Treating it Socially
Treating it Socially
Summary: Sloane and Adele talk on the Lido Deck of the Destiny. A conversation about education, films, and dating ensues.
Date: 62 ACH
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Having taken some leave for himself, Antonio Sloane has made his way to the Destiny for a little bit of relaxation and scouting. Seeing the pool drained, he's decided to simply relax in the tiki bar by himself. Chatting quietly with the bartender, there's a small box sitting in front of him on the bartop as he sips a tall glass of beer.

Adele has that distinct look about her that say she's never been here before; her gaze roves over the deck, settling on the decor and the few individuals who are here. Spotting empty seats at the bar, she resolves to have herself a drink, and goes in that direction.

"Thanks…" Sloane says to the bartender as a pair of sunglasses are slid in Sloane's direction. There's a small number of cubits exchanged and a shake of the hand. "…I think it's definitely a good match." He finishes, sipping his beer and turning his head at the sign of movement from Adele. Nodding politely, he looks to a basket on the bar and pops a peanut into his mouth.

Adele returns Sloane's nod, complete with a prim, brief smile as she waits for the bartender to conclude his transaction. When he does, she requests, "A gin and tonic, please, with… do you still have limes?" The bartender grins and nods, and Adele looks pleased. "Thank you."

"Get them while you can, right?" Sloane looks over to her, motioning to the slight bit of lime with his beer. He slides the glasses into one of his pockets and looks over to her. "Is this your homeship?" He motions around.

Adele chuckles as her drink is poured and presented to her. "I suppose so," is her answer to the first question, and she drops an increasingly meaningless few cubits into the tip jar before taking a sip. When he asks if this is her home ship, she shakes her head. "No. I'm a military contractor; the PAS was my home, and now it's the Carina. Dr. Adele Pike." She extends her hand after setting the drink back down.

"Ensign Antonio Sloane, I'm a Viper pilot off of the Genesis." He replies, smiling broadly to her. Taking her hand with a firm grip and gives it a soft shake. "Nice to meet you Doctor." He smiles. "While I was waiting for my clearance paperwork to go through I lived on the Carina, only took a few weeks. Great place." He smiles. "Doctor of what?"

Adele's eyes flicker from Sloane's dogtags to his face and she nods, wrapping her hand around her drink once more. "It is a good ship, and it's about to get better," she replies with a faint smile. "I'm a medical doctor, but I've been in research for several years."

"About to get better? How so?" Sloane asks with a smile. "I tend to go over on leave often over there because of the piano bar at Spotlights." He replies, turning to lean against the bar on his hip so that he can face her. "Which do you prefer? Residency work or research?"

"Spotlights is nice," Adele grants in her Caprican lilt, faint smile still in place. "As for how the Carina is going to improve - we are about to start building educational facilities for the children of the fleet." There is definitely a sense of pride in the way Adele explains that, but the question he poses next catches her a little off guard. She doesn't have to think too long on it, however, before she answers: "Research. It's a little more… controlled than residency, though I do like to work with patients." She takes another sip of her drink, then asks, "So you have not been in the Navy long, then?"

"Not too long, no. I'd only just finished the last of my flight training and was being granted some leave on the Carina before my first posting, doing civil air defense for Caprica." Sloane replies, the story finishes itself. "You know, the thing I really love about the Carina is that everyone is really chipping out over there. I heard some of the pyramid players are teaching the kids to play, which keeps them out of trouble. Schools getting added into the mix, to be honest that's the best news I've heard in ages."

Adele dips her head graciously, as if she takes the observation about the Carina as some sort of direct compliment. "Yes, people are eager to help," she agrees, wiping off some condensation from the glass in front of her with a tiny square napkin. "It's an adjustment for everyone, especially with so many new ships being added to the fleet, but I think the education system will be something to be proud of when it gets off the ground." She has another sip, then asks, "Are you from Caprica, then?"

"No actually, Aquaria." Sloane replies after sipping his drink. He turns his head to look to her again after setting the pint down on a coaster. "I actually enlisted to work in physics and got turned around with the surprise that I qualified for fighter piloting." He smiles. "By your accent, I can see that you're Caprican, right?"

"Yes," Adele replies, her prim smile turning briefly wry. "Born and raised." She doesn't elaborate; she fills up a pause by taking another sip of her drink. It's half-empty, and she regards the glass with a surprised expression. She pushes it a little further away from her, as if to keep herself from drinking so quickly, then looks back up at Sloane. "Physics? What would you have been doing if you hadn't qualified for piloting?"

"Probably propulsion or working in weapons." Sloane replies, taking another sip of his drink and looking to her. "Most of my physics experience pre-enlisting came from working in hydroelectric with my father at a plant on Aquaria. Though I've always been highly interested in contained explosions, energy generation. So despite my flight school, for my degree I majored in physics with minors in mathematics and astronomy."

Adele arches her brows, head tilting to the side as she listens to Sloane's response. "Well, then I suppose I'll ask you much the same question you asked me. Do you prefer physics, or flying?" Her smile relaxes slightly from its default primness, and becomes a bit more friendly in the process.

Sloane tilts his head to the side a little and his eyes shoot to the corner of their sockets, considering. He flattens his lips a little bit. "Right now, flying." He looks back to her. "I figure if I'm needed for physics they'll ask me but there's an addictive element to being behind the stick. There's also that added effect of having the responsibility to keep the place safe so the schools can continue." He smiles, not seemingly bothered with the concept. "But when all of this is over? Physics. That or operating a movie theatre."

Adele can't help but chuckle a little at the tail end of Sloane's answer. "A movie theater?" she repeats, tilting her own head to the side. "Are you a film fan, then?" She reaches for the glass in front of her. It's been long enough since her last sip, right?

"Yeah…I am…" Sloane replies, smiling to her. Finishing the last of his beer, which was dwindling when she comes over, he turns to the bartender and orders a rum and cola with a lime. Sliding a few cubits over, he looks to her. "Back on Aquaria there was this great date spot. There was a screen over a small lake. They'd rent out these tall boats that had a comfortable seat in them and float candles out into the water. You'd take the boats out with food on them and sit back and watch a film with your date." He smiles. "Great place. I want to make it again someday."

Adele's brow knits as she tries to picture what Sloane describes to her, drumming her fingertips up against one of the flat planes along her glass. "That sounds… nice," she says after a moment, if a bit noncommitally. She continues to consider it well after she answers though, eyes narrowing in thought.

"You by any chance thinking about the lake on the Carina?" Sloane asks, lifting an eyebrow and flashing her a boyish smile. "I'm personally hoping that they start filling these pools back up and get the water back into the mix. Sure, we have the vids in the Rec on the Genesis, but scenery is everything. Find some people willing to babysit, a large white sheet and a projector, and you've got yourself the key to finding some of those souls on the Carina a sweet date."

Adele laughs, shaking her head. "Unfortunately, I'm not sure the lake on the Carina is long for this world," she answers, coming out of her reverie. "There's only so much space available, and if we're going to build education facilities, well…" She grimaces in a 'what're ya gonna do?' manner.

"Yeah…well…it's always a thought to consider for the future." Sloane shrugs. "If anything I definitely think that everything is headed in the right direction." He smiles. "So, Dr. Pike, tell me about yourself. When you're not doctoring and researching, how do you relax? Books? Films? Boxing?" He smiles.

"Yes. We always must have an eye to the future," Adele agrees, looking distant for a moment. At Sloane's question, she hazards another laugh. "When I'm not doctoring and researching? When is that, again?" She grins, takes another sip of her drink, then goes on. "Actually, I'm not doing either of those things right now - I'm the civilian education coordinator." Which explains the pride she displayed earlier. "And I admit that hasn't left me much time for leisure, either…" She trails off, looking introspective. She still hasn't listed a hobby.

"Civilian Education Coordinator?" Sloane smiles brightly. "That's awesome, congratulations." He adds, taking his glass and offering to tap it against hers. "So before that kicks into high gear you decided to take a little visit over to the Destiny for some R&R?"

Adele chuckles, clinking glasses with Sloane's before taking another sip. "It was decided a couple weeks ago, and things are already in the works. I was actually over here posting some bulletins for anyone with teaching experience to contact me, and I ran across this place and decided to stop in for a drink before I headed back."

"Ah…so close." Sloane replies, taking a sip from his drink and setting it down on a newly placed coaster. "I don't go on leave often, but when I do I think I'll still be heading in the Carina's direction. If you need any help with anything that I can provide, feel free to ask. I'd love to help where I can, but I'm on call most of the time."

Adele smiles at Sloane, dipping her head in thanks. "I appreciate that, Ensign. I'm sure that in the short term, we'll need volunteers to actually build the facilities. I'm sure a physicist would be excellent in that capacity, so long as he can wield a hammer."

"I know the theory…" Sloane grins, winking. "…I'm pretty sure that if I do the mathematics right in the application of the theories that I can hammer in a nail or two." He pauses, giving her a little shrug. "And miss out of being a part in helping build a school for kids? Wouldn't miss it for the world. When's it happening?"

"I'm not sure," Adele answers, eyes still crinkled in amusement at his reply. "Major Zimmermann is heading up the structural part of the project. I'm sure she'll start asking for volunteers soon enough though. I'll mention your name to her next time we're talking about it." She smiles.

"Please do. I have a good amount of leave saved up but I have to take it in shifts with the rest of the pilots." Sloane looks back to her, taking another sip of his drink. "So…Doctor…are you excited about this?"

Adele arches her brows. She doesn't seem the easily exciteable type, but her smile is earnest when she replies, "Of course I am. I feel like it's the most important thing I've been involved with in a long time."

Sloane watches her for a moment, nodding slowly. He smiles again. "Good." He rests an elbow on the bartop, eyes curiously gauging the doctor. "So have you received any responses so far on the flyers?" He adds, making small talk as he gets to know her. "What sort of teachers are you looking for, could probably ask around. I'm pretty good at hunting things down and finding them for people."

"Anyone at all with any education experience," Adele answers, lifting her drink only to find nothing but ice in the glass. She wiggles her fingers at the bartender and orders a refill. "Or, failing that, anyone who feels they might be able to teach what they know about their particular area of expertise. Teaching is an intuitive skill, I believe. Some people are born teachers, and though they might not have gotten certified, they might still be able to do someone with a master's in education. Not in all cases, but - we can't exactly afford to quibble over things like certification at this point, so long as people prove themselves in application." She clears her throat, having rambled on, then regards Sloane almost sheepishly. "I just posted the bulletins, though. I'll give it a week before I release the attack hounds."

Sloane smiles broadly at her. "Attack hounds…I like that." He smiles. "I actually have a few books on physics, calculus, and a few books on theorhetical physics that I've been reading in my bunk at night. I'm done with most of them, although I don't know exactly how interested phyics theory is to school children, would you be interested in them?" He takes a sip of his drink, tapping the side of his head. "I don't need them anymore and the rest of the guys aren't interested in them. I'm afraid they'd try to use them as pyramid balls."

Adele's eyes widen, and she nods with more enthusiasm that she has displayed thus far. The refill of her gin and tonic can't be hurting, really. "Oh, that would be wonderful. Physics is appropriate for high school students, though the material will likely have to be diluted a little bit to fit the curriculum - but any sort of educational text is desperately needed right now." She smiles appreciatively and lifts her glass up and out briefly. "Thank you, Ensign Sloane. Your enthusiasm and willingness to help is… revitalizing, after I've cloistered myself away working on logistics."

Sloane reaches out with his glass and taps it lightly against hers. Raising it once more in a salute, he takes a long sip from it. Holding back a grimmace as some of the raw alcohol from the bottom surprised him, he sets the glass down. "I should be down on the Carina pretty soon here, got a few days of leave secured over there as well. I'll drop them off. Where should I find you?"

Adele considers that, then opens her handbag to rummage around in there. Finding a pen and a small notepad in short order, for even her handbag is terribly organized, she scrawls down a number and labels it 'A. Pike.' Handing it over to Sloane, she explains, "That's my wireless at the JAG office on the Carina. If I'm not there, it will route over to one of the personnel there, and I'm sure they'd be willing to take the books off your hands." She smiles and slips the pen and notebook back into her handbag, then snaps it shut.

Sloane looks the paper over for a few moments, idly wondering if this qualifies as getting her digits. A small inward chuckle forms as he slides it into his pocket. "Allright." He looks back to her. "Expect me around the end of the week. I've got CAP rotation until then and there's alot more fleet to keep an out for, so it's like a revolving door." He pauses. "Do you like film?"

"I'm sure I'll be in the office," Adele replies with another smile, reaching for her drink. His question makes the glass pause halfway to her mouth. "I'm not much of a film connoisseur, really, but I like movies as much as the next civilian, I'd think." Her smile is a little tentative.

Sloane watches Adele for a moment, as if trying to figure her out like a math problem. The look fades quickly as Sloane takes another sip from his glass. "Forgive me if this is awkward, but…in that spare time you ever have, do you know of a good place to go on a date that you might suggest to me?"

Adele's brows knit, and she sets her glass down without taking a drink, turning to face Sloane fully. The tentative smile on her face doesn't fade, but it changes into something vaguely apologetic. "Oh. Well, in the spare time that I do get… I generally try to spend it with my boyfriend, provided the stars have aligned appropriately to allow us both a small gap in our schedules at the same time." She flickers her gaze over the entirety of his face, then adds, "That's sweet, though."

Sloane raises one eyebrow and smiles, shaking his head a little bit. There isn't a single air of awkwardness about him. "No, don't mention it." He chuckles a little, taking another sip of his drink. His stance doesn't say anything more than friends, fairly confident with these types on conversations. "Tell me about him. Is he a doctor like yourself? Teacher?"

Adele smiles, glancing down at her drink and then back up at the pilot. "He's a doctor," she reveals, after a pause. "In the Navy." She has another sip of her drink. "He'd probably make a great teacher, though." The thought turns her smile introspective.

Sloane's eyes squint just a little bit as he nods, sipping his own drink. He creeps his posture slowly to simply two aquaintances having a drink. "Sounds like a pretty special guy." He grins. "I can tell, you're really fond of him. How long have you two been seeing eachother?"

"About two and a half months," Adele answers, after a brief pause to do some mental math. "He is… special." That's said a little wryly, the tone of a woman who can acknowledge her lover's faults and appreciate him more for them. "And I'm very fond," she adds, in case that wasn't clear. Then she considers something, and grins. "I could ask him if he knows any pretty young nurses, you know…"

"Actually…" Sloane grins, blushing a little. "…I'm a little in over my head as far as the dating scene is concerned. Don't take that the wrong way of course. I'm the kind of guy that treats dating as socially, not an interview." He chuckles, rolling his eyes at himself. "You'd never believe the trouble I got myself into."

Adele tilts her head to the side. "Oh? What do you mean, you treat it socially?" She reaches for her drink and sips, taking her time with this second glass.

"You know, the whole go out, grab some dinner, get to know eachother thing." Sloane shrugs. "There's always so much pressure on the first date, you know?"

Adele glances off to to the side, setting her drink down. "Oh yes, I know," she answers, with a tone that suggests something to the contrary. "It gets you into trouble?" She settles her gaze back on Sloane. Now it's her turn to do math problems.

Sloane chuckles again, shaking his head. "Yeah. I traded a contact for someone to buy a keyboard for a setup on a good date. Some of the pilots turned it into their own bet. They scheduled me two dates on the same night at the same place."

Adele laughs, a lighthearted sound. "Oh, gods, really? That's rather cruel," she says, though she's clearly amused by the notion. "Has the night already come and gone?"

"No it's coming up really soon here." Sloane replies. "I think they didn't coordinate and it's all a big accident, so I've been trying to decide how to go about it. I think I'm just going to do the smart thing and explain the situation and offer them both dinner at the same time, get to know them."

"Wait," Adele says, lifting a finger. "Dinner at the same time? It would be you, and two women at the dinner table?"

"Yeah…unless I do the sneaky thing and prepare two tables at opposite ends of the restaurant and act like I've got a phone to answer." He replies. "You believe that?"

"No," Adele states, with a shake of her head. "But I think it would be unwise to keep both the dates on the same night. Just ask one if she'd like to reschedule." She grins faintly, adding after a pause, "I know if I were one of those women, I would consider it a bit of a slight to have to share a date with another woman."

"You're probably right…" Sloane replies, looking to his glass for a moment. He suddenly grins big. "I think I thought, maybe I could charm my way into the situation, make it memorable." He looks to her. "But yeah…you're right."

Adele laughs, reaching out to finish her own drink. "Oh, it would be memorable. And you certainly do have charisma on your side; who knows, you could very well pull it off." She sets her glass down and slides off the stool, fishing around for some cubits to pay. "It was nice meeting you, Ensign Sloane. Good luck on your date, or dates, if you heed my advice. Let me know when you're on the Carina next, and I'll confiscate those physics texts."

Sloane puts some cubits down and pays for the drinks. "Seriously…don't worry about it. I'll take the tab." He smiles, extending a hand to her. "Like I said I'll be down that-a-way soon with the books and we'll talk again then. I'll let you know how it turned out."

Adele eyes the cubits, and retracts the ones she was about to contribute, sliding a few in the tip jar instead. Lucky bartender tonight. "Thank you," she says pleasantly, reaching out to give the hand a firm shake. "I'll see you soon, and I look forward to hearing the tale." With a smile, she turns on her heel and makes her way out with a purposeful stride.

"Was nice meeting you Dr. Pike." Sloane smiles, waving her off as he turns back to the bartender to order one more beer before heading to bed. It's time to contemplate this upcoming date of his…

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