Visser Base - Recon
Visser Base - Recon
Summary: Raptor Recon to the Visser Base
Date: 72 ACH
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Ready Room Genesis - Deck 11
72 ACH 23817 Souls

The Ready Room is for pilots to get their assignments for the daily CAP. Rows of seating line six deep and back to the wall. At the front of the room there is a whiteboard, star maps and a podium for the CAG or Squadron Leaders to address the room. The flags of the colonies stand along the starboard wall as well as plaques of recognition. One plaque stands above those who have lost their lives and reads:
Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis
May he rest in peace among the stars.
So Say We All.
'Star Screamers' - Fighting 58th

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Reed Training Log Wireless 1244

Exits: [O] Corridor
Jocasta comes in from Corridor 11D.
Jocasta has arrived.

Reed is at the Ready Room display computers, slotting a datacard and flipping switches, watching the download progress.

Jocasta arrives in her flightsuit without much fanfare. Just another day on the job over here.

Reed turns from the computers, taking the display remote and clicks it a couple of times, seeming satisfied at the action on it.

Rue has arrived.

Reed moves to the front screens, Remote in hand. He turns to look and see who showed up for this little party.

Rue is settled into Sloane's usual seat, defiling it with her presence, no doubt. She's got a notepad and a pencil.

Jocasta, meanwhile, occupies her typical front-row seat, chin cradled in the palm of her hand.

Reed smiles, "Major." He says to Rue, then to Jocasta, "Ensign." He nods, "Today you're going to be jaunting to the Tyrus cluster." He clicks the remote a long range Chart coming up, showing fleet position, and a three sectioned line to a system. He points to the system. "Here. Triple jump from current fleet position." He clicks the remote and images come up of a gas giant, a lovely creamy opalescent color, actually. "GVR-443 Pretty boring gas giant. the Alpha satalite, GVR-443 Alpha is a rock, captured comet with all the ice burned off it, a rock of silicone and of very little noteworthy about it. You will be investigating that moon." He clicks again and an image of the moon comes up overlayed with a grid pattern. He points, "This is the area of most interest. You will be making slow passes over this area focusing geo scans on the area, looking specificly for artificial carbon composite materials."

Rue slants a glance Jocasta's way, before eyeing Reed again. Some notes are scrawled on the notepad. "Are we expecting any company or is this a milk run?"

Jocasta's attention appears to be pretty occupied by looking over the sectioned projection display and trying to visually memorize the features thereon. Her gaze momentarily flickers between Reed and Rue when a question comes up.

Reed looks to Rue, nodding, "You will be going in dark. Radio silence, electronic emissions on absorbtion. You will be sitting till you are satisfied that you are alone, then moving to the moon to take your scans. If you find evidence of battle damage in the area, wreckage, large radioactive holes in the moon, mission is over, jump out. If you detect Cylon presence, mission is over, jump out. you are going in Snake, not Bull. Stealth, silence, and no contact. If you are hailed, you do not respond. No contacts are expected, though it is possible this was the site of a fight during the attacks. If you find any evidence of such a thing happening, take what scans you can, but no risks. This is as milk run as I can give you. Get the data from the Moon, and jump out. Other questions?"

"Not from me," Rue answers, seemingly satisfied with Reed's explanation. She looks to Jammer expectantly.

Jocasta shakes her head. "No, sir. I get you, sir." Loud and clear. She then turns to give Rue a look over her shoulder accompanied with a pair of raised brows.

Reed nods, spreading his hands, "Alright. Raptor is prepped on the flight deck. Last thing, when you return, the Raptor data is downloaded, and locked classified, NAV and scan systems on the bird are flushed, scrambled, and her software reinstalled. Data will be analyzed on the Hera for future Op viability. High security on this, no discussion."

"Should we land her on Hera? Might be best to keep things in house there," Rue offers.

Flushed and scrubbed? That's a little bit more… tidy than usual, eh. Jocasta turns back 'round in her seat and eyes Reed now.

Reed nods to Rue, "Landing clearance on the Hera and debriefing will be handled there." He smiles, "I'll get your Raptor back to her home barn as soon as we give her the flush and fill, electronicly speaking." He gestures, "Alright, then, nothing else? Good hunting."

Rue smiles at Reed before pushing to her feet. The notepad she brought is tucked into a pocket in her flight suit and she starts down her aisle. Presumably, she's headed down to the hangar bay, post haste.

Reed nods, moving to the display computers, typing and the screens switch to a system monitor layout. 'Data purged. System restart.' And a progress bar on the screen.

Hangar Bay B (#1110RXaFJ) Genesis - Deck 7
72 ACH 23817 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: IC_Builder Charon_840 Fender_211 FireEater_702
Maintenance Control Nemamiah_109 RAPTOR_215 Raptor_1123
Shorty_1742 Skunk_772 Sula_337 Tempo_1741 VIPER_1137
VIPER_992 VIPER_994 Whiteboard Wireless 1118 Wrongway_101

Exits: [AS] Aft Stairwell [FS] Fore Stairwell
[A] Hangar Bay A [E] Land. Deck Elevator
[LT] Launch Tubes [SH] Shuttle Transfer
Rue comes in from Aft Stairwell.
Rue has arrived.
Jocasta comes in from Aft Stairwell.
Jocasta has arrived.

In the Deck, Raptor 1123 is sitting there, all set and preped in the launch cradle, humming away nicely.

"Fancy that," Rue comments as she comes up the steps and onto the hangar deck, fingers at her neck adjusting her collar. The Raptor is eyed a good long moment before she jams her helmet on her head and starts towards it.

Rue takes off.

Jocasta climbs into the Raptor after Rue, helmet on, seals checked, and second seat occupied in preparation for take-off. She's got very little to say right now except for, "All green, sir. Ready for launch."

"Sounds like a plan. Nice of them to run all the prep before we got down there," Rue comments as she runs her hands over the front instrument panel. Pulling back on the throttle, she tugs on the stick and urges the vessel up into the air and swinging out of the pod and into open space. "The only thing I don't like about Raptors are that they handle like pregnant bears."

No pun intended, right, Rue? The bear — er, Jammer slings the CAG a sidelong look before she says, "Jump coordinates input and confirmed. FTL drives spooled. Prepare for jump in three… two…"

[Raptor_1123: Rue] "One. Jump." Rue braces herself for that moment of disorientation as the ship blinks out of existence.

The flash of Jumping dissolves into a brilliant view of the Gas Giant from the briefing. Simply, it's a breathtaking sight. Less opalescent in person and more like a giant, flawless pearl hanging in space. In the distance, the moon in question hangs there, silent and placid. From Mark One Eyeball, and DRADIS, as well as all systems active in keeping the Raptor as cloaked as she can get, there's nothing. No signs of activity, no electronic emissions from anywhere. Scopes are clean, showing only celestial bodies. Data implanted in the Raptor shows information. Moon holds a 1/6 G gravity field, in stable orbit, marked by multiple meteorite hits. The outer layer of the moon is mostly rock and powder due to this bombardment. Magnetic field location of the area to be scanned is in the computer coordinates, but for the moment, it's simply quiet before the image of the lustrous planet in front of the Raptor.

[Raptor_1123: Jocasta] With the jump completed, Jammer then goes through the series of checks required to confirm position before the unusual part of the mission begins. Slowly but surely, she begins to shut down and close out every electronic system and emission that might betray their presence. It's a blackout.

Shrugging off the jump cooties, Rue blinks and stares out the cockpit window. "About as gorgeous as space gets. 'less you head into a nebula." She throttles the thruster heavily and adjusts the yaw of their heading. "Gonna do a coast and scope." Once they've built up a good amount of velocity, she cuts the engines.

The image of the planet swings by, as the Raptor cuts engines and rides out its SMASH, smoothly sliding through the night. It seems as if there is nothing here, save for the planet in it's orbit around the distant, bright white star, and the planet obediantly circling it. Nothing unusual. The feel of endless time passing here, with nothing disturbing it.

In a go-dark situation, there's very little for Jammer to do save play the sightseeing passenger. She peers out at the planet from the co-pilot's seat and allows herself to admire it visually for what it is instead of regarding it through a variety of electronic filters in some vain attempt to break it down into its component elemental pieces.
Jocasta has reconnected.

"So… Creepy eepy vibe?" Rue turns her head to look over her shoulder at Jocasta briefly. "Seems quiet. Don't see the site the Major detailed just yet… but it should be coming up." Facing forward again, she peers through the entire arc of the cockpit glass.

As the moon turns under the Raptor, the area that is designated as the place to scan does, indeed approach. The instruments and NAV coordinates programmed in show it coming up. It must be past the horizon.. noooo, the NAV says it's there. Though there seems to be nothing visible, just more rock, more powder.

"Nothing wrong with quiet, sir," says Jammer, climbing into the backseat as she prepares to resume power and begin the scanning portion of the mission. As the disparity between visual contact and technical readout becomes evident, the countermeasures officer asks, "This doesn't really look like the place, does it? Think he was off, sir?"

"Reed Carter off on a calculation?" Rue muses outloud. "I don't think so. That man does linear algebra and multivariable calculus equations as mind teasers before going to bed." She strains in her seat as she scours the ground that passes below them.

The ground passes by under the Raptor in a placid sort of indifferance. The NAV shows the Raptor leaving the target area as the general cruise past and look see goes off with nothing interesting at all. And the still, quiet of the area continues. Nothing here, but the rock and silicone based mass reported, it seems. Geo scanners still down, waiting to be activated.

Before she flips the switch which may or may not be the cue for their imminent destruction by Raiders waiting in the shadows and just out of visual range, Jammer looks to Wrongway for the go ahead. "Permission to engage power-up, sir?"

<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Intelligence and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Rue rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Rue rolls Intelligence and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Rue spends a good couple of seconds giving the visible arc around them a visual sweep, then says, "Fire it up. Scanners and jump drive. Grab what he wanted, then we're getting out of here. Something about this place is creepifying."

<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Comms and achieves a degree of Good (4).

As the Raptor slips around for a scanning pass and the systems power up, sensors and scanners lancing out at the moon, scanning for Geologic anomalies. Nothing. Non Metallic rock, and nothing interesting it-WHOA! A line, a straight line in the scanning data, seperating the rock from a complex carbon composite material making up the rough surface of the moon. Highly advanced, and only noticeable when you're looking for it specificly, which the Raptor is. The surface in this area is artificial. Man Made. Composite breakdown is Colonial, type 3-jj4 planiar camoflage amterial, sculpted into rocks, with some of the powder and rocks having fallen on top of it. And it's sizeable, might need a few sweeps to image the whole thing.

The switch gets flicked. The countermeasures station begins to warm up, coming out of hibernation with all manner of pleasantly-awoken beeps and twitters. Jammer gets down to business, eyeing the scanner displays and poking at one readout or another. She broadcasts the GEO scanner up front for Rue to see and says, "Take a look at this, sir. We've got… Colonial camouflage on surface."

"I guess that's what Reed wanted. No sign of battle either," Rue says, taking a deep breath as she considers her next words. Her gloved hand thumbs the maneuvering thrusters momentarily, just enough to change their course into an orbit. "Get a full scan. Then we'll head home."

"Aye, sir," says Jammer in that tin-canned voice that comes through on the comms. She begins to initiate the full scan with practiced precision but decides to strike up a little conversation alone the way. Why not, right? "You don't like flyin' without a wingman, do ya, sir?"

As the Raptor moves into an orbit of the area, scanners lancing down, the inevitable look 'Over the shoulder' shows nothing creeping up to eat the Raptor. The imaging scan defines the area of the camoflage. It's large. The size and general shape, indicates a couple of possabilities to the military mind. Supply cache, but only a large one. Landing facility, maybe. Smaller capital ships could use it to dock at. But the whole of the surface is intact and seems inert after a few minutes of orbital flying.

"These days, I always have a wingman," comes an equally tinny-sounding response. Rue keeps her eyes peeled on the front view. "Something about this place… or maybe it's just being this far from Genesis… whatever it is, the short hairs on the back of my neck are sticking up." Then she says, "But you're never alone on a mission. That has to be some comfort, working as a team in one of these birds."

Jammer allows herself an audible chuckle in response to Rue's reply. Another bun in the oven reference, well-received. She keeps her eyes on the readout displays and minds her work with a clinical affection. She likes her work; it's pretty much the only thing she's got left. "It is, sir. Team player, works well with others. That's me. S'just like the way it was back home." Before home went nuclear.

The Scanners begin to continue cycling through their scan, completing the imaging map of the camouflage area. They continue sniffing around, data still coming in, but repeating the already given information.

"Once you have a clear picture, spin up the FTL," Rue is eager to leave, it seems. "And, it makes sense. We're all that's left of home. Any traditions that are going to be preserved, have to be preserved through us."

Again with an "Aye, sir." from the backseat driver and Jammer begins to spool up the Faster Than Light drive as ordered. "We'll be out of here in five, sir." Meanwhile, there's a button to push here and a switch to flip there and a countdown clock to stare at.

"Remind me to ask the deck chief to give you guys better chairs." Rue shifts in her seat and goes through her mental pre-jump checklist. Fuel. Check. No red warning lights. Check. DRADIS clear. Check. "Hope Reed likes what we got him."

The Raptor banks and pulls out of the Gravity well of the Moon, angling as the red/Blue flash of the FTL drive goes off. And the Colonial ship is gone, leaving the endlessness of space, and the lovely pearl in its place.

Minutes later..

A small black dot slowly appears from around the planet, continuing it's slow, watchful orbit around the planet. Nothing unusual seen.

Somewhere, a hamster turns suddenly to look at the camera, dramaticly, Dun Dun DUUUUN!

Situation Room Hera - Deck 2
72 ACH 23817 Souls

This area is an open room with circular stadium seating for 20, the middle of the room holds a large illuminated projection board with models of all known Colonial and Cylon ships, crafted by hand on Virgon, and a matched set. On one wall is a set of screens designed to display tactical information, internal ship cameras, porn, videogames, and sports events. There are enough screens to do all at the same time.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Reed Wireless 1914

Exits: [O] Out

Reed is standing in back of the situation table, looking at the screens which are displaying Data for his perusal. On the situation table is a coffee service, and the air holds the scent of high quality coffee, real coffee, brewed from real freshly ground beans. On the tray are a collection of small fruit tarts. Filling inside a light, crumbly cup shaped crust. Lemon, Cherry, Raspberry. Several mugs are out, waiting for the pouring.

Jocasta arrives for the debriefing with her helmet held under one arm, hair pulled back but still slightly askew. Those flightsuits are air-tight, you know. No wonder pretty much every pilot you see is thin and trim; they lose all their water weight on the job.

Rue leads the way, helmet tucked under one arm as she enters the room. The coffee and pastries have her perking an eyebrow, but from the way she's eyeing those tarts… She moves to a seat and sets the helmet to the side, tugging off her gloves and setting them next to the helmet. "Major."

Reed turns at the pilots enterance, "Major." He nods, then to Jocasta, "Ensign. How'd things go?" He asks plainly, then nods to the service, "Please, help yourselves." He gestures.

Food that isn't eel-derived and something that might actually be real coffee to wash it down with? Jocasta's all over the offering like white on rice. She stacks up a pair of fruit tarts in the palm of one hand while pouring herself a mug 'o joe with the other. "I think we brought back something pretty interesting, sir."

"There weren't any signs of a battle," Rue adds, reaching for two tarts. One is bitten into, while the other is kept carefully within her personal bubble. "And the Ensign was able to get some excellent data."

Reed looks from Jocasts to Rue and smiles crookedly, "Really?" He turns, tapping a few keys on a control panel, "Soon as they get the data off the Raptor-" He turns, the screens filling with the data taken off the Raptor, looking at the imaging data, and nods, "Godsdamn." He breaths, "It is intact."

Even though Jo knows she isn't apt to get an answer to her next question, she feels uncontrollably compelled to ask it anyways. "What is, sir?"

Reed smiles once more, "You'll be briefed in time, Ensign. For now, it's just a classified moon with a strange landscape that you're not permitted to talk about." He turns back around, looking at Jocasta. "Anything else? Anything unusual at all?"

Rue glances aside at Jocasta as she polishes off that first tart. Nibble.

Jocasta blinks once or twice, perhaps not having fully expected to become the center of attention so suddenly. It would figure that this is the precise moment she'd chosen to shove a little tart whole into her mouth. Ha. Embarrassing. Give her a second to chew; she isn't about to open her mouth and spew crumbs everywhere. That would be rude. Momma Maru didn't raise no fool.

Reed looks at Jocasta, patiently, let her take all the time she likes.

With a pair of fingers pressed against her lower lip to act as an impromptu failsafe increase what's left of her hastily gobbled tart tries to make a break for it when she speaks, Jocasta finally swallows sufficiently and then says, "Nothing unusual so far as we could tell. Except for that piece of Colonial camouflage there, sir."

Reed nods, looking back to the screens, and then back to Jocasta, "Good work, Ensign. Feel free to take a look around the Hera, while she still has all the bells and whistles before Engineering gets around to the refits. Dismissed."

The other tart is lifted to her mouth and she bites it, chewing with her eyes closed. Savory! Rue opens her eyes at the dismissal and gives Jocasta a nod, indicating the pastries with a slight jut of her chin.

Well, okay then. Jocasta acknowledges Reed's dismissal with an, "Aye, sir." but makes a brief return to the refreshments table in order to abscond with a few more fruit tarts before heading out of the room. Juggling a helmet, three tarts, and a tall cup of coffee might seem a precarious combination just cruising for an uncomfortable calamity of burning but Jo makes it look easy. "See you back on the Genesis, sir," she says to Rue and then… she's gone.

"See you later, Jammer," Rue says, before polishing off the second tart. Yessss. Delicious. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she asks, "Is it too much to hope for a large fleet of brand new Vipers and Raptors to be sitting underneath that camo? Or perhaps a superweapon of some sort that we can use to destroy the Cylons?"

Reed nods at Jocasta goes for the tarts. He's not going to be stingy about the goodies. And it seems that Air Wing reflexes serve well enough. As she leaves, he lets out a sigh. "Well hot damn, we're in business." He looks to Rue, and smiles, "No, I'm sorry, That's Visser Base. the sister project to the PAS. And in her databanks.. is a Map of the Galaxy. Tyllium, water, and maybe, just maybe, a new home for us."

"That, at least, is a bright spot," Rue allows, "Though, if the Cylons keep turning up, it's going to be hard to live, let alone settle and move on… If we're going to pick a home, it needs to be easy to protect. Once the Cylons find us, they won't stop til we're all dead." She's so full of sunshine as she says that: she smiles.

Reed smiles at Rue, "Colonial space encompasses less than one billionth of the Galactic Area. The Galaxy is big enough to hide in, and we'll have a map, and they won't. We'll get the Map, and find the resources we need to make the trip. It's going to be long and hard, but we're going to vanish, and rebuild away from them. The other option is more battles, more memorials till we're finally snuffed out." He smirks, "See what you miss in staff meetings?"

"And here I thought all I missed was more testosterone injected chest thumping…" Rue fires back, smile brightening. "It's a good idea. But, we'll still have to make it secure. As large as the galaxy is, the Cylons have the advantage. They've had it from day one. And they'll have it long after we're dust between the stars."

Reed nods, "Agreed, but first." He looks at the screens, "We have to secure the Map. Get on the base, download the map, then blow that base to hell to keep it out of the Cylons hands. If they got it." He shakes his head, "We are truly frakked."

"Conventional explosives'd work, but I reckon the fastest and cleanest way to ensure the base won't have anything left picking through is a nuke." Rue reaches for another pastry, but keeps it in hand, rather than eating it. "Reckon we can get in and out pretty easily. I don't think they even know it's there."

Reed smiles, nodding, "I got better than that, the base itself has self destruction capabilities." He sighs, "I got maps, locations in the base, everything. We can go in, download, loot, and get out then watch the fireworks. And No, it seems they don't, same as they didn't know about the TER system where the PAS was constructed." He looks at the screens, "I'll have a tactical workup for the Commander soon."

"Air wing will be ready when asked." Rue starts to push to her feet then, eyeing that wall of screens. "If you don't mind a change of topic… The Hera would make an excellent training base for the nuggets of the air wing. In the next few weeks, we're going to be recruiting fairly heavily to make up for numbers we've lost since the Attack."

Reed nods, "As soon as we get the damn refits for the Hera, she'll have a-" He stops, "Well, come on, let me show you. I've got all kinds of plans. It'll be a playground for training new Pilots."

"Ideally, I'd like to station a Training Officer here on the Hera and create a seperate squadron for the purposes of training, based here," Rue says conversationally as she moves over to Reed. "Essentially a Flight Academy."

Reed nods, "That's easy enough. I'll be honest, I don't know the first frakking thing about piloting. I'll be in command of the Hera, and in CIC, but most of her facilities are going to be largely used by whatever training structure you like. Her Berthings at the moment are set up for her actual crew, but there's room enough for nuggets and instructors." He moves on out.

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