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All dates use the day of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies as the central time marker for all events in the series. Items that occur before the Fall are marked as "BCH", or "Before Cylon holocaust". Given the few and somewhat contradictory dates about the Colonials' ancient history and the exodus from Kobol, that part of the timeline is speculative.

6 years BCH: William Adama leads an aborted covert intelligence mission aboard Valkyrie. Daniel Novacek is shot down and captured by the Cylons. Adama and Tigh are subsequently assigned to Galactica. Later, Adama will feel as if he were the one responsible for the war due to the aborted mission and capture of Novacek.

NOTE: Sorry for the misconceptions. Genesis isn't over the Arm line. In the world we are setting up. Let's say the Colonies are North, the Arm Line is south - See pics under Genesis Station - And the station/battlestar are East, 3 jumps from the Colonies. So they are still above the Arm line, which would also be to the south of them. :)

Genesis Timeline Begins

Year 5 - BCH - Support Station building begins. Three Colonies - Picon, Aerelon and Sagittaron involved. Some unknown Caprica investors provide the capital. Level 5 Top Secret Military.

Year 4 - BCH - Station building is paused six months due to 'Government Cutbacks'.

Year 3 - BCH - Planet Ion named - Planet Ion has a desert-like structure. Rains seem to fall every few years. Tyllium reportedly found in small area. Tyllium ship arrives. Desert winds at near 85mph causes slow work.

Year 2 - BCH - Battlestar Genesis arrives with military contingent. Colonel Tarik Regas at the helm. Scientists and Engineers on board with some of their families. Support Personnel also on board.

o 1500 Souls includes Military contingent and 122 Civilians.

Year 1 - BCH - Support Station PAS almost completely finished. Situated around a dead moon with a planet that is barely habitable.

6 Month - BCH - Livestock Ship arrives. FTL drive is a loss. Cooler generators in need of repair.

o 100 Crew Members.

IC Timeline

21 BCH
Fleetwide boxing tournament on the PAS. Marines stomp some egos.

21 BCH
Ares Squadron, doing routine check of the Arm's line. Finds mysterious damaged buoy.

18 BCH
Assaultstar Pandora located highly damaged from internal fighting and sabotage. Pandora joint Genesis at PAS construction site after extensive repairs.

PAS Space station makes first successful Jump, becoming largest object to make successful Hyperlight jump.

Pandora makes test jump of repaired FTL drive to Communications buoy, encounters Cylons. First contact with enemy.

Genesis Jumps to location of a large number of civilian ships, as a number of the ships jump out with President Laura Roslin. Ships miss each other by moments. Cylon attack against helpless non jump capable ships thwarted by Genesis. Late coming ship, the Carina, joins Genesis.

Genesis jumps back into Colonial space to find out what the heck is going on out there. What they find is War.

The Genesis engineers take the newly-FTL-capable Sula out for a test drive and end up in a bad neighborhood. Locate Taurus Space Complex, held by Cylons.

10-11 ACH
Assault of the Taurus Space Complex. Cylons driven off the Complex, fuel supplies raided.

13 ACH
Fleet jumps to the Muskeg System. Planet Muskeg surveyed for food supplies.

22 ACH
Ground teams find old Colonial Outpost on planet Muskeg.

24-28 ACH
Marine team returns to Leonis to conduct ground survey of Colony world, determine status of Colonies.

31 ACH
Cylon assault on fleet in Muskeg system destroys Hades Flattop and Space Station PAS.

35 ACH
Battlestar Persius discovered, heavily damaged and under Terrorist control. Terrorist threat neutralized, Persius used as source of materials for fleet repairs.

51-52 ACH
Raptor Recon receives distress call from Hera, a ship that found remains of a fleet of ships left to die by Battlestar Pegasus. Genesis locates fleet and fleets merge. Population jumps to three times its previous levels, many more ships join.

58 ACH
Repairs on fleet ships progress, nearby red planet reconned for food and water sources. Locates unusual underground structures.

65-66 ACH
Mission back to Virgon to raid colonial medical and ammunition supplies

69 ACH
Cylon attack on the fleet causes boarding of the Genesis, destruction of Cylon research lab.

79 ACH
Fleet raid on Visser Base secures experimental Galactic Map.

84-85 ACH
During emergency fleet jump, Cruise ship Destiny misjumps away from the fleet. During time seperated from fleet, Destiny encounters unknown energy that temporarily disables DRADIS. Destiny FTL found to be to blame for the misjump, and return jump is effected the next day.

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