Paul Walker
Paul Walker as Tychon Armedes

Name: Tychon Armedes
Callsign: Archer
Age: 26
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Viper_pilot
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Paul Walker



Tychon Armedes is the product of long-standing Caprican military tradition, a Fleet Academy-trained officer and an able pilot. Unlike the political trend-setters of his Colonial and familial stock, however, he is a fairly private person and not particularly outgoing, business-like in his duties and somewhat aloof. He considered his original transfer to Genesis a punishment assignment, a second-rate Battlestar guarding an obscure space station. Unlike most pilots of his age, trained in the peace of the Armistice period, Tychon saw actual combat as part of an anti-terrorist task force deployed to Sagittaron, making him a virtual combat veteran at the time of the attacks. Since then, he has reacted with (perhaps false) stoicism, insisting that this what he and every one of his fellow pilots have been trained for.

Tychon Armedes was killed in action on 79 ACH during the raid on Visser Base. During the engagement, he was picked up by multiple raiders, taking two volleys to the cockpit, the latter of which shattered the enclosure. It is unclear if he survived the depressurization, but ejection failed, and his out of control Viper was destroyed moments later by a heavy raider.


  • Flyin'
  • Shootin'
  • Amateur Tech-head

Distinguishing Features

  • Eyes: Gray-Green
  • Hair: Very short buzzed dirty blond or brown

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

Tychon was born into an elite Caprican family boasting a long military and political legacy. His father served in the military before retiring into politics, while his grandfather was a fairly prominent admiral. An only child, he was fairly spoiled by his parents, and led a privileged life.


Tychon attended a sequence of top-ranked, private schools on Caprica before entering the Fleet Academy. He generally did well in school (and in school sports), but truly excelled once he joined the pilot candidate program.

Military Service

Tychon's service record is quite good, including several commendations for performance. However, evaluations on his leadership and secondary officer skills have been unremarkable.

Previous assignments:

  • Picon fleet headquarters, reserve fleet
  • Colonial Navy Anti-Terrorism Task Force, Sagittaron
  • Battlestar Mercury
  • Battlestar Genesis

Prior Relationships

IC History


  • 54 ACH: Crowded Stairwells & Unexpected Reunions - Tychon meets an old friend from Caprica.
  • 66 ACH: Smash and Grab (Air Wing) - Air wing component of the raid on Cylon-occupied Virgon. Tychon leads the initial assault, but loses a wingman before he takes out a deadly SAM site.
  • 69 ACH: Boarded - CIC - Genesis is ambushed, and Gold Squadron leaps to the defense. Later, Tychon leads the raptorbunnies in corridor warfare against… a leaky pipe, and checks in with CIC.
  • 71 ACH: Numbers - Mostly a fly on the wall for Rue's hulk-smash impression
  • 74 ACH: Brigged Birthday Girl - Tychon brings Kaly some birthday presents… in jail!
  • 78 ACH: Boys and Girls - Strip Club!
  • 78 ACH: Lounge Concert - Tychon is cougar'ed by an enchanting lounge singer. Today we revel in life, for tomorrow…
  • 79 ACH: Visser Base - Tychon flies lead for the Visser base raid triple CAP. He is KIA by several raiders.


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