Warrior in a Cage
Warrior in a Cage
Summary: Sora visits Gars for an evaluation
Date: 27 ACH
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Gars is in his cell, #3, doing situps, his jacket thrown on the bunk. He moves up, right elbow touching left knee, goes down, goes up, left elbow touching right knee, and so and so on. He is drenched in sweat by now, since exercising is pretty much all he can do to make time fly in here.

Sora stops at the duty station as she comes in. She nods to the marine on duty, as she moves into the area. She walks along past all three of the cells to the end. Before turning, and moving back again to stop in front of Gars cell.

It takes a moment before Gars spots the woman outside of the bars, but as he does, he rests on his elbows on the floor, breathing deep as his body tries to catch its breath. "Can I help you, sergeant?" he says and begins crawling back on his feet, wiping sweat from his face with the back of his hand once upright.

Sora crosses her arms in front of her, "depends…perhaps you can tell me, why you have such a low oppinon of your fellow marines."

Cleaning his palms against one another, Gars only chuckles at first, and then looks up at Sora. "I wasnt aware I even had an opinion on all of the marines… I have on some. Anything specific you were wondering about?" he says and then pulls his hand across the brow to clean it from drops of sweat.

Sora says, "well, lets start with the comments and attitude that got you in here…"

"Which would be what, exactly?" Gars says. "You've never seen two marines get into an arguement or a brawl before? If so, you must have had a sheltered life in the Corps."

Sora says, "A disagreement yes, an argument yes…it's just that these things seem to follow you. I myself have seen it, at the armory. Your use of derogorty terms for instance. It's almost like your fishing for an argument."

"Perhaps" Gars says and moves on over to rest on the bunk, sitting down and leaning up against the wall. "Not many Cylons around here, is there, sergeant? You know, the tincans that wiped us all out for all we know. What do you expect? You know, sitting here for the past couple of days, I've been thinking; I've seen this shit with many guys before, never thought it would happen to me though… Post traumatic stress syndrom… Ever heard of it? Common to many veterans. The shit we see and do kinda messes with our heads. I figure, these Cylon attacks… They gave me a good dose of PTSS." He grins at his own conclusion, chuckles and shakes his head as he looks at the floor. "And it seems not a single frakking idiot on this ship was bright enough to spot it… Save for me that is." He looks back up at Sora, the grin ever present, "And you wonder what's wrong with me? Right… I think its called extinction, but what do I know, sergeant… Im just a grunt who is trained to kill. And right now, Im a grunt, trained to kill, who is itching for some payback; to give the Cylons a taste of their own medicine… Total frakking annihilation. Plain and simple. Is that good enough of an answer for ya, sergeant?"

Sora nods, "Right…so the cylons are to blame? So if they hadn't attacked, right now you'd be a happy marine that got along with everyone? What if it hadn't been cylons…what if it had been someone like you or me…a rogue element perhaps, that nuked a planet. Would it be there fault then?" She uncrosses her arms, "But it seems your solution is to go blindly into a situation we don't fully know, and just keep shooting. You don't think we all want to give them some payback? But I suppose your gonna do, what your gonna do." She looks about, "I'm sure you'll get to like it in here…course, if your in here…you won't get the chance for payback. See thats the thing, if you don't play the game by the rules…there not gonna let you play at all."

"That's right" Gars says, eyes narrowing. "If this didnt happen, I would be Gunny two months from now. I would be a happy little marine waiting to be shipped off to the next hotzone. And if Tauron or some other colony had planted a nuke, I would have been sent into combat to fight that war, no different from any other. Just what are you on about, sergeant? You're saying that all the guys in this uniform suffering from PTSS are to blame for their own condition? Its their fault war messed up their heads? And you're asking what's wrong with 'me', sergeant?" He gets up on his feet and walks on over to the bars, leaning up against the locked door to his cell. "I will tell you something, sergeant, and you better listen… I have followed you into combat, and I know, I can handle a squad ten times better than you in my current state. Probably fifty times better before the Cylons attacked. Cos if its one thing Im good at in this world, it is to lead men into combat and get them home alive with the objectives still achieved. I belong in combat, sergeant, because it is what I excel at in life. I was born to kill… As simple as that. You get me a squad, and I will give you results in turn; I guarantee."

Sora says, "Personally, I think your using PTSS as an excuse for your actions. But I think thats best for the Major to decide." She frowns a bit, "I never claimed to be some tactical wizard. I've learned to trust those around me to do their jobs…not to tell them how to do them." She turns as she moves for the hatch, "And we kill because we have to…not because we're good at it, or because we like it.""

"Telling people what to do 'Is' your job, sergeant" Gars says as Sora moves on out. "And since you dont seem to understand that, I guess that explains how poorly you lead your squad against that station. It's pretty simple, sergeant; Im a warrior locked in a cage… while you're playing soldier out in the real world."

Sora keeps walking, yawning a bit. Not gonna fall into his little argument bait.

Sora leaves for Corridor 14A [O].
Sora has left.

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