Crew Address
Crew Address
Summary: Major Fotilas addresses the fleet and informs them of what has happened.
Date: 3ACH
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OOC Note: This isn't a traditional log, but just the quick reference for the address given to the fleet. BB's can cycle through old posts so I figured I would record it here just in case.

The Intercom beeps its muted tone before crackling to life. "This is the XO. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" Major Fotilas' voice is low and serious. His words come slowly so that nothing is mistaken. "Yesterday two of our Vipers engaged a pair of Cylon Raiders on our side of the Arm Line and our pilots destroyed them. After some discussion between Colonel Regas and I, we ordered a pair of Raptors back to the Colonies to report back to the Fleet on enemy activity. The result of this mission and what they saw led /directly/ to today's action." There's a pause for a few moments. "Today.. Today we jumped back to our homes - our Colonies. What we were met with was something that few of us could have imagined.. A war on a scale that none of us have known before."

"Preliminary reconnaissance of the system indicates a /massive/ strike against every one of the Colonies. Reports are that our homes… are a total loss. Radiological readings taken during our rescue operation point to a coordinated nuclear attack on every major city on both Caprica and Picon sometime in the last twenty-four hours." The Major clears his throat. "Assume /nothing/ about this attack or survivors and make /no/ mistake; We are at war. What we faced today was the first of many hard days ahead. Understand that we are /not/ going to back down." The man's voice takes a harsher tone. "We have been dealt a heavy blow and taken losses that each of us will have to deal with on our own in the coming weeks - but we are /not/ beaten. Not by a long shot. We are going to take the fight to these machines that have attempted genocide against the human race. We are members of the Colonial Fleet now and forever. It is our /duty/ to defend and retaliate against them and we will not stop until every last one of them is eradicated."

"We are at war. In the coming weeks we are going to be conducting combat operations against the Cylon Fleet. We will take losses. It will be hard. But you are soldiers." A pause. "Look at the men and women who stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Not a single one of this crew got to this ship by failure. You are among the elite of this Fleet. /Stand/ tall. /Be/ proud. We are the finest combat force in the Galaxy and we have been given the solemn honor of fighting for the memory of those lost. Together, we /will/ fulfill that obligation."

There's another short pause, a bit of anger finally reaching his voice. "So say we all." The intercom is hung up, even the static from the speakers fizzling out.

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