I passed out, when I..umm..crashed." Well one thing is for certain, Hazzard is a really bad liar and stumbles on his own words.

"Could have been worse," Meris reasons. "Could have been the last thing he saw was a Cylon, and wanted to bring that back to stand beside his bed."

"Woah woah…" Ramiro says calmly. "No serious man, take it back out and put it there. I didn't mean to upset you." Ramiro adds with a bit of concern on his face. "Seriously, Hazz? What's up?"

There is murder in the eyes of the bed ridden Sergeant as he looks at Ramiro and Meris. If it had been physically possible to turn his back to them, this would have been the time to do so but alas. "Fraking drop it..I got the mission done, I dont need no fraking shrink or doctor to tell me I'm a bad marine..I'm -Fine-!" And he isn't shot is he…

Meris arches an eyebrow in question. "Mate, what meds are they giving you? Cool it, eh?"

"S'cool man…it's cool." Ramiro retreats a little, looking over his cards for a moment as he takes a second to let the air lower in temperature. Glancing to Meris, he gives her a quiet look without expression before turning his back to the cards. "You did good out there. Both of you."

Hazzard brings a hand up to rub his eyebrows, he did inform the marines on the ground that the new wave of toasters was coming before they were visible after all. "I..I need to get the frak out of here..Training." he murmurs as he looks up at the ceiling. He still hasnt looked at his cards, if any was given as he lays there gritting his teeth. "Did everyone make it home?" he finaly asks.

"One of the guys from the other squad never made it," Meris responds lowly, wrinkling her nose. "I heard his rifle blew up on him. Frak, what a way to go, eh, mate?"

"We all made it back home." Ramiro corrects, looking at Meris and then to Hazzard. Judging the situation, he gathers the cards and starts to rise. "Well…the nurse told me that I'd only get fifteen minutes or so, so I'm going to get on my way. If you guys want to talk again, have the nurse send someone down where I'll be and I'll come back up. I'll be stopping by from time to time anyway."

Hazzard nods his head towards Ramiro. "Just the head wound Dane..Didnt mean to curse you both." he mutters in a softer voice as he continues rubbing his eyebrows, it is evident at this point that the Sergeant is suffering and it is just not the injuries he sustained on the field of battle. Perhaps it was the near death experience, but then again it is nothing new to a man like him.

"Yeah, I'll see you around, mate," Meris replies simply. "Send us up some hot docs, eh?"

"Yeah…I definitely will." Ramiro says, patting the side of Hazzard's bed. "For now you guys relax and get your sleep. Be good to the docs." He adds, putting his chair away and sliding the deck into his pocket. "We'll talk again soon. If you need to, make a list and I'll try to hunt some stuff down. Books, stuff like that." Ramiro says, giving them a smile as their food starts being delivered. "Till next time…" He says, giving them a salute and then turns to leave.

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