Two Mustangs
Two Mustangs
Summary: Rhea pays a visit to Ramiro in Marine Country.
Date: 77 ACH
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The marine officer's berth is empty save for Ensign Dane Ramiro. Sitting alone in the table near the center, he's reading a book and his feet are propped up on his heavy footlocker. It seems that he hasn't chosen a bunk yet, and is enjoying a few moments to read before getting back to moving.

Rhea knocks, wrapping her knuckles three times briskly on the hatch, before barging in. She certainly isn't a Marine, and gods only knows what dwells on their habitat. She doesn't terribly want to surprise them.

Looking in the direction of the door as it turns open, Ramiro tilts his head a little and silently closes his book tight. A cloth bookmark is in the page, and the binding hints that it may be a religious book of some sort. Standing to see Rhea, he folds his arms behind his back. "Major Zimmerman, it's good to see you about. I saw you in the stands yesterday but you were gone before I could say hello…" He greets.

"Ensign Ramiro." Rhea steps in, once she's sure everyone is decent. She offers him a cordial smile. "I saw you play. You and Captain Karthasi acquitted yourselves admirably on the court. My spawn was entertained, at least." The book earns a cursory look but she doesn't appear to curious about it. "Didn't mean to interrupt your reading. This won't take long. I've been meaning to have a word or two with you since they sprang me from Sickbay."

"Well despite the competition it's really for the crowd." Ramiro shrugs, turning and pulling out a chair for her. "Please, sit…don't mind my time. I'm offduty but I was just killing a little time as it was." He admits, reaching to the table and putting the book aside. He seats himself.

"Thanks," Rhea says, as to the chair, sitting as directed. She folds her hands on the table. "That's why I came, actually. To say a proper thank-you. You saved the lives of me and my snipes, holding things together up on that deck when we were boarded by the Cylons."

Ramiro looks to Rhea, pausing for a moment. "Well, you're welcome. I was really hoping they'd have shot at us more, but your snipes are really well trained. Looked like one or two of them even put a killshot in on the Cylons." He pauses. "How are they? All healed up?"

Rhea's smile curves to a wry smirk at that. "That'd be Petty Officer Del Boccyo, I suspect. I think she grew up hunting in the backwoods of Aerelon. I can't say she's a typical snipe. But I've been urging my people to put in some time on the range. The rear echelon doesn't really exist anymore." She says it somberly. "We're all in a reasonable state of repairs. Back on duty, at least, though Lieutenant Quill and I are playing console jockey this week. Even light duty is better than Sickbay, though. Being stuck in there plays funny tricks on your head."

"Yeah…that's understandable. When I got buzzed by a Centurion I didn't have too much trouble with it, probably because I'm well used to the chapel, quiet places, stuff like that." He smiles. "Couldn't imagine for someone used to all of the banging and clanging down on the Engineering deck." He pauses for a second. "I'm really, really glad you and your team are okay. I was frustrated by the fact that it was the marines that took the lightest harm. I don't like that."

"I get restless when I'm grounded," Rhea admits. "I do love my clanging." As to that last, she waves a wrist dismissively. "Don't think on it. We're all soldiers, just different utility. We were all doing our jobs. You and yours did it admirably." She pauses a beat. "That reminds me. I never did properly congratulate you for your ensign pins. Or express my sympathy. I've always felt the latter was more appropriate. Anyhow, Major Gaelan made an excellent choice, in my opinion."

"Thanks…" Ramiro smiles to her, seemingly excited about it all. "…the work's alot more different than guarding hallways and focusing on training, but I'll be getting to a lot of work in the MOUT coming up." He chuckles. "They didn't hesitate to put me to work, but I'm loving it. Thank you." He folds his arms to relax, looking to her and swallows a bit. "It was a bit of a surprise, I'll admit."

Rhea nods to that. "It's an adjustment. As much letting the idea settle in your head, as to getting used to the work. At least, that's how it was for me. I'm a mustang myself. Did my first two tours in the Navy as a mechanical technician. Made petty officer before I traded in my stripes." She sounds proud of the rank, and she tends to dismiss her current weight of brass. "Of course, I had an easier time of it. I re-upped after college, in sane times. Still, it was a bit of a mind-frak, putting on the pins."

"Yeah, yeah it is." Ramiro admits. "They've got a little bit of weight to them now because my old drinking buddies now have to salute me, which is a little bit awkward, but I can only silently hope that they think I deserve it as well. Not a subject to really bring up, now that I am an officer, but I think things are going to be fine."

Rhea shrugs. "It's not about deserve. There's a lot of nonsense about the officer-enlisted line. Most of it's perception. We all have jobs to do, none of them are any better or worse. You've got more weight on your shoulders now. More responsibility to look out for the people under you. More paperwork bullshit. Trust yourself, look out for the people under you, and remember not to get too caught up in the perception bullshit at the end of the day. I think you'll do fine."

"I've never been the type to think that rank equals moral right. It just holds the weight of orders. I'm pretty sure I'll be okay too, not an overconfidence thing, really, but more that I figure it's the way I do things that got me mustanged in the first place. Stick to my guns and just keep doing my job." He smiles to her. "So, how many days were you in sickbay? I dropped by and Major Carter was there, but you were asleep. So I didn't really have anything to leave." He scratches the side of his head. "I know I probably got a few looks when I left my Apollo idol over Reed's bed, so I didn't do the same, but I did drop by."

"I spent too much time sleeping. A little morpha in my system, you could knock me over with a feather. Thanks for dropping by, though. I appreciate the thought. I'm sure Reed did the same when you dropped off the idol for him. I was in about…a week. Maybe a little under. The bullet went through me pretty clean. I was lucky, all things considered."

"Yeah…I'd hate to say it but you were. We were wearing body armor. Tactics-wise you'd have thought they'd focus their fire on us, but they seemed to just be spraying and praying." Ramiro frowns a little, shrugging. "How'd the little guy take it? If you…don't mind me asking."

"Reece? Not so well as he'd like me to believe. He's been through a lot. The attacks on the colonies, his father, even the destruction of the PAS…I hate to add to it. It's my job to worry about him, not the other way around." Rhea shrugs. "But, we're getting through it. He's a fine boy. I'm very proud of him. I just wish he could grow up in better times."

"Well…" Ramiro pauses. "…if you ever need someone to keep an eye on him so that you can get some personal time in, let me know, allright?" Ramiro replies, looking to her. "I'm friends with Sage Gionis and she runs a pyramid camp for teens over there, lots of kids his age. If not, there's a bit of a tipper for ya. I saw that Panthers jersey on him, he'd probably have a good time."

"Does she?" This does get Rhea's interest. "I'll nudge him toward it. I suspect he'd adore it. He used to play on his junior high team back on Picon. Thanks. I've got a friend on the Carina who looks out for him, but you're welcome to drop in on him if you like. I'm sure *she* wouldn't mind some personal time."

"I'll probably bump into him if I see him headed down for that clinic. See what he thinks." Ramiro chuckles. "He's what, fourteen? Hi I know your mom, I'm a marine, let's hang out. Doesn't really put together well." He chuckles. "This person you have look out for him, would she follow him to the clinic? I'll have a chat with her first if you give her a head's up."

"He's boarded with Doctor Adele Pike in a townhouse on the Carina. She works in the clinic, at least part of the time, so I'm sure you could find her there," Rhea replies. She chuckles. "He's…gods, nearly thirteen." She says it with a certain wryness. Means she's getting old. And her boy is getting to be a teenager. Neither cheery prospects. "Anyhow, nothing that abrupt, I agree. But if you bump into him you're welcome to say hello. For now, I'll leave you to your book. I think I've taken up enough of your time. And if I linger in Marine Country too long I may get tackled. Or whatever it is you people do up here." She winks "Thanks again for the tip about the Pyramid camp."

"Hey no problem. We're all in this together so I try to be that octopus with a helping hand for everyone I see." He chuckles, and then stands. Pausing, he offers her a hand to shake. "I'll talk to the Doctor and I'm sure him and I will cross paths. We did for a short moment while he was rollerblading in the park before we hit the crab shack. Maybe he'll remember me." He smiles. "And thanks for coming by, the things you've said mean alot to me. I'm really glad we could help you guys out."

Rhea grins as she stands, reaching out to give Ramiro's hand a firm shake with her calloused paw. "No obligation, but I appreciate the thought. I'm going to try to sniff out some new skates for him for his birthday. His blades were on the PAS." When it imploded. She nods shortly. "As you said, we're all in this together. Take care of yourself, Ensign. And don't sweat the bullshit." With that, she turns to go. Out of Marine County, the way she came.

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