Unhappy Commander
Unhappy Commander
Summary: The XO talks to Regas about Kyrios.
Date: 34 ACH - 12/17/08
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Corridor 11D Genesis - Deck 11

34 ACH 6285 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-


Regas is walking out of the Head with something in his hand. He doesn't look to happy with it and balls it up, pitching it to some trash receptical nearby.

Fotilas is moving up the stairs. He looks beat and tired. Long few days for everyone, probably. But spotting Regas, he jogs up from behind. "Sir.. had a question for you about prisoner Kyrios… if you know who I am talking about?"

Regas comes to a pause at the jogging XO and turns, "I do," but he keeps walking along the corridor. The poor XO, tired and weary, still has to keep up. "What about her?" Then, he switches channels as he multi-tasks, "Did the CAG find out what pilot is pushing my buttons?"

The XO does his best to keep moving with the Commander. "Sorry, sir. I don't know anything about a pilot. But I can look into it.." He clears his throat. "The prisoner has expressed interest in volunteer work. Doing something to help the Navy kill Cylons, actually. Given that she used to fly Vipers, I was considering asking Major Rue if she would be willing to entertain the idea. Thoughts, sir?" "Volunteering.. not flying Vipers." Been a long day.

Regas does stop then, and he had no turn signals or brakes, "What did you say?" He might of misheard the man. It is rather busy along the corridors. Stepping to the side, he takes his XO's elbow and gently helps him out of foot traffic. "Repeat that please."

The XO lets himself get pulled aside and quirks a brow. "I said that the prisoner has expressed an interest in volunteer work, sir. I was considering speaking with Major Rue about the prospect. Especially considering that we have such a shortage of manpower at the moment."

Regas simply watches his XO. "Why the hell is my XO coming to me with this? What is the verdict on this woman and what the hell has been done? I've got nothing in my memos about any of it. I've been waiting for someone to get off their collective asses and figure it out. And /now/ you come to me with her wanting to volunteer to kill Cylons? Wash vipers or some thing?"

"Sir, when I don't hear shit from anyone we issue orders to for three weeks, I act. I don't wait for you to wipe my nose and give me the okay. I'm taking care of it and the case went to JAG this morning because the Marines had thoroughly drug ass on it. I just finished a meeting with Major Altair on it not ten minutes ago. She's been in solitary lock-up, though, so voicing an idea like that isn't the easiest thing to do." Fots' jaw hardens. "I'd like the CAG to decide. Patch Vipers, load weapons, anything. Plug a hole where the is one, sir."

"I'm about to ship every frakking marine off to the Pandora and out of my hair," Regas grits out. "What is the verdict on the woman?" He asks quietly now. His gaze rather hard.

"No verdict yet. JAG is already looking into it. Altair wants Lieutenant Sloan to interview Kyrios, followed by a personal interview, before he renders a verdict. I would anticipate three or four days." The XO keeps his voice low as well.

"Then the answer is no, not until a clear verdict comes down. From someone. You let the Sheriff know, this is her frak up. If she doesn't know how to turn out paperwork, then she'll be scrubbing dishes in the mess hall until she learns. Anything else?" Regas asks, his shoulders rather tense.

"Actually sir, I would say the Master at Arms has done a fine job. Her investigation was done and was handed over to Marine S2. But I'll speak with him myself once again." Once finished, the man shakes his head. "Negative, sir. That's all."

"She was in charge of this before we brought the Lieutenant over from the Pandora and put him in that spot. It is her responsibility and she dropped the ball." Regas is not a happy man right now, which could be a compilation of things. And when the Commander is unhappy, everyone is unhappy. "If she hadn't you would never have had to bring in JAG. It would have shot up the chain, like it is supposed too."

"Aye, sir. I'll let her know." No, he doesn't like it. But frak if he'll do it anyway. The XO renders a salute. "If that will be all sir, I have more things to attend to, myself."

It seems the poor XO has awoke the sleeping dragon, "See that you do, Colonel. And find out who is having fun at my expense with those frakking posters. I want some butt!" Regas snaps off a return salute and then turns around, heading back along the corridor.

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