Visser Base - Base Raid
Visser Base - Base Raid
Summary: Hera Operation into Vissert Base to retrieve Galactic Map
Date: 79 ACH
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Central Docking Hera - Deck 5
79 ACH 23817 Souls

Central Docking on the Hera is clean. Frighteningly clean. Resembling the Hangar bay of a battlestar in structure, this area has been cleaned and kept clean. all the parts trucks are spotless and stowed away, the spare parts bins are organized and filled with spare parts that seem to be taken straight from the boxes. Tools are stowed in top of the line tool lockers as full manufactioner sets. The deck floor is kept clean and clear, Tyllium tanks sparkle, drone racks and the drones themselves have a high shine on them. The shuttles are all vintage, customized, and stored in their berths with reverance. There are such ships as a '45 Virgon Whispchaser, a '62 Caprican Cloudburster, cherry red, a '55 Aquarian Sleekslider painted electric blue and fitted with optional missile batteries. In one berth is a '70 Nova Limo Shuttle, jet black and with enough of a high shine on the outer hull that anyone walking by can clearly see themselves.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Gaelan Reed Raptor_1123 Wireless 1909

Exits: [AS] Aft Stairs [LT] Launch Tubes
[SH] Shuttle Transfer

Reed comes down the stairs into the Hangar deck, in a flight suit, sidearm, and a Freeman PDW-l SMG slung over one shoulder. He moves to the Hard dock port as some workers are checking the systems.

[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the fleet.

Lily is strapped up and ready to go, alternating between looking excited and intimidated. On her back she has a black case, strapped around her shoulders and waist, and her sidearm is in its place. She has her hands gently pressed together, fingertips touching her lips as she watches the others finish preparing.

Check, keep Carter alive. Lex nods, does a ritual gear check, and secures her pack. On the heels of the other marines, loading into the raptor like a good little marine. She glances over at Hazzard as he stops mid sentence, then continues on to strap in. Go go shuttle transfer.

Gaelan re-emerges after some time in the ever sexy EVA Suit. Obviously not use to this type constrained suit the Major looks just downright angry. Helmet hooked under his arm and rifle slung across his chest as he clomps along in the sealed suit of life support. The suit bulging at the extra body armor straining the EVA's suits sealant fabric.

Reed turns from the hard dock ports, "Alright, Insertion Raptor launches with Marine team, myself, and Jig Stephanos. We go in, pop the dock open, Hera docks. Once hard docking is complete the rest of the teams come in, and start getting what we need. Engineering teams are on looting detail. Computer teams is going in for specific target."

Nigel isn't late, really, but he does arrive at precisely the hour dictated and not a minute earlier. He has his tools, his sidearm, and his leprechaun smile. Check.

Rhea is suited up and ready to go. Engineering kit in hand, sidearm tucked into a little holster she's made for it in her toolbelt. It's the kit she's making a point of checking, making certain all her tools are in order. She's clustered with the other engineers along on this little jaunt and is giving them a last-minute refresher on their instructions. "All right, people. Stephanos. You'll be going in with Carter and the first leg of Marines, to crack the base open. The rest of us'll wait until it's cleared. Then we go in, grab all the equipment we can, and get out. We aren't lingering. The place'll be set to self-destruct after we leave, so it would be prudent if everyone got their asses out on time."

Stomping in his EVA suit towards the staging area with the rest of First Squad, Ramiro stands near the door to the Raptor. Nodding to Major Gaelan, he turns and looks to Staff Sergeant Hazzard. "You know the drill. Mount up." He racks his rifle, double checking the seals on his suit. His voice is fuzzy in their helmets through the wireless.

"Yes, sir." Lily has been ready for this for days, holed up in a room with test equipment and a stopwatch until she had this down pat. Or as down pat as one can without seeing the real thing, which could get interesting real fast. Her hair's tied back tightly so none of it wastes even a second of her time by having to be pushed out of her face. She hooks her thumbs into the straps around her shoulders, mentally reviewing every little detail of the procedure that she's spent the last couple days figuring out.

Mopsus Doe crouches over her own toolkit, doing a last-minute check before snapping it shut and hitching it to the flank of her suit, checking the lantern-edge of the box once, click-click, then looking up to the Cap'm with a nod. Just a quick in-and-out piece of theivery. She's got her own mental list of things she wants best.

Hazzard is not looking like a happy camper, EVA suits means most marines are frak out of luck if things comes to shove, but gritting his teeth can mean so many things. He checks his rifle quickly as the Officers plans the mission, as he lingers near the other Marines. "Listen up Marines." he keeps his voice lowered so he wont disturb the Officers in their briefing, his words inteded for the Marines. "You heard the S3, mount up..Lex, Meris..your with me. Lets make sure the POG's arrive safely at their destination." he nods his head and then makes his way to mount the mission raptor.

Gaelan pulls the helmet from under his arm as he looks to the Ensign and returns the nod. Pulling the helmet over his head he snaps it into place as the hiss of the seal locks the sealed suit. The subtle lights bath his face as he mutters under his breath, "I hate these frakkin' death suits." A quick salute goes to Hazzard as he looks to the Raptor they are loading up on and boards behind the team.

Reed moves past Rhea, murmering something to her intently, and moves to 108, shouldering his Freeman SMG as he loads in.
You whisper, "I'll be back for you." to Rhea.

Lex, ever so adept at following orders, goes to snag a seat in the raptor. It's like musical chairs, but with more guns.

"I put Hazzard on squad and I'll float behind and provide for the VIPs…" Ramiro says quietly to Gaelan, locking his helmet into place. Saluting to Reed as he enters the Raptor, he turns and looks to Rhea giving her a look of recognition and a nod. It's a silent and very quick conversation. She knows what he means. Turning, Ramiro checks Gaelan's seals and pats him on the back before getting into the Raptor.

Rhea offers Lily a faint smile, a bare flicker of her lips, and short nod. The ChEng is all business. "You lot know your work. Just get it done." Reed's murmuring earns a similar short nod as the first team loads up on the Raptor. Then, it's time to get down to business.

Meris just nods. Anything more is painful, and the EVA suit doesn't fit that well.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Triple CAP may launch when ready. All others are on hot standby."

Snatch peers briefly at Reed as he comes to murmur to her Cap'm, and then, -completely- unrelatedly, makes sure her sidearm's secured tightly.

Lily gives a last look towards her brother outside and the ChEng, then turns her attention towards her feet as she climbs into the Raptor. The slender engineer pulls the black case off her back and sets it in her lap to let her pull on her safety belt. Her eyes turn towards one of the viewports, her thumbnail digging absently into one of her cuticles.

Gaelan looks around at the Marines assembled, "Double-check the seals on these frakkin' things. I don't want anyone dieing because their head popped." Looking to Ramiro he comments flatly through the wireless of the headset, "You are point Ensign. I am just a gun today." No pressure.

Reed settles in, securing his helmet carefully and switching to the proximity channel. "Alright, seal up and let's get this show on the road."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy Genesis. Boards are green and I show five by five. Launching."

Click. Lex straps herself in to her seat. She gives said strap a yank to test it, and gnaws on a piece of gum in her mouth, not her usual thing. Obviously satisfied with her seals already, PFC Lex closes her eyes, tips her head back, and waits.

Bayless is doing a few last minute pre-flight checks before the big push. At Reed's order, she nods. "Clear the hatch, please, I'm sealing this bitch up…" She gives a nod to Jocasta then hits the switch that whines the hatch to close and seal it for atmosphere and pressure.

Hazzard does the standard, pre-mission, check by looking over the marines strappings before he settles down himself. "Lex, Meris..Maine" he looks over three Marines seated near him. "Fire team, no intel on opposition..Expeted none so, lets get the Navy where they need to go ok." he mutters, still not a happy camper. "Questions?"

Rhea checks her sidearm as well, taking more time with it than she did her toolkit. She's not quite as confident about handling guns as she is when it comes to her tech toys. A glance to the Raptor as it preps to disembark, but her expression remains all business. And anticipation. "Major Carter and Stephanos will get the base opened up for us, then the Marines'll make sure it's clear. We're not expecting trouble. If all goes according to plan, the place'll be abandoned." Not that she's one to trust to luck on that. Hence the guns.

Ramiro sits down and straps himself in next to Hazzard and lowers his head. Everyone knows what he's doing. He does it every time. His lips move silently behind the EVA suit's helmet, his hand pressing to his chest as he says he pre-drop prayers.

[Tac1] CIC to Triple CAP - All wing leaders report in once launched.

Gnaw, gnaw. PFC Lex is the picture of calm. "Got it." No questions from the blonde.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "CIC, Scorch, Raptor 108. In the air with mardet team on board."

Nigel always looks a little nervous when his sister goes inside a Raptor, but he's keeping it together. Rocking back on his heels, he checks over the contents of his toolkit once again. Only a little screwdriver is missing, and in its place is some felt-tipped, fine-point drawing marker. Oops. He rubs at his nose.

Gaelan satisfied that Ramiro understands his place he looks to Reed and points to him, "Major Carter. No heroics. That's our job." Rolling his head slightly in the EVA suit he flips the safety on his rifle to the off position, his finger resting on the trigger guard as he lifts the rifle and rests the butt on his thigh. Leaning forward he closes his eyes eyes and rests his helmet against the barrel of the rifle for the ride.

Tech crews work around the Bay, clearing the Raptor for launch and checking the Hard dock port, coordinating with CIC on the docking maneauvers. There are teams of people ready to get in and out of the base.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "CIC, Flask. In the pipe, five by five. Status is green."
New DRADIS Contact: VIPER_212 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Tac1] Copy that, 108.

[Flask_210: Orion] Whoosh! Flask gets launched like a bad case of fleas.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Genesis, Hound. All green, launching."
You paged Bayless with 'You have a flight plan, and a landing site head for 443 and pose landing as you like.'

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC, Cornbread. Five by Five and Green. Launching."
<Newbie> Greje has disconnected.

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "Genesis, Archer. All lights show green, launching now."

Hazzard eyes the Marines one final time before he rests his head back and closes his eyes. "Lex, Meris, your with me..We take point, secure..We are told nothing is there, soo..In true marine spirit. Make fraking sure nothing is there, when the POG's arrive in our wake." he mutters as he gets as comfortable as he can in his seat, to get some shut eye before the mission.

Lily continues to watch the viewport rather than the others in the ship. Her lips move sometimes but there's no sound. Numbers she's reciting to herself, long strings of them. Steps and codes.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse, launching."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's out of the launch tubes not far behind Novella. Rolling hard to starboard, he takes a high patrol of the battlestar and waits for his wingman to form up.

Reed sits back, eyes closing briefly, as he taps his leg with his fingers, letting the pilot and Marines do their job. He's giving over Operation handling to others now, knowing his job and what he needs to do.

Jocasta makes with co-piloty goodness. Mmmmcountermeasures. She gets to right up front for this go-round, hooray!

[Tac1] "WingCAP One, Take sector 4. Two, Sector 6, Three, Sector 8. Triangulation the area, keeping an eye on your six. DRADIS is clear. Long range scanning in effect."

[Flask_210: Orion] Viper 210 swings portside, crisscrossing over Micah's path plus five seconds, and then throttling back to catch up with him. Flask mock-salutes Jailhouse. Hey… they're outdoors! You salute people outdoors!

Meris finally deigns to ask, "What does it look like down there?"

[Charon_840: Warwick] Getting out of the tube, and doing the customary roll once the Viper's clear, Hound climbs until above the Battlestar, moving to position near Novella's Viper.

Bayless smiles to Jocasta and says to the Marines, "Everyone in the back hang tight for atmo entry." She then guides the ship towards the planet, then looks to Jocasta for the answer to Meris' question. "DRADIS contacts beyond our own?"

Raising his head, Ramiro looks around the inside of the Raptor. Spotting Nico Lex and Meris Hughes, he nods to them. "Verily sure Lex and Meris have all the G4…" He murmurs, resting back in his seat. He looks to Hazzard and then back to Meris. "It'll be cold inside, minimal life support till we get it booted up. Breathable, but keep your seals on till the go is given, Hughes."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon says, "You heard 'em. Wings form up and take your assigned sectors. Keep sharp."

"All Colonial," replies the ECO, returning the pilot's helmeted nod with a bob of her shoulders.

Gaelan hears the chatter of atmo entry and his eyes open briefly. Hand tightens on the grip of the rifle as his other hand reaches up to grab the back of the seat to hold himself firmly into place. Atmo's can be a little rocky. Oh yea, flip goes the safety back to the safe position. DOn't need a random ricochet going off INSIDE the raptor.

[RAPTOR_108: Bayless] Scorch's Raptor makes its way towards the planet, adjusting speed to account for its gravity.

[VIPER_212: Sloane]
Bursting from the launch tubes and lining up to provide wingman cover for Archer, Cornbread keeps it simple with very little flash. Heading towards sector 4 with Archer, he keeps his eyes peeled.

Bayless flies the ship to GVR-443 Alpha.

Lily is listening to the Marines, sort of. Her mind's still on what she's about to do, hands folded neatly atop the black case on her lap. Her thumb keeps picking at the skin around the other thumb.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Archer. Flask, on my five an' fan out."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Jailhouse, Flask. Affirmative, sir."

Lily keeps trying to pick at her skin, anyway. The EVA gloves kind of make that hard.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Copy. Sector 6 it is. Ready, Cav?"
Bayless brings the ship in for a landing.

Bayless calls back to the to the Marines as her altimeter counts down. "We're skids-down in fifteen seconds, ladies and gentlemen. Stand by for egress." And soon, the telltale jostling that signifies the Raptor's touchdown can be heard. "Aaaand… we're down." Scorch flips the hatch switch, causing it to whine open.

Reed looks to the viewports, watching the airless, desolate landscape flying past, as the Raptor flies to the Drop site. He frowns a little, "Well, here we go. Going to be a quiet little walk."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "All points, Scorch. 108 is on the ground."

Standing and leaning back, letting Hazzard and the forward marines take the first outs, Ramiro secures his rifle and looks to Gaelan and Carter. Taking a slow breath, he turns to watch the enlisted marines. Hanging onto the webbing above him, he readies himself to exit behind them.

Lily closes her eyes as the Raptor touches down. That jostling's always freaked her out. She takes a breath inside her fishbowl faceplate and pops the buckle on her safety belt, standing up. The case is pulled up onto her shoulder.

Fifteen seconds is sounded and Hazzard opens his eyes and unsnaps his straps along with his weapon. "Hughes..After me, center, keep that MG trained on any possible firing positions..Lex, left side." he mutters. Once the touch down is heard and the hatch starts to open up, the Staff Sergeant is in motions, on his way out.

Meris slides the gun from her shoulder with a quiet, "Hooah!" of agreement, trudging on down the ramp after the Staff Sergeant, eyes peeled.

Reed starts to get himself unsealed and snaps open his straps, taking his weapon, letting the Marines get themselves into position.
Hazzard has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Hazzard has arrived.

Gaelan watches the Marines disembarking and with a final glance back to Reed he falls in behind the Ensign to get off the taxi with wings.

Lex unhooks and is on her feet once the tin can of doom is touched down. She piles out after Meris, moving left. Lex on the left. It works. Her affirmative is a grunt and a nod and compliance. It works too.
Lex has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Lex has arrived.
Gaelan has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Gaelan has arrived.
Surface GVR-443 Alpha - Surface
79 ACH 23817 Souls

The surface of GVR-443 Alpha is airless, desolate, lifeless. The eternal stillness of of space is above, and the bone white of the powder and rough rocks that litter the landscape all around. To be here without a suit is death, for the rigors of space are ever present.

Contents: Gaelan Hazzard Lex Reed OOC Theater Camera RAPTOR_108

Exits: [R] Rock [SPA] Space
Ramiro climbs out of RAPTOR_108.
Ramiro has arrived.
Lily climbs out of RAPTOR_108.
Lily has arrived.
Meris climbs out of RAPTOR_108.
Meris has arrived.

Stepping out onto the lifeless surface, Ramiro holds his rifle in his hands as a formality. There's no air. His weapon isn't very useful and is more a danger to himself. Frowning at this thought, he remains near the back, guarding Lily and Major, letting Hazzard and his team take point.

Reed moves off the Raptor, looking around, "Hard to believe this is all fake." He comments over the Proximity channel, pulling out his handheld computer, and points out a large Rock to Ramiro. "That's the target. There's a security Airlock in there, we'll have to open it." He looks to Lily, "Keep next to me."

Hazzard was never a leader of men, he is just a Marine trained to kill..So in his current set of shoes, he can atleast be the first to set his foot upon enemy territory and try to be the last one to leave. Keeping his rifle to his shoulder he sweeps right, training his aim over various possible firing positions. The breathing apparatus of his EVA suit, the landscape of death doesnt improve his mood. "Lets move out..Lex left side, Hughes, right side.." he slowly rises up, as no enemy fire came down on their position, and proceeds after the appointed road shown to him on the map.

Lily digs her toe into the powder underfoot, watching the perfect print it makes in the absence of wind. She vibrates her lips with a little puff of air and turns round to head over to Reed's side. "Yes sir, I'm here."

Gaelan is right behind Ramiro, his rifle at a low ready on the sling as he glances around. Grimacing at the narrowed vision of the helmet he mutters into the channel, "I hate quiet places.. means something is about to happen." Looking over to Reed then over to where he indicates his eyes narrow on the Rock that's the target.

Lex appears largely unaffected by the barren landscape, or the fact that there's very little between her and certain doom (buh buh baaaa buuum). She advances, left side representing.

Meris considers this thought, still peering out for potential dangers to shoot. "Sometimes quiet places just mean it's quiet, sir? Like libraries, eh?"

Reed moves to the rock with the team, looking from his handheld to the Rock. He indicates a side of the rock, "That's the side that opens." He says as he approaches the large piece of fake-Rock and pokes it. After a few pokes, he opens a small hatch on the rock and reveals a keypad, "Ready to cover the airlock door." He says before inputting the code. "The Biometric scanner is inside the Airlock. We go in, and crack this thing open."

[From RAPTOR_108:]
Bayless winds the Raptor's drives to standby power and leans back in her seat. "Gods, look at all that… nothing."

Falling into line as Hazzard directs the team, Ramiro's eyes scan about as he speaks quietly with Major Gaelan. "At least there's no tree line…" He says. Stopping near the door, he flips his rifle's safety off and gets into position so that he can cover if there's something inside of the door.

Lily can't help smiling. For some reason the fake-rock-security strikes her as quite funny. Thankfully she doesn't giggle. She keeps her place behind all those Marines and near Reed, ready to go.

Hazzard looks at the Officers as they move up to the 'door' and then looks at the Marines and nods his head slowly, using sign language by mere habit to indicate for them to cover the perimeters of the Officers as they get to work on cracking what ever they are here to crack.

Gaelan nods slowly, "That's what I am worried about. We are sitting ducks out here with no cover." Approaching the door he looks to Reed and then the indicated entrance. Raising the rifle up to his shoulder the safety flips off as he walks over towards Reed. Stepping himself in between Reed and the door if there is anything it's going to have to shoot through the Marine Major first. The Rifle trains on the door in ready, gloved finger slides inside the trigger guard resting on the trigger ready to fire.

Clear and cover. Looks clear. Is it? Lex is preoccupied in some part of her brain cataloguing the contents of her pack, hoping to get to splode something today. Pale eyes scan the area. She nods to Hazzard, and quietly sweats inside her suit.

Reed inputs the code for the airlock and the side of the rock opens, revealing a large interior security Airlock. Nothing there, but a Biometric scanner on the far side next to the interior doors. "Alright, let's get inside and get to work."

[From RAPTOR_108:]
Jocasta tears herself away from the bracing excitement of watching empty scanners rotate and chirp in order to give a look out the viewport. Yup. Nothing. "Looks the same on the ground as it did from the sky." You know, apart from that whole hidden secret Rebel base thing.

Ramiro lets out a collective sigh of relief to find no Centurions in the airlock. That makes this mission one bit better so far than the last one. Of course, there's always the other side of the airlock. Turning around to scan the horizon with his rifle, he turns and follows the group into the airlock when they go.

As the biometric scanner comes into view, now Lily starts her mental stopwatch. Go, cracker, go. She pulls the case off her back, slinging the strap down her arm onto the ground, and crouches down, unzipping it. Inside is a small black device with a keypad and cables, the back glowing blue with an infrared port as she switches it on. The screen comes on and shows a 3-D grid pattern, the boxes blank, and she sits back on her heels on the floor. "Hello, system…knock knock." She mutters as she quickly types on the keypad. Two of the boxes light up green and the grid zooms in on them, showing a complex sequence of code. "Give me a second here to synch up, Major, then I'll need you…"

As the order to proceed in, Hazzard motions towards the Marines indicating in which order for them to proceed inside. He moves up from his kneeling position and places himself by the door to be the first man in. According to the handsignals, next one to enter is the heavy gunner and then the demo expert before any other Marines and then officers.

Reed nods to Lily, "Go for it. Soon as you can put in a global override access code of 55555. That's Five, Fives. Should allow everyone to use it to get full Base access."

Gaelan eyes slide over to Lily as she starts going all geeky gizmo on the Rock's panel. Stepping forward he looks to Hazzard and gives a nod in acknowledgement of the hand signals. A brief glance to the Ensign then back to the Geek Squad doing their version of a combat run on the electronics.

[From RAPTOR_108:]
Bayless drums her fingers once on the edge of the console and nods. "You go to that concert last night?" she asks Jammer idly. Oh, yeah, small-talk time has arrived.

<Trait Roll> Lily rolls Security_sys+2 and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb** (9).

"55555? That the code on your luggage, sir?" Lily mutters as she keeps working. Boy, she types fast. The grid display revolves to top-down and the codes change rapidly on the screen, then revolves again around to the "back" of the display. "That's right, who's my bitch?" She looks up. "Go ahead and scan in, Major. Once you do I'll upgrade the access."

Reed moves into the airlock, to the far doors, Once everyones in, he hits the button, closing and cycling the airlock proper. As the Airlock hisses, and he looks at his suit indicators he nods, "Pressure equalized." He says, and unsnaps the ring of his glove seal, pulling off his glove, hand looking awfully frail and vulnerable as he flexes it, "Here goes nothing." He says, placing his hand in the Sensor, and it glows, passing over his hand. After a moment, the screen on the lock chimes faintly, and what appears on the screen is,


The Airlock inner doors open slowly, revealing the interior of the base.

You head towards Docking Bay.
Docking Bay GVR-443 Alpha - Visser Base
79 ACH 23817 Souls

The Docking bay of Visser Base is large. Once the camoflage canopy is retracted, hard docking ports are visible, and can connect to ships for the loading and unloading of supplies. At the moment this is more of a staging area than anything else. Large binary forklifts and load lifters are along one wall, ready to be put to use. This area is used for docking connection with smaller supply ships, and not for the launching of fighter craft. As such, the docking bay has minimal repair facilities. In one corner of the area, a cordoned off heavy elevator platform rests to allow large equipment access to the other levels

Contents: Reed OOC Theater Camera

Exits: [ST] Stairs [S] Surface
Ramiro comes in from Surface.
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Hazzard comes in from Surface.
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Lily comes in from Surface.
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Meris comes in from Surface.
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Lex comes in from Surface.
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Gaelan comes in from Surface.
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Meris trots in after the boss like a merry little lamb, pitching her machine gun up against her shoulder in the more enclosed space.

Hazzard is not taking any chances and places his own life in danger by being first inside, weapon still up at his shoulder as he sweeps the area before him and then motions Meris off to the left and Lex towards the right side. "We proceed, until we meet resistance with the normal operations for non lethal sweeping of rooms…Remember, there is -nothing- alive down here, Hoah."

Reed moves in, looking around as he holds his glove in one hand and lifts his hand with the other, "Life support isn't on low power. This is full power." He looks to Lily, "Get control and get ready for internal cameras. Someones here." He says as he moves to the Docking controls, letting the Marines secure the area, which is quiet and empty of targets.

Lily brings the small computer with her as they go inside, the infrared port in the back still glowing blue. Grid boxes are lighting up like christmas trees as more of the internal system registers, a few of them flashing quickly for attention. She frowns and tilts her head, setting the machine down where she can type easily. "Yes, sir. Forty seconds to camera control."

Proceeds into the area after the forward Marines make initial entry. Passing a glance back to Reed at the comment he says, "What are you saying Major? We have visitors on this rock that we weren't suppose to?" Luckily the proximity chatter is not able to really be isolated so even the enlisted who are fairing better to get shot at first will hear that.

Sliding in behind the forward team, Ramiro covers the Majors and Lily. Ramiro looks to Major Carter and then to Gaelan. Motioning that he'll go with the forward team if Gaelan covers Carter, he starts to move behind Hazzard, safeties off. "Time table's upped, Staff Sergeant." He says, snarling. "Keep your EVA suits on just in case someone has atmo control…"

Lex is happier than a pig in shit, except on the inside. Stoicism is the key. She moves into the bunker, stepping lightly. Nico abandons her lovely left side, and crosses over to the right as Hazzard gives the verbal command. Scamper, scamper, just like a perky lil perky something. Beware yon bad guys!

"Accessed." Lily speaks up again. On her screen the grid rotates to show the under side, and zooms into a particular sector. More code spills across the screen, flashing twice and then changing. "Camera grid is ours."

Reed shrugs, "Centurions don't need Life Support. They weren't supposed to leave anyone here, but it's possible. Might well be friendlies. If they breathe, they're flesh." He operates the docking controls, and some lights on the hard dock light. All Red, He checks the Internals, "We've got activity in the Probe Labs only. Whoever is in here is down there. Best send a team to determine who's in here. I'll call in the Hera for support." He nods to Lily, "Excellent work."

Hazzard doesnt look back but nods his head, as he starts to proceed further towards the designated target. Hand signals used once more, to guide the marines to spread out in an attempt to quickly secure and sweep the docking bay before assembling by the stairs to proceed further. In a half crouched posture, he continues to press forth with his weapon ready, moving from cover to cover. Speed is the key to success with such a minimal force in hopes to take whom ever is here by suprise.

Meris is less about speed, trudging on ox-like with her gun at the ready, occasionally ducking to make it look like she's going faster. "Hay, Staff? What if it's one of those cylon-people blokes, planted here?"

"Thank you, sir," Lily mumbles as the Marines go off. She watches after them, looking a little worried, but then looks back at what she's doing, working at gaining control of the other sectors while they go lifeform hunting.

Gaelan nods as he looks to Reed and Lily, finally looking towards the advancing team he re-wraps his hands around the grip of the rifle obviously tensed as he asks, "Check the rest of the areas, any other possible threats on this base that we need to be made aware of?"

Walking behind the team, Ramiro stands and covers over them with his rifle. When Meris speaks up, he looks in her direction. He doesn't answer it. Watching for shiny things and movement, he clips the forward flashlight attachment on his assault rifle on and stops near one of the two mechanical access hallways, opening it quietly as the team moves forward. Softly pushing it open, he tilts his head and rifle inside, getting a look down the long hallway to see if there's something in there waiting.

Reed looks up as the red Dock ports turn green. A deep metallic clanging sounds, as Reed says, "We've got hard dock. Equalizing." He looks to Lily, Lets get that global override code." He tells Gaelan, then "None, just don't let anyone hit the self destruct before we tell them to." He nods, "Equalized, Opening." He says as the Hard dock shields slide up, revealing the Hera docking Bay, and a lot of Enginerers.

Hazzard leaves for Stairwell [ST].
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Lex is a cautious little pony, sweeping her side (the right, keep up!) with a practiced eye. As a barn door opens, Lex goes spelunking.
Rhea comes in from Central Docking.
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Snatch comes in from Central Docking.
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Nigel comes in from Central Docking.
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Gaelan nods as he looks towards Reed, "The backup teams will keep your guests secure. I am proceeding ahead with the team to finish clearing." Starting to head forward he flatly comments, "I hear gunshots from here I want everyone off immediately." Breaking into a slow jog he proceeds to catch up with his team as the sound of the Docking Bay opening doesn't even get a second glance.
Ramiro stops following you.
Gaelan leaves for Stairwell [ST].
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"Working on it, sir." Lily's cheeks inflate as she blows out a burst of air against her faceplate. She sets the little portable console down and tappity taps her fingers over it. It's a little more complex than she'd bargained on, having been working from the mock-up before. "Damn it." The display on the screen backs out of a lit grid square and turns, showing the side of it and a little red lit-up area. "Yeah, I know, gods. Let's try the other side." She's talking to the computer, of course, hardly noticing the people streaming in.

Reed is by the Hard dock on the other side of the port and nods as the Hera teams come in, "Welcome to Visser base." He says and starts gesturing, "Marines are investigating activity down below. but we have internal camera control and as soon as we get full control we start downloading."

The engineers pour out of the Hera. Rhea's jogging lightly, for her part. Or as briskly as one can jog in an engineering kit. She's rather pumped to strip this place down. She can't help but do some staring as she takes the place in. She *is* getting a close-up look at super-secret Colonial engineering technology. This is the sort of thing that fills her girlish dreams at night. "What've we got?" she asks Reed, striding briskly up to meet him. She notes the Marines streaming off. "Activity?" Dark brows arch.

Reed nods, "Life support is on full power, not low power, they might have left someone in the base to look after things. The Mardet is off having a look at it." He calls into the Hera, "Get some loader teams on those forklifts and prepare to load onto the Hera!" He then points to the Elevator, "The Freight Elevator communicates the whole base, once people get somewhere, they can use that to load onto the deck here. Stephanos is installing a global override code of 55555." He tells everyone. "If you get any security doors, or lockouts use that code to override as soon as she gets it working."

Nigel pours out of the Hera with Rhea, and he manages to make it look a little clown-car-esque in the process, even though the Hera is definitely not a tiny yellow Mini Cooper. He listens to the updates, grinning slightly when Lily is brought up. That's his sis, right there, his expression seems to say.

"Come on, come on…" Lily mutters at her screen. Oh, Rhea's here? Seriously, the room is dead to her outside this little screen and the big grid pattern glowing on it. "YES!" Her voice is way louder than she intended, and she raises a fist. "We're in. Override installed, five-five-five-five-five your way to paradise, baby."

Snatch heads out at Rhea's left hand and a step or two behind, keeping on her as she gives the place a brief scouring with her eyes, looking to the Cap'm, then Major Carter, waiting for the clear.

"Five fives? They teach you to make up codes like that in spy school?" Rhea says dryly to Reed. A short nod is given to Lily. She expected nothing less than frightening competence from the jig hacker. Her mind isn't really on joking about codes, though. "You mean someone's in here? I thought this place was supposed to be deserted."

Lily was doing something akin to the cabbage patch with her arms when she finally notices Rhea and the others are here. "Shit. Hi, sir." Her hand snaps up and salutes.

Reed nods, "Was supposed to be, though we didn't get exact orders from Visser on their shutdown protocols." He looks around as Techs start getting the forklifts running and begin cranking up the base for its last huzzah.

Rhea snorts at the salute, though she returns it. To get that protocol junk out of the way. "Keep your hands free for important tasks, Stephanos. We're working. We clear to start stripping this area, then? I'd rather not waste any time." She nods to the techs as they fan out to get the big machines ready for hauling. "Well. Let's get to it. Power components, computers and full tech kits are priority. Anything we might be able to plug into Genny or one of the other ships if we need spare parts. Then, grab whatever else you can for base metal."

Snatch waits on that nod, after the moment of uncertainty as to whether the ship's clear or no, but once she gets the 'git to' she's off, seeming to know exactly where she wants to be heading.

"Need to get this database downloaded, sir," Lily says, standing up and tapping something brief into the little console. Some more lights come on in the bay to help illuminate the dangerous stuff. "Six hands minimum, I'm already into the mainframe to get going."

Reed nods to Rhea, "Okay, let's see about getting some computer teams down to the Core and getting to the FTL labs. Activity was on the Probe Labs, so hopefully we'll have this sorted out quickly. He moves to Lily and nods, "Soon as the Mardet updates us on the situation, we can get pastt he docking bay and get to work."

Rhea does some barking at the teams to get them fanned out into the proper places, though the snipes know their business well enough. They're all *quite* enthusiastic about it. There's some top-notch technical porn in this place.

Lily goes about her business getting ready and pirating things while they wait for them there Marines.

Nigel splits off with Snatch, not quite as purposeful as the other snipe, perhaps, but he does angle off into an area newly illuminated by Lily's flying fingers. His kit comes out and he starts stripping away a panel to reach into the guts of the thing. Here, power component…

Reed looks around, and nods to Rhea, "Okay, that's the main stairwell, branches just like the schematics." He takes another look around, moving to the stairwell, SMG in his arms, "Seems smaller than I remember it." He muses.

Snatch keeps within sight of Nigel, getting to the point of the first juncture she particularly wanted to ravage and keeping him in her peripheral vision as she gets to it. Not so distracted by all the techie porn, she's looking for basics.

Rhea nods to Reed. "I think I've got the map memorized." Her main interest is the FTL lab, and that's her destination. Her sidearm is out as well. "This place *looks* deserted. Life support aside. Wonder what the Marines found down there…?" It's muttered more to herself, musing, than anyone else.

Lily continues to scavenge, occasionally glancing at the stairwell with itchy impatience. There's stuuuuff down there, mooooooooooom.

Reed nods, "We'll find out as soon as they get back here, but I haven't heard any shooting, so I'll take that as a good sign."

Rhea looks more than a little impatient herself, though she's as wary as anything else. She doesn't like the idea of something lurking in the dark corners of this base.

Snatch opens up her very own lootin' sack and coils up the first few bundles of wiring she's swiped from the system with a few short movements, tucking them neatly enough inside before opening up her kit to get something to uproot the whole junction. Lots of juicy parts in there.

Reed looks at Rhea, and shrugs, "This isn't going as well as I hoped. We need the data, and the rest is just gravy." He frowns at the stairs.

Gaelan comes in from Stairwell.
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Solon comes in from Stairwell.
Solon has arrived.

Rhea nods to Reed on that. "The Marines know their business. I'm sure they'll deal with…whatever's come up." She sounds confident. In that ChEng sort of way. Rhea projects a bluff aura of confidence when she's in Duty Mode. Her sidearm is out but she isn't pointing it at anything in particular, her gaze fixed on the stairwell. Waiting for the go-ahead to go poach some data. Tech teams are spreading out, loading up forklifts with the equipment in the cleared areas that can be salvaged. They seem to know their business about how to take it apart.

Lily has been helping the other techs as they need, but she and the six tapped to help out with the downloading are ready to charge the moment the stairwell's clear. They look anxious to play with the fun stuff.

Reed turns to the stairwell as people emerge, holding his Freeman PDW-l SMG in a neutral position. Seeing Gaelan he says, "Tell me that the Engineering teams can move in now, Major, we're on a clock here." He then sees Solona dn blinks, "Doctor Asenov?" He blinks, "The frak are you doing here?" He shakes his head, "Nevermind, over here with me." He looks at Rhea, "Enjoy yourself." He says grimly.

Nigel is clanking away, doing what a tech does best. Well, this is probably not actually what Nigel does best, but it's likely a good idea not to delve into that train of thought for too long.

Solon is being marched along at gunpoint, looking very, very, very unhappy. Gunpoints tend to do that, as do marines rummaging around scientific installations. He comes out into the docking area with Gaelen, and immediately scans the crowd. "Major Reed… Major Reed! Oh, there you are!" His face lights up. "Oh, thank goodness! Can you please tell this fellow to aim his gun somewhere else? Its making me -terribly- nervous." He draws a breath. "Yes yes, right away." He scurries over toward the friendlier Major. Safety! "What do you mean what am I doing here? I transfered to Visser after I finished work on the PAS FTL. What are these people doing? They were talking about blowing up the base! That's madness! You realize we've got it all working, yes? The probes, Fukiarma's drive? Its all in the databanks here, all the data. And the protypes too!"

He's a little bit frantic.

Gaelan emerges with the Doctor still in full EVA suit, helmet and all. Nodding to Major Reed, "Ensign Ramiro is clearing the rooms as we speak. Your teams can proceed." Looking to the Doctor he comments briefly as Reed encloses, "Major Carter, the Captain is now your issue." Click. The rifle goes to safety. Looking around the room he decides to ask, "Are we atmo safe so I can get this frakkin' helmet off?"

Lily scratches her arm as Gaelan returns with some guy. She tilts her head, looking at Rhea and then back to Reed and trying not to look like she might explode. Much Talk, No Work.

"We're cleared! Move in!" Rhea barks to her snipes, motioning to the stairwell. It's only after she's given that order that she really takes the time to *look* at Solon. Her hazel eyes widen. In shock. And a touch of awe. "Doctor Asenov…!?" She gasps it softly, mouth half-open. She clearly recognizes the man.

Reed reaches out, grabbing Solons shoulder, and marching him off to one side, "Atmo's safe, you're cleared to unseal." He moves the Captain over to the side, "Listen to me very carefully. We're on a critical timed operation now, and I'm well aware of the facilities of Visser, we're going to secure the data, and transfer as much as we can to our ship, then get out of here, before we're detected by the enemy."

Gaelan nods to Reed as he lets his rifle fall to it's sling. Reaching up he unclasps the helmet and pulls it off with a hiss of freedom. The Major's covered in sweat from the damned suit as he looks around and hooks the helmet under his arm. Watching Reed he steps to the side and just patiently waits on the next set of excitement to unfold itself while the Snipes go off to play.

As Solon is rushing over to Reed, he sees Rhea - looks at her briefly, blankly, in all her apparent awe. He turns just to ask quickly, "Um, do I know you?" Oblivious! Back to Reed. "Yes… yes… time sensitive? Well I under… enemy? What -enemy-?" Someone's been locked up in his moonbase too long.

[Intercom] Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the fleet.

Rhea blinks at Solon again, giving her head a small shake. "Not particularly," she replies to his 'do I know you' question. It's not a point she's going to linger on with him right now. She leaves him to Reed, looking to Gaelan. "Is there anyone else down there? The computer core and the FTL labs are our primary areas of interest in data extraction."

Reed straightens as he looks at Solon. He pauses for a moment, "Oh gods, you've been in here all this time." He sighs, "The Cylons, Captain. The Cylons returned two and a half months ago, smashed through the Colonial defense grid and attacked the Colonial homeworlds. We're at war. We need to get The Visser Data and get out of here before we're detected. Engineering teams are doing that just now."

Gaelan glances to Rhea and nods, "Ensign Ramiro is proceeding with clearing everything, priority on your peoples focus. THen demo is setting up the charges for destruction. The Ensign will give you anything you need in the way of assistance." Looking over to Reed he walk towards him and flatly comments, "How much more time do you need down here Major Carter?" The right arm holds the helmet, the left grips the rifle hanging from his chest.

Solon is a little stir-crazy, obviously. But he's a smart guy. Famously smart, actually, but that's another matter. The relevant thing is that he's fairly capable of piecing a few disparate, seemingly strange pieces of information together into a clear picture. No resupply for weeks. Marines running around his base, molesting him with weapons like a common Sagittaran. Retrieval. Cylons. It clicks together, and though he goes a little pale, he quickly nods. "I understand, Major. May I assist? I know the systems in here better than anyone… I can certainly provide some help in getting the most critical material out with all due speed."

"Doctor, all this will be cleared up later, but right now we're on the clock," Rhea says, interrupting Solon and Reed now. "If you could accompany my teams to the FTL lab? Getting that data loaded up is critical and it'll go faster with someone who knows the systems." She crooks a faint grin as his request preempts hers.

Snatch finagles the power junction into her bag, narrowing her eyes as she drags it up over her shoulder and hefts it toward the stairs, as they've got permission to go up there, now.

Reed nods to Gaelan, and says, "As much as we can get." He looks to Solon and nods, "Allright, get with Major Zimmermann and get the data from the Computer core, RFN." He looks to Rhea, "Looks like you've got extra hands.

Gaelan holds his hands up to the wireless still attached to his ear. Looking over to Reed, "We got hostiles. Step up your teams. NOW!" Looking back to the room he quickly pulls his helmet on and snaps it back into place with a hiss of the seal. The reponse comes back through to the Tactical channels then the proximity chatter, "This is Major Gaelan. Base has security. One Captain was found alive. Proceeding with primary mission objectives as we speak."
[Into the Wireless] Gaelan says, "This is Major Gaelan. Base has security. One Captain was found alive. Proceeding with primary mission objectives as we speak."

"Yes, yes, of course." Zimmerman? Solon looks around, although he can figure things out from context, quickly enough. "I'll help however I can, of course. Most of the important material is in the computers, we've been sending probes for a while now and have retrieved a great deal of data. We'll want the schematics as well, I suppose… since I doubt we can take any of the prototypes. They're heavy, and delicate." He sounds… a trifle sad, at that realization, but apparently the situation's seriousness has fully sunken in .

"Excellent," Rhea says, marching toward the stairs. She seems to know the layout the place. The maps she studied were likely memorized. At a brisk pace. Mindful of the time limits on them. "We'll take what we can, but we're going to have to double-time it. Let's go."

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[Into the Wireless] Gaelan says, "Genesis Actual. We are doing our best but the wireless signals are spotty down here due to the equipment and security of the facility. How long do we have?"

Reed nods and starts for the stairwell, then motions Solon after Rhea, "Go with them." He says, then looks to Gaelan, brows lifted.

Gaelan looks to Reed and flatly comments, the proximity comms relaying to his team, "We got a hostile probe. Commander wants everything double-timed and to get back immediately."
Solon leaves for Stairwell [ST].
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From Stairwell you hear shouting: Double Time, people. Commander wants this done fast! We've got possible incoming.

Reed nods, sighing, "Frakking hell. Okay, I'm off to get this operation moving." He moves into the stairwell.
You head towards Stairwell.
Stairwell GVR-443 Alpha - Visser Base
79 ACH 23817 Souls

The Stairwell is wide and runs down into the depths of the Visser Base, set deep into the moon. Heavy hatches denote the various levels of the Base.

Contents: Ramiro Reed Rhea Solon OOC Theater Camera

Exits: [COM] Comm Center [CC] Computer Core
[D] Docking [FTL] FTL Labs
[LA] Living Areas [PR] Probe Labs
Gaelan comes in from Docking Bay.
Gaelan has arrived.
From Computer Core you hear shouting: Seventeen minutes to download completion! We being ordered off it, sir?

Ramiro has just barked out at the marines to double-time it. Standing and guarding the hallway near the computer core door, he's set himself up on a sentry position, watching the corridor. He barks back inside and then relays that information over his channel to Gaelan. "Seventeen minutes till download completion."

Solon is just sort of chugging along in tow now, looking grim and sullen. "The core is that way," he offers, unecessarily, and then, hearing the shouting ahead of them, quickly offers. "All of the data… well there's a lot of it. Perhaps I can help prioritize what to take? A good ninety-plus percent of the data is essentially junk survey information."
[Into the Wireless] Gaelan says, "Affrimative Genesis Actual. Unfortunately you guys will need to wait until today for us to get everything. Major Carter is proceeding to assist the efforts. Seventeen minutes until download completion. Repeat. Seventeen minutes.""
You hear shouting: No but unless otherwise ordered that means we've got seventeen minutes to do what we're doing here and get the frak off.

Rhea nods shortly to Solon. "Whatever we can do to speed this up. Let's crack this thing."
Rhea leaves for Computer Core [CC].
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From Computer Core you hear shouting: Understood, sir!
Solon leaves for Computer Core [CC].
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You head towards Computer Core.
Computer Core GVR-443 Alpha - Visser Base
79 ACH 23817 Souls

Off the stairwell, a secutity airlock connects to a large computer center. Base computer functions are controlled here, and in the lower area, accessed by a metal grate stairwell, the Main Database is located. The Main Database is an area lined with large cabinet style information storage containers. In the center of the area, a large central workstation is located. This workstation has six substations where users can directly access the data stored within the system.

Contents: Lex Lily Nigel Reed Rhea Solon OOC Theater Camera

Exits: [ST] Stairs

Reed moves into the Core, "Negative, Captain, it's not junk. We need all the survey data for tactical operation."

Lily had to resort to shouting to get that all covered. Ow. She and six others from engineering are swarming around the computer core, patched into various consoles and working fast.

Rhea proceeds into the computer core with Solon, at a very brisk pace "Doctor Asenov is going to help with the extraction," she informs those working on the computers briskly. "Let's shave some time, shall we? Get all we can, but we can't linger here. This place needs to be blown."
From Stairwell you hear shouting: "PFC Lex. Do your thing. I want this placed rigged to go with the self destruct. We're gonna leave behind dust and lint. Huah..

Lily looks a little miffed at the implication that they're not going as quickly as they can. "Yes, sir. We're ahead of schedule, considering." The computer techs are organised, following the procedure that they've rehearsed, and Lily checks her watch before nodding to Solon. "Captain, sir."
Gaelan pages: Reed still have his proximity headset on?
You paged Gaelan with 'Yep.'

Nigel is unscrewing another panel, and his screwdriver kicks it into overtime when he hears Rhea's voice. Screwscrewscrew. Pop. He fishes out some drives and puts them in a wheeled crate.

You hear this on proximity from Gaelan — Genesis Actual. Download in progress. Demo is in the works to secure site upon exit. Major Carter has been informed that you don't want to give birth sir.

"Oh?" Solon is perpetually confused by all that's going on. "Even the negative hits? Well…" And then he bustles over to a computer console, looking just briefly at Lily, sort of vacantly, before returning his attention to the screen. "Well. Lets see then. Everything under prefix D8 onward is backup data, so that at least is redundant."

Reed lifts a hand to his proximity headset, then moves to a console, "Yes, even the negative hits, get the core data and mapping information, then we're off this station and leaving it for destruction." He turns, looking around at the whole situation, then nods and turns, "I'm headed to FTL, I'm on Proximity channel."

Lily reaches over and taps a few keys quickly, bringing up the sector that Solon's talking about. "D8? Ten-four, sir…" More quick typing. "And she's out of the queue."

You head towards Stairwell.
Stairwell GVR-443 Alpha - Visser Base
79 ACH 23817 Souls

The Stairwell is wide and runs down into the depths of the Visser Base, set deep into the moon. Heavy hatches denote the various levels of the Base.

Contents: Gaelan Ramiro Reed OOC Theater Camera

Exits: [COM] Comm Center [CC] Computer Core
[D] Docking [FTL] FTL Labs
[LA] Living Areas [PR] Probe Labs

Reed comes out of the computer Core, and moves towards the FTL labs.

You head towards FTL Labs.
FTL Labs GVR-443 Alpha - Visser Base
79 ACH 23817 Souls

Off the stairwell, a secutity airlock connects to a large open area with a a massive amount of equipment. The Fukiarma Faster Than Light inducer is a huge, multi-ton series of Hyperlight generators set into the ceiling and floor within a cordoned off area of the Labs. On rolling carts and mobile workstations, all secured to a wall, are pieces of FTL drives, ready to be wheeled into place to connect with one another to test out various theories of FTL technology. Tools, microtool cabinets and electronicswitching boards abound, connected to several main workstations connected in series, all with failsafes to prevent overload. Collections of FTL technology parts are arrayed here like a temple to the gods of Physics bending technology. In one wall, is a large shutter door marked 'ELEVATOR' which is connected to the main elevator that runs the height of the Base. Under the sign, someone has written 'IN CASE OF FIRE, USE STAIRS.'

Contents: Reed OOC Theater Camera

Exits: [ST] Stairs

From Stairwell you hear shouting: Six Raiders & Two probes just jumped into our sector! WRAP THIS UP! Let's GO!
You hear shouting: Carter going up on the Elevator, Extract Computer team as soon as download is complete!

Docking Bay GVR-443 Alpha - Visser Base
79 ACH 23817 Souls

The Docking bay of Visser Base is large. Once the camoflage canopy is retracted, hard docking ports are visible, and can connect to ships for the loading and unloading of supplies. At the moment this is more of a staging area than anything else. Large binary forklifts and load lifters are along one wall, ready to be put to use. This area is used for docking connection with smaller supply ships, and not for the launching of fighter craft. As such, the docking bay has minimal repair facilities. In one corner of the area, a cordoned off heavy elevator platform rests to allow large equipment access to the other levels

Contents: Reed OOC Theater Camera

Exits: [HD] Hera Dock [ST] Stairs
[S] Surface

From Stairwell you hear shouting: I need a time update! How much longer on the download!?
You hear shouting: Loading from FTL Labs on the Docking bay now! Carter in docking bay.
Snatch comes in from Stairwell.
Snatch has arrived.

Reed is motioning the forklifts into the Elevator, loading the things from the FTL labs on the Load lifter, Microtools, wheeled carts with equipment, things that he just shoved on.

Snatch is just reporting in from the looting squads, herself, heading toward the canott to load her up with goodies. Her eyes flicker toward Major Carter but she doesn't pause for him. Time.

Reed motions the equipment laden forklift out of the Elevator, "Just roll onto Hera, and leave the whole frakkiing thing there, we're taking the Lifts too." He gestures as he guides another forklift over and throws things on it, yelling to the driver, "No, stay in there, we're off this base soon as the Computer team gets here1"

From Stairwell you hear shouting: Two hostile probes in sector! Start wrapping it up!

Lily comes in from Stairwell.
Lily has arrived.

Snatch turns back briefly to note the other snipes in retreat from the pillaging session, marking them with her eyes before heading over, herself.
Rhea comes in from Stairwell.
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Reed looks over from the Elevator as the Computer teams start arriving, "Great!" He looks to the driver of the forklift with the equipment looted on it, "Alright, roll out." He moves after the forklift, looking back, and then jumping onto the back of the forklift, riding it through the Hard dock onto the Hera, looking back as he rides off the Base, motioning the computer teams to frakking run, "Let's GO!"
Snatch leaves for Central Docking [HD].
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Lily runs!
Lily leaves for Central Docking [HD].
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You head towards Central Docking.
Central Docking Hera - Deck 5
79 ACH 23817 Souls

Central Docking on the Hera is clean. Frighteningly clean. Resembling the Hangar bay of a battlestar in structure, this area has been cleaned and kept clean. all the parts trucks are spotless and stowed away, the spare parts bins are organized and filled with spare parts that seem to be taken straight from the boxes. Tools are stowed in top of the line tool lockers as full manufactioner sets. The deck floor is kept clean and clear, Tyllium tanks sparkle, drone racks and the drones themselves have a high shine on them. The shuttles are all vintage, customized, and stored in their berths with reverance. There are such ships as a '45 Virgon Whispchaser, a '62 Caprican Cloudburster, cherry red, a '55 Aquarian Sleekslider painted electric blue and fitted with optional missile batteries. In one berth is a '70 Nova Limo Shuttle, jet black and with enough of a high shine on the outer hull that anyone walking by can clearly see themselves.
-----< Condition One - Duty Area >----——
Contents: Lily Nigel Reed Rhea Snatch RAPTOR_122 RAPTOR_215
Raptor_1123 Wireless 1909

Exits: [AS] Aft Stairs [LT] Launch Tubes
[SH] Shuttle Transfer [VD] Visser Dock

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Flask! Frak! Jailhouse, merge with Cornbread!"
Solon comes in from Docking Bay.
Solon has arrived.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Oh frak! Archer, Flask. Can you hear me?"

Rhea loads up onto the Hera, lingering at the docking door as her people and equipment make their way onto the ship. Doing a quick head-count. Making sure every snipe is accounted for. She's not leaving anyone behind when this base explodes.

Reed jumps off the back of the forklift from the Visser Base, running to the wireless.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC, Cornbread! Archer's drifting. Flask is EVA confirmed."
Gaelan comes in from Docking Bay.
Gaelan has arrived.
Ramiro comes in from Docking Bay.
Ramiro has arrived.

Lily is a little strawberry-blonde head for the counting. Her heart's pounding in her ears, but she stops to quickly headcount the six computer techs that were in the belly of the base with her. "Computer-Six all here, Major Zimmermann!"

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera Actual, onboard Hers, Computer team out, Marines, hot foot it as soon as self destruct is set. Genesis, be advised, Hera is prepped for undock and jump out."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Flask. Read you! *sounds of breathing* Read you! *more breathing* I'm here."

[Tac1] "Archer" Tychon's radio is open, transmitting static.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Deck, CIC, launch SAR on Flask and a tow for Archer. -Expedite.-"
Lex comes in from Grid Alpha.
Lex has arrived.

Gaelan is in full sprint back to the Hera Dock. Stopping just on the Hera side of the deck he turns back to motion his Marines to step it up on their return to the base. Glancing over towards Reed he calls out still on the proximity chatter, "Private Lex is starting the self-destruct and laying the last charges now. Hold the door until she gets here."

Ramiro stands near the door. Looking a little perturbed, he can't help but smile. Lex is probably loving this. "LEX WE ARE LEAVING!" He barks out, letting his rifle hang safetied as he preps to help pull her into the bay.

Rhea's pulse is going pretty fast as well, though she's outwardly collected. She nods to Lily, finishing the count of the rest. "Engineering personnel all accounted for." She nods to Gaelan, moving away from the door, watching it for the PFC.

Solon stands there at the threshold, looking out into the base. He looks… well, still rather dejected. It was a -perfectly- nice day. He was going to run some computer simulations of a new FTL field model. And then maybe get on one of the probes and ride it like a pony. Who knows. Now… he's watching as the marines scurry over the place, looting what they can, preparing to destroy what has been his major work for months.

Snatch is at the door, herself, having set down her loot, she's counting her snipes like a shapherd counting the lambs coming back to the fold, nodding to the Cap'm when she's got a count of them all.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "ARCHER! ARCHER SOUND OFF! CIC, Cornbread! Not resp— BASESTAR! It's pissing Raiders"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cornbread, take my six. Stay focused, an' let's make sure Archer an' Flask make it back in one piece."

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "GEnesis Actual. Marines are cleared from Base. I repeat, extraction complete."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Okay, who invited the big bully now?"

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Jailhouse, Cornbread. I'm cool. Heavy raider at 11."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "C'mon, godsdammit, get that thing off my ass…!"

As if on cue, the blonde PFC pops into view, exiting the facility at a dead run, rifle over her shoulder, demo bag slung across her chest. "Might want to stop playing tourist and put the pedal down. It's about to get warmer." Zooom. Lookit her go. She hops in. Last girl to the party. "Anybody wanna press the button, or let the timer do it all?" Yep. Perky. It's unnatural.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis. Unless you're covering for SAR or towing, get your birds on the floor."

Reed watches as Lex makes it through and the Dock shield slams down. He turns to the Wireless, "CIC, Actual, Undock, and burn out! Prep for jump." the engines increase their low roar as the Hera angles away.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse. We have two DRADIS contacts out here, a basestar and a heavy raider. Permission to engage."

[Tac1] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera Actual to Genesis Actual, we are undocked and ready for jump out on your word."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Hera, get the Frak out."

Ramiro lets the door close and moves to where everyone else is. Not taking off his EVA suit, he watches Reed closely and then moves to find something to hang on to. This is going to get difficult.

Gaelan reaches up and unsnaps the helmet, pulling it from his head the rifle slings safetied across his chest. Hand rubbing along his sweat covered face he looks to the PFC, "Let the time work, Private. We need the time." Looking to Ensign he flatly comments, "Get everyone accounted for."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Jailhouse, Genesis. Permission denied. Come home. -Expedite.-"

[Tac1] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera jumping out in two seconds. Out."

"Engaging patience, sir," Lex replies to the Major. Check.

Reed hits a button on the wireless. "CIC, Jump!" The distortion effect of an emergency jump out occurs, as the Hera appears at the rendezvous point.

[Tac1] Micah's voice sounds agitated over the comm, "Hound, I guess we're headin' back to the barn." *sounds of more gunfire*

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Awaiting orders, Hound."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Will someone get a frakkin' SAR on these godsdamned pilots?!"

Rhea finds a bit of Docking Bay to brace herself against, still holding herself tense, though some of that lessens as they prep for a jump.

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Jailhouse, Genesis, SAR is away."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "I didn't see an eject on 1137! I did NOT see an eject on 1137!"

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Frak he's going for Archer!! No…no no no NO! FRAK! <long pause> CIC, Cornbread. Reporting KIA on Archer…Splash one on heavy raider…We didn't get him in time…"

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Okay folks, cover the SAR, then head straight back to the barn. We've already lost one pilot too many out here today…"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Hound."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Hound. I'm high cover."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Copy that, Cornbread. RTB, let's not let his death be wasted."

Reed clicks the wireless, "DRADIS, report." The Wireless crackles, "Negative contacts, sir, we're clear." Reed replies, "Understood, maintain high alert." He turns around, "Get this crap logged and stowed." He says as Tech teams start to collect the things from the lifters, and the lifters themselves while they're at it.

Gaelan shakes his head slowly as he leans down and sets the helmet of the EVA Suit down on the ground. Quickly he works to try and get as much of the suit off as possible. These aren't exactly well ventilated uniforms after all.

Rhea joins up with an engineering ensign to start inventorying and stowing the heavy tech material they looted from the base.

[Tac1] ….CIC….Cornbread. Romeo Tango Bravo….out.

Once they're up, Solon just… sort of stands around a little longer, going back to looking shellshocked and confused. They didn't just come, raid his base, and blow it up - he's also just been informed that humanity was eradicated by the cylons. It's not a great day. Standing, idle, his eyes distant, he eventually sort of focuses in on where Rhea is working, and ambles over that way. "If I can see a list of what you've salvaged when you have it, I'd be appreciative. See what was lost exactly."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Okay folks, let's head home and get out of here."

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "All sections, Genesis, RTB or KYAGB."

Once the great un-suiting begins, Lex reaches up to remove the helmet. She's suitably sweaty, and slightly flushed. Strands of her hair stick to the sweat at the back of her neck. Yeah, these things don't breathe so well, which is good, what with the whole not dying because of that fact.
<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Demolitions and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

Rhea looks up from her work, turning to Solon, nodding. Whatever sympathy she might feel for him, she doesn't show it at the moment. She's focused entirely on the work. But his request gets a nod. "Of course. Visser was a remarkable effort, Doctor Asenov. I assure you, it's going to be put to good use. Might end up being what saves all our asses." She sounds hopeful. Or manages to do a good job of faking it.

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