Watch Your Step
Watch Your Step
Summary: On the surface of Leonis, Pvt Lex and Cpl Ramiro have a quiet chat.
Date: 26 ACH
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Leonis, Fort Bachus, 26 ACH

An old air strip is still seen here except for being broken up over time and weather. A heavily chain-linked area with a wide gate of "KEEP OUT" sits there as some old sentinel, still guarding. Seemingly well guarded from flight paths, due to the range around them. The area is pock marked with strafing runs. Set into the side of the mountain, the remains of an old bunker still sits. The metal door has been half torn from its hinges and the blowing snow has began to cover the area as deep winter sets in.

Stepping outside into the cold, Ramiro's brought a brush and some cleaning solution with him. Sitting down by himself against the rock wall, he starts to scrub at his gear to get the bloodstains out. A bleach in the solution should help. Putting on a small thin pair of gloves, he keeps his eyes on the horizon.

Lex steps out of the shadow of the raptor, and moves around it with her rifle held pointed at the ground. She wanders by Ramiro, glancing down at what he's doing. She isn't on sentry duty, but she may as well be.

"Hey…" Ramiro looks up, cleaning the blood off of his gear. Flattening his lips, he looks to the Raptor and then to her. "You gettin your sleep in there? More privacy, mostly airtight stuff?" He says, looking down to check his work.

"I can fall asleep anywhere," Lex replies, with a slight shake of her head. "I just pull the occasional extra patrol. I don't sit still long." She glances down at the suit, noting the blood without asking after it.

"We found a civilian girl that had been shot up by the Cylons." Ramiro replies with a tone that states that he's telling her everything he believes he can at this point. "I crawled over to her and carried her out. Docs are keepin an eye on her now. She's iffy." He flattens his lips, looking back up to her.

Lex nods, eyes scanning the area. She stands just next to Ramiro, and is silent for a few beats. "How far from here?" She glances down to the other marine and follows up with another question, "How old?"

"Can't be more than nineteen." Ramiro replies, deciding his work is done. Pulling off the glove with his teeth, he watches his gloves and hands in the snow on the ground and rises, turning to face her. He looks weary, but in good spirits. "Four gunshots, auto spread. Not far from the airfield." He pauses. "It's a pretty heavy area. Too far to walk and we still have the element of surprise."

Lex nods again, just once, a decisive move. Her eyes turn toward the air field, clearly she's thinking. "Seems a little harsh for a nineteen year old girl, particularly one of the few survivors of a mass genocide." There is very little emotion in her words.

"Which is why I'm going to be praying tonight for her recovery." Ramiro says softly, watching Lex. He scratches the back of his neck as a little emotion seeps out of his words. "To survive the bombs only to die like that is a frakkin' load." He looks around. "You on sentry?"

"There isn't any noble way to die at nineteen," Lex comments. "Few as you grow older." She still speaks without much emotion, perhaps because she did not see the girl, but more likely because she's a marine, and she stows that shit even when she doesn't have to. "I'm not. But, like I said, I don't sit still."

Changing the subject, Ramiro looks to her, speaking with her quietly. "So, how did the rest of your leave go?" He asks with genuine interest, looking around with those hawklike eyes, always keeping watch while he's outside. Resting his hand on the rifle over his right shoulder, he turns back to her.

Lex remains standing, her rifle still pointed at the ground, hand loosely wrapped around the stock. She glances down as he asks after her leave. "Always good. I enjoy it. Often and repeatedly."

Ramiro smiles slightly, assuming what she meant by that. He lets out a long, slow sigh. "I got roped back into coming back from leave first thing in the morning." He pauses. "When we get back, I intend to use a few more days over there. Get into the sun and relax, swim a little."

"The best part about this assignment is the lack of medical evals," Lex murmurs, with a little smirk at the mention of the end of leave. "Swimming doesn't sound bad."

"You kidding me? We're gonna be checked out for a while when we get back, just in case." Ramiro smirks back with a little shake of his head. "We just delayed the inevitable. At least mine when I got back turned up okay." He pauses. "Thanks again for the help with the mine, Lex."

"Delay, in this case," Lex glances down and shakes her head, "Works just fine for me." Seems that someone doesn't particularly like doctors. "No thanks for the mine necessary. It's what I do." She smiles slightly. "Very well, I might add."

"Yeah, you do that pretty damn well. I didn't see any mines out there when we scouted, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Who knows what kind of stuff they're using." He pauses, folding his arms after setting his gear down at his feet. He looks to her again. "So how did you end up enlisting?"

"You usually don't know until some poor fool falls over it." Lex's pale eyes sweep the area as she turns to face slightly in a different direction. "I always wanted to be a marine. As soon as I was able, I enlisted." It's simple, and not very interesting.

"So you were that girl in grade school beatin up on the boys eh?" Ramiro replies, watching her as they talk. "Rough and tumble type? Highly don't take you for the cheerleader or the bookworm."

"Yeah," Lex smiles slightly at that. "That was me. But I hardly ever started it." She adjusts her grip on her rifle, pointing it to the sky, rested against her shoulder. "But I sure as hell finished it more than my fair share of times." She glances down and regards Ramiro for a moment. "Do not imagine me as a cheerleader." If you wish to keep your eyes. Unspoken addition.

"I just said I didn't picture you as one." Ramiro replies, chuckling a little. He shakes his head. "You're good folk, Lex." He adds, letting out a slow, foggy breath. Taking another sweep with his eyes, he remains quiet.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Lex stows her weapon, slinging it over her shoulder by the strap. Her eyes study a different sector than Ramiro's. The silence falls between them for long moments.

"Not much for conversation right now are you?" Ramiro asks, scanning. Shrugging on his ghillie suit to keep him warm, he rubs his hands together while waiting for his gloves to dry out. "Hobbies?"

"Bombs." Lex glances over. "IEDs, advanced devices. Anything that explodes or ignites." She shakes her head slightly. "Unarmed combat, wilderness survival, camping. I fish. I like to fish. You?"

"Never tried fishing, never had the chance to." Ramiro replies with a shrug. "Sniping, Pyramid, Helping the Chaplain out…" He pauses, shrugging. "Sports bars, peace and quiet. I usually hang around the Obs Deck."

"I like it up there as long as folks aren't whining out loud while I'm trying to read." Lex reaches up to adjust her helmet. "Flirting I can handle, but all that morose bullshit while I'm trying to study makes me cranky."

"Sorry about that one night. I went up there to do one of two things, relax and write, or meet a girl." He pauses. "I can understand why people go up there to vent, but I think some people don't realize that it's the only place you can be left alone."

"The firing range is for venting." Lex rolls her shoulders, then stretches, popping at least two places in her back. "What is it you do with these girls once you've found them?"

"Haven't gotten that far yet." Ramiro replies with a smirk, taking out his canteen and drinking from it. Screwing the cap back on, he attaches it to his belt. "Well…since I came to the Genesis at least. I'm more the play it by ear type."

"Is that what you call it?" Lex's brows arch and she regards Ramiro for a moment before she swaps her rifle to her other shoulder, and pulls in close to the building, out of the cold rain. "I don't think that much."

"Well, its the best I can muster." Ramiro replies, smiling inwardly. "People have boundaries and this is the military. Last thing you wanna do is get charged with assault." He shrugs. "So I talk, let things sort themselves out." He chuckles. "It doesn't work."

"Doesn't seem to work the other way, either," Lex replies with a pointed look at Ramiro. She shakes her jacket off as the rain lets up. "It's quicker and easier to get a few drinks and wait for someone's hands to wander."

Ramiro returns the pointed look, the side of his lip tugging slightly upwards in a veiled grin. "Well if it's any consolation, I felt physical pain walking down the hallway, Lex." He says. "It's a complication, but I'm the honor type."

Lex nods, a slight drop and then raise of the chin, very slight. She looks out into the night, and notes with the very slightest of smiles. "It is. A very small consolation. But it will do."

"Just a very small consolation?" He replies, smirking at her and giving her a playful shove as he starts to walk towards the bunker. "I'll be seeing you around, Private." He shakes his head, looking back to her over his shoulder. "I think you're the landmine."

"If that's the case, Corproral," Lex glances over, eyes following him for a moment. "I hope you've made your peace with the Gods." She smiles, turns, and takes a few steps into the night. "Because you're frakked."

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