Virgon Reconnaissance
Virgon Reconnaissance
Summary: Bayless and Novella scout Virgon for a potential raid.
Date: 65 ACH
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Fots would have briefed the three Raptor crews himself on the mission. Each one would hit four colonies. However, there was only one real target: Virgon. Each Raptor would have spent enough time at each of the others to do some photo recon and hit some important sites. 'One last view of the Colonies before we leave for good.' were his words. But Bayless and Novella would take Virgon as well as Sagittaron, Aerelon, and Caprica. Having called the meeting, the CAG would have issued a 'Good Hunting' to each and said a few words before the crews set out for their Raptors. Once skids up, the pair find themselves on their final jump leg back, Novella sitting in the ECO seat punching in the final jump coordinates.

"Alright, Lieutenant. We're set, sir. I've plugged in our first jump as Aerelon. Looking to come in on a low orbit and get shots of the Senatorial House and surrounding area." She's nervous. It comes through just in her voice alone. But Novella is also rigid in her chair. She's been quiet thus far, barely glancing up from her wall of panelling, though she does so now. "Wanna say a quick prayer for us? I'm ready to punch us on your order."

Bayless says from the pilot seat. "Yeah. Prayer sounds good." A staticky exhalation follows before she continues. "Lords of Kobol, watch over us this night and shield us from our foes. In the twelve Lords' names, so say we all. All right… spinning up FTL. Stand by for jump." She sighs. "Here I come, mom and dad," she whispers before counting down, "Jumping in five, four, three, two, one…" She hits the switch.

<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Navigation and achieves a degree of Good (4).

The jump drops them on target or there-abouts. Aerelon can be seen out in front of the windscreen. Deep brown clouds cover most of the planet's surface along the midsection. Where there aren't any, small black scorch marks are visible where the major cities used to be. Small glints come up from the surrounding areas.

"Jump complete. We're… in orbit." She swallows and looks up from the panel and out the windscreen. "Lords.." she says breathlessly. Its a moment before she goes back to her panel and begins messing with the camera system. "Punching in the coordinates for the shots. It'll take a few seconds." She doesn't want to look. That was the Colonial breadbasket.

<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

If Novella doesn't want to look, just imagine how the Aerelon native in the driver's seat feels. She buttons down any comment for the moment apart from remarking, "Gods, I can't see a frakkin' thing through these clouds." She thinks of dirty bombs being dropped on her home colony and decides to keep her mouth shut.

"Yeah, neither can the camera." Novella's words are barely above a whisper on the comms. She's got a zoom-lons pointed at the surface and not having much luck. "Okay, sir. We're not going to get anything. I'm punching us up for Saggitaron unless you want a few more moments.." say goodbye. They won't be back this way again. But at least she gets to see her home once more. It's a few seconds before she comes back. "Jump coordinates set for Sagg. Ready on your command." The fear has been replaced with sadness.

Bayless sighs and places her gloved fingertips on the canopy glass. "I'd prefer not to remember it like this… just a mass of brown clouds…" She shakes it off and keys up the FTL. "Stand by for jump in five, four, three, two, one…" And the Raptor folds space once again in a flash of light.

There's a flash and they appear over Sagg. The clouds are thicker here. Novella doesn't look up this time. "Jump complete. We're in orbit." The same glinting sections of scorched earth can be seen, though there are many more on this Colony. More populated and industrialized. She just keeps looking up at the camera console above her. Something beeps. She looks down. "DRADIS CONTACTS! Five Raiders! Bearing.. Frak!" A frantic pause. "Punching in the coordinates for Virgon!" It'll take a moment.

<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).

"Oh no you frakkin' don't…" Rachael dives the Raptor into an evasive pattern that should still allow the craft enough stability to execute a jump. "Hang on and call it when we're ready!" Her grip on the directional stick tightens as she banks the Raptor away from the toasters.

<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Pilot_viper and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Gunnery -1 and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Navigation +1 and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Good (4).

The ECO in the backseat could be screaming right now for a Viper. What she wouldn't give..!! But fingers are working frantically to push the drive system into play. After an eternity, she looks up. "Coordinates in!! Jump when ready!!" Wide eye's look up out the windscreen in time to see the Raiders' wings blink with the firing of their guns.

"Let me get this lined up…!" She banks the bird hard to port to evade one stream of raider KEV fire, then to starboard to dodge another. "Frak the countdown, we're out!" She stabs the FTL switch, not the least bit sorry to be leaving their foes in the dust.

The jump to Virgon takes them out just in time for a tracer group to lace their their previous position and miss. When the light fades, Virgon is lain out beneath them. But it would seem that Novella was able to bring them over their target just north of the cloud cover. "Jump complete. We're in orbit." All. Too. Relieved. She sighs heavily and leans back into the seat, sagging backwards. "DRADIS is clear." There's a glance up to the cockpit once more. "Gods, what a mess." Her head shakes inside the helmet and she goes back to moving the camera. "Looks clear. Want to try and get us closer? Or grab the shots from here?" This /is/ their target after all.

Bayless looks to Novella, considers for a moment, then says, "No, this is what we came for. If the theater's clear I think we can afford to chance it." Rachael coasts the Raptor into a closer range to Virgon's surface, so as to give them a better shot of what's left of the planet.

<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Awareness +2 and achieves a degree of Good (4).

The coast in is absolutely beautiful. "Oh Gods, LT. Beautiful!" She pans the camera across the planet, snapping photo after photo. "Looks like a bunch of abandoned Vipers down there… something else on the tarmac at the airbase. Camouflaged Raiders, maybe." A few more moments. "Okay, got about two dozen pictures. Want me to input the coordinates for Caprica?"

Bayless nods over her shoulder to Novella. "Yeah, I… hold up… I've got tone on a Colonial signal. Think it's coming from the airfield." She turns to Novella enough to make eye contact this time. "Think you can clean that up…?"

"Uhhhhh… I don't think so, sir! I'm qualified but I'm not Jammer. We've got the signal trapped, though. Someone probably detected ours and shot us a note!" She plays with a few switches and pokes through the screen. "Its Fleet-level, sir! Some of our military is still alive and kicking!" She hoots loudy, punching her arm into the air above her head. "Frak yeah!" She turns i nthe seat to look at Bayless. "Good eye, sir! Near missed it, myself!"

Bayless grins, then sighs, a heavy decision weighing on her. "I don't like leaving these guys behind, but we're not exactly rigged for a rescue, especially with no fighter support." A pause. "Lock these coords into the nav computer, I want to get this location to the brass as soon as we're back at the barn."

Novella looks up to the LT as she speaks. "Aye, sir! Everything is locked into the backup nav." If they crash or get blowed-up, the info is safe to never be recovered by the nefarious ones. "But I'm with you, sir. I don't like it any more but.." There's a pause. "El-Tee, I'm getting intermittant DRADIS signatures down there. Too weak to pick us up but it looks like a surface to air missile site, sir." She sighs into the microphone. "We'll need a LOT of fighter support to try something. Punching in the coordinates for Caprica now, sir." Fotilas said to expect enemy activity there. "Jump on your mark, whenever you're ready."

Bayless exhales and nods, her eyes straight ahead. "Keep 'em peeled… this is gonna be the hotzone of all hotzones… FTL spun up… jumping in five, four, three, two, one…" And they're gone from the vicinity of Virgon.

<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Navigation and achieves a degree of Great (5).

The light fades one last time.. And Caprica is lain out before them. Novella jumped them a bit further out this time. Playing it safe. But she's looking up and out the windscreen. "Home," she sighs. The planet is coated in the same brown clouds, many of the cities erased in black splotches. Some parts of the terra with major cities aren't marred, but it looks ugly. Then there's that ominus beep. Followed by many more. The Ensign's head whips back down. "One! Two! FIVE BASESTARS! MULTIPLE SQUADRONS! SHIT!!" She hesistates a moment, wanting to get a picture. She waffles for a moment before working with one hand on the camera while trying to punch in jump coordinates.

"Holy Gods…!" Bayless again makes with the evasive maneuvers as the Raiders (a lot more, this time) peels out after them. "Hurry with those coords, we're this close to being frakkin' wormfood…!"

<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Pilot_viper and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Gunnery +2 and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

You paged Bayless with 'go ahead and pose again. Just use it as an add-on. the missiles havent hit yet but that was raider gunfire. Feel free to pose damage but the FTL is still a go.'

The outer hull pings with the sound of Raider rounds peppering the metallic skin of the craft. Despite a series of short-outs in the back compartment, the ship's main systems, including FTL, appear unaffected. "Godsdammit…! How long till we can jump clear…?!

Novella ducks out of the way as sparks cascade across her. That's twice in a Raptor for her. But she's back up before even all of them have skittered across the floor. She doesn't bother to answer. Its only a few seconds. "Coordinates in!! JUMP THE FRAKKER!" She's a little frantic. Its safer in a Viper. They have guns.

"Jumping..!" she shouts over the noise as she thumbs the FTL switch and silently prays for their safe deliverance.

<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Navigation and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).

It must have been the shower of sparks or maybe that hail of gunfire. But they jumped. Though not exactly where intended. When the flash subsides, they're floating in the graveyard of wrecks of what once was the Scorpian Shipyards. Large sections of ship drift through space. Closest, only a thousand or so yards out, one of the flight pods of the Atlantia can been seen hanging in space, the entire rear section blown away. "Jump completed…?" Hasty breathes are taken before she looks out the windscreen. This can't be good.

Bayless peers out the canopy glass and frowns. "Frak frak frak, this is not good…" She looks over her shoulder to Novella, "Try to re-plot and double-check it… the nav-comp may have taken damage. And no overt action." She nods to the Raiders on patrol. "We're not alone out here…"

"Lords," she sighs, staring out the screen. The hulk of that flightpod floats like a slumbering giant. "All those people.." The color from her face is just /gone/. But as Bayless dlivers the news that they aren't alone, she flops back into the seat. "Okay. Yeah. Looks like a fault in the Nav Computer. It flashed during put and jumped us to a set of coordinates loaded in memory. One moment." Buttons are pressed and she nods. "Okay, its in. Swears, sir."

Bayless blinks. "Uh-oh, looks like we got their attention. Here we go…" The FTL switch gets a final toggle, dropping the ship into folded space again. "Goodbye, friends…"

When they flash back the Genesis is lain out before them. The CAP can be seen in the distance flying a rotation. "Jump complete." A pause. "That's the Genesis." As if Bayless needed a reminder. The Ensign slumps forward in her seat and lays her helmet in her arms on the console. "Godsdamn, sir. Let's not do that again, okay? I mean its been fun and all but really.."

Bayless sighs and nods. "Yeah, yeah… I hear that." She flips on the tac channel and transmits, "Genesis CIC, this is Scorch. Mission accomplished, inbound for RTB. Be advised we're carrying possible survivor intel from Virgon."

Fotilas can be heard on the other end. "Genesis copies. Hand-deliver photos and intel to my office, Lieutenant." A pause. "Good to have you back. Genesis, out." Novella just sits in the back, letting the pair talk. She pipes up finally and sits back in the chair. "He even /sounds/ like an arrogant ass on the radio."

Bayless pops a short sublight burn, sending the Raptor coasting towards Genesis' starboard flightpod. "Copy, CIC, glad to be home… Scorch out." At Novella's comment, she says, "Maybe, but the man's got one helluva coffee stash…" A subject that may be eludicated on further as Rachael steers the bird back to the barn.

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