Joachim Brutus Warwick
JB Warwick
Eion Bailey
Eion Bailey as Joachim Brutus Warwick
Name: Joachim Brutus Warwick
Callsign: Hound
Age: 33
Branch: Military
Faction: Navy
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Battlestar Genesis
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Eion Bailey



Joachim Brutus Warwick, or JB Warwick as he's better known, is a Viper pilot aboard the Genesis. To most people in the Colonies, however, he is probably better known as a guitarist and singer, and was the lead singer, guitarist and one of the main songwriters of the band Vicious Hounds, who released three albums in their time, from about ten to six years BCH. He released two records a few years later as a solo artist without much success.


  • Good flying skills
  • Guitarist/singer
  • Not taking life too seriously(which also is his worst problem at times)
  • Knows more than most people about law.

Distinguishing Features

  • Eyes: Blue
  • His smile has been commented on as charming.


  • "Callsign": Hound. It comes from how he was intent on his training, his family's occupation, as well as the fact that he played in the band 'Vicious Hounds'.
  • Viper: On 4 ACH, Hound named his Viper the Charon, claiming that it would be sending a lot of Cylons into the underworld.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

He was born on Tauron, as the oldest child of kennel owners Peter and Marlena Warwick. Two years younger brother, William is a veterinary, while three years younger sister, Nicolette is a computer scientist that just got her degree.
When he was seven, he learned to play the guitar.


Aside from the ordinary schools, he went to law school at two different times, but never succeeded in getting through. In addition to that, he's gone through the Fleet Academy.

Military Service

Previous assignments:
When he got through the Academy, he was assigned to the Battlestar Heracles.


For the albums as a member of the Vicious Hounds, see Vicious Hounds discography

After a few years of absence on the music front, this was the first solo album by JB Warwick, although it didn't turn out to be the commercial success he hoped for. Songs written by Warwick, unless otherwise stated.
Track listing:
1. Comeback Kid
2. Back Where I Come From1
(Tim Curbs)
Cover version of a Tim Curbs song.
3. Shouldering The Pressure
4. What Can I Do?
5. Analogue (All I Want)2
Cover version of a song by Agent Butler.
6. Go For It
7. My Family
8. The King Is Dead3
(Joe Kent)
Cover version of a JoKe song.
9. Hallways
10 Wild Women4
Cover version of a song by Roadrash.
11. Dead Ends
12. Heart Of The Matter
13. Good To Be Back

On the Grid


He's been in the following logs:
25 BCH: Meetings in the Mess Hall - A trip to the mess hall.
21 BCH: Boxing Tournament - Getting beaten up in the boxing tournament.
18 BCH: Genesis - Deployment - Preparing to fly off to the Pandora.
18 BCH: Pandora - Docking Bay - Helping getting the wounded off the Pandora.
7 BCH: She's No Lady - Being in the Taproom during the Fight of the Year(?).



  • Vipers
  • Guitars
  • Drinking

Additional photos:

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