Vissar Base - CIC
Vissar Base - CIC - Airwing
Summary: CIC handles topside
Date: 79 ACH - 1/31/2009
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Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11

79 ACH 23817 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.

Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.


[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the fleet.

Mission Clock +0:00:00 Genesis and Hera Jump to the GVR System, around GVR-443 Alpha, a desolate moon much like Earhts moon, lifeless rock.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Triple CAP may launch when ready. All others are on hot standby."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy Genesis. Boards are green and I show five by five. Launching."

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper rockets down the tube, kicking out to Port as it leaves the launch bay. She rolls the Viper high up over the top of the Genesis and circles to wait for her lection leader.

[Tac1] CIC to Triple CAP - All wing leaders report in once launched.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "CIC, Scorch, Raptor 108. In the air with mardet team on board."

New DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_108 arrives from Central Docking.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "CIC, Flask. In the pipe, five by five. Status is green."

New DRADIS Contact: VIPER_212 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Tac1] Copy that, 108.

[Flask_210: Orion] Whoosh! Flask gets launched like a bad case of fleas.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Genesis, Hound. All green, launching."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC, Cornbread. Five by Five and Green. Launching."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Genesis, Archer. All lights show green, launching now."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse, launching."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's out of the launch tubes not far behind Novella. Rolling hard to starboard, he takes a high patrol of the battlestar and waits for his wingman to form up.

[Tac1] "WingCAP One, Take sector 4. Two, Sector 6, Three, Sector 8. Triangulation the area, keeping an eye on your six. DRADIS is clear. Long range scanning in effect."

[Flask_210: Orion] Viper 210 swings portside, crisscrossing over Micah's path plus five seconds, and then throttling back to catch up with him. Flask mock-salutes Jailhouse. Hey… they're outdoors! You salute people outdoors!

[Charon_840: Warwick] Getting out of the tube, and doing the customary roll once the Viper's clear, Hound climbs until above the Battlestar, moving to position near Novella's Viper.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "You heard 'em. Wings form up and take your assigned sectors. Keep sharp."

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch's Raptor makes its way towards the planet, adjusting speed to account for its gravity.

[VIPER_212: Sloane]

Bursting from the launch tubes and lining up to provide wingman cover for Archer, Cornbread keeps it simple with very little flash. Heading towards sector 4 with Archer, he keeps his eyes peeled.

Lost DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_108 heads for GVR-443 Alpha.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Archer. Flask, on my five an' fan out."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Jailhouse, Flask. Affirmative, sir."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Copy. Sector 6 it is. Ready, Cav?"

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] Once free of the tubes, and free of Genesis' somewhat ominous superstructure, 1137 makes a wide, banking turn, and then briefly puts on the thrusters — moving ahead, and toward its assigned sector. Once there, the ship stabilizes, and begins a slow patrol of the area.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah rolls away from the rest of the CAP, enroute to sector eight.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "All points, Scorch. 108 is on the ground."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Looking around for a couple of seconds, Hound redirects his Viper for sector six, going into the proper CAP movements as he gets there.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask follows along with Micah and their charge, escorting to sector eight.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Slowing his speed to match Archer's, Cornbread looks to his DRADIS for a moment and then back around. Rolling his Viper to get the down-view while Archer takes the upwards view, he scans for signs of light and movement.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] It is pretty much quiet for the most part out here. The vastness of space. So much space, how could anyone find a small dot somewhere. DRADIS blips slowly, calmly, showing the others around them. Small bluish pixels on a screen, it seems rather homey even here.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] "I spy with my little eye something that starts with N…" Sloane says to himself quietly off of the channel. Blinking a few times to adjust his sight, he continue to scan for visual contact…something that's been sometimes more helpful than the DRADIS.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Nothing fancy from Micah. He could probably do this in his sleep, ill-advised though that may be. Standard patrol route, he keeps an eye topside and lets Flask take their belly. Eyes on the sky, and on DRADIS now and then.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Shaking his head a little as he keeps on flying, all in the standard way, Hound looks around a bit thoughtfully. Glancing to the DRADIS, before he looks back to the universe outside, looking around carefully at most of the time.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask inverts himself as much as anything can be considered 'inverted' in a zero g environment. Well, at least the rest of his flight seems to be upside down. CAPs have finally ceased to be amazing bouts of intrigue for him, as well. He keeps one eye on the DRADIS and another on his SA.

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] Archer flies the patrol pretty much by the books, following a simple, and rather wide holding pattern - maximizing both physical and DRADIS coverage. Coasting with only the most judicious use of thrusters - mostly at the turns, of course - he conserves tyllium for what could be a long patrol, at least as far as the pilot knows. Cornbread might catch the pilot doing some manual recon in the cockpit, looking out and around his vessel inbetween the more useful but less interesting checks on his DRADIS display.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Counterpoint: DRADIS chirps at you. Cornbread continues to watch, glancing from his HUD to the windowed cockpit as he also conserves fuel. Little adjustments only and then cruising.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Still those moments. Look around, see nothing. Onto DRADIS, see nothing. Some people could fall asleep by that. But not this one. Hound shakes his head again, muttering something to himself, it would seem. Or maybe he's singing? On second thought, that's more probable, although it's not on the channels.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask also sings to himself while flying cap. "So I picked up a chip and I hit him on the chin. And he said: "Young man, don't you try that again!" Hey skip along, skip along a Josie. Hey skip along and a skip along a Joe…" The comm is off, sparing the rest of the flight.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis, issuing krypter alpha confirmation. Confirm krypter alpha and report."

Regas is near his center table, keeping an eye and ear on the DRADIS and tac comm from the pilots.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC, Cornbread, nothing so far. Continuing CAP pattern following lead in Sector 4."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Genesis, Scorch, reading five-by-five. Mardet team deployed, on standby for retreival and dustoff."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Genesis, Jailhouse, sector eight is clear."

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella just follows Warwick around the sky.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Genesis, Hound. Sector six all clear."

"Keep the CAP in triangulation, so they are cross-referencing their areas, Specialist." Regas comments on hearing the reports coming in.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Genesis, Archer, confirming clear skies in all sectors. We will continue CAP."

Drusus is at his place in the back, checking off the security confirmations as he receives them back, one by one, and beginning to spool each through the confirmation matrices. "Aye, Sir," he replies clearly and without excess verbiage.

CAP's are boring but necessary. Especially in unknown space. The moon below is about as lifeless as lifeless can get and being tucked away in some area, who knows. It could just stay boring…

Blue eyes look upwards as Chione checks the jump-back coordinates once more, the faint-glow of the board illuminating the the young Ensign's face once more as she stands at attention, before glancing down to her data-pad once more, referencing it, and triple-checking the coordinates she posted after jumping into this sector in the first place. Her job isn't very exciting on the ass-end of CIC, but someone has to be Vanna White, er… has to do it.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Archer, Genesis, issuing triangulation co-ordinates. Scramble triangulation for DRADIS cross-reference."

[Tac1] Scotch, this is Hera CIC, we are docked on Visser Base and you are cleared for dust off. We have the insertion team. Genesis, Hera. We have boots on Visser.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Copy, Hera, dusting off for RTB."

[Charon_840: Warwick] And it's usually good if those things stay boring. At least Hound thinks so. Looking around as he keeps flying, making sure he isn't transmitting his words to the channel. "We sit and watch umbrellas fly, I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry…"

Regas retains his tense attitude when in CIC. The Commander isn't very social at times like these. He always tries to stay one step ahead of what may be out there. "Ensign Dike, double check our secondary jump route in case of enemy contact."

New DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_108 arrives from Surface.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread nods as the new DRADIS contact is friendly. It's still always best to check. Turning for the next waypoint in the CAP, he follows behind Archer like the little brother dog in the cartoons.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Roger Genesis. All wing leads, transmit your DRADIS."

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask continues his upsidedown patrol on Jailhouse's five… or is that a seven, now? Oh, the intrigues of flying upsidedown. The new dradis contact gets a physical glance out the cockpit, and then it's back to his screen, again.

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Raptor 108 can be seen flying from the planet's surface, apparently on their way back from dropping off the Marines. Scorch passes by the triple CAP and slows to a parallel course.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Copy that. Transmitting now."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Archer. Transmitting DRADIS data on encrypted channel alpha."

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper plods happily along beside Warwicks, her helmet can be seen looking up and outside the cockpit.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Copy, CIC, Cornbread transmitting in a three, a two, and a one."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Archer, Genesis, krypter alpha DRADIS trasmissions confirmed— issuing cross-reference matrix. Confirm receipt and scramble."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Genesis, Scorch… Hera's taken charge of mardet team, back in CAP perimeter. Standing by for instructions."

Mission Clock +0:40:00

"Aye, Sir," says Chione, in response to the Commander, turning to the Tactical station behind her and walking over. Her eyes dart over the station, she looks over the secondary coordinates, her mind double-checking the route, even as the computer does, before she looks up, nodding to the Commander. "Route checks out, Sir," before she nods over towards Comms. Then as a certain pilot broadcasts over the comms, trying his hardest to be a little light-hearted, an eyebrow slowly arches upwards, but that is all the acknowledgment the Ensign gives.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "This is Archer, confirming recipt of cross-reference."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Archer, Genesis. Krypter alpha cross-referencing picked up what looked like an active DRADIS sweep for a second there. Have all wing leads confirm no split drops, ASAP."

Regas gives a nod to Chione and then makes a glance to Drusus, "Cato, report."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] "Yeah I got your krypter alpha…" Cornbread says boredly off of the tactical channel as he ears perk up. Did they just say something's out there scanning. He flips back on to be able to speak on the tactical channel as he keeps his eyes peeled.

"We picked up what might have been an active DRADIS sweep on cross-referencing, sir," Cato reports, "It was only there for a moment, though. If someone split a screen that would account for the discrepancy. I'm having the CAP confirm the reading triangulations now, sir."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Wing leads, you heard him, double check your readings."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Veering a little off the standard CAP route, Micah does a quick visual check before cross-referencing the DRADIS readout.

[Tac1] What is that anyway. Doesn't look like a droplet now. The Raptor in Sector 4 is getting something a little different now. Blip. Pause. Pause. Blip. Pause. Pause. "Slingshot here, I'm picking up long range. Can't quite make it out. Seems like interference."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Genesis, CAP Three, only the moon an' stars out here. We are no joy on any split drops in sector eight."

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask stays solid on his raptor, though he rightsides his craft to keep a visual eye on his wingmate once he momentarily splits from the flight.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Looking around rather carefully, Hounds takes a few moments to study the surroundings, before looking to the readings, shaking his head a little. Pushing the button to transmit his reply.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Genesis, CAP Two. Nothing here."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Great it's always my sec…CIC, Cornbread, I'm reading nothing. No visual contact out here. Can't confirm, cannot confirm."

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch can be seen by any sharp-eyed Viperjocks saying something over to her shoulder to Jocasta and peering through the canopy glass looking for what's causing the phantom contact.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Genesis, CAP 1 lead. We are reading… well, some kind of distortion, apparently. Scorch, can you get a look at that for us?"

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Archer, Scorch… we're on it. Stand by."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Lead, Cornbread, requesting permission to escort Raptor team."

Drusus presses his lips together as CAP 1 reports in, and he gets the confirmaton data from the rest of the wing leads, "No split drops, sir. Confirmed DRADIS sweep contact," he reports.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Roger Scorch. Cornbread, tighten up on me. We're both going with them."

Chione gives just a flick of her gaze towards Drusus, before returning to stand back at her station next to the jump coordinates. She is only interested in her job here. Yup.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread. Copy that, out."

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] At least, the endless flying-in-circles is disrupted. The CAP 1 lead Viper turns and aims in the direction of… well, whatever it is, quickly maneuvering into a closer formation with the investigating Raptor.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Breaking the CAP pattern, Cornbread increases his thrust to fall into a defensive pattern around Bayless and Jocasta's Raptor. Killing the thrust to match their speed, he hangs back a little bit to cover the rear.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "CAP 2, CAP 3, I want you to bring it in a little, just in case. Be ready to haul ass if we have trouble."

"Copy, Specialist." Regas turns to the comm and picks it up, informing the Hera. After a moment, the comm is replaced and he turns his head slightly, waiting…

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella clicks her mic twice and follows Warwick.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Glancing around rather carefully, Hound then looks over in the direction of where CAP1 is, keeping his Viper a bit closer to that area, while otherwise watching the rest.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Will do, CAP1. Just let us know if we're needed over there."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, One. Maintaining patrol pattern gamma on sector eight. Flask, tight on my five in case we need to move."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "All points, Scorch… DRADIS is reading a sweep. Someone's out there keeping tabs on us."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Copy Scorch. Genesis, please advise."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Damn ex girlfriends, the more I keep changing my number…"

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Jailhouse, Flask. Closing the gap, tight as a drum. Don't breathe."

Drusus is waiting for more information from the CAP, himself, but he pulls up the data on that sweep contact while he does so, trying to run the contact readings for a point of origin or type of DRADIS sweep.

Again that eyebrow arches upwards at some of the comms chatter and now Ensign Dike is finding her datapad's data interesting. Frakkin' pilots trying to be funny.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "You're giving them your number too soon, Cornbread. Got to wait a few more times, until you're sure about them."

Regas glances to Drusus, "Tell them to check it out and watch their asses. I want to know what is out there."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Put a lid on it, guys."

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask stays rightsided, coming in nice and tight to Jailhouse's back right. He gives the other pilot a nod which may or may not be visible to the other pilot.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Archer, Genesis, keep your eyes open and scramble investigation."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Archer, Cornbread, this is Scorch. Proceeding to… whoa, wait a sec… Jammer's reporting the contact is a drone of some sort. Reading active movement on contact. Proceeding to investigate."

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch fires the Raptor's engines in a short burst, enough to carry the craft towards the device.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cursing himself at forgetting he was on channel. Sloane aka Cornbread grimmaces and boosts forward with Scorch's Raptor to investigate. Checking his DRADIS as they go, he occasionally looks up for a visual confirmation.

As the Raptor closes in, the DRADIS gets more active. It is definately moving at a good clip and sweeping a scan every ten seconds. Two long tails of metallic substance and the head of the thing has matching red eyes that move back and forth. It looks to be about ten feet long.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Shaking his head again, Hound keeps his attention on the DRADIS and the surroundings now. Going back to his quiet singing to himself again.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Copy Scorch. We've got your back."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Have visual on contact. Metallic device counting ten feet in length, two tail-like projections at the back, two red lights on front."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] "Frak…" Cornbread says beneath the comm, shaking his head. This was going so well. No colonial has put red eyes on anything since the first Cylon war for a good reason. The likelihood of it being a friendly is very, very low. He takes a slow breath, taking a moment to calm himself.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Can you get any readings on it? Power source, radiation?"

Sweep. Sweep. Sweep.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon cracks in again a second later. "Cornbread, weapons free, and get a lock. If thing thing so much as bleeps funny…"

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread. Weapons engaged. It's looking at us funny…"

Regas grunts at his station, while he listens to this. "Specialist, get on the marine tac and let them know we've got something out there and to move their asses."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Clicking his weapons on, he pulls just a bit to the side of the Raptor, lining up a firing solution and lock on the target. Ready to fire at a moment's notice, his finger rests over the thumb-trigger, watching it closely.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Archer, Jailhouse. Maintain CAP on sector eight, or do you require assistance?"

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Negative radiation. Only power readings are coming from its DRADIS, if that's what it is. Triangulating flight path… oookay, that's not good. It's aimed right towards Genesis."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "CAPS2, CAPS3, hold, and watch for hostiles. If this thing is… Roger that. Cornbread, take it out."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Archer."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "CAP2 holding position."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Standing by on countermeasures."

It doesn't take long before Sector 8 Raptor is showing the same thing. Looks like a sweep going on.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Looking around for a few moments, Warwick glances back to his DRADIS now, looking to see if there's any further enemies present. If the thing's an enemy at all, but he doesn't think about that at all.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Uhh.. Archer, Jailhouse again. Looks like we've got somethin' on DRADIS. Lone bogey, doin' a sweep out there."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread lines the shot and opens fire. It takes a few seconds to trail before it clips a tail. It's a small target and there's no electronic firing aids on the HUD on his viper anymore. No doubt, the probe feels it as he corrects to finish it off.

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch hits the braking thrust to allow the Vipers to have a clear firing solution.

[Tac3] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis, we've got contact with a possibly hostile probe, be prepared to scramble an expedient retreat."

Meanwhile…Sector Six Raptor is picking up two probes. They aren't pausing to say hello.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask stays on his wing, knuckles flexing tight and loose around his flight stick. His eyes are very much peeled, the pilot glancing around his cockpit and then back to the DRADIS.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Copy that, Jailous - blow it and get tight with Genesis. Genesis, this is Archer. They've definitely seen us… my guts saying we'll have unfriendly company real soon."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Looks like we've got a few of those things in sector six as well. Two of those, it would seem. Should we remove them from the equation?"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Flask, weapons free, engage that bogey an' then form up on me."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Roger Warwick. All Vipers, you are free to engage these things. Whatever they are, they aren't friends. Take 'em out."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah guns the thrusters in a hard burn to port as soon as the probe goes up in flaming bits of.. well, probe. Flask better be quick on the stick to catch up.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Copy, Jailhouse. Taking out the trash."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Copy. Moving in for those things."

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask breaks off, rolling starboard and zeroing in on the probe. It takes just a few quick shots and the machine is gone, converted to flame and smoke quickly enough. He rolls portside, lights his burners, and starts up back towards his wingmate.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Flask. Bogey is scrap. Forming up."

[Intercom] Setting ship to Condition One. All hands, to stations.

[Intercom] Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the fleet.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Jammer here. Attempting to jam."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Shaking his head a little bit, Hound brings in the Viper to open fire on one of those things, shaking his head as the thing goes up in sparks, while the other one's also gotten rid of in a similar manner. Leading his cap back up to a higher point again.

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] 1137 isn't going to wait for Cornbread's corrections. Almost as soon as the first volley is fired, Archer swings away from the Raptor to get a better firing line, and opens up with another volley of his own.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Bogeys in Sextors Six destroyed. Back to DRADIS and surroundings watch."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread lines up a second shot at the slippery little drone. Separated from the most of the Genesis and the rest of the CAP, the firing continues on the small target. Another tail fin hit, causing a bit more damage. Trailing shots up the thing's other tail to hit one of the exhaust ports, he releases his trigger as Archer sets in. He is, after all, not in his own viper.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Archer, Jailhouse. Target destroyed, bringin' us in for a closer watch on Genesis."

<Trait Roll> Chione rolls Tactics and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

[Tac3] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis, we've got more company. Please report mission progress and -expedite-."

As Condition one is called, Chione moves, securing the datapad away, though a frown curves her lips downward. She glances towards the board and the commander, something obviously nagging the back of her mind, before shaking her head, before looking at Tactics station, then back towards the Commander again.

Drusus looks up suddenly, "Sir, we're picking up a DRADIS sweep on Genesis." A look down, a pause, a clatterin of fingers over keyboard. "Confirmed, DRADIS sweep on Genesis."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Looks like this one's dead. Cornbread, 108, lets head back to Genesis."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread, falling into rear guard."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Waitaminute. Got one, missed the other."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "OOC: Testing."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Watching the drone far out in sector 4 sputter and die off as it becomes slag, Cornbread nods as the last few rounds are pumped into it. He releases the trigger. Taking a ghostly look around, he turns his viper to fall back into position on the Raptor to head back. Once their speed is set, he flips his Viper to face the rear, watching for trouble.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread. Got it. It's eyes are black."

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Genesis, Jammer. Long range sweeps are clean."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Hound shakes his head as one of those… things managed to get away. Turning around again to look for it, it would seem.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] It got away all right and is in movement. Target sweeping now: Genesis.

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "This is Major Gaelan. Base has security. One Captain was found alive. Proceeding with primary mission objectives as we speak."

Regas takes up the comm now, "Scramble me to Gaelan."

Drusus patches the Commander through to TAC3. "You're on, sir. He's just reported base security and proceeding with PMOs."

[Tac3] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Major, I realize the showers there are better than here. But we're bent over here with a Probe up our ass. Suggest you double-time it."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Genesis Actual. We are doing our best but the wireless signals are spotty down here due to the equipment and security of the facility. How long do we have?"

[Charon_840: Warwick] Seeing that object on course again, Warwick lets out a few choice words, before he starts following, grimacing.

<Trait Roll> Drusus rolls Security_sys and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Looks like the one that got away is heading towards the Genesis again. Moving for a second run at it."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Looking back in the direction of the last probe, Cornbread fails to see the one approaching the Genesis. Breathing slowly, he takes a look around before righting himself to face the direction they're going.

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] A few moments of combined fire from 1137 and 212, and the thing is dead. As soon as it is, Archer kicks in the lateral thrusters and spins his Viper. He fires up the main thrusters a moment later, setting back toward Genesis, although being careful not to outrange the Raptor under their protection.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "All points, Scorch, moving to intercept remaining contact."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer and Scorch, Cornbread. Copying, watching your back."

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch re-angles her bird towards the last drone, allowing Archer's Viper to take point.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Archer, Jailhouse. One of the bogeys got through and is moving in on the Genesis. Permission to engage."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "By all means, Jailhouse. Light it up."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Strafing just ahead of Flask, Micah keeps his nose pointed at the probe headed for the battlestar, hand on the trigger.

[Tac3] Gaelan gets his answer back in a tinny voice. "Yesterday."

Regas puts the comm down and glances over, "Tell them to haul that thing in when they return. Make sure it's dead. I want to see it.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Kabooom! The thing goes up in tracerfire like fireworks on Colonial Day.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Hound was attempting to get a good shot off, but it seems he's saved from that. Rolling around a bit, before he moves back to where he's supposed to be.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Good shooting there."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Affrimative Genesis Actual. Unfortunately you guys will need to wait until today for us to get everything. Major Carter is proceeding to assist the efforts. Seventeen minutes until download completion. Repeat. Seventeen minutes."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Genesis, Archer, tow the probe back to Genesis when you come in."

[Flask_210: Orion] Straight and narrow, Flask only alters his course to stay on Jailhouse's wing. The shooting gets a nod, and the man goes back to the DRADIS.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Sloane flips his Viper again, watching outwards as all of the attention is focused towards the Genesis. A little paranoid, perhaps, he scans the area visually.

[Tac3] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Explain to Major Carter that holding formation up here, it's like having a baby. The frakking thing pop out when unexpected. Then get him the hell off that base as soon as he is done."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Genesis Actual. Download in progress. Demo is in the works to secure site upon exit. Major Carter has been informed that you don't want to give birth sir."

[Tac3] Regas says, "Carry on. Keep us advised."

Sliding into the seat of the Nav-Tac station, Chione runs the numbers again, checking out the primary and secondary jump routes, since things might just get a little messy, and quickly. And just in case, the Ensign runs a tertiary jump route. Redundancy can save your ass, after all.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "DRADIS contacts! Genesis, Jammer. I've got… six sparrows incoming plus two additional bogies. Confirm."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon answers back in just a slightly surprised fashion, "Uh, roger that Genesis." He clicks off the com, and then puts it on again. "Scorch, did you guys readd that? If we've got hostiles I don't want it weighing down my tail, think you can get a grab of that thing?"

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Jammer, Genesis, DRADIS contacts confirmed, 6 raiders, two probes."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "I was here for it, Archer… Genesis, Scorch, clear the deck, we're gonna try at snag that probe…"

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread. I see em. I'll provide cover for the exchange."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Cap 2, Cap 3, you're free to engage. Cornbread, stay tight with our big bird, don't let them on it."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy that, One. Hound, I'm on the trailer."

They come swarming in, breaking off and moving like fireflies around those CAP birds. The chase is on as two of them keep the probes between them to protect.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] A bit further out, Cornbread flips his Viper to face the incoming targets. Narrowing his eyes as the combat's on, he bitterly sees the sparrows start to aim at other targets. I guess it leaves him free. Seeing as how Tychon has the drone and is exchanging the tug-duties, he covers Archer.

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella works her Viper up high as the bandits are called. Seeing one moving on for the Raptor.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Moving forward, Hound takes aim at one of the Raiders, frowning a bit to himself in the process. Getting into position to fire off a shot.

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Genesis Actual. This is Gaelan. I am hearing chatter of hostiles from Air Wing, how we looking on time?"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah streaks in, hot on the raptor's heels, and fires off a quick snapshot that takes out the exploding wreck of his wingman's kill. Juking and weaving, his next target is the second bogey on the raptor crew.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Good hits on the Raider. *pause* Hound, I've got you covered on your pursuing bandit!"

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch banks her Raptor towards the downed probe, the Raptor's tow-cable deploying enroute. A couple Toaster rounds perforate up the aft section of the Raptor but don't cause it to deviate from its path.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Staying on course even though his shots missed, Hound attempts to get into a better position to blow up that Raider he was targetting. "Come on, come on. Like those fireworks," he mutters to himself. Going for the trigger.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask swoops in, guns hot with his wingman. He zips upwards, then streaks down, raining munitions on the bandit while his wingmate does the same. He pulls back up and swings around, very loose, below his wingmate, and on a steep angle.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread keeps up the pressure on Raider 5. Seeing it adjust course to line up on it, he growls as one pops up onto his DRADIS. Tailing him, he focuses on defending the Raptor. He calls it out over the comm as he opens fire.

[Tac3] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Gaelan, Genesis, we're way past ready for you to be home. The question is, how are -you- looking on time? Faster would be better."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread. I've got a shadow."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Raider6 goes out in a firey death, but some manage to get a few shots off at the viper pilots.

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's tracer rounds flash across the Raider's body, her throttles shoed to the stops. She darts across the sky and comes back around on Warwick's bandit.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "It's appreciated, Cav."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Flask, Jailhouse. Splash. I'm on your lower five."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "All points, Scorch, I'm almost on it. Keep those frakkers off my ass..!"

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Genesis Acutal. You have 5 minutes of keeping them busy plus extraction time."

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's guns flicker, sending tracer fire across the sky and walking the rounds right up into the tail of Warwick's pursuing bandit. She pulls off as the Raider explodes but ends up flying throug ha high-deflection shot from one on her six.

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] Flying ahead of Raptor 108, Archer dives almost head-first into the oncoming swarm of raiders, immediately banking and latching on to one that break from the pack and goes after the Raptor. Firing persistantly, he can't seem to get a good lock, however, the raider bobbing in and out of his stream of fire. At the same time, he seems to have picked up a tail, who announces itself by laying a bit of fire into the center of his Viper. It rocks, and he jukes sideways to avoid the next round of fire, but it seems to be a pretty bad situation.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Splash one, bogey's off your tail, Jammer. Flask, let's give Cav a hand.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Splash one, bogey's off your tail, Jammer. Flask, let's give Cav a hand."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Frak me, this one's slippery. Cornbread get my tail off."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Splash your bandit, Hound. Tails clear."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread dodges out of the way of the incoming fire and knows there's one on his tail. Screaming into the combat as the fifth Raider is destroyed, he spins past and over the debris and turns to fly upwards. Flipping his Viper to face the Raider, he thrusts forward to try to shake it as he lines up on Raider 1.

DRADIS lights up as two more jump into the fray!

[Charon_840: Warwick] Firing off a shot at a Raider, Hound calls out something, while not transmitting it, after the too familiar feeling of shots hitting his Viper. Heading for the one going after Tychon, he sighs a bit. Moving in more agressively.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Archer, Cornbread…Oh my…way got this frakker on my six…"

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "DRADIS contacts! I've got… two more sparrows."

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch's tow-cable lands cleanly on the probe, after which it goes full-burn for Genesis' landing bay.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "I've got it! Cover me, I'm RTB!"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Pivoting on his horizontal axis, Micah turns tail on the exploding raider and guns his engines to engage one of his squadmates' bogeys.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Archer, Hound. Going for the one heading for you."

[Flask_210: Orion] Swooping low from his last attack, Orion all but fishtails, trying to bring his guns to line up on the last bandit aiming for the Raptor, but his shots are off. A pause here, a pause there… can't hit the raptor! ANd… swish! The shots streak past the Raider while his allies finish the job. He spins, inverts, and dives, gunning for Cav's tail while a pair of raiders swing in on his tail.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Flask, I've got your bandit! ..what the.."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Flask, you've got a bogey- make that two bogeys on your tail. Engage."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Jailhouse, Flask. On it. Copy."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Genesis Actual. Download complete. Extraction in process."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "ARCHER!! Frak where the hell did those come from!? CIC We're taking hits, Cornbread over."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Genesis, Scorch, I am inbound with one of the Cylon probes in tow. Notify deck to standby for hot touchdown."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "FRAK. Scorch, we may need SAR on Flask an' Archer, they're eatin' us up out here."

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's guns fire again, finding their hits once more across the space between. The Oddraider (tm) explodes in a shower of sparks and she rockets past the debris field. In hot pursuit is the same bandit, scoring a few choice hits on her as well.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "I can't shake em! I= *sounds of gunfire and static* Mayday! Ejecting!"

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] Its been bad since the fight started. They've been all over him, and Archer just can't shake them. He weaves in and out of fire, getting from one target to the next as one explodes and another targets the Raptor. He starts firing, landing a sequence of hits on the target ahead of him… and then, -wham-. They come from another angle, cutting across his flight access, and he has nowhere to run. The bullets rain over the cockpit of his viper, and the glass shatters. Immediately, the vessel is out of control, locked in the last turn he was making, flying on that same trajectory.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Blinking a bit in an attempt to shield his eyes from all of the eplosions and similar things going on now, Hound heads for one of the two remaining Raiders, frowning a bit. Especially as he hears the sounds from the channel. Not happy with the situation, it seems. "Now you've done it…" he mutters, heading straight for that Raider.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Flask! Frak! Jailhouse, merge with Cornbread!"

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Oddraider and its Wing, seems to have got off some nice shots before they were blown out of the space and time continium here. Explosions and bits of Raider goes all over making a cloud of flak to fly through. It doesn't help the two vipers that are spinning out of control.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread gnashes his teeth and growls out over tactical as his wingman is shot down. They were doing so well… Not losing speed, he rights himself back towards the fight in time to see Flask ejecting. Shit shit shit.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Oh frak! Archer, Flask. Can you hear me?"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's helmeted head swivels in the cockpit as he sees his wingman eject amidst exploding viper. Frak, indeed. That's a sight no pilot ever wants to see. He guns hard to starboard, forming up with Cornbread and immediately engaging the bandit on his damaged squadmate.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC, Cornbread! Archer's drifting. Flask is EVA confirmed."

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera Actual, onboard Hera, Computer team out, Marines, hot foot it as soon as self destruct is set. Genesis, be advised, Hera is prepped for undock and jump out."

[Flask_210: Orion] With two rather competent shadows on his tail, Flask jinks left. He jinks right. Trying to turn the tables just isn't happening. Flask's ride gets more than shot up. One radier has him dead to rights. The other just capitalizes on the situation. After an announcement over the radio, Flask ejects out of the craft in a way quite similar to how the Genesis ejected him… except this is considerably less… 'pleasant'.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Flask. Read you! *sounds of breathing* Read you! *more breathing* I'm here."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon's radio is open, transmitting static.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Deck, CIC, launch SAR on Flask and a tow for Archer. -Expedite.-"

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch's Raptor sets down hard on the landing deck, as EVA-suited deckhands move to get the probe cut loose from her tow cable.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Still cursing up a storm, thankfully with the comm turned off, Micah guides his bird in alongside the dead-in-the-water 1137. Pushing away from his console, he strains to see inside the drifting ship.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] There's the major OHFRAK. The Basestar winks in. And immediately launches some unfriendlies at the beat up vipers.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "ARCHER! ARCHER SOUND OFF! CIC, Cornbread! Not resp— BASESTAR! It's pissing Raiders"

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella chases down the doomed Raider, her tracers passing through the exploding Raider as it disintigrates. She rolls out and is about to form-up when the basestar jumps in.

"Get those birds back on the ship. Weapons, start holding them off!" Regas is moving now, on the comm and shouting orders around the room.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Firing off at that Raider as well, Hound rolls to the side after the shots go in, but not fast enough for the ship to avoid getting hit. And then he sees that Basestar, "Gods…"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cornbread, take my six. Stay focused, an' let's make sure Archer an' Flask make it back in one piece."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Genesis Actual. Marines are cleared from Base. I repeat, extraction complete."

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Cornbread, despite how he sounds, is actually in the zone. Keeping with Jailhouse, he looks towards Archer's downed Viper, it's spinning off very quickly, that's an awful lot of damage to the cockpit. He paints the heavy raider for targetting.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Okay, who invited the big bully now?"

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Jailhouse, Cornbread. I'm cool. Heavy raider at 11."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "C'mon, godsdammit, get that thing off my ass…!"

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] 1137 rolls through space, moving at its last trajectory. It is an absolute sitting duck for the Heavy Raider.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis. Unless you're covering for SAR or towing, get your birds on the floor."

[Flask_210: Orion] Floating in space, Orion peers out at the base star and the suddenly very, very hairy looking furball he finds himself literally standing in the middle of. "Hoe-lee frak." The man mouthes it to himself, able to see his own astonished reflection against his helmet.

There is a certain shade of white that knuckles get when drained completely of blood, and currently, Ensign Dike's are that color. Rising, the woman moves to the board, assessing the coordinates again, it's her job, and because she needs something to keep her mind off the massive cluster-frak going on outside, else she burst into massive shrieks and run out of CIC uselessly. Concentrating on the job, that's what she needs to do now, not panicking.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] SAR is launched and heading out, along with them are two more vipers.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse. We have two DRADIS contacts out here, a basestar and a heavy raider. Permission to engage."

[Tac1] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera Actual to Genesis Actual, we are undocked and ready for jump out on your word."

Lost DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_108 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Hera, get the Frak out."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Jailhouse, Genesis. Permission denied. Come home. -Expedite.-"

[Tac1] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera jumping out in two seconds. Out."

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's tracers score direct hits on the center of the heavy raider. Her throttle's maxed, she dives right past the exploding ship as Sloane scores his hits. She smirks into her helmet, ignoring the calls to return for the moment.

[VIPER_1137: Tychon] Easy pickings. Listing through space, the fire cuts 1137 apart. It breaks up a bit, before a shot connects with a tyllium line, and then the whole thing blows in a blue-white explosion.

[Tac1] Micah's voice sounds agitated over the comm, "Hound, I guess we're headin' back to the barn." *sounds of more gunfire*

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Awaiting orders, Hound."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Will someone get a frakkin' SAR on these godsdamned pilots?!"

[Charon_840: Warwick] Firing off the shots he was about to fire, Hound turns his Viper around to start heading back for the Genesis, pausing as he sees the destroyed 1137, and he winces a bit.

[NewDawn_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper skids up beside Orion and she can be seen flashing him a thumbs up before her guns place her between the basestar and the downed pilot.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's not breaking formation yet, despite the order from CIC. He strafes close to his ejected wingman, trying to guard the prone pilot from stray fire perhaps.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Jailhouse, Genesis, SAR is away."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "I didn't see an eject on 1137! I did NOT see an eject on 1137!"

[Flask_210: Orion] Blink. Orion watches as Archer's ship is….well, the man just turns white. He barely even notices Novella, though he finally does turn towards her and tries hard not to allude to the fact that he's literally just wet himself.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Frak he's going for Archer!! No…no no no NO! FRAK! <long pause> CIC, Cornbread. Reporting KIA on Archer…Splash one on heavy raider…We didn't get him in time…"

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] SAR was headed toward the viper that was once piloted by Tychon when the thing explodes right in front of the pilot. There is the sound of anguish and cursing into the comm. It banks quickly and moves for the next pilot, covered by the two vipers on its wing tips.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Okay folks, cover the SAR, then head straight back to the barn. We've already lost one pilot too many out here today…"

Regas gets on the horn now, so to speak.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Hound."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Hound. I'm high cover."

[VIPER_212: Sloane]

Inside of his cockpit, Cornbread blows apart the heavy raider in rage after Tychon's viper is destroyed. Picked off like a fallen lamb. Howling over the tactical channel, he has hatred in his eyes as he moves back to cover Jailhouse. He's not losing it. Not here, not now.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Copy that, Cornbread. RTB, let's not let his death be wasted."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah maintains low cover while Cav stays high on the downed pilot. He keeps his eyes on the viewscreen, the raptor moving in for the SAR, and Orion. Tychon.. he'll worry about later.

There is an audible snap as Chione's jaw slams into place before she grits and grinds her teeth. Concentrate on the job. Concentrate on the job.

[VIPER_212: Sloane] Seeing that Jailhouse and Cav are covering flask, Cornbread slows his breathing. Two is enough. He's told over the tactical channel to leave, and for a moment he opens his mouth to say something angrily into the channel before he thinks better of it. Draining, he turns his viper and acknowledges the order.

[Tac1] ….CIC….Cornbread. Romeo Tango Bravo….out.

Lost DRADIS Contact: VIPER_212 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

Drusus did rather hesitate to reply to that comm, glad enough when the Commander took the horn to acknowledge. Turning aside with a soft breath, he takes in reports of damage to the ship and reaches out to switch on the internal paging unit.

The Basestar and the Genny begin firing back and forth, the Genny covering for the Pilots to get back to the hangar Bay. The blast from the Basestar rocks the ship as serious damage is taken to the Hull. A vent opens up on Deck 10. Fires reported on Deck 14. Blasted Corridors reported on Deck 12.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Also staying out there in cover of the downed pilot and the two covering it, Hound looks around carefully, waiting to hear that the SAR is successful. "Come on, come on…" he mutters.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The SAR manages to grab the pilot and get him inside. Tracer fires of the Basestar passing right over them as it slams into the Battlestar's side.

[Intercom] All decks, Genesis. Now hear this. Venting on Deck 10. Fire damage on Deck 14. Structural damage to Deck 12, main corridor. Scramble Damace Control.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Okay folks, let's head home and get out of here."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah holds steady as the SAR works to haul the pilot into the raptor. His eyes are on the windscreen, almost riveted by the missile fire lighting up the bow of his bird as the Genesis gets pummeled. Soon as Hound gives the order, he guns his engines and swoops in to guard the raptor's three for the return trip.

Regas hangs on as the Basestar and the Battlestar pound each other. "Get their asses on board now, or I'm leaving them!"

Lost DRADIS Contact: Nemamiah_109 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Staying at the rear end of the Raptor, Hound glances back once in a while, in case someone's following them. Except that large ugly thing called a basestar, that is. Staying back to be the last one in, it seems.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask wastes no time. Once the raptor crew opens the door and starts to reel him in, he does everything to comply. He wants out. Or in, as the circumstances would dictate. The door is closed behind him and the Raptor likely wastes zero time in moving.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis, RTB or KYAGB."

As the Basestar blasts the Genesis, Chione stumbles back from the board, into the tactical station, reaching out a hand to catch herself on a chair, hissing as she slams herself arm first against it. That's going to leave a bruise, to say the least. Pulling herself up, the Ensign's eyes go from the Commander to Comms, and back to the Commander. Lords, don't make her have to get on the horn to talk sense into Cornbread.

[Intercom] All Decks, prepare for jump. Jump sequence in five.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Waiting until the last is aboard, making sure he's outside of the firing lane, Hound hurries in for the landing.

Lost DRADIS Contact: Charon_840 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

The SAR Raptor wastes no time as the shots from the Basestar go wide and ping across her wing. The Genny returns fire and blasts another hole into the Hull. Vents escape and tiny cylon bodies go flying out making for more space debris. Could be human, metal or otherwise. The Jump countdown commences and right before the Basestar can let off a last firing barrage, the Genesis winks out leaving carnage and a dead pilot behind…

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