Virtual Girlfriend
Virtual Girlfriend
Summary: Eli and Castillo discuss sexy AIs, eel juice, and some more serious stuff.
Date: 88 ACH
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Genesis - Deck 14 - Security Hub

Eli has been very busy lately since she got 'home' and is at her desk, a box of cake on her desk and a pile of files she's working through slowly and she's also, cutting pieces of cake and eating them with a combat knife.

Castillo walks into the security hub, bleary-eyed from little sleep and staring at monitors for the past twenty-something hours. He has a mug of something steamy and not altogether pleasant smelling - what is passing for liquid caffeine these days. He makes his way to an available terminal to begin typing up a memo. "Hey, Sergeant," he says as he walks to the seat.

Eli follows Castillo with her eyes, twirling the knife and bowing her head respectfully. "Hey Corporal…long time on see." She quirks an eyebrow and signs another piece of paper before flicking the file close and cutting another piece of cake. "Cake?"

"Uh… no thanks," Castillo says with a polite gesture of refusal. "I couldn't possible let anything good ruin this horrible cup of… whatever." He stares in his mug dubiously and swirls the contents around. "I heard that eels were big on here for a bit. You think they squeeze them for this stuff?" he asks a bit rhetorically. "Yah, it's been a bit. How was your vacation?"

Eli just snorts and shrugs, flipping her cakebox shut and then whipping out a hankie to wipe off her knife with practiced ease, she has to snicker. "I really hope not, I take the coffee as black as I can get it." A shudder before she just closes her eyes. "…Vacation? Frakkin' Vacation? More like Strippery Boot Camp."

Castillo logs in to the terminal and starts typing a few words. At the mention of strippery boot camp, he turns in his chair and arches his brows. "I'm still not seeing how that doesn't qualify as a vacation?" he asks in a teasing tone.

Eli rolls her eyes ad laughs softly. "I went over there for work purposes, cuz I couldn't find you."

"Yah, I was over on the Hera when the Destiny disappeared," Castillo says and ventures a swig of 'coffee'. "Been keeping pretty busy with putting together the training courses for Major Carter's crew."

"He has awesome things to say about you Corporal, so I'm thinkin' you're doing a good job then." Eli compliments before shrugging her shoulders. "But I'm back now so everything should be okay."

Castillo nods and turns back to the terminal and starts typing some more. He turns his head over his should and comments, "Mirin and Hughes seemed pretty bummed out when the Destiny went missing. I'm sure they're glad to see their friends come back. So, uh, what happened over there? Was it some funky systems glitch?"

"Something like that, had to go back in time in my head to the day of fidling with the computer systems in shuttles back in my dad's shop, and help some civvies do something stuff." Eli shrugs again and squints thoughtfully at a file. "But we're back now, no more computer hookers."

A flurry of activity at the keyboard wraps up Castillo's use of the terminal. He grabs his cup and reluctantly stands to walk on over to Eli's desk. "Hookers, huh?" he repeats and takes a swig from his cup.

Eli eyes Castillo. "Well that's what I'm callin' it, honestly…it was all…talking sexy and being disturbing." She shudders. "But I think we broke it so…whatev."

Castillo furrows his brow when he takes another swig. "Wait. What? The computer was doing that?" he asks with unabashed curiousity.

Eli hesitates before nodding. "Yeah…some rich guy's private shuttles computer."

"Hell, you should get a copy of that," Castillo says. "You could make a killin' selling something like that as an artificial girlfriend."

Eli just has to blink several times. "Iunno…I think it would freak some people out 'sexual AI'?"

Castillo chuckles and shakes his head, "It's not like there's a whole heaping bunch of available women or men running around, you know? Plus… with all that's going on who has time for stuff like that…." Then the corporal remembers the recent memos sent out by command. "Well, you know what I mean."

Eli just hmms and gives a tiny shake of her head. "Well, we'll see, got plenty of women getting pregnant so obviously SOME people have time for stuff."

"Well, if no one's calling dibs on it, then I got first distribution rights," Castillo jokes. He looks around and sets down his mug, pulling up a seat next to the sergeant's desk. "So, Browne… I've been poking my nose around stuff here and there, getting to know people, getting some history. And, uh… there's something that has me a bit concerned about some of the MPs." The Corporal leaves it there to gauge whether or not this is a topic Eli wants to continue.

Eli just arches an eyebrow and smirks. "You'd have to fight me for it, Corporal." She replies with a straight face before tilting her head back, fiddling idly with her combat knife, twirling it in figure eights idly as she eyes Castillo for a few moments, bowing her head. "I'm all ears."

"Well, I know there's been a bit of attrition, with casualties and such, so the S2's gotta make do with what he has," Castillo prefaces. He leans forward a little bit and continues, "I'm a bit concerned though, that some of the MPs coming in are being pulled from combat units and aren't getting sufficient training. Like Mirin, for example… she said she got pulled off her squad and had a two week crash course."

Eli just grimaces at Castillo, shaking her head slowly and sighing softly. "Trust me, so am I Corporal…so am I. She showed up one day with little of no warning and keeps talking about how much experience being an MP she doesn't have over and over again, more often that keeps me comfortable, which is exactly why she's learning how to file paperwork and ask witnesses questions." She sighs softly. "But we /lost/ MPs recently, ones that actually did have training, so the pickings are slim."

"Yah, I know Browne. It's tough all over right?" Castillo says sympathetically. "So, uh, I was thinking that we can kill two birds with one stone, right? Since I'm gonna be training those navy boys, maybe I can rotate some of the MPs into the curriculum." He pauses for a moment and adds, "Plus it'll give them some face time with the Hera crew when they gotta head over there for business. Then, when I'm done there, I can help out with getting some more training for those that need it. During off-duty hours; pullin' overtime."

Eli seems to be consider what is being said, toying with that knife and lowering her eyes for a few moment before looking back up to Castillo, mmhming. "If you need me to sign off on anything for it, let me know." She does have to say. "But I still don't want any of them bringing lethal ammo with them." She shrugs. "I like the training plan though."

Castillo shakes his head and says, "I'm not asking for a sign off on carrying live rounds. But, you know, you have got to consider that possibility down the road. We already got boarded once, and tasers or rubber bullets are not gonna cut it against a toaster." He leans back in his chair and reaches for his cup. "If your worried about Marines throwing too much lead downrange, that cat's already outta the bag - both here and on that civvie ship." He takes a swig of coffee, talking into the cup for a second. "I figuring you've been an MP your whole career, like me. Dunno, maybe not. But, I'm figuring you are, and you know as much as me that being able to relate to people and feeling out a situation isn't something we can train. But, that foundation is built on learning to unlearn some of that killer instinct we get in boot. We gotta get these new guys' heads in the game." He waves his hand a bit, "Yah, I know I'm preaching. It's just that I can see what's coming down the road. We're gonna have to be going off ship a lot more and not just the Hera. The fleet's gonna be looking to us for when the civilians get their act together - they're gonna need some security training, too." He then pauses and frowns at himself. "Yah, sorry about that… just been eatin' at me is all. And, uh, thanks." He musters a half-smile, albeit a genuine one.

Eli listens closely and shakes her head as she crosses her legs then uncrosses her legs. "You're not gonna hear me complain or try to protest against what you're saying, quite honestly. I'll sign off on the training thing just…yeah, I've always most been an MP, I know somethings can't be trained, but I will personally go to the commander to get MPs taken off my team if they can't get with the program. So…I'm depending on you here."

Castillo nods his head once then goes to stand, "Alright, Sergeant." Rising to his feet he asks, "If you could send me some name of MPs you'd like to get rotated into that training on the Hera, that'd be tops." He furrows his brow and asks, "Say, did I send you a copy of that Action Plan I sent to Ensign Peters?"

Eli squints and nods slowly. "Yeah. Mirin for sure, for now. I don't have that many new transplants." Then she waves a hand vaguely. "And yeah, I think so, I get most of the memos you send out."

"OK," Castillo replies with a nod. He cradles his mug against his chest and says, "Major Carter approved the plan when the Destiny was out, but with a change. He wanted me to cover all the small arms, not just the M57." He rubs the back of his head with a free hand. "That's about all I got, Sergeant. Well, except um… when are they gonna take the acting out of Acting MAA?"

Eli just nods slowly. "I'm supposed to head back over there more regularly to check up on things, but you're doing a bang up job Corporal." Then she just stares at Castillo for a very long time at that question. "Well, I'm back to being Acting MaA but…I haven't heard anything since I got back…so hell if I know."

Castillo shakes his head a bit disappointed, "They sure got enough time to make ensigns and new XOs and promote Majors and such." He smiles a bit deviously at Eli and winks. "Ah well, that's why us knuckle draggers stick together, right?"

Eli shrugs her shoulders and runs her fingers through her hair. "Noticed that too hunh?" A hint of a grin and shrug. "Hell yes, if we don't have each other's backs…well then, lets just be glad we /do/."

With a nod of affirmation, Castillo announces, "Alright, I'm gonna run this mug back to the mess before they start missing it." He starts to walk out, then stops and turns back to Eli, "Seriously… this sex AI. You gotta run me by there to check it out. It'll make a killin'…. Virtual Girlfriend." He raises his left hand in the air, as if framing each word in a marquee, then grins at Eli.

Eli coughs and rolls her eyes, looking very amused as she slips her knife back away somewhere under something or another as she smirks. "I'll see what I can do…" She lifts a hand to wave.

There's a wide grin from Castillo, then he ducks out the hatch and heads back to the mess.

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