Two Marines And A Rich Guy Walk Into A Bar
Two Marines & A Rich Guy Walk Into A Bar
Summary: Lex finds a handwritten note in her boot and wanders over to the Destiny for a little R&R bikini style to see what's up. Ramiro and Fulton chat with her at the bar. A pool without water. What could go wrong?
Date: 58 ACH (10 Jan 2009)
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Destiny, Deck 5, Lido Deck, 58 ACH

At one time, this cruise liner was the top of the Caprican fleet. Vacations that couldn't be taken on the colonies, were taken in space. The coastal water themed park here, is quite the sight. Umbrellas sit around under fake sun lights and comfortable deck chairs. Even the smell of the ocean is piped through the vents. Nothing was left to spare, as the larger than olympic sized pool even has a wave machine.

An 'outdoor' bar with the look of palm leaves, grass sides and roof give way to the feel of being on a tropical resort. Music plays, people dance and drink around the tiki torches and people simply enjoy their stay among the vacationers here.

There are very few excuses to bust out the beach gear when one is enlisted and at war. Hot, stinky, beach experience without all that pesky bird poop AND with a bar? Rock on. Nico (Lex) wanders along the pool area, with a pair of honest to god Tick Festival sunglasses perched on her nose. It sort of ruins the look, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Fulton is at the bar, a few hours after the last scene, the water back on, Fulton at thebar, sitting at a stool, writing on a clipboard in front of him.

Ramiro is sitting alone by himself in one of the deck chairs. A beer with a little hint of lime in it at his side, he's resting back and getting some sun. Dark sunglasses over his eyes, he's looking over the current status of the pool. Closing his eyes behind his dark sunglasses, he rests back.

Lex wanders up have a good long look at the empty pool. "There's a metaphor in that somewhere," she says aloud, basking in the artificial sun. "But I'm pretty sure I slept through that class." Her back is to the two men. A moment of silence to mourn the pool, kthx.

Ramiro's eye cracks open, getting not the best, but definitely a good side of Lex. A slow grin lines over his face. "I see you got my letter." He says, loud enough for her to hear him. The smile fades away, there's no telling what he sees, the glasses are too dark.

Fulton looks over as Lex and Ramiro begin talking and he smirks slightly as he turns, "Something about broken dreams and a mirage, I'd imagine." He offers

"Mirage? Looks like a giant empty pool to me." Lex reaches up to adjust the plastic framed purple glasses as she half turns, eyes scanning and coming to rest on Ramiro, to whom she grins, then Fulton. She's seen him before, of course, but they were never introduced. And she had an assault rifle at the time. "I'd be nice if all dreams could be fixed up by the liberal application of a shitload of water."

Ramiro responds with Lex's grin with one of his own. Eyes hidden behind his glasses, he reaches for his beer and takes a sip. "A shitload of water is right." He says in return, beckoning Lex over towards him. "Remember that earlier conversation we had Mister Fulton?" He says, being vague as if there's been a hidden conversation. If Fulton's witty, he'll understand. "I was just hoping you'd drop by, Nico. Wanted to talk to you."

Fulton looks at Lex and smiles, "That would be nice, then we'd all have squirtguns." He looks at Ramiro, "Mm, indeed." He looks then at Lex, a bit more closely, watching from the bar with interest.

Whether Lex turns toward Ramiro or the beer is open for debate. She steps over that way, a hand sliding under her mesh top. She brushes fingers through her hair, and stops with easy conversation range, but she doesn't move to snuggle up, or take a seat. "Don't let the glasses fool you. I'm a crack shot with a squirt gun. I'd take you both down." She looks at Fulton for a moment. "Nico Lex." A slight turn of her head suggests her attention shifts to Ramiro, but she's got the dark glasses going as well.

"Yeah, we've seen how well you shoot." Ramiro replies with a dark bit of humor, sitting up to accept Lex and looks up to her. He sips his beer again, watching her quietly. He glances to Fulton and then back to the blonde. "So…you gonna sit down?"

Fulton smiles, "John Fulton." He says casually, frowning at something as he looks to Ramiro and gestures to his eyes, and mimes pulling off a pair of glasses, then shrugs.

"Stove. Pipe." Lex's reply to Ramiro is significantly enunciated. She gives the words a moment to sink in before she continues, "Buy me a drink."

Ramiro tilts his head a little bit and smiles. Standing, he moves to Lex and slides her glasses off of her face, brushing a thumb over her cheek before turning towards the bar. "Come on…" He motions, looking to the bartender. Her glasses in his hand, he takes her hand and leads her to the bar. "Two whiskey on rocks." He puts some cubits down, setting his beer down on the bar near Fulton.

Fulton smiles as he watches the couple, thoughtfully, looking them over with a slight smile. He tilts his head as they approach the bar, appearing quite thoughtful as he considers them with no small interest.

Lex squints as her glasses are removed. Just a girl in a bikini and coverup on a luxury liner. Yep. She doesn't instigate any violence over the issue, but there's a pause before she turns, signifying that it's possible the thought crossed her mind. She glances at the pool again, then shades her eyes a bit, and heads for the bar where there's a bit of shade to be had. "Good to meet you under less tense circumstances, John." She moves to sit, her arms coming up to cross on the bar.

The bartender brings over the drinks and takes the cubits, including a small tip. Setting his own glasses on the bar alongside hers, Ramiro sits beside her and turns to face her, giving a very faint nod to Fulton. "Yeah I was glad to meet him under the same as well. Hopefully we'll get some more water to throw in that pool, come by and make a night out of it."

Fulton nods to Lex, "A pleasure, yes, I'd rather not consider that night too carefully." He smiles widely for a moment, then takes his clipboard, flipping up a few papers, "So, what do you think of the Destiny, compared to the Carina?" He asks as he writes something on a lower piece of paper, then plucks it off, folding it and handing it to the bartender, who takes it off somewhere.

There's a slight lean against the bar, one arm propped across it. Nico brushes her fingers through her hair again, pulling long strands back from her face. "If the pool were open, there wouldn't be a contest." She touches her glass, and turns it a little, without picking it up to drink. Her other arm crosses the first, hands clasping opposite upper arms. The glass is left, perhaps for the ice to melt a little. "Though I'm not a fan of the sports bar, I do enjoy the comforts of the hotel once in a while. There's something to be said for space."

Looking from Lex to Fulton and then back again, Ramiro doesn't take any open response to the note being handed off. "It's a really beautiful ship. I've got one day left of leave before I have to go back on duty tomorrow and I intend to stay it here. Are the hotel rooms all booked up here?" He asks, apparently he stayed in a non-hotel the night before. Leaning against the bar, he sips his new drink.

Fulton nods as the Bartender returns and he considers, "Well, we'll have to see about getting some more water for the pool then." He smirks, "No, the hotels still have temporary vacancies." He says, continuing to take a few notes.

[Intercom] Dane Ramiro, please call station 1890. Dane Ramiro, 1890, please.

Lex's blue eyes study Fulton for a long moment. "Do you own the Destiny?" Perhaps she's trying to figure out where the line of questioning is leading. Market research? Her fingers touch the lip of the glass just as a page goes over the intercom. She turns it a quarter turn, and swirls a finger around the ice. Her eyes flick to Ramiro, and she watches him for just a moment before the faintest of smiles just barely quirks the corner of her mouth, and she looks again to Fulton. "Or are you just curious?"

Hearing the intercom, Ramiro blinks and looks upwards, that's where the intercom god speaks from. "Excuse me a moment." He says, placing a hand on Lex's shoulder, whispering something to her. He rises and moves down to the phone at the end of the bar, dialing it. "This is Ramiro."
Ramiro whispers: I do wanna be a couple again.

Fulton grins to Lex, shaking his head, "No, the Hera is the only ship I personally owned of that size. All I have left at the moment is my Cloudburster, which is docked here. I've settled into the Destiny as my home now." He shrugs, "I'm trying to gauge people reactions about the fleets coming together, head off problems as they arise." He explains.

As the hand drops to her shoulder, and the marine leans in for a whisper, Lex's eyes drop to her drink. They remain there as Ramiro steps away, and her fingernail lightly taps against a cube of ice. "I look forward to the day when the greatest of our problems involve which ship has the superior Aerelon Apple Twist." The blonde doesn't really watch Ramiro until he isn't in a position to look directly at her. While his attention is divided, she studies him for a moment. She taps her finger against the edge of the glass, licks it briefly off, then picks up the whiskey to take a proper sip.

Ramiro hangs up the phone, sliding something into his pocket as he heads back to the bar. "Sorry about that…" Dane says, sitting down. "…work related." He simply admits, what else would it be. Looking to Lex quietly, he sips his drink and looks over to Fulton, slightly raising an eyebrow as if asking what is probably an obvious question between the two of them. "Well let them know that we love civilians." Ramiro smiles. "We want to protect them."

Fulton looks to Lex, and nods, "Indeed, that's going to be a great day." He watches Lex watching Ramiro, then looks to his clipboard. "Well, I think I have a meeting to get to, so, I hope you two enjoy you time here." He turns on the stool, rising, failing to acknowledge Ramiros look.

Lex arches a brow a little as Ramiro returns. "Another medal?" It's a soft, joking tone. Every time she turns around he's being commended for something or other. She seems oblivious to the exchange between the men, though her eyes do linger on Fulton a moment longer as he makes his move to exit. She raises her glass silently to the man with the clipboard. "Have a lovely evening, John."

"Yeah, I'll see you around John." Ramiro says to Fulton as he rises. Sitting on the stool facing Lex's side, he sips his drink one more time. "You have a place I can say goodbye at before I leave in the morning?" He asks simply.

Fulton waves over his shoulder, heading generally for the docks.

Fulton leaves for Promenade [P].
Fulton has left.

The glass of whiskey pauses at her lips, ice clinking delicately. Blue eyes turn to Ramiro, and Nico lowers the glass just a little, elbow resting on the bar. "What?"

Ramiro looks at Lex, giving her a smile. "I've just been doing alot of thinking." Ramiro says, turning to her. He runs a hand through his hair, not being pushy but just being relaxed about the topic. "So are you and I back together?"

She tips her head forward a little and the glass is lowered with a soft little clunk of rocks glass to bar. Blonde fringe sweeps into her eyes, and she doesn't both brushing it away as she looks up. "Are we?" She drapes an arm over the bar, her fingertips touching her sunglasses, then skipping over to his. She picks them up, and unfolds the arms.

"I want to be." Ramiro replies, watching her. Lowering his head for a moment, he avoids ogling as he sips his glass. "I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday before I left on the pilgrimage. Melia was crying, I couldn't leave her in the hallway." He looks up to her. "Okay, here it is. We're both marines. We're both in the same squadron. Yes that's a complication but I'm starting to get to the point that I don't care who says what as long as we're not breaking rules. Yes it's complicated. Yes there will be times we're afraid for eachother." He pauses. "Are you in? Good times or bad, but I can promise that I won't stray and I won't give up."

Lex steers widely clear of the mention of crying women in hallways. She doesn't even ask. "We're both marines, we're going to die how we're going to die. It doesn't matter how much it sucks watching it happen. Have you ever seen all of a man's blood pump out across a bank of pure, untouched snow? It's the brightest color." Lex picks up her drink and drains it. There's a long pause. "It didn't piss me off any less because I wasn't frakkin' the guys on Leonis."

"It wouldn't piss me off any less either." Ramiro replies, speaking quietly with her. "But that still doesn't mean that I don't listen to you when you're sleeping at night." He pauses. "Do you want this? I want this, but I don't want what I want to be more important. Do you want us, a serious thing, or do you just want when the moment hits?" Ramiro says, being strangely direct. "Or do you want not at all?"

What Nico wants is another drink in her before she has this conversation, but noting that at this juncture is unlikely to go over so well. She doesn't answer right off, but her eyes rise from the sunglasses to meet Ramiro's green eyes. "I do." She's clearly a little uncomfortable. "And I don't." It isn't waffling, though it could be construed as such. "I do more than I don't, most of the time. Except when you apologize for doing your job."

"Then I'll stop apologizing for my job." Ramiro shrugs. "I hugged you on the Obs deck that day because I wanted to be there." He pauses, sipping his drink and setting it aside. "Nico…" He says quietly. "If we're going to die old or young, I could give a shit at this point. All I know is that if we are, the last thing I want to do is let that happen without this conversation taking place. I don't want to be a 'never-was'." He reaches out, placing his hand over hers. "Because if you're afraid of hurting me if you die, consider this. I would rather cry at my woman's funeral than suck it in and grieve for the rest of my life that I didn't give it a shot." He swallows. "And if we don't die and make it through this…we get that." He pauses. "But if you don't want this, or to give yourself over to this, please tell me. Because I don't want to be a source of pain in your life."

The hand Dane touches turns in his, and Lex's fingers flatten under his palm. She's finished her drink, so she rises, and she steps in close to him, her body pressed to the side of his. There's a slightly sugary warm scent to her skin, probably some kind of body lotion, and the faint tinge of salty sweat. Gotta love the faux beach atmosphere. "Nobody gets to cry at my funeral. I want everyone drunk and under tables." She slides her arms around his neck, and finally breaks that invisible barrier between them by pulling in close for a full body hug. "Pain lets you know you're alive, you stupid marine. How the frak do you manage to be so godsdamn sincere all the time?" She doesn't let go. Go ahead, try to pry her off. Dare you. "Where did you sleep last night?"

Ramiro stands, leaning into her embrace. "I slept at the temple." He says. "They admitted me as a pilgrim, they had a bed in back." He holds her closely, a few people around smile, someone slides a few cubits to the bartender, resulting in a few paid drinks. "I know you know what I want, what do you want?" Dane doesn't care. He turns so his forehead is against her temple, breathing slowly. He kisses her temple lightly. "I want to hear you say it." He pauses, tensing a little. "Claim it if you want it."

There's a slight turn of her head as Ramiro's statement reaches her ears. Lex's lips brush his jaw as she straightens, drawing back from the embrace just enough to look the other marine dead in the eyes. Her hands stay on his shoulders, hip pressed against his leg, so it's just her upper body that is leaned slightly away. Her fingers rest against the back of his neck, thumbs brushing either side of his neck, just under his ears. "… I want you." That's fairly obvious. She clears her throat softly. "You want me to say boyfriend, don't you?" Aw, frakkin' hell. It's like being in high school all over again, except with bigger tits and intimate knowledge of how to kill a man with her bare hands. Man, if only she knew then… "Look, if you're mine, you're mine. You wanna go get matching tattoos?" Blowing shit into a billion pieces is ever so much easier.

Ramiro smiles softly to her. "No…you don't have to say boyfriend." He says, resting his hands around her waist as they share the moment. Shifting his weight onto a different hip, he leans against her and lifts an eyebrow. "Is that sarcasm or do you actually want to go get matching tattoos?" He asks. Letting go of her waist with his right arm, he digs into his pocket and pulls out a small box, opening it to her to reveal a pair of opal earrings, apparently the gasping at the bar means that a few people are assuming proposal. He swallows. "They bring out your eyes."

Lex finally notices people are staring. She glances to the side a little at a few of the gasps. She had to come over here half naked. People usually have the decency to pretend they're not staring when they are. Though the sparkle of earrings from the box bring her eyes back in good time. "… Um." Nico considers the earrings for a moment, "So you don't know where the hotel is either." Her eyes flick from the opals to Ramiro's eyes, and back to the opals. She reaches up to take the box, and reaches in to fish the earrings out, standing still pressed against him. She sweeps the hair aside from her neck to reach up and slide a wire through her pierced, but naked lobe. "Good?" She holds her hair off of her neck to show him the fall of the earring.

"They look great." Ramiro replies, watching her for a moment. He then notices the people looking at them too. Taking his drink and finishing it, he nods to the bartender and turns back to Lex. "Let's go find it…" He says, taking her hand. Deciding that this is enough for speaking about their relationship today, he gives her a knowing smile. "C'mon…" He holds her hand, there's a little bit of clapping as they turn to leave. As he leads her, he looks back to her, giving her a sly look.

The sunglasses on the bar are repossessed as Lex is led off into the depths of the Destiny by Ramiro. Symbolic? Let's not dig too deeply there, or it might go to a Persephone place, and no one want that! Who knew Hades has such a nice ass? Moving right along. "Whatever you're thinking, Dane, don't let the bikini fool you. I've got a left hook like you wouldn't believe." Could be the voyeurs are making her uncomfortable. She reaches up to affix the other earring to her still naked earlobe. And off into the belly of the ship they go.

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