Twist My Elbow
Twist My Elbow
Summary: A little workout leads to some unarmed-combat instruction between Artemis and Chione
Date: 83 ACH
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Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9

83 ACH 23817 Souls

Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.

-----< Condition Three — Public Area >----

The hour before noon meal seems to be the time when the gym sees its lowest point of activity, and Artemis seems to have entered the deserted room with taking advantage of this in mind. Twenty minutes of vigorous callisthenics and stretching exercises have already raised a light sheen of sweat on her skin and dampened her sweats, but the tall Marine seems unwinded in spite of this. Her eyes fall on the rack of sparring pads and gloves, and she slips easily into a neutral stance, an imaginary opponent already coming at her full-tilt as she begins the Scythian Third Form, fourth kata.

One gets exercise when one can, and having been swept up in the whirlwind Cornbread romance of late, Chione is suffering for it. Having come in shortly after Artemis, Chione is hardly as vigorous in her exercise. But then again, the Ensign is hardly a Marine. A bit of stretching, and then some time on the treadmill has the blond 'glistening' with her shirt sticking to her. By the time the woman slides off the device, she's pulling off the t-shift to be left in just the regulation tank-top as she drinks some water from from a nearby container. Blue eyes fall upon the Marine Lance Corporal soon enough, watching as the woman works through her katas, partially in awe, partially in curiosity, before grabbing a towel to wipe at her face, and go back to quiet observation.

Imaginary Incoming Attacker (IIA) 1 meets a sideways roll of Artemis's torso, as though a punch had been thrown at her, quickly followed by a quick grab at collar level with one hand, as her other whips low, then upward into the mid-body area, quickly followed by grabbing at the collar. A sudden step back and she rolls backwards to the mat, her feet coming up into her IIA's midsection and ostensibly sending him (her? It?) flying over her head, likely to land in a very hurt heap not too far away. With a sort of wave or bounce of her body, she's on her feet and hurrying over to deliver an arching kick, followed by dropping into a crouch, making a shoving movement with her hands, and raising what is probably an arm between her hands as she takes a crouching step forward to rest her knees on the IIA's back. For a moment she remains in that position, then sighs quietly and rises.

A faint sloshing sound of a water bottle draws the young Marine's very gray eyes to Chione, and she smiles a faint smile. "Oh, good day… I'd not known you were there."

"Don't let me keep you from your practice," notes Chione, returning the smile, before looking around to find another water bottle. Grabbing it, she turns and tosses it towards Artemis, and takes a few steps over with a slight tilt of her head towards the right even as her left eyebrow arches upwards. "I was just admiring your technique. That was different than what we were taught in school," she notes, her accent definitely Caprican, she can't hide it, and doesn't bother trying. Another drink is taken from her bottle, before Chione gives another smile to the Marine, and motions with a finger, "Did the notice about Girls Night Out make it down into Marine Country, by the way? I should ask that before even bothering with any others."

Artemis feels a faint blush rising in her cheeks as she catches the water bottle, her smile turning slightly sheepish. "Thank you, and thank you again. Um, yes, it probably is different. I went to a military boarding school, and we were all taught its forms."

The question catches her momentarily flat-footed, and she blinks. "Um, Girls Night Out? I don't /think/ so, but I am not in the habit of reading boards…" Her eyes widen a little. "But I /should/ be. By the Lords of Kobol, I /still/ don't know why they transferred me into the MPs… not when I don't think of the /obvious/ things."

Blue eyes dart around the gym and Chione takes a step closer, laughing lightly as she lowers her voice. "Wide Load and I are throwing something to blow off some steam. Just girls, safety in numbers, and all that. Envy on board the Destiny, tomorrow night, 20:00 if you can get leave, dancing, drinking, entertainment, non-alcoholics for those on doctors orders or those that don't drink by choice. Cornbread's being a dear and setting up a wild goose chase rumor for the boys, so spread the word through the women of Marine Country if you would. Come if you can, everyone is invited. Civilian dress is preferred, if you don't have anything, I have some to spare, but come as you are most comfortable." That done, Chione takes another drink of water, before flashing a warm smile back at Artemis.

"Private military boarding school? That sounds nice, actually. I would have preferred that to the private boarding schools I was sent away to," she notes with a faint rolling of her eyes. The blond Ensign shakes her head, before setting one hand on her hip. "Would you be interested in taking on an admittedly horrible student at unarmed combat? I barely passed quals."

"Well… it was a private military boarding school for orphans, so I think I was sent because there was nobody to say 'no', and someone decided they needed more soldiers somewhere," Artemis replies, her smile fading slightly. Her eyes betray an older, deeper wound even her slightly diminished smile can't hide. "Dunno if you'd've found it more your speed or not."

As the story of Girls Night Out comes out, her smile returns, slightly diminished but still warm. "It /does/ sound like fun… stepping out with like-minded companions with nothing on their minds but enjoying themselves. I'll have to look… maybe some of my things survived that hit." She glances speculatively down at Chione's petite frame. "Because I've a feeling I'd not fit well into your things. Small and pretty and her companion plain and tall can't often share clothes. Not to belittle your very generous and sweet offer." As Chione goes on, she blinks, blinks again, then smiles a little. "I don't see a problem. I'm not much of a teacher, but I'd love to try. It might be fun."

Considering a moment, Chione laughs. "None the less, I still have friends on board the Destiny, if nothing survived, let me know, I'll speak to them and see what we can come up with on short notice. You'd be amazed at what Laura can do, we'll just have to reign her in. She likes feathers far too much," is offered before Chione clears her throat lest she break out into a complete fit of giggles. "Trust me, you were likely better off without, than I was with," she offers dryly, before taking another sip of water. One last dab with her towel, then Chione wraps it all together and tosses it over towards a bench along the wall. "Well, let the beating commence, shall we?" is asked in that light-hearted tone.

"Feathers? Lords of Kobol, spare me…" Artemis says, looking up at the ceiling, her smile threatening to spill over into laughter. "I'll remember such good advice, lest I end up being compared unfavorably to a large game bird. As for with or without, I can't say." She takes a long swallow of water, then pops down the cap and sets it on a nearby weight bench, sliding into her neutral stance. "Very well, though I'll do my best not to leave marks. You're my student, not my enemy." She smiles at that, then beckons with her fists. "Show me what you've got!"

It's just a brief moment of hesitation, blue eyes glancing over Artemis, before deciding to test if the woman is right-handed. Shifting, Chione pulls a feint to Artemis' right, before jigging to her left, bringing her own right-arm around in a wide swing at Marine's left hip. It's a gamble, but it's also a test. She might as well try.

The feint almost works. Artemis shifts left, right into the line of fire of that looping right… but her right hand spears out and catches the petite woman's wrist, quickly followed by her left arm wrapping over and around the trapped arm, pulling it in tight to her body and forcing it back toward Chione's shoulder blade, effectively immobilizing her even as she stretches out her arms a little to slightly hyperextend the elbow… enough to get a sudden quick stab of pain, and suggest that she could do far worse.

There is a sudden and sharp hiss as Chione is pulled into the painful lock by Artemis, her arm extended as clearly it was not meant to be. Blue eyes dart, as the woman's mind races, and Chione shifts very subtley, utilizing the regulation steel-toed boots given everyone in the military to her advantage. With a swift lift and a kick, Chione strikes at Artemis' shin, knowing full well a heel-stomp does no good since she's not wearing spiked-heels and the other woman has on steel-toed boots. Hopefully this may loosen the painful bind her elbow is in.

Not seeing the kick coming until it's too late, Artemis tries to sidestep. But she's just a hair too slow… the toe of Chi's boot scrapes /painfully/ across her shin-bone. "Aaahh!! Please..!" she cries, biting her lip. "Please don't do that… if I fall I might break your elbow," she almost begs. "I don't want to do that…" Those gray eyes betray her: she very clearly does not want to hurt Chi.

But it HURTS! Chione is gritting her own teeth, trying to find a way out of this hold. "But unless I drop you somehow, I don't see a way out of this hold," notes the woman as she grinds her teeth through the pain. "I would really appreciate it if you didn't hurt me either. Are you going to be all right," she asks, glancing down to Artemis' leg, no the intention was not to slide down the leg in the least, obviously.

"There isn't one… sort of the point," Artemis replies, letting go immediately. "Sorry… I didn't mean to keep it on so long," she adds, apologetically. "My shin will sting for a while, but not long, I don't think. I'm more worried about you."

Resisting the urge to suddenly grasp at her elbow, Chione instead, reaches out for Artemis' arm, trying to give it a friendly squeeze. "Go make sure that's not bad," she notes with a nod to the leg, letting her elbow hand a bit. "And I'll be fine." There's a pause, before she looks up at the woman. "Next week? Want to continue this? I need the practice," she suggests.

The squeeze surprises the tall woman, but she returns a slightly shy little smile, gently laying her hand atop the squeezing hand. "I'll be okay… shins are hard to really hurt," she replies. "They just sting lots. But I'll have a look, anyway." At the question she nods, her smile growing. I'd love to. Oh! Forgot…" she adds, blushing. "Introductions. Lance Corporal Artemis Mirin, MP and… well, mediocre martial arts instructor. It's wonderful to meet you."

"Ensign Chione Dike, CIC, Fashion Whore, Caprican Snob, several other epitaphs we won't get into," she offers with a wide grin. "A pleasure to meet you, Lance Corporal. I look forward to more instruction. And I hope to see you tomorrow night on the Destiny. Seriously. Spread the word through Marine Country." Turning away, Chione pauses, before looking back. "Also, spread the word, someone on the Carina is selling bathtub hooch that is as potent as a tactical nuke. Cornbread has more information on that, but ambitious Marines could go looking as well. I've been meaning to get some and send it down for Marine wakes. I know you lost good people, too."

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