Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen as Timon Amichai

Name: Timon Amichai
Callsign: BWAHAHA! None
AKA: None
Age: 63
Branch: None
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: None
Position: Artist
Rank: None
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Ian McKellen

Timon Amichai is one of the more renowned poets in Colonial society. Which is about as obscure a way to be famous as one can manage. If one knows something about literary circles, or retained the names of authors they were forced to read in high school, they’ve likely heard of him. He hails from Tauron and his writing reflects a certain affection for civil disobedience and free speech one might expect from that colony, as well as dealing with war, nature and love in ways that push far past the boundaries of puritan taste. Much of it was also shaped by his experiences as a medic in the first Cylon War.

He lived fast, married often, drank and smoked with abandon but, somehow, did not die young. Now entering the more sedate winter of his life, fate had him traveling as a tourist on the Carina when the attacks hit and there he remains, drinking heavily and lamenting the end of the world. Thus far, he’s found nothing productive to do with himself, though he’s always on the look-out for any surviving stashes of chamalla.

Collected Works

  • A Thousand Lyrics of Night - Timon's first major collection of published poetry, the one he's best known for and, arguably, the one he spent his entire career failing to live up to. He wrote it in the years immediately following the first Cylon War, while living in the post-war arts community on Caprica, and many of its poems deal frankly with combat, violence and death. Others center on love, loss or the beauty and splendor of nature and everyday life. A little something for everyone.
  • The Woman in the Window - A collection of "love" poetry, half romantic sonnets, half poems devoted to raunchy sex, emotional arguments and how intense love can suffer painful break-ups. It's supposed to chronicle the highs and lows of "all" relationships. Critics generally agree it was written about his stormy marriage to former Caprican Quorum delegate Dehanna St. Claire.
  • A Litany of Monsters and Lambs in the Wasteland of Our Dreams and Days - That's the real, full title. A mish-mash haze of poems devoted to nature, politics, religion, philosophy, bizarre romantic fixations and death. Most of it written in an abstract, rhythmic style. There's great debate among literary critics over the deep, highly intellectual meaning of it all. Though some just say it was the product of chamalla and heavy drinking.
  • Coming Home - Timon's last published work of poems, essentially a love note to Tauron, its geography, culture, prominent figures and ordinary citizens. Far less drug-induced and mind-bending than his past works, for better or worse. Written during his tenure as a professor at Troy University and last (fourth) marriage.
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