Summary: Genesis jumps back into Colonial space to find out what the heck is going on out there. What they find is War.
Date: 3 ACH
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[Intercom] This is the CAG. All pilots the ready room for immediate mission briefing. /All/ pilots to the ready room for immediate mission briefing. This is not a drill.

Rue is at the podium. There is a very familiar looking piece of space on a map on the whiteboard behind her. It's not too far from Caprica. Lips pressed into a tight line, she shuffles a few of the papers on front of her before turning away from them and running a hand through her hair.

Novella steps through the hatch in her flightsuit, having already been out on a CAP this shift. After yesterday she's been someone else - quiet and stoich. Her gait takes her up to the front of the seating and she sits down at the edge of the row. A notepad is removed from an arm pocket with a pen, the utensil clicked open. Her attention silently falls to the CAG up front.

Warwick steps in as well, dropping into one of the seats at the front, studying that map on the whiteboard for the moment, and otherwise keeping quiet. Looking lost in thought for now.

Soon behind Novella and Warwick is Alister, a relative unknown amongst the rest of the pilots. He too is in a flightsuit, although the top half hangs around his waist, as if interrupted mid-dress. Like a child in the theatre, he settles into a seat in the back row, pulling his own notepad from his thigh, pen tucked into a metal spiral holding the book together. Following Novella's lead, and settling back into a routine he is long used to, he quitely watches the CAG, albeit with a slight occasional rotation of his right shoulder.

It looks like this poor, particular nugget had a good week to get himself assigned to Genesis. So much excitement. Alas. The Raptor pilot steps into the briefing room, following behind one of the more experienced sticks that he's sort of latched on to(very subtly, surely), and finds a seat in the middle of the pack, binder in hand like a good little bow. His attention could be described as apt, if understatement is your bag.

Crow's late arrival is somewhat par for the course, as is the fact that he's just fastening the top clasp on his flight suit as he strides briskly into the ready room. At least he's trying not to draw attention to himself; when he sees that the briefing's already started, he purses his lips and averts his gaze from the CAG, and slinks into the back row quietly. Sprawling into a seat there, he tugs out his notepad and pen, with a brief scribble to ensure it's working.

As her pilots walk in, Rue straightens up and her expression goes flatly neutral. Moving over to the kill board, she hefts the marker and quickly puts two lines down. One by Novella, one by Warwick. "We are at war. It's been confirmed by our scouts. The Cylons have mounted an attack on the Colonies." Turning back around, she moves up to the Podium and says, "In ten minutes, Genesis will be jumping into the battle. We'll be launching shortly afterwards. Our mission such as it is, is to seek out and destroy all enemy combatants in the area. Genesis will be counting on us for protection as it conducts operations in the area." Raising her hand to quell off the first round of questions, she says, "There is one thing that I am going to demand of you all in this. I know that a lot of you are probably going to be looking to destroy as many of those tin cans as you can. This is admirable. But do not leave your wingmen undefended. Protect one another and y'all will come home in one piece."

Novella stays quiet as the CAG moves to the kill board and notches next to her name. A long breath leaves her as Rue continues. When she mentions that the Colonies have been attacked, Cav's head sags a touch. "Oh Gods," she sighs. Its a moment before she remembers to be taking notes. Catching her breath, the pen begins to write and she's shaking her head.

Crow chews on the top of his pen as he listens to Rue speak, worry belied by his apparent laxidaisical attitude at the moment. When she mentions an attack on the colonies, he's the first to open his mouth— and shut it again promptly, when she holds up her hand to stop people from asking questions. There's a little grind of his jaw back and forth, a long glance at that kill board and the absence of a strike by /his/ name, and he looks back down at his pad of paper when defending wingmen is mentioned. He hasn't written anything there yet, he's just studying it quietly.

Alister eyes the kill board with a momentary interest. When the news is all told, his head lowers, pen going to paper to scribble down the basics. In contrast to a few others in the room, he manages to take the news in stride and just gets to work, outlining a few things on the paper before his focus mostly returns to the Rue, with only a slight glance to the others in the room.

There is an intake of breath, and Eleftherios leans even further forward, trying to cover for that fist that just sunk into his gut. At war? Beautiful. A hard set to the so often lightly held face of the Ensign, and he continues to stare at the CAG. A single glance down to his notepad, and he shifts his pen…and manages to write a single, veryt short word. And then he returns his gaze to the podium.

[Intercom] "This is the Executive Officer. All pilots report to the Hanger Deck on the double-quick. All hands set Condition One throughout the ship. We are jumping back to the Colonies in exactly five minutes. That is all."

[Intercom] Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the fleet.

"That's…" Rue starts, but is interrupted by the intercom. "Alright, you heard the man. Get suited up, if you aren't already, get down to the flight deck and be ready to launch immediately after the jump. Anything else, you can ask once we're in the air. You're dismissed. Go."

Novella's eyes rise at the sound of the intercom. With Rue's dismissal, she is out of her chair like a shot and running out the hatch. Someone's in a hurry.

Alister's pad is thrown back into the thigh pocket, and he's out and climbing over the back of the chair to reach the hatch quicker. His fault for sitting in the middle of the back row. Darting through, he's already pulling up the top half of his flight suit.

Oh. He doesn't run…but there is no lack of hurry in Ensign Eleftherios step toward the Hangar Bay. One can only hope that they outfitted the Raptors with those rocket pods for this mission. Or a nuke. Or something along those lines. Alas, Alphabet is very likely going to be disappointed.

Crow raps his pen once, twice, three times against his pad of paper — there's /still/ nothing written on it. Not a damned thing. Snapping it shut, he tucks it back into a pocket in the bicep of his flight suit, slides the pen in after, and climbs to his feet in order to prowl out after Novella. He's in considerably less of a hurry, though this isn't to say there's not an aura of restrained tension about him.

[VIPER_1742: Novella] Cav climbs into the Viper and throws her helmet on. The Petty Officer helping her is all thumbs with the nervousness and finally helps her get strapped on. There's a few whispered words before the PO climbs and and aircraft handlers push her into a tube. She runs through her checklist. "1742. Five by Five. Green on the boards. Ready for launch."

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Crow swings up into the cockpit of his bird, gaze focused straight ahead as he tugs on his helmet, and is strapped in and buckled up, and a final systems check mechanically run through. Like a leaf in a storm, he barely even seems to be paying attention to what's said, save to give a brisk nod when he's cleared to go, and his visor comes down with a -thunk-.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Alright folks. Give me a shout out once you're in the tubes and ready to launch. If y'all gotta, break out the whips on the deckhands."

[Tac1] Novella says, "Cav's in. Got the salute. I'm green and frosty."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] To use the word 'Climb' would be an understatement. Slipstream did what could only be described as throwing himself into the viper. He's already half-fastened before a crewmen catches up and helps with the final few tasks. Slipping the helmet on as he goes through the checks, it seems like an age before he's finally ready.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "This is Crow, I'm in the pipe and good to go."

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] Eleftherios gives his Raptor a quick, last visual inspection before climbing through the primary hatch. It doesn't take but a moment before his final preflight is complete, and he's looking back to his ECO. When all-clear is given, his own flight helmet is secured over his neck, and the Raptor's engines begin their startup.

[From outside the ship:]
VIPER_1744 takes off.

[Tac1] "Alphabet" Eleftherios says, "Alphabet, waiting on deck for launch."

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, ""Slipsteam, In the pipe and deckhands flogged."

[From outside the ship:]
VIPER_1744 comes in for a landing.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "CIC, CAG. Your pilots are in the pipes and ready for the fight."

[Tac1] Fotilas says, "Copy, CAG. Commencing jump."

[Tac1] Fotilas says, "Jump Complete. Launch all Vipers. Good Hunting."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The jump completed and it seems like the lack of oxygen in space is lacking in every part of the lungs. Time and Space seem to stand completely still. Ears ring in the silence of it all. Sounds seem to be going on, but hearing is not picking it up as the brain tries to refire and realize just what is there.
Suddenly a rush of everything comes forward like you have descended into a deep, black hole and the black and white turns into vivid colors. Three vipers ahead spread out. Over twenty ships are sitting in the shipping lanes.
And suddenly the band crackles to life..

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "Colonial One, for Godsake, you can't just leave us here!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "Colonial One, this is Picon 36. I can't believe you are going to leave these people behind!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "At least tell us where you are going, we'll follow at sublight. PLEASE!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "I've got 50 people on board, Colonial One, do you copy this?""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "In the name of Humanity, you can't leave us here!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "Colonial One, please respond!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Unknown: "May the Lords of Kobol, protect those souls they leave behind.""

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis]
The only thing you see, are bright lights as ships jump out and leave those behind stranded…

[VIPER_1742: Novella] The Mark Seven kicks out of the tube and the band crackles. Without any direction, Cav's Viper turns towards the ships jumping away and those left in the lanes.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "<whistling softly> Shite, what the hell's goin' on out here?"

[VIPER_101: Rue] Wrongway's viper is out of the tube and then abruptly upwards, barrel rolling to get a glimpse of the ships sitting in the shipping lane.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Check your DRADIS and prepare to engage any contacts."

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Crow's Viper comes out hot on Cav's tail, then swings to port to come up alongside the others.

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] Pulling free off the flight deck, Alphabet's Raptor is swiftly moving away from the Genesis, it's electronic warfare systems, and sensor suite kicking into gear. Falling into position to provide electronic support for the small group of Vipers, the throttles are opened up.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] More of the band springs to life as the Vipers and the Genesis break into view. Panic is heard from many voices. Captains of the ships asking to be helped. They can't follow. They only have sublight and there was a Cylon ship spotted not long ago!

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Getting out of the tube, Hound's Viper rolls around a few times and then moves on up a bit and away towards the rest of the Vipers.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slipstream's viper snaps out of the tube, the only life in it from the nose thrusters until it's pointing in line to follow Wrongway, engine kicking in abruptly to send the ship moving.

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Male voice: "I've got DRADIS contacts!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Female voice: "I see them too, are they Colonials?!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Male voice: "Oh my gods, they are Cylons!""

[Colonial] Fotilas says, "Female voice: "I hope you people rot in Hell for this!""

[Tac1] Fotilas says, "All Vipers, you are cleared hot. Proceed direct to those ships. CAG, you have the intercept."

[VIPER_1744: Crow] There's a burst of thrusters from Crow's Viper after the order's given, the nose of his ship adjusted slightly so as to remain in formation with the squadron on its approach.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Aye, sir. All vipers, move to intercept."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis]
There is a sudden BOOM in space and a ship blinks in. It is a large ship, quite fancy and it may be recognized as it's callsign comes across, "This is the Carina. We have been boarded! We need help." A sudden deathly pause as shots are heard, "Where the frak are the military! We were told to meet here!"
"Please Help US!" More shots are heard and so are the screams of people dying…

[VIPER_101: Rue] There's a second delay between the order and Wrongway's viper lurching forward at high speed. Twisting into an attack vector, she guns it for the ships in the shipping lane.

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Moving the Viper to get in the right position for the attack, Hound heads for those enemies over there, pilot's head turning slightly.

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] Following as closely behind the Vipers as his tubby little Raptor is able, Alphabet's DRADIS continues to seak out hostile contacts admist the electronic garbage of the busy space lanes. A slight adjusted to his controls, and the ship cuts up, a bit 'higher' relative to his armed comrades.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slipstream's viper twists slightly, a few degrees off-rotation to the rest of the formation as it rockets forward, the pilot keeping a close eye out for anything from the now more visible side.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Weapons are free. If you see a non-Colonial ship, you are clear to engage and destroy. You get a tail, squawk for backup. Alphabet, the clearer you can make this battlefield for us, the better. You're our eyes."

[VIPER_1742: Novella] The Mark Seven's tail end glows blue with the afterburners lit, dumping raw Tyllium into them. She takes the aircraft a bit high in the formation and rolls it over a touch to check her belly. A head glances back to note Crow, a simple nod given to him.

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Crow guns his Viper with a flare of blue exhaust after Wrongway heads in hot, remaining at the outer wing of formation beneath and to the left of Cav. There's a glance up at her, a brief nod in return, and then his gaze is shifted to the ship blinking in.

[Tac1] "Alphabet" Eleftherios says, "Wrongway, Alphabet here. No hostiles on Dradis yet. Just the ships we're inbound on, and the Carina…Marine Raptors en route. Over."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Meanwhile…back at the viper ranch
The first three vipers out of the launch bay are now circling the other side of the ships. Which, just happens to be the worst side…
Five separate lights blink in, putting the three in between the cylons and the ships they are heading to destroy. Com chatter picks up. DRADIS Contacts! Five Bogey's are inbound. Vipers are engaging.
It'll take two min for this side, to get there.

<COMBAT> From Genesis: TURN 1. Pose and aim.
<COMBAT> Raider1 (NPC) aims at Sizzler. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider2 (NPC) aims at Sizzler. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider3 (NPC) aims at Wasted. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider4 (NPC) aims at Grass. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider5 (NPC) aims at Grass. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Grass (NPC) aims at Raider2. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Sizzler (NPC) aims at Raider5. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Wasted (NPC) aims at Raider4. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Grass attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Sizzler with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Sizzler with Raider and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Cockpit)
<COMBAT> Raider3 attacks Wasted with Raider and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Grass with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Grass with Raider and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Sizzler attacks Raider5 with Viper and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Cockpit) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Wasted attacks Raider4 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Guns)

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "There they are. Engage contacts, go go go."

<COMBAT> Raider5 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Genesis: TURN 2. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] "Alphabet" Eleftherios says, "We've got weapons fire. 5 confirmed toasters. Repeat. 5 bogies. Beginning jamming now."

[VIPER_1742: Novella] As the radio call goes out, Cav sends a hand signal to Crow: 'Stay with me.' She rolls port and away, throttles to the firewall. The Mark VII dives in on one of the Raiders as she comes on station.

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Crow swings his Viper hard to starboard after the signal from Wrongway, and then Cav; he gives her the thumbs-up and guns the engines, rocketing in after the mark VII with weapons hot.

[VIPER_101: Rue] Thrusters punched, Wrongway's viper orients for the cluster of newly jumped enemy ships and guns it, choosing a target and dipping in from above to take a shot with her guns.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] At the Dradis contacts, Slipstream's viper strains to gain whatever extra speed it can, rising slightly above, behind and to the right of Wrongway's own craft.

<COMBAT> Rue aims at Raider1.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Sizzler is shouting in glee, but the damage to the cockpit is bad and the viper suddenly begins floating. There is a sudden crackle over the com - Sizzler and Wasted - They have lost all electronics. What were moving vipers are now just a duck shoot for those Raiders.

There is a collective 'Oh Shit' moment…

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Hearing that, Hound's Viper moves straight for one of those Raiders, like an animal out hunting.

<COMBAT> Warwick aims at Raider3.

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] Alphabet's Raptor rolls to starboard, and continues toward the action, his electronics warfare suite radiating hot, and picking out an undamaged Cylon as the cluster of Vipers make their approach.

<COMBAT> Crow aims at Raider2.
<COMBAT> Eleftherios aims at Raider2.

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "Take 'em, Wrongway. Slip's got your back."

<COMBAT> Novella aims at Raider2.
<COMBAT> Crow aims at Raider4.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Chew them up."

<COMBAT> Raider1 (NPC) aims at Wasted. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider2 (NPC) aims at Grass. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider3 (NPC) aims at Wasted. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider4 (NPC) aims at Grass. (Genesis)

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Guns! Guns!"

<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider1 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftWing)
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider3 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Cockpit)

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Let's chew up these motherfrakkers."

<COMBAT> Crow attacks Raider4 with Viper and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Novella attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Alister has passed.
<COMBAT> Eleftherios jams Raider2.
<COMBAT> Lucian has passed.
<COMBAT> Grass attacks Raider2 with Viper and misses horribly! BOTCH
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Wasted with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightWing)
<COMBAT> Graham has passed.
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Grass with Raider and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Engine)
<COMBAT> Raider3 attacks Wasted with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Grass with Raider and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Wasted attacks Raider4 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Body) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Raider4 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Genesis: TURN 3. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Fotilas says, "CAG, Genesis. We're moving to support the Carina boarding operations. Good hunting."

[VIPER_1742: Novella] The Mark VII's tail slides in, dragging a lead pursuit behind Raider2. She fires and the cannons stich a neat line across the wing root. Pressing the attack, she moves in closer and squeezes off another burst.

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Sending off some gunfire for Raider3's cockpit area, Hound then rolls to the side, and turns to approach the Raider again. This time trying to get in somewhere near it's rear, he waits for a few moments, before firing off another burst at the enemy.

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Bringing up Cav's rear, Crow's Viper swings off slightly to fire a rapid burst at one of the crescent-winged Raiders that was sneaking in from below. The unexpected angle causes his shot to go wide, and a brief curse is muttered into his helmet.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The blasting of Raiders bring cheers, but the flak is also a problem as it slams into those two pilots unable to move their vipers.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "CAG, Genesis, acknowledged. I want some cover on Wasted and Sizzler, people. Slipstream, pick a target and engage."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Crow, engage my Bandit."

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] Staying out of the direct furball, Alphabet's Raptor continues to emanate high frequency interferance, piped on a tight beam directly at Raider2, still. Snapping up, and to port, the vessel rolls to maintain range and line of sight for jamming purposes on the target.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Copy that, Cav. You had one on your tail, but it's pushing up daisies now."

[VIPER_101: Rue] Viper 101 slips in behind one of the Raiders, bullets raking the left wing. Bobbing and weaving in time with the raider in front, the guns light up again, this time to finish the job.

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "Roger, pickin' and kickin'."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Watching Rue's six, Slipstream's viper twists a wide arc just above the conflict. The two dead in the water vipers are noticed, but orders are orders. The Viper rolls, snatching down and towards a raider in a quick deflection angle.

<COMBAT> Raider1 (NPC) aims at Sizzler. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider2 (NPC) aims at Rue. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Raider3 (NPC) aims at Warwick. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Hvyraider (NPC) aims at Graham. (Genesis)
<COMBAT> Novella attacks Raider2 with Viper and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider1 with Viper and misses completely! BOTCH
<COMBAT> Crow aims at Raider2.
<COMBAT> Crow attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider3 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Tail) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Alister aims at Raider1.
<COMBAT> Eleftherios jams Raider2.
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Raider1 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftWing) CRIT !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Message From Genesis: Graham and Lucien aim :)
<COMBAT> Lucian aims at Hvyraider.

[VIPER_1742: Novella] As the targeted Raider breaks off to attack Rue, Cav squeezes the trigger and the tracers arc harmlessly into the sky beyond it. Her Viper slides high in a yo-yo and rolls back down in on the targeted Raider2.

<COMBAT> Graham aims at Hvyraider.
<COMBAT> Message From Genesis: Ok, shoot
<COMBAT> Lucian attacks Hvyraider with Capital and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Graham attacks Hvyraider with Capital and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Grass attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftWing) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Hvyraider attacks Graham with HvyRaider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Sizzler with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Rue with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider3 attacks Warwick with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Raider1 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> Raider2 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> Raider3 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Genesis: TURN 4. Pose and aim.

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Viper rolling left then right in close formation beneath Cav's, Crow snaps off a few bursts of fire to follow her own; there's a tiny explosion in the tail section as the shot connects, and he swings away again as another Viper's weapons take it out.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Good hits, Crow! He's out.. Roll with me."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Sizzler goes out in a surprising burst of flame as the destroyed Raider spins across and breaks apart right into the ship.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Nice cover, Cav, I've got you still, over."

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Following that target Raider as he fires at it, Warwick is unable to avoid that one incoming shot going for him. Rolling to try getting clear of it, he steadies the craft again.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slipstream's guns light up in a little burst across the Raider's wing. Whatever it did, it hit something important as the raider's wing disintergrates (soon followed by the rest of the Raider) and within moments, Slipstream's viper is back up behind Wrongway.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Nice shot, Slipstream. Let's… Frak. Close in on that last bogie. Mind the Genie's guns!"

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] Ignoring the flak bands that have erupted around the Genesis, Alfa's Raptor cruises toward the damaged, and out of commission Viper that Wasted is flying, taking up a station keeping position with the wounded bird, until proper SAR can come to collect him.

<COMBAT> Hvyraider (NPC) aims at Graham. (Genesis)

[VIPER_1742: Novella] Letting the rest of the Vipers move off, Cav stays behind and takes up a position floating beside 'Wasted.' Little jets of compressed air bring her in close to defend the defenseless pilot.

[Tac1] "Alphabet" Eleftherios says, "Alphabet, beginning pick-up of Wasted. Let's give me a bit of room."

<COMBAT> Lucian aims at Hvyraider.
<COMBAT> Graham aims at Hvyraider.

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Sticking close to Cav's starboard side, Crow waits until the Raptor moves in to take care of the pilot whose ship's come to pieces before rolling away as per Wrongway's orders.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Alfa. Moving off. I'll be close, though."


[VIPER_1742: Novella] The Mark VII slowly edges away from the pilot's floating suit and she keeps her helmet moving in the cockpit, constantly scanning the stars for anything out of the ordinary.

<COMBAT> Lucian attacks Hvyraider with Capital and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightWing)
<COMBAT> Graham attacks Hvyraider with Capital and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Body) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Hvyraider attacks Graham with HvyRaider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull)

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The Heavy Raider tried it's best, but it is nothing up against the guns of the Genesis. DRADIS is still closely watched as the marines take care of the Carina and the Flattop shoves as many as it can on their ship along with bringing a couple on the decks to lock down. Unfortunately, they can't take them all either.

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] With stationkeeping thrusters activated, decompression commences within the Raptor, until finally, the hatch hisses it's way open, and Alphabet appears in the portal, and rescue line in hand, and extended to the ejected pilot.

<COMBAT> Message From Genesis: Ok, we're basically done here with the cylon raiders. It's mopping up and getting as many people on board as possible, Command is going to give them twenty minutes and then they are out of here.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "DRADIS is clear, Cav and Crow, stay with Wasted and Alphabet. The rest of you form up and patrol the herd. Keep the skies clear til we're ready to evac."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, CAG. Remaining on station."

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "<sound of a whoop> Copy that, Wrongway. 'ey up out there."

[Tac1] Fotilas says, "CAG, Genesis. We're jumping away in two-zero minutes. Corral your pilots and get them back on the Genesis as soon as the Flattop is full."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] At the sight of the heavy raider being destroyed, Slipstream's viper snaps up beside the CAG's, the pilot inside giving a nod across before dropping behind and above.

<COMBAT> Genesis has stopped the combat.

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Moving into position for that patrol part, Hound keeps his Viper ready for whatever might come now.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Alright, everyone back to the Genie. Cav, I'll take over guarding Alphabet, head home."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, CAG. We're RTB. ..Crow: Let's hit it."

[RAPTOR_108: Eleftherios] After a few moments, the hatch on Alphabet's Raptor snaps to a close, and re-compression is underway. Not that the young Ensign allows for that to finish before the vessel is springing into life, and undertaking it's return course to the Genesis.

[VIPER_1742: Novella] The Viper slowly accelerates away and heads back towards the Genesis, turning into the break without any incident.

[VIPER_1744: Crow] Leaving his ship drifting for a moment, Crow's helmet is turned to watch the fading lights from the exploding raider, then gives a sharp nod at Cav's order. He swings his Viper around hard to starboard and guns the engines for the Genie.

[VIPER_101: Rue] Wrongway's viper curls back towards Alphabet, then comes up behind and follows the Raptor back to Genesis.

[Tac1] "Alphabet" Eleftherios says, "I've got Wasted, alive and..mostly well. Alphabet is en route to the barn. Will need medics on deck."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Genesis, CAG, we're on our way home."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Giving an unheard knock on the canopy of his Viper, Slipstream rolls away from Wrongway as she forms up with the Raptor, snapping ahead towards the Genesis with a sharp burst from his engines.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Home it is."

[VIPER_840: Warwick] Hound turns his Viper back in the direction of the Genesis, rolling the bird slightly as he does. Turning his head to glance around for the others, a bit carefully.

Helmet left in the cockpit of his Raptor, Alphabet's cracking the hatching, and hurrying through…"Medics! Now!" Waving his arms to the medical personnel that'd been summoned en route, he stands out of their way, and studies the post-battle flight deck, looking wide-eyed and a bit distracted now that his need for hyperattention has passed. With his gaze falling on the Viper pilot that taught him about paying attention on the busy deck, Eleftherios tries to catch up with Novella, leaving his Raptor in the hands of the ECO and crew chief…"Ensign! Cav! Eyes off the deck….frakken' ordinance carts to watch out for!"

The cockpit opens on 840 as well, and Warwick starts getting himself free from things protecting him while flying. Glancing around at the others, as he waits for the ladder to arrive near the bird.

The canopy of viper 1741 pops open at the same time Alister is removing his helmet. It too is handed over to his own PO before he makes his way out, the ladder only half in place before he's climbing down it, giving the deckhand a pat of the shoulder as he goes. A few quiet words are said as a parting bonus before he's making his way over to viper 840, and Warwick.

Novella looks back to Alfa for a moment and shakes her head. The woman's jaw is set, the expression on her face a mix of loss and anger. She doesn't say anything but her eyes are like fire. She only pauses for a moment before moving towards the ladder and beginning her climb up off the deck.

Rue is out of her viper fairly quickly, helmet handed to a deckhand before climbing down the ladder and setting boot on the deck. She eyes the impromptu rescue raptor before turning to look down the line of returning pilots. Pausing a moment, she lifts her chin and calls out, "If I could have your attention…"

There is a very definite frown, but the nugget gives Novella a nod, and turns away, inspecting the other pilots as they appear from their cockpits. His reaction is fairly…non-reactive to the loss of one of the pilots. But, having only been aboard for two days….it isn't as if he'd had much time to bond. His eyes fall to Rue as she begins to speak, though he too glances toward his Raptor, where the Medics are now pulling Wasted out on a stretcher.

Stopping mid-stride, Alister straightens, heels together at the sound of the CAG speaking. Glancing around from the corner of his eyes, he relaxes a little. Not once does he look at the pilot being pulled from the raptor.

Cav stops her climb up the ladder as Rue calls out. She turns and eyes the CAG a moment before sliding back down the few rungs she had made it up. The blond doesn't go far, though. Her arms cross on her chest and she looks about briefly before settling back on the Major.

Warwick slips out of his Viper, finally, and stops on the steps down, seating himself there as he hears the CAG's words, remaining in place right there.

"The Cylons have chosen today to attack us… For some it was unexpected. But for us. This is why the Colonial Fleet exists. It's why we find ourselves here. And we are -not- unprepared for this. The Cylon may have gotten the first blows in, but /we/ will end this fight," Rue says, looking down the line of pilots as she does so. Then, she adds, "So say we all."

Listening, Alister bows his head slightly at the mention of first blows. At the added words, his head raises back up. All he can do, however, is nod slightly at no-one in particular. Just an agreement in general.

Crow hitches his helmet up under one arm and strides out to meet the others finally; heels tucking together, posture straight as he listens to the CAG speak. It's as if some of his misbehaviour was left behind with the remains of the ruined ships and lost pilot, he's utterly silent for once — until Wrongway's finished speaking. Then his voice is quiet, a low sound nearly a growl, "So Say We All."

Cav listens in silence, looking only to the CAG. The anger on her face seems to rise with each word. With Rue finishing, her words come at a low growl, to repeat the final: "So say we all." The blond's chest moves with each breath, the rage moving more to the surface. Then all at once, it drops and she sighs. Her form turns, reaching for the ladder once more as she waits for a PO to get to the bottom.

"So say we all," Warwick replies rather quietly waiting to see or hear if there's anything more added on.

"So say we all." These words are verbalized, as they always must be, in Ensign Alphabet's world, and anyone who doesn't follow suit is actually given a glare that is less than imposing coming from the young, soft-spoken man. He too, heads for the nearest exit, beginning the process of unbuckling his flight suit en route.

[Intercom] "All medical personnel prepare to bring aboard civilian casualities. Unknown number at this time."

"Pilots, we may be launching again shortly. My recommendation to you is to take the time you have to eat and rest as you can, because the next hours, days and weeks are going to be busy. We have some metal ass to kick," the CAG says, eyes blazing a bit as she speaks. "If you can't eat or rest… make yourself useful and lend aid where you can."

Warwick nods a bit as he hears that, getting back into moving off the ladder. When he reaches the floor, he turns to look at the Viper, shaking his head as he sees some damage to the body of it. "They… shot it…" he mutters, shaking his head a little.

Alister's head raises quickly when the CAG is done speaking. Rather swiftly, he steps forward and gives a nod to Rue once more, searching out some of the deck crew to give assistance where needed with reloading and damage checks. It's entirely impossible to tell whether he's completely unaffected by everything that's happened, or on the verge of falling apart.

Crow licks his lips, which have become rather unaccountably dry during all of this. His eyes flash between Rue and Cav, then to the other pilots disembarking their ships and moving off. A shaky breath is released, and he nods to the CAG and begins trudging away as engineering crews arrive to assess damage to the Vipers.

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