Roy Ver'Krugen

Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin as Roy Ver'Krugen

Name: Roy Ver'Krugen
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: {$aka}
Age: 22
Branch: Marine Corp
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Colonial Marine
Position: Machinegun Operator
Rank: PFC
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Virgon
Actor: Adam Baldwin

Growing up on the prosperous colony of Virgon, Roy was one of the unlucky ones. Poor grades at school, and unable to keep a job, the troubled youth pretty soon saw no other choice than joinging the Corps. The son of a school-teacher and librarian, Roy was the one child out of four siblings not to make himself a career. When his brother suggested the Corps to Roy after a long night of hard drinking together, it seemed to Roy like a good idea; steady meals, a structured life, and, perhaps one day he could return home a hero; if anything, Roy joined the Corps to make his folks proud. Of course, being academics, they were a bit hesitant over the prospect, but Roy wouldn't have it any other way… He signed up two days later. Little did he know, that by joining the Corps, he would survive the Cylon attacks while being stationed on the Battlestar Genesis.

One prominent feature of Roy is that he loves chewing tobacco, a fact that has turned his teeth and gum visibly brown, even though they are not rotten as some people actually might think. Another would be his beloved Sarah-Jane; his weapon of choice, his SAW.

Coming from a more obscure region of Virgon, his accent is slightly different, and is perhaps most apprent in his name; Pronounced Rouy Ferr-kr'gen. But, most people simply call him Roy.

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