Vicious Hounds

Vicious Hounds was a Tauron-based rock band that was active from twelve to six years BCH. The band was started at Henroughs University on Tauron by students JB Warwick(guitar, vocals), Anaximander Karadas(bass), Lucius Bowmore(keyboards) and Michael Arolis(drums). After a recording contract ten years BCH, they released three albums, and got a few hits.


The debut album by the Vicious Hounds saw its release 10 years BCH. The singles released from this album were Where No Birds Fly(reached 7th place in the charts), Rabid Wolves(42nd) and Counterattack(30th).

Track list:
1. Caprican Skyline1
Cover version of a song by Agent Butler.
2. Rabid Wolves
(M.K. Arolis)
3. What I'd Give To You
4. Tie Your Mother Down2
Cover version of a song by Lords.
5. My Hopes And Dreams
6. Going Back Home Again
7. Counterattack
8. The King Of Wishful Thinking3
Cover version of a song by Western Railway
9. Where No Birds Fly
10. Behave In Dark Places
11. The Power Of Love4
Cover version of a song by Lunchford.

OOC Disclaimer: Yes, some of the songs are RL ones, but they're too good not to have in the IC world. So I've transplanted them there, and changed the names of the people making them. Some might even have a few words altered lyrics.

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