Wake of a Mistake
Wake of a Mistake
Summary: Evelyn deals with more fall out from her 'indiscretion' with Farkas.
Date: 33 ACH
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Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11
32 ACH 6285 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Eve Shem Wireless 1249
Exits: [O] Corridor

Shem sits at the center chair of one of the long sides of the conference table, looking a bit unhappy. He has a notepad and a file folder open in front of him.

Eve is shown into the Ward room by an aide, never really being one to frequent this area. She steps into the room, looking slightly pensive. She's in her dress blues, with not a stitch or buckle out of place. "You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?" She asks quietly, but her voice easily carries across the expanse of the room.

Shem looks up at Eve. He stands, reflexively tugging his sleeves out, and nods. "Yeah," he says. "Could you take a seat, please?" He doesn't indicate where.

Eve smiles softly, watching all of Shem's mannerisms with a careful eye. "Of course." She steps over to the side of the table he occupies, picking out a chair next to him. Eyes briefly flick to the folder, but that's all the attention its given.

Text of some sort, arranged in long paragraphs. Shem pivots his chair toward Eve and crosses his leg, ankle over knee. He puts the near elbow on the table and leans forward. It's a neutral posture, somewhere between guarded and open. His face seems ironic. "Alright doc, let me say that I'm talking to you now as a Marine and not a law enforcenemnt officer. Major Zaharis informed me of your fraternization with one of ours, and as you know, the shit has to go both ways."

A dark brow crests on her forehead at his use of words, but Eve makes no comment about it. "I believe I know what you mean, yes, Shem. If you're saying that I've gotten my licks, and now its his turn to get his."

Shem nods once. He uncrosses his legs and turns to the desk, scooting in and picking up his pen. The complete change of posture suggests a change of purpose. Still with that unhappy look, he asks, seemingly reading from the folder, "Did you have sex with Farkas?" He looks sidelong after he asks.

Eve works her jaw for a moment, as if mulling over words that surely need to be filtered before they pass her lips. "On or around day three following the Cylon attacks, Sergeant Victor Farkas and I engaged in sexual intercourse in his pod of the marine barracks." She's so very shy of goading him to ask which position.

Shem frowns a touch more and looks back at his papers. "Have he spoken to you as if you were equals, in an official or unofficial capacity, excluding the intercourse?" He says the word with a hint of dryness.

Eve narrows her eyes just a hint. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant Shem. What are you trying to get at here? You're asking if Sergeant Farkas and I can carry on a civil conversation wherein marines and navy personal don't always have to come to blows?"

As Eve asks, Shem seems to unfocus his eyes on the paper, suppressing some annoyance. "Civil, no," he begins. He looks back to her. "Personal, yes. Did he stop calling you sir, did he share details about himself or ask for details from you that wouldn't come up in regular conversation? Things of this nature."

Eve rubs her lips together, wetting them in the process. "If so, there was nothing I recall. If I called for respect of rank, he gave it. But I don't recall a lot of conversation during the intercourse. Lieutenant."

Shem clears his throat. He has no reply. Looking back to his papers, he asks, "Do you have any professional relationship with him? Has he solicited you for psychiatric advice, or have you offered psychiatric advice to him? Also, have you made judgments or recommendations in your professional role about him to anybody else?" He flips the page. "Because of confidentiality, I can only ask you to answer yes or no." As he says this last question, he looks back up to her and makes it clear with his expression that he would like more than a yes or no.

Eve lifts a hand, swiping at her forehead with the heel of her palm, she's trying her best not to look exasperated during this process, and give him some modicum of respect, but everyone is weary following the attack of the PAS. "No. Farkas was never my patient. Officially. There may have been some conversation that is privileged under the assumption of privilege, but I have not given him a complete evaluation." She one ups his 'yes' or 'no' answers, as there are /some/ explanations she can give. "I did make a suggestion to my superior officer regarding Sergeant Farkas, wherein I confessed to the Fraternization so he was fully disclosed."

"Okay, I won't ask about that," Shem answers, verbally underlining Eve's disclosure as incomplete. He glances at the paper for only a moment. "This last question is important. Did he ask you for any favors. in either your capacity as an officer or a doctor?"

Eve shakes her head in the negative. "We had one understanding when it came to our indiscretion. Expect nothing of him, expect nothing of me. So no."

Shem closes the folder. "Okay," he says, tone final. He starts writing on the notepad.

Eve takes a deep breath, "Will that be all, Lieutenant?"

[Intercom] This is the XO. Lieutenant Shem call 1302.

"Well, no." He stops writing. "I'd like you to evaluate Miss Kyrios." He stands and picks up everything, gesturing to the door and the wireless mounted near it. "Let's walk and talk."

Eve shifts to her feet, "Yes of course." Palms press out the front of her blues as she stands, following him. "What is the eval regarding? Mental compentancy?"

Shem nods. "Yeah. Short version of the story, her sister got raped and killed by a well-connected military officer. Looks like the officer might've bought his way out of a guilty verdict. Kyrios then killed the officer. She was sentenced to death for it. She had a pretty cavalier attitude about it, I want to make sure that she's fully aware that she's making those statements." He stops by the hatch and picks up the handset. He nods. "Thanks."

Eve gives a curt nod of her head. "I'll see to it, Lieutenant, have a report on your desk when I can make an educated opinion." She then motions to the wireless unit, and prepares to step away assuming he's done with her.

Shem nods. "Have a good day." He turns to the headset and starts dialing. Glancing sidelong, he adds, "Oh, another thing. She was getting transported to Picon illegally when the Cylons attacked, had her way paid for, probably by the family of that officer. Something sinister, I figure."

Eve narrows her eyes at that piece of information, but merely nods again, filing it away. She then moves off silently into the hall to let him deal with the XO in privacy.

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