Battlestar Genesis Squadrons

There are three squadrons available for deployment. The Star Screamers and Wardogs are both indigenous to the Battlestar Genesis. Since then, the Assaultstar Pandora joined the fleet and the remaining survivors of its squadron, the Muthafrakkers, have become stationed on the Genesis. While the Muthafrakkers are still, technically, a separate institution, they bunk with the Star Screamers.

Star Screamers - Gold Squadron


"In Thrust We Trust"

The Fighting 58th was born aboard the Valkyrie Class Battlestar. When the Genesis put out from the docks, they were the fighter pilots aboard. They have been together for almost 4 years, even though they may have lost a few pilots to accidents or retirement, Gold Squadron continues to be one of the toughest groups around.

Once the Mark VII came aboard. Faster and sleeker than the Mark II, some of the new pilots sharpened their skills and teeth on this viper. When one of their oldest pilots lost his life, and as his callsign was Screamer, they paid homage to his skill and friendship by renaming their squadron.

A plaque was placed in their Ready Room:
Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis
May he rest in peace among the stars.
So Say We All.

Muthafrakkers - Lion Squadron


"Take No Prisoners"

No listed history as yet.

WarDogs - Ares Squadron


Anytime, Anywhere

No listed history as yet.

Thematic and Tactical Information

The following is a list of pages provided to this community that will aid in depth for the Viper Pilots. Most of our plot includes killing a lot of stuff so helping each other improve pose quality is about as much as I can do. Depending on what happens, this may be radically expanded but it will probably stop here for awhile. The sources for the pictures in these pages are fairly diverse and it is probably safe to say that none of them are creations of myself or a player here. Where credit is due and known, it is given. Novella ("Cav") created these, so any questions should be directed to that player. These are listed in order of importance and I personally consider knowing the mission of the Viper and the discussed guiding principals to be a HIGH PRIORITY. As a warning to all squadron members, the 'STRIKE ESCORT' introductory concepts within the 'Fighter Missions' page will be enforced ICly. If you chase kill counts while others die, your char will pay the price.


Fighter Missions - This section will discuss the operational concept behind fighters - which is important to the successful operations of a fighter group. It talks about the differences in mission profiles and why certain things are more important than others. What is particularly important is the subsection about 'STRIKE ESCORT.' Know this stuff. If you don't read any other page here, read this one.

Section (Wingman) Tactics and Theory - This page goes into detail about why wingmen are important, what their functions are, and how to best employ them as a team-member. Think you're too good for a wingman? Think again. These tactics have been proven to work effectively with the +combat system as well. I can provide details to interested players. However, they will not get you more kills. BUT, they will end the engagements faster and safer - which should be everyone's biggest IC concern.

Viper Pilot Terminology - Pretty self-explanatory. Common terms pilots use, etc. Some of this is fairly vulgar. Like most pilots.

The Basics of ACM - This page covers gunnery principals and some elementary maneuvers that score kills. The concepts explained are fairly basic and the author did their best to keep it as simple as possible. Most of this applies the best in atmospheric conditions, but the principals of conservation of energy, mass, and momentum are still applicable in space. It should be noted, though, that most of this page is dedicated to improving pose quality and holds little value with our current +combat system. However, reading this page (in addition to Section Tactics) will also help you all understand how both Novella and Micah work as an effective wingman team and have such a tight bond ICly.

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