Time Heals No Wounds

I was sure I'd never be warm again. It was like a cocoon. Heavy and almost stifling, but warm. It was warm.

I woke feeling myself curled around it. The musty smell of….fur.

..and death. There was always death though. How long had it been now? Days? Hours? My eyes opened up and I saw the dark, damp fur in front of my nose. The beast was dead and being dead, it helped me live. Is there no stopping death? I closed my eyes again, not thinking about it. I had wanted to die, why didn't I just do it? Just freeze to death and not have to worry, I know it's not that bad. You feel warm right before you go into the hands of the Gods. Maybe I was now. I didn't want to move. Every part of me ached and every part of me—-

Get up.


Get UP!


Can't you hear it? Godsdammit, move your ass, Marine!

I came awake then. My ears no longer ringing with the sound of the words in my head. I looked back down at my leg and wondered how much farther I could really go.

You'll make it. Because, you have too.

My legs were so cold. Everything was cold again. Even the pain didn't matter now, nor the blood, the torn ligaments or the broken bones.

I could hear it…

I could hear the Raptor…

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