Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours
Summary: Reed turns into Baltar while Reighner visits
Date: 36 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
36 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.
-----< Condition Two - Duty Area >----——
Contents: Reed Wireless 760
Exits: [O] Out

Reed lays in the bed, looking at the handheld computer in front of him, frowning, the screen empty, a single cursor blinking in a corner of the screen.

She is sitting in the bedside chair, watching Reed, amused. "Five hundred blinks. Going for a thousand, or are you just going to try writing something?"

Reed exhales, glancing to her, "Don't know what to write. Nothing to do, nothing to organize. Everything here runs smoothly as can be expected. Condition Two, theres far more important things to do than look in on some REMF former CO whos station went up."

She smiles, "You could write Rhea a love letter. You were always good at that, I'm sure she'd enjoy it." She unwinds the blue scarf from around her neck, rolling it into a ball. "Just don't try anymore poetry. You really don't have the meter down for it."

Reed sighs, looking over to her, "Maybe. I can't really say that the idea hasn't crossed my mind, but.." He shrugs, "It's still kind of new, and I'm.." He gestures to the bed.

She shakes her head, "Bullshit reason. She knows full well, you're going to get out of that bed sooner or later, you'll get your strength back, and you and I both know that you're going to do your damndest for her. It's just right now that you're locked in a box off the Recovery Ward, unable to get enough stimulation for your stupid genius brain to get into proper gear." She looks around briefly, "It is pretty bland."

Reed smiles to her, "You hate it, I know, no color, no life. No music." He pauses, "Of course I will. You don't have a problem with it?"

She laughs brightly, "Not that it makes a differance after this long, but no." She leans forward in the chair, "Reed, you're not in a good place right now. You spent so long trying to streamline your thinking, to be able to do what was needed of you, and now, you're at a kind of full stop that you're not used to. You've got a firm anchor now, but only one. Rhea. The PAS is gone, your Command is off in another dimension making a fresh universe. Sloan is falling apart and she comes to you for counseling and help, not the other way around. Ramiro has a career to work on, and you're far too REMF to ask him for help. Zaharis hasn't been around for a while, who knows what he's doing. You've only got-"

Reighner comes in from Recovery Ward.
Reighner has arrived.

Reed is looking at the chair beside his bed, handheld computer in his hands, head tilted as though listening.

There's a knock, and Reighner lets himself in. "Hey."

She smiles, rising from the chair, moving towards Reighner. "Wonder what brings him here to see you?" She looks to Reed, brows raised, "Not like last time you spoke you were best friends."

Reed looks from the chair to the hatch, blinking, "Doctor." He says, shutting down the computer, "Come in, I caught the memo about your appointment to the Biochem labs."

"Yes," Reighner answers. He closes the door behind him and approaches Reed. He readies his stethescope and clings it around his neck. "How are you feeling today?"

She watches Reighner, "Oh, he's here to be a Doctor. Well, that explains it. Stick out your tongue and say 'Ahh'."

Reed smiles a little, "Lousy. Uncomfortable. Been in bed too long. Still, you know, Coma, losing a meter of intestine, not to mention the two slugs, I suppose that's to be expected, right?"

Reighner smiles and puts the stethescope in his ear. He listens to Reed's chest for a few moments. Then, he takes it off, slinging it back around his neck. "Could you tell me where you are?"

Reed shrugs, "Genesis. In a private room off the Recovery Ward. Least that's what I'm told, I haven't been in here before, and don't remember being brought here."

Reighner nods and touches the railing of the gurney. "How about fifteen plus nine?"

Reed smirks, "Twenty four, but I never got the hang of long division in my head, so I hope we're going to get off math quickly."

Reighner mirrors Reed with a smirk of his own. "I'm going to say four words, I want you to commit them to memory. Starship, blanket, plastic, and deodorant. He repeats the list a second time.

She smiles, "Ahh, the Coma Brain test. Where are you? Who are you? What time is it? Are you seeing any old fiances who have been dead for eleven years who drop by to keep you company?" She leans on the railing beside Reighner.

Reed looks to Reighners side, then back to the Doctor, "Okay. I'll remove the 'and' to make it four words."

Reighner laughs. "Giving me a hard time, Carter?" He glances at the computer. "What were you working on?"

Reed looks to the handheld computer, "Boredom. Word processing program, but not really finding anything worthwhile to write about."

"How about a story?" Reighner suggests.

She looks to Reighner, then to Reed, "Yeah, a story, something with the end of the world and spaceships fighting a desperate struggle for survival at the edges of known space."

Reed lifts a hand to rub at one eye for a moment, then shrugs, "Story about what? We probing the other hemisphere now?"

Reighner tucks the waist of his coat as he sits down at the empty chair. "No, the tests are done. I've always been partial to fiction. A short story, maybe."

She smirks, "Sure the tests are done. And I've had a pulse for the last decade." She looks at Reighner, "Take the offensive."

Reed chuckles a little, looking away from Reighner, then back to him, "Well, I'm not exactly an author, unless it's editorials or reports these days." He considers for a moment, "Have you gotten any reply from your formal protest?"

Reighner seems thoughtful. There's a small pause after Reed asks. "The protest, yes. The commander agreed to try it out if I collected enough signatures from like-minded people."

She tilts her head, "Like minded people. I like that." She moves to the foot of Reeds bed, leaning on the end of it. "Wonder how that's working out for him. Sounds like busy work."

Reed looks to the foot of his bed, "Like minded people, hmm? How many signatures do you need, and how is the search going?" He looks back to Reighner. "Sounds like you made some progress, at least."

Reighner nods. "He only wanted twenty-five." He reaches into his pocket and removes a folded-up piece of paper. It's crinkly. "I'm about a fifth of the way there."

She nods, "Busy work." She looks at Reed, "Got any curve balls to throw?"

Reed nods, considering, "Twenty five? Sizeable fleet. Were you limited to military personnel, or does it include civilians as well, that you can collect the names of?"

"I don't know," Reighner answers. "Honestly, he might've been altered, I didn't expect him to agree to anything." He smiles a little and slides the sheet back into his pocket. "So. Back to the story. How about a fantasy? Gods know we need some around here."

She snickers, "Fantasy. I like fantasy, but I am one, so I'm biased. But anyway, back to the prodding for your creative brain functions, right?"

Reed takes a breath, "Right. Fantasy. Something with the classics, minotaurs, hydras, things like that? I'm not sure, if you want something worth reading, I doubt I'm the right person to write it."

Reighner pats his leg and stands. "Well, think about it." He puts his finger about two feet in front of Reed. "Follow my finger, please."

She chuckles, moving to the side of Reighner, slowly, crossing behind him to the head of the bed, "This guy can't even keep up the pretense of not testing you. Glad he's a research oncologist and not a psychiatrist. He'd be losing patients trust right and left. It's a lot easier to fool a tumor, I'd imagine."

Reed looks at Reighners finger, locking onto it and tracking it, carefully. His lips twitching in a light smirk.

Reighner makes an H shape in the air, then moves his finger closer, making Reed cross-eyed. He puts his hand on the railing again. "What will you be doing after all this?"

Reed crosses his eyes, then as the hand drops to the railing, he blinks, "Haven't gotten word on assignment or placement for myself, yet. Commander just dropped by once, and he didn't mention what he wanted me doing once I'm cleared for duty."

She looks at the monitors, "Glad your brainwaves aren't being recorded right now, Who knows what they'd say."

Reighner nods. "If you ask me, they should put you up in a suite for a couple of months. You saved all of our lives, as far as I'm concerned."

Reed looks at Reighner, levelly, "Not all of them."

She looks at Reed sadly, lips pressed into a line.

"But most of them," Reighner replies.

Reed lifts a shoulder, "Most of them, and lost the PAS in the exchange. Our food, fuel, medicine production labs you were in charge of. What is Gennys Biochem lab like? What can you do with it?" He asks, intent now.

She leans on the railings edge at the head of the bed, looking to Reighner, "Good news, please?"

Reighner shakes his head, answering Reed nonverbally. "It was set up for medical analysis, infectious disease. The equipment and reagents are simply not there."

Reed takes a deeper breath, to sigh it out, wincing as he lowers his head, one hand touching his temple. "Frak. And I'm locked in this box for who knows how long."

She reaches to Reed, running fingers through his hair, "I know, the frustration of not having all the information, all the tools to put together something out of. I know, baby."

"I'll talk to Dr. Roubanis about your stitches," Reighner answers. "I feel like you should be able to get limited mobility soon." He runs a finger along his eyebrow. "Yeah, I'm going to try and make the best out of it. Have you seen Adele recently?"

Reed nods, "Briefly for a while after I came out of the Coma. She's on the Carina. She is looking after Reece." He lifts his head, looking to Reighner, "Limited mobility. I'm going to be frakked up and on PT for a long ass time, aren't I?"

Reighner shakes his head. "Hard to tell. It depends on what the surgeon did."

She smiles to Reed, "I always did say you needed to spend more time in the gym."

Reed glances to the monitors at the head of the bed, "That's not helpful." He observes, then straightens and looks to Reighner, "But, if you find out anything, I feel pretty much bored enough for then next step in recovery as soon as I can get to it."

"I'll pass on the word," Reighner replies, smiling. "Do you remember those words?"

She laughs, "Starship, Blanket, Plastic, Deoderant. What a yutz."

Reed settles himself back on the bed, "Starship, Blanket, Plastic, Deoderant." He pauses, "What reading material can I have stolen from out in sickbay?"

Reighner reaches on the inside of Reed's gurney. "That's a good question." He pushes the button, paging the nurse's station.

She chuckles, moving away from the door, "Any fashion magazines? I hope short skirts are coming back into style. Rhea has nice legs."

Reed closes his eyes, waiting for the nurse, "Guess we'll find out."
Someone is knocking at the door.

"Sorry," Reighner answers sheepishly. "I don't spend enough time here to know its intricate details." He yells, "Come on!"

Melia comes in from Recovery Ward.
Melia has arrived.

Reighner is standing beside Reed, who's in the bed.

Reed is laying back in his bed, eyes closed for the moment, but when the call is answered, he opens his eyes and looks to the hatch.

Melia slips in with a small burst of energy, one hand busily brushing her curls back into place, the other tugging at her uniform jacket. "Yes…" She pauses upon seeing Reed in the bed. "Sirs," she finishes, looking curiously between the two.

"Hello," Reighner says as he half-turns to face Melia. He has a hand on the railing of the bed. "Do you know what kind of reading material we have out there? The major here needs something to distract himself, or he'll break out." He makes one of those doctorly jokes and smiles one of those doctorly smiles.

She smiles at the nurse, looking her over as the woman comes in, "Aww, she looks eager to please, and help patients. Be nice to her."

Reed is in bed, and looks like he has been for a while. Looks like its wearing thin on him. He nods, "If you could check, PO, I'd appreciate it."

Melia's bright eyes study both men for a long moment, a touch wide, and her head is tilted ever so slightly to one side in an almost bird-like pose. "Of course, Sirs," she says, tone filled with utter professionalism. Then she looks to Reighner. "With your permission, sir, I'll tuck the zip cuffs in whatever I find, as a warning, of course. I find those are generally an excellent deterrent." Pause. "Well, those and pureed protein bars, made into a shake that a patient can drink, rather than eat." There's a quick glance at both of them, then she darts out of the hatch, leaving it open behind her - and no, not waiting for an answer. It's almost as if she learned early to get out of the line of fire.

Reighner watches the suddenly-empty doorway for a few seconds after. He turns back around. "Spry one, that." He pats the railing, signaling his intent to leave. "I'll find out about your recovery time, okay?"

She looks through the doorway, where the nurse just sprinted off to, "She reminds me of a squirrel, darting out of sight."

Reed nods, "Yeah, I was just thinking that." He says, then looks to Reighner, nodding, "Thanks, this is getting old, though the catheter is a far more effective device for keeping me in place than zip cuffs."

"I'll have those installed immediately." Reighner smirks and walks toward the door.

Reed looks at Reighner darkly, "Too. Late."

As Melia's darting back in the room, she runs headlong into the much taller Doctor Reighner with a quiet squeak. She's got several books in one arm, pamphlets of some sort tucked underneath. "Apologies, Sir," she says, tilting her head back to look up at him. "I couldn't find any zip cuffs."

Reighner continues smirking, fully intending to leave that hanging. When Melia runs into him, he throws his hands up and exclaims, "Oh my gods." He clears his throat, recomposing himself. "That's quite alright, petty officer. Carry on."

She laughs, moving from the doorway, "Wow, she's as energetic as she seems."

Reed smirks as Reighner gets hit, and nods to Melia, "Thank you, PO, just put them on the bedside table. This will be of great help." He says gratefully.

The little hummingbird darts around Reighner, going to the left to slip past him. As she reaches the bedside table, she glances over her shoulder, a touch worriedly, face as expressive as it can be. "I hope I didn't hurt him," she murmurs to the prone man. "I know I have a hard head, but hopefully we won't be seeing him in Sick bay in the morning with a ruptured spleen."

Reighner straightens his white coat. He clears his throat and continues out the door, throwing a glance over his shoulder at the Melia.

She looks at Reighner, shaking her head, "This would be the first time a womans hit on him in a loooong time."

Reed smiles to Melia, "don't worry about it, he has a tough spleen."

She laughs at Melia, "Oh, she's adorable. Does Ramiro have a girlfriend?" She points to Melia, nodding, "I really think so."

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