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Summary: Reed and Pepper Report to the XO on the Search for the Destiny
Date: 87 ACH
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Situation Room Genesis - Deck 11
87 ACH 23817 Souls

This room is an area with surround stadium style seating along the walls, all looking down toward the center of the room where a raised, broad table with illuminated top is. A set of cabinets and projected screens interrupt the viewers seating. The screens can show the top down view of the table while the cabinet holds models of all Colonial, Cylon, and Civilian ships known.
-----< Condition Two - Duty Area >----——
Contents: Reed Wireless 422
Exits: [O] Out
Pepper comes in from Corridor 11D.
Pepper has arrived.

Salin comes in from Corridor 11D.
Salin has arrived.

Reed comes into the Situation room, trailing Pepper, carrying a small box as he enters the room, moving to the main lit table, setting the box on it.

Pepper comes in just ahead of Reed, professional face on, posture somewhat relaxed. She is, however, glancing a little oddly at Reed.

Shortly after Pepper and Reed arrive in the situation room, the doors open again, allowing Salin to make his way into the room. There's a quick look around and a smile is offered to Reed and then to Pepper, "Carter. Peters."

Reed smiles to Salin, lifting salute, "Sir." He says as he drops salute and takes the box, opening it and pulling out an Argo class miniature, suitable for the Situation table. He sets this on the table, "One moment, sir and I'll be ready to give an update on our situation." He moves to the miniature cabinet. Opening it, "Really, it's going as expected, no Cylon contacts from the Rap-" He stops and moves back to the table, face suddenly a little unfocused.

As Salin comes in, Pep's shifting the files to her other arm and pulling up to a salute and attention, eyes forward.

Salutes are returned and then Salin is giving a quick nod, "Please, as you were." Then, he's quiet, attention focused on Reed as he listens to the man begin to speak. There's another nod, but when the man falls to complete the situation, he's lifting a brow and taking a step forward, "Carter, you alright?"

Reed says vaugely, "Yes." He closes his eyes tightly, leaving the cabinet open where the miniatures are kept, and his head shakes, "Yes." He says more firmly, then opens his eyes, "Sorry, sir. No Cylon contacts, no contact with the Destiny. First sweep went just fine and Hera fuel consumption for the sweep is nominal, we'll be able to continue the sweeps for most of the day before it would be prudent to refuel. Thankfully, our current fuel situation isn't a worry." He thinks a moment. "Mostly it's two hours out, then waiting for the Raptors to get back with reports."

Pepper remains quiet, standing behind one of the chairs. The top file gets flipped open and a few notes made. As far as anyone's concerned, she's being utterly professional with absolutely no connection to the XO. Except for one sneaked look.

There's a flicker of his eyes over towards the cabinet, though it rests there only a moment before Salin is looking back towards Reed, watching the man for a moment. "Alright." There's a brief look towards Pepper, though attention is quickly returned towards Reed, "Alright. I pleased to hear there were no Cylons contacts, though I'm not surprised we didn't get contact with the Destiny. That would have been too lucky." He's moving to the table now, settling his hands atop it, "What's your thoughts on the SAL timeframe for the Hera, before we cancel this mission?"

Reed purses his lips, leaning against the opposite side of the table, looking to Salin, "We can keep this up, as far as the Hera goes till we cover the entire area. Hera's not going to give out. With current Raptor compliment, and time to retrieve the Raptors from their debriefing, Hera can run Raptors out to search patterns every four hours.." He swallows, "and cover the entire area in four weeks." Yes, he knows what that means. "Sir, I'm fully prepared to do this, and keep doing it till we find them, but I cannot believe that we're not going to attract Cylon attention well before then. We'll search till you or the Commander calls it a stop. As long as we've got pilots and Raptors to put out to search, we'll run them out to where they need to be to find our ship." He's dead firm on this.

Pepper is very quietly part of the background, now. A few quiet notes are scratched in the file, but she otherwise remains still and part of the wallpaper.

Salin ponders that for a brief moment before he begins to shake his head, "Four weeks." It's almost a murmer and he's shaking his head again, "Four weeks is too long. As you've said, we'd attract the attention of Cylons long before that and I'm not prepared to risk that. Nor, can I think that the Commander would be prepared to do that either." There's a soft sigh, "We'll do a couple more sweeps and then we're going to have to sit down and evaluate our position and consider jumping. We simply can not afford to sit here and let the Cylons find us. Epsecially not while the Hera is out on a jump."

Reed nods, "Aye sir. May I suggest a twenty four hour sweep set, then reevaluation. We're updated on fleet jump points and Hera is at Condition One on sweep jumps. If we jump into Enemy contacts we're ready to reverse jump out and bug it back to the Fleet at once."

Salin's giving a quick nod of his head, "Twenty four hours it is. Then we'll do a reevaluation and see where we stand. Commander will need to be involved in that one." He's pausing and giving another nod of his head, "And good. No point engaging even a single Raider. We don't want to risk any of the ships if we can avoid it."

Reed nods, "Aye sir." He looks at the Argo class model, the little Hera on a stand to be slid around the Situation room table. He leans over and takes it, looking at it thoughtfully. "Next jump out is in an hour then, sir." He turns to the cabinet again, to put it in the cabinet, "I didn't think there was one of these in here." He explains, "I'll head back to the Hera and prepare the jump out on the next sweep," He glances to Pepper, then Salin, "Peters can follow later if you like."

Pepper is taking notes and listening, as a good aide would. But when Reed suggests she stay behind, her head pops up and she looks between the two men for a moment, pressing her lips together.

Salin's canting his head ever so slightly to the side, watching as Reed lifts Little Hera to place it into the cabinet. "Well, seems as if she does now." There's a quick smile and he's nodding again, though it trails off at the mention of Peters staying behind. There's a lift of his brow and he's looking from Reed to Pepper and then back again, "Reed, have you taken any form of a break since I popped over to the Hera?"

Reed places the Hera model in the cabinet, and looks to Salin, "No, sir, not really. I was planning on using the time after then next sweep to get some rest before the next one." He looks to Pepper, "I head back now, you can get thirty minutes of leeway before catching a shuttle to the Hera." He looks to Salin, and shrugs, "I'm good to go till the next cycle when I can grab some sleep, sir." He does seem it, though he also reaches into the cabinet for something.

There's a nod of Salin's head and a flicker of a smile, "Alright. Take this one. When you get back, take a break and make your way over to the Genesis for some down time. I'm sure Major Zimmmermann would like to see you for a few minutes, anyways." Then, Sal is watching as Reed moves back to that cabinet and his brow lifts again, "Looking for something?"

Reed makes a face, sort of a slightly embarassed smile, "Um, no, sir, I was just wondering.." He pulls out something, "would you mind.." He's holding a model, a replica, attached to a small stand to slide around the situation table, a scale model representation of the PAS Space Station. the body, with the little rings around it, "If I kept this?" He shrugs, "Considering that it's not exactly a viable model in the fleet anymore, I can't see it being used in planning operations." That's the look he had, like he opened the cabinet and came face to face with a ghost of the past. His first command, now destroyed.

That brow lowers as Salin plays connect the dots within his mind when the Mini-PAS is revealed. There's a quick smile and Salin is giving a quick nod of his head, "By all means, Reed, take it. I highly doubt the Commander would have an objection to you having it and I can't think of anyone else who -should- have it, beyond you."

Reed smiles, nodding, "Thank you sir. Means a lot to me." He looks to Pepper then Salin, "I'll go back to the Hera, let the two of you have a few minutes." He comes to and salutes, "Permission to be dismissed, sir."

Salin is returning the salute before giving a quick nod of his head, "Permission granted, Major. Safe flying and good luck." He pauses for a moment before offering a smile, "And thank you, Carter. I appreciate it."

Reed drops salute, "Certainly sir. I understand completely." He turns and moves to the door, looking at the model, he makes a little chuckle, "Oh look, the little rings move." Mostly to himself in amusement. Aww it's so cute.

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