Wandering Willies
Wandering Willies
Summary: Short conversation about anger, firearms, and missing willies.
Date: Tuesday, March 31st
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Praetoria's hands firmly, though gently reposition his hips, fitting them into a slightly more comfortable position which, for a time may not be as comfortable since he's used this stance for so long. And then her palms sweep upwards, arms coming around him to raise his right arm slightly higher. Her eyes train down his arms to the sidearm noting, "Can you feel the difference? Your right was lowered to compensate for the shift of your hip." She then steps away bidding, "Now try."

Hoy nods slowly. "I think I can, thank you." He says with a smile. Narrowing his eyes he draws a bead on the distant target and tries to adjust to his new position. There's a slow even breath then he discharges the weapon twice on the target.
<Trait Roll> Hoy rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Hoy rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).
With a nod Hoy turns and offers Praetoria another smile. "Thank you, I think that helped. Now I just make sure I don't fall back into bad habits." He chuckles and grins. He nods towards the target. "Twice as good before. Perhaps I'm not the only instructor here right now?" He grins wider.

Eli storms into the small arms range, glancing down to where Praetoria is, mentally cursing the passing along of the gift s/he really should've buried somewhere before selecting her weapon and the ammo, slipping into a booth and putting in the ear and eye gear with a very very grim expression. Weapon is raised, aimed and it doesn't seem like she's got a main place she's aiming on the target, she just pulls the trigger thrice.
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Praetoria doesn't even want to know who's face is on that target the Sheriff is aiming at so methodically. She stands back, hands at her back and watches the two shoot, pacing slowly down the line and keeping her silence.

Hoy lowers his weapon at the entrance of the angry marine. He raises an eyebrow as a set of shots are fired off. Slipping his safety he turns and crosses his arms, just watching the unique person discharge their gun. Calmly watching their movements and stance.

Eli takes a deep breath, reloading on automatic really, not thinking about what she's doing before raising the gun once more to fire off three more shots then just lowering the weapon and her head, she leans her head against the wall of the boot, taking another deep and steadying breath and closing her eyes.
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

Praetoria doesn't attempt to stop Eli's efforts, simply keeps behind the lines. She glances at Hoy, eyes flaring slightly as she watches his easy stance, concern as she watches her boss reload the clip and slam it home once again.

Hoy glances over towards Praetoria with a raised eyebrow, then calmly sets his safety triggered firearm down and walks calmly from his own booth to the one next to Eli. Leaning around it enough speak easily. "Are you alright Sarge?" He asks softly, putting his hands on the divider between the shooting alleys. "Perhaps you need someone to talk to?"

Eli's icy gaze flicks to that divider as her fist starts to ball into a fist but control and 'you are not your feelings' mantras in her head just make her turn back to the target, working on resetting it before removing the ear and eye protection with a shaky exhale. She just grunts.

Praetoria uh ohs and recalls Eli's expression and the anger management classes that have controlled her thusfar. "How're the booties coming for Eve's baby, Sheriff? Or is it the little coat and hat you're working on now?"

Hoy nods to himself, then he walks around this stall as well and steps into Eli's. Standing towards the back he leans against one of the dividers and crosses his arms. "How about this, I'll wait here until you're ready to talk?" He says with a soft voice and offering a warm smile. He watches Eli's movements carefully, his eyes occasionally flicking around the room. Never the less, while he isn't positioned to stop Eli from shooting, he's wonderfully positioned to put himself between Eli and the rest of the world. He glances over towards Praetroia as she speaks and raises an eyebrow at the odd question, his lips turning up in a friendly grin.

Eli exits the booth, lashes kept lowered as she just breathes deeply and speaks through gritted teeth. "Good, I think I might make a sweater next." Then nostrils flare as she just stares at Hoy for a few moments, blinking several times. "Let me ask you a question? Do you have a dick?" Eyebrow raises a fraction.

Praetoria stills, hands still at an 'at-ease' position as the question is asked of Hoy. Her face remains impassive.

Hoy watches Eli then smiles at the question, both eyebrows arch up as he gives a genuinely amused smile. "I might, I haven't checked lately. It's possible I left it in the shower, you know how it is. When the hot water ration gives out you're just hoping you don't slip and fall on your run out." He grins and asks. "I hope this isn't about a dick, I promise you, there's a lot of them on the fleet. Some in pants, some walking around with their own set of legs." He motions with his right hand, the bandage that's been on it for the last two days is gone. Leaving a long angry red line from his thumb to his forearm. "Then again, I hope I didn't leave it in the mess. That's really not the way I think some people want to get to know me."

Eli looks between Praetoria and Hoy and then her eyes linger on Hoy. "Oh yes, Sarge, I often times find my dick on the floor of the shower after a particularly stressful day." She murmurs with a straight face before rubbing a hand over her face. "This isn't about a dick, this is just to figure out if you'd understand things, which I really don't think you will so that's more than okay really." A long pause. "…do you want me to send out a search party for your dick Sarge?"

Praetoria relaxes and half turns at Hoy's response, trying to hide her shaking shoulders. What she can't diminish is the slight strangle as she tries not to laugh aloud at the Sheriff's response.

Hoy ohs and nods slowly. "Well now is it because I have a dick I can't understand, or if I left it somewhere I can't understand?" He brings up his left hand and strokes his lips with the index finger of it then nods. "Well, it's kind of you to offer. Um, I suppose that depends on whether or not I'm going to get to help with it, or with out. Because if it's better off keeping some people from reaching for the ketchup in the mess then being here. We'll let it free range roam, maybe it'll take some time to read a book." He smiles warmly. "Unless of course you really want to have it, you're quite welcome to have that search party bring it right to you." There is another smile before he states. "I'd like to help Sarge, if you'll let me?'

Eli scratches her head and just stares at Hoy for a few moments. "I…well you have a dick, it isn't like you look good in a skirt will survive a make-over and let me do unspeakable things to you with my fingers someday in the future. Sarge. But you can help if you like, Iunno how but…uh." She frowns. "I mean even if you take the unspeakable things out, you still are uh…just…it is very very complicated."

Praetoria leans against the partition, arms crossed over her ample breasts as she watches the two.

Hoy inclines his head, almost like a bow, though he never takes his eyes off Eli. "Well I do have to agree, and disagree. I may, occasionally have a dick. But I really have to complain about the skirt and the make-over. You know, this isn't all from push ups and and jogging. I do a lot of swimming, and to get the right speed you've got to be smooth." His leaning form shifts as he relaxes a tad. "I've always thought if regulations were changed, that'd look pretty good in a knee high number. Maybe something blue?" Theres a wink and another warm smile. "Well, we'll not speak about the unspeakable or they'd lose that name, and we'd make all the other Marines jealous. But I can help by listening, and maybe eventually finding a line that'll get a chuckle?"

Eli opens her mouth and shuts it before opening the mouth and…shutting it again before just staring at Hoy intently as if trying to figure out if the man is serious before she pinches the bridge of her nose. "I don't know anything about girly stuff so you'd have to talk to her over there." She jerks a finger towards Praetoria. "But I'm uh, dude I don't even really know what the hell you're talking about any more so sure, okay, whatever." Slow nod.

Girly. Oh, yes, Praetoria can do girly with the best of them. She can also do many other things, very well. Her hazel eyes simply move from one to the other, a smile on her full mouth as she continues to recline against the partition.

Hoy raises an eyebrow at the negative comment towards girly things, adding it to the dislike of the D and likely it's round friends. He smiles towards Praetoria and winks at her. Before he pushes off the partition then walks towards Eli. "Well, okay then. I was running out things for my penis to be doing while it was running free anyways." He grins and offers his left hand. His fingers long, thin and heavily calloused. "Sergeant Hoy Aias, training detachment, physical fitness, unarmed and armed combat and hoping I look pretty in a skirt." He smiles. "Well, we could start with what's got you unhappy? If it'd be easier, we can find somewhere with something to drink. Less chance of shooting each other to mark periods."

Eli looks between the two, back and forth and forth and back and she just closes her eyes for a moment and takes Hoy's hand, shaking it firmly with a small squeeze before releasing it. "Sergeant Browne here, so glad I didn't embarrass myself and propose tonight so I think I need to just go in my bunk and sulk and scream quietly to myself until I'm not angry anymore."

Hoy ahs and nods slowly. "Ah I see, there's alot of that going around lately." He sighs and spreads his hands palm up. "Broken hearts that is. You know misery loves company as they say. I'm off duty and don't have anything else to do right now. I'd be happy to listen if you want to talk."

Eli considers that for a few moments before lowering her eyes once more. "I'll take a rain check I think, I'm too twitchy and violent. My hearts not broken, I just almost opened myself up like that. Proving once again, why my instincts for years have been correct. Next time I'm off duty, I'll find you up and tug you along for something recreational."

Hoy nods and smiles. "Fair enough, since I teach fitness and unarmed, I'm almost always at the pool or the Gymnasium, baring the occaisonal field trip to the stadium over on the Carina." He grins. "Should I beware of unspeakable fingers?" He chuckles and tilts his head to look over Eli's face. "You sure you're going to be alright?"

Eli scratches her cheek. "Unarmed hunh?" She's the equiv of a black-belt in Caprican Four-Limb so she looks intrigued before just bowing her head. "I'm often at the Gym, I work and work-out mostly, so we'll meet again and no…I don't believe you'll ever have to worry about unspeakable fingers." A flit of a smirk before she rubs a hand over her face once more. "Yeah, I'll be fine."

Hoy sighs and shakes his head. "Oh, teased with the unspeakable then denied." He grins and nods. "Good, I'll forward to meeting up with you. We'll see about expending a little energy? Maybe help you take your mind off things." He shrugs. "Maybe even talk a little while we're about it." He nods. "Good night Sarge, remember, Hoy Aias, if you need me. There's usually a private around who can get in touch quickly."

Eli tips an invisible hat before making her way off and out, lingering near the hatch before just nodding firmly. "See you then Sergeant." Then she's gone like the wind.

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