Unsettling News
Unsettling News
Summary: Regas brings bad news to the XO and Marine CO.
Date: 10 BCH - 11/3/2008
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Marine Offices Genesis - Deck 14

9 BCH 2235 Souls

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.


[Colonial] Regas says, "Pass the word. Captain Gaelan, report to Marine Offices, Deck 14."

[Intercom] Pass the word. Major Fotilas, report to Marine Offices, Deck 14

Fotilas comes in from Corridor 14D.

Gaelan comes in from Corridor 14D.

Regas is standing in the Offices, those who may still be working here, look like they are working anyway. Someone slipped up on brasswatch again. He is looking at some papers on a desk, over some nervous Corporal who just broke the end of his pencil from pressing down too hard. Glancing up, he begins walking around again. Ah, it's good to be the 'king'.

Fotilas pushes lightly through the hatch and spots Regas moving about. He stops near the man and salutes. "Colonel," he greets quietly, eyes locked on the man.

Gaelan steps in the office with matter of fact pace. Stopping just inside the doorframe he sees the Colonel, his eyebrows stitch together as he snaps to attention and quickly brings his salute crisply to his brow. The Captain seems agitated at being called on but it's part of the job, "Captain Gaelan reporting as requested, Sir."

Regas returns the salutes and glances to the Corporal, "Corporal, I think the coffee pot in the Security Hub is in need of some attention," he then turns back to the two. "I had come up here for letting Captain Gaelan know he will be overseeing the Marines awhile longer, but I have some other news as well." The Corporal does his head bob thing and goes off to man the hatch or something.

The Major listens, dropping his 'attention' for a more 'at ease'. His eyes float to the Captain and then follow the Corporal out. Other news? Fots looks back to the Colonel with a raised brow.

Gaelan lowers his salute and slides his hands behind his back, "I assume this will be until further command will be in to replace the Major, Sir?" A brief glance to the XO then back to the Colonel as he asks, "What other news, Sir?"

Regas hitches his pants just slightly and half sits on the edge of the desk. His face is somber for the moment. "The Major was aboard the Pandora. There was an unfortunate incident and even though the man served twenty some odd years, at one time, I suppose he was a good leader. However…" a slow pause there for that dramatic affect, "..we have reason to believe he was working with Doss, or shall I say, Doss was working under his command. He murdered the CO of the Pandora."

Stunned. Fotilas crosses his arms across his chest and glances to Gaelan momentarily. Its a moment before he says anything - probably trying to stifle a few choice curses. "Lords, Colonel." The CO obviously knows some things but the Major is just a little shocked. "Do we know why??"

Gaelan eyes watch the Colonel talking about the Major. Then the news hits and the Captains face visibly tenses, his jaw clenching and his hands curl into tight fists. Breaking his gaze from the Colonel he breathes slowly, almost methodically as his eyes scan the Marine Office then looking over his shoulder towards the Marine Flag he stares at it a moment before finally looking back to the Colonel and locking eyes with him the rasped whisper of a voice finally unhinges the jaw and emits, "I had no knowledge of the Major's actions or intentions. I will hunt down any that were affiliated with them. I will drag them down to the Hangar Bay and they will be executed for treason against the colonies. My Marines do not murder their brothers in arms. Not on my watch, Sir."

"I haven't had a chance to get with Captain Desusa, but, I was wondering if Captain Gaelan had talked to him about what happened." Regas then glances to Gaelan, watching the man's reactions. "I imagine anyone else we do find, besides this Doss, will be. Have you spoken much to Raul about all this?"

The XO turns a bit to look towards the Marine Captain. There's a long breath as all of this is digested in his brain. He begins counting things off mentally. What it all might mean. A tactician to the death, he's always analyzing. His own eyes settle on the flag on the wall, anger slowly bubbling up from inside. But outwardly, he remains in control and looks to Gaelan expectantly.

Gaelan shaking his head slowly he comments flatly, still obviously tense about the news, "Captain Desusa relinquished the files for the projects Pandora had on board. I have known Captain Desusa from past postings but we parted ways over the years. While I hope he is not directly involved, I will state it now if he is I will be the one to pull the trigger for his execution." Taking a moment to wet his pallate again he continues, "Since the Captain has been on light duty I saw no reason to interrogate him with great details about what happened. Not yet while he was still getting upright." The Marine shifts slowly on his boots trying his best to keep his frustration and impending rage contained like a good Marine.

Regas straightens up, "Well, let's not treat him like an outcast yet. But, see what can be found out. We've got a few marines from the ship and we don't want them to think they are on the firing line. So far, from my reports most everyone is checking out just fine. Sorry to have to drop it all on you like this, Captain Gaelan, but you'll be the CO for now. As soon as Captain Desusa is in decent shape, you two can work together." He then looks to Fotilas, "Do what you can, Major, but root out anyone else that may be suspected off that ship. I want to know what happened on there."

Fotilas looks back to Regas and gives the man a stern nods. "Aye, sir. I'll start interviewing and investigating right away." Eyes flicker to Gaelan. "Captain, might I be able to borrow a Marine from you for certain individuals if I need to conduct interviews?" More things tick off in his head. Lists of Navy personnel who came off the board. Comm logs. Distress call details. His eyes take on a steel at the idea of what he might be uncovering.

Gaelan eyes dart around as he ndos slowly then looks to Fotilas and nods, "Of course Sir. Master Sergeant Farkas just came to us to fill my Master at Arms spot I was in need of. Utilize him or whichever Marine you feel trustworthy." Glancing to the Colonel the Captain flatly comments, "What about JAG? They are going to get wind of this ricky-tick, Sir."

Regas makes a point to glance to Gaelan, "When you clean out Stiger's personals, burn it. I won't even try to tell your marines how good of a man he was. He frakked up and went against the code. He won't be remembered in a kind way. Nor will he be honored." He then glances back to Fotilas, "Work with Captain Gaelan here on that idea. Let JAG know and see that that ship is gone through from one end to the other. Have Rhea stop fixing, if it is needed." He then nods to Gaelan, "You can both see to it."

The Major nods to Gaelan. "Captain, I mean zero disrespect, but I would like to see the Master at Arms cleared first. If I can trust him and you don't mind, I will utilize him. Otherwise, as the Colonel suggests, I won't mind getting your assistance. I imagine you want to see this through as bad as I do." His eyes turn back to Regas. "He may not be honored sir, but it may be early to jump to a conclusion. We don't know the full story and Major Stiger may have been trying to avert something." A pause. "But shall we inform JAG, sir? I'm afraid I'd like that clarified. If we are to keep the lawdogs out of it, it could get ugly." Even if he might prefer it himself.

Gaelan passes a glance to Fotilas and nods, "Noted and understood." Glancing back to the Colonel he adds, "We especially need to know because I just got done talking with the Lieutenant on the PAS about Dodd when you requested my presence, Sir. So if we are keeping this to a private investigation I need to know so I can answer appropriately and keep interviews where they are suppose to be. What am I to do with the Specialist? Allow access to JAG or shut it all down?"

"Get your tactical officer on their course also," Regas tells Fotilas. "We'll go over it in a few days." He pauses then, "Averting the Pandora CO from something?" The Colonel questions with a curious look toward his XO now. "I'm not sure I like that scenario any better. Stiger's last eval wasn't that good. Which is why he asked to go back to Picon for awhile. I had no idea he was heading back there to get on that ship. I was giving him some leave time, so I can only think…" he leaves it at that. "As for JAG, they will be informed. You put the Specialist in the brig over here with a guard, like we do all prisoners."

"Yes, sir. Should I brief the new TO on the whole situation surrounding the Pandora and bring her into the folds? Obviously I will leave Doss out of it, sir. But coming from that station, I can tell you that two minds working on this will shove through the fog /much/ faster, Colonel." There's a pause from Fotilas while he ponders the Colonel's words. "I will inform JAG personally, sir, and instruct them to keep quiet on it. As for Stiger? I'm going to reserve judgement until I know. Ruining a distinguished Marine's memory is something I won't do until I know it deserves to be done." Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Gaelan nods slowly as he listens eyes darting between the two. While still a Marine, this Marine has learned once or twice when to just keep his trap shut and listen for the next order. Although his brain is plotting how he can effectively lock down an entire ship with full security sweeps and not have anyone really take notice. Only to be an Earth-that-was Republican.

"The only thing she needs to know is, what everyone else knows. Which is alot of people died and some lived and it is being investigated, Major," Regas responds and then begins to head for the hatch. "I trust women with secrets about five minutes," he mutters tightly, "Officers or not." And with that, he heads out of the hatch and down the corridor back to the stairwell.

You head towards Corridor 14D.

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