Do Not Want
Do Not Want
Summary: Adele attempts to stave off a series of unwanted advances from Reeves.
Date: 9 BCH
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Taproom Support Station PAS - Deck 1
9 BCH 2235 Souls

This large, open area was once a secondary observation platform. It has been taken over by quasi official forces and made into a drinking establishment known as the Taproom. A bar running along the inner wall is stocked with bottles and a solar cell has been taken apart, giving the back of the wall a high mirror finish, reflecting the bottles and the rest of the room. The outer wall is transparent, and unless a Condition status requires the lowering of the shielding, the glow of the stars and TER-745 is visible through the windows. Several tables and chairs are about the area and hidden speakers play music from some player hidden away. At the bar is a menu set up for anyone to read. <+detail here/menu>

Contents: Adele Reeves Triad Deck Wireless 632
Exits: [O] Out
Special: +detail - Details available

Reeves makes his way into the taproom, idly running a hand through his hair as he makes way over towards the bar proper. A soft mischevious grin lingers over his lips as he scans over the patrons of the Taproom.

Adele is sitting at a table - not the bar - with a glass of water and a half-eaten club sandwich on a plate in front of her. She is idly looking over some document or another, making neat notes in the margin with a red pen.

Reeves glances over towards Adele, before he looks back towards the barkeep and makes his order. Moments later he turns to lean against the counter in the wait to be served, and focuses his attention upon the only other person in here that seems interesting. "Hola Chica…You a scientist or what?"

Adele's eyes shift from her document to Reeves, and she glances around the bar to see if there is anyone else he could possibly be speaking to. When it's obvious that she's the one, she offers him a tentative smile. "Hello. And yes. I'm Doctor Adele Pike, medical researcher." She looks conflicted for a moment, then stands, moving to extend a hand to Reeves formally.

Reeves is leaning against the counter, leaning on his arms, but as Adele makes her way over he shifts and takes the offered hand in his and brings it slowly up towards his lips. "Muy Enchante Senorita Pike….I'm Orlando Reeves, El-Tee junior grade of the WarDogs…" The mischevious grin never ceases to linger over his lips.

Adele's initial response is to tug her hand away from Reeves as soon as he begins lifting it to his lips, and there is a moment of tension where it seems as though she's going to do just that. However, she allows the gesture to culminate into its inevitable conclusion, then draws her hand away once he's done. Clearing her throat, her smile becomes tight. "Charmed, I'm sure," she replies. Her accent speaks of a privileged upbringing.

"Ohh, I truly am..To be greated by beauty such as yours, and to find it holds more then just looks." Reeves says in a soft tone, his accent betraying his Caprican uprising. "Now, you must tell me how I can put a smile on that adoring face.." He asks and arches an eyebrow.

Adele's accent is likewise Caprican; it boasts the smooth, lilting tones of the upper-crust. Her expression is one of guarded confusion as she makes her reply. "I… well. Perhaps you can tell me, Mr. Reeves, the proper catalyst to introduce into my hepamiltox-dricytozine compound which will aid in mutation without destroying the dicarbonates along the way." She gestures to the document still sitting at her table with the pen she neglected to set down with it. "I think that might make me smile, since the tests thus far have been inconclusive to an infuriating degree."

Reeves furrows his eyebrows as he looks over towards the documents and then curls his lips into a wide smile as he looks over towards Adele once again. "By the Gods, you think to much Miss Pike..I'd say you are somewhat…Tense..My remedy for that would be a good scotch and some massage.."

"That's precisely my job, Mr. Reeves: to think too much," Adele counters, moving to take her seat once more, though she doesn't impolitely turn her back on the man. She just settles in at another chair so she can face him, though from a distance. Picking up her glass of water, she takes a sip. "As for any tension you may or may not detect in my person, well. I assure you it will fade just as soon as I have my answer." She taps the piece of paper once, then begins roving over it once more with her grey eyes.

Reeves chuckles softly, as a cup of coffee is placed beside him on the counter. "You should take some time off Miss Pike..All that seriousness will cause wrinkles on your face…And trust me when I say, you make the life of this Pilot much more entertaining and interesting..Soo as far as the Catalyst, to cause my…well to..heh, mutate, you do just fine."

Adele sets down her glass of water and straightens up to level a gaze at Reeves. "Are you… serious?" she asks, arching her reddish brows in mild shock. "Bad innuendo is about the -last- thing that's liable to make me put my pen down and 'take some time off' from my job. A job which is, Mr. Reeves, primarily to seek methods of prevention for aerospace diseases most often experienced by the -pilots- that traverse deep space." She returns her gaze to the sheet of paper, underlining a bit of typeface absently.

"Inuendo…I'm trying here..Only sickness from flying in space I get, is coming in to be treated like I'm dumber then you scientist types.." Reeves says with that mild smile on his lips. "I just want to know what puts a smile on your face, which is still within my capacity to do…as it truly would make my day."

Adele breathes a small sigh, setting her pen down though she keeps her eyes upon the document for half a minute. When she does lift her gaze, she's wearing a plastered-on smile which she beams right in Reeves' direction. "There. You've done it. Is your day made?"

Reeves keeps the smile on his lips. "Can't say it is…But I wont pester you no more, have fun with your Catalyst for Hemo something Mutations…Miss Pike." he nods his head and then turns to face the bartender and savour his coffee.

"Sorry to have disappointed you, Mr. Reeves," Adele states flatly, turning her focus back to the pen, the document, and her thrilling glass of water.

"Oh you did not disappoint me Miss Pike, I'll savour it once I get back to my bunk." Reeves says over his shoulder. "I'm sure if I'm shot down, the last thing I'll remember is the kindness you showed, and the fact your working on curing Space sickness." he says with a soft chuckle to his voice.

Adele makes another small note in the margin, then moves to stand. Taking up her work, she has one last sip of water before regarding Reeves again. "That's rather a wasted sentiment, I'd think. You should expend your final thought on something more pleasant and acommodating than an uninterested medical researcher. I'm sure your imagination can come up with something." She glances at the wall clock, then back to Reeves, to whom she offers another tight smile like the one she presented upon greeting him. "Good day, Mr. Reeves."

Reeves turns as he sips on his coffee and nods his head slowly. "I bid you a fair day, and truly hope you solve your problem Miss Pike..If for nothing else, I'd love to see a geniune smile on that face.."

Adele turns on her heel and strides out into the passageway, tucking the red pen behind her ear as she lifts the document to peer distractedly at it while she walks.

You head towards Passageway.

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