Water Water Everywhere
Water Water Everywhere
Summary: Alexandra seeks to further her father's legacy.
Date: 116 ACH
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Argonaut Park

A beautiful blue, lake has been placed here, large enough for the paddle boats to move around with ease. A running path encircles the lake itself and there are even small docks jetting out in places for feeding the water fowl. The grassy area between the path and the lake make perfection for tossing down a blanket and enjoying the day.
The main attraction of this area consists of the Carina Crab House with the 'dock' area set up on stilts at the end of the lake. The outdoor seating area was set up special for the view.

The lake, though purely artificial, is probably similar to one the architect grew up with on their home world. And in this instance is as beautiful as one could find in space. And it also suits the woman who sits on one of the many benches upon the shore line. Alexandra Theopolis, stares into folder, spilling forth with a variety of papers, pictures and the like. Her gaze misses many visitors in her search for a particular file.

From the avenue comes Reighner, toting a filled brown paper bag. He squints around the artificial sunlight.

Corinne is not toting anything as she comes around the curve of the lake, save for a vaguely sour look. A little too subdued to be surly, perhaps. She pauses at a bench not far down from the one Alexandra occupies and lowers herself into it, reaching up to push the heel of her palm into her right eye socket.

At once, Alex's peripheral vision is captured by the gentleman and the woman lowering herself onto a bench. Her head lifts, turning once to the right and then the left. With her left hand, she presses her glasses to the bridge of her nose and watches each in turn, a inquisitive expression on her face.

Reighner comes to a stop near the edge of the lake. He unfastens the top button of his jacket, opening it up, and puts the hand loosely on his hip. He exhales audibly as he watches the reflections.

Corinne finishes punishing her eye socket, lowering her hand back down to her lap. She turns her attention to the lake, her gaze eventually drifting to Reighner as he looks out over the surface. She, like Alexandra, just watches for a few moments, considering.

Alexandra murmurs to the gentleman who comes to stand nearby, "All it lacks is a slight breeze coming off the surface."

Reighner drops the hand and looks behind him. "Hmm?" He blinks a few times to clear his mind's eye. "What'd you say?"

Corinne folds her arms and leans into the back of the wire bench, smirking faintly in Reighner's general direction. She casts a sidelong glance at Alexandra, then comments sardonically, "I'm sure the simulated wind will kick in here in a second."

Alexandra hand lifts to remove the glasses, "The lake. All it lacks is a breeze and it would make one believe this is quite perfect." Her head turns towards the woman, nodding slowly, "Sadly, this may be all we'll ever have. There must be a way to simulate a good drink, though."

"Well, things aren't quite the same anymore, I'm afraid." Reighner's eyes track from Alexandra to Corinne. He lifts the same hand in a brief wave. But soon his eyes are back to the lake.

The mention of a good drink wipes the smirk right from Corinne's face, and her dour look from moments ago returns, amplified. Her arms remain folded across her chest, so she meets Reighner's wave with a dip of her chin instead of replying in kind.

Alexandra returns her glasses to her face with a brief smile, "That is a rather large understatement, sir." Standing, she closes the folder, tucking it under her arm. "Are you used to living on ships?" Her eyes sweep from one to the other to include them both.

Reighner looks over his shoulder again. He seems to consider Corinne's mood for a moment before regarding Alexandra. "No. No, can't say that I am." He smiles weakly. "And you?"

"Yes," is Corinne's monosyllabic reply as she crosses one leg over the other, her right shoe dangling off her heel and jiggling restlessly with a repetitive motion.

Alexandra steps nearer the man, her left hand extending by way of introduction, "This is my first time," A glance around before continuing, "And it appears depending on if our luck holds, probably my last. Alexandra Theopolis late of Hephaestion on Tauron."

Reighner glances down at Alexandra's hand before extending his own. "Nice to meet you," he answers politely. "Matt Reighner." He doesn't shake her hand and instead grasps it for a few seconds. "What do you mean, your last time?"

Corinne watches Alexandra and Reighner talk, still jiggling her shoe half off her foot. Uncrossing her arms, she instead folds them loosely across her lap, and continues to fidget for a while, rearranging her limbs every few moments.

Alexandra experiences the warmth of his hand, the smoothness before turning her head once more towards the woman to include her in the conversation, "We will either find somewhere to live or they'll find us," the implication of that result remaining unspoken, "Miss, you seem quite familiar to me. Were you ever on Tauron?"

Reighner presses his lips together and cants his head a notch, in a sort of shrug. He slides his hands into his pockets and looks at Corinne.

Corinne seems a little caught off guard as the question is directed at her, and her restlessness takes a brief recess. "Several years ago," she confirms with a strange, private grin easing the agitation on her face.

You say, "It was an independent film…several years ago, yes? At the Hephaestion Film Festival…" She places her hand on her brow, struggling to recall, "You were a lounge singer, phenomenal voice…" Her fingers snap softly in her attempt, "We'd always hoped you'd put out a vocal album…."

Reighner glances from Alexandra back to Corinne. He plays the mute.

Corinne clears her throat, but the sound just degenerates into a throaty laugh. "And that's about the only place it was ever shown, for good reason. But thanks." Her mood does seem to have improved post ego-stroking. She stands, then walks over to meet Alexandra, extending a hand. "Corinne Zosimus." She commences playing nice, a smile offered to both the woman and Reighner. "Hi, Matt."

Alexandra takes the proffered hand in a warm press, "Alexandra Theopolis. It is a pleasure, Miss Zosimus. You were not given enough screen time, I might add." It is then that the gentleman's name registers in her head and once introductions are passed around, her blue eyes regard him once more. "Doctor Reighner? I believe my father interviewed you some time ago. He said you were quite fascinating and well-regarded in your field of expertise."

Reighner furrows his eyebrows, surprised. "Ah," is all he says.

Corinne turns her head slightly to give Reighner a lingering, half-amused look, then shifts her focus to Alexandra again. "You're a woman in the know," she observes, if a little skeptically. One dark brow arches dramatically, inviting explanation.

Alexandra returns the woman's look guilelessly, "Just one who grew up reading and listening to a variety of subjects. Nothing so glamourous as an actress or as necessary as a researcher. My father was Jon Theopolis, head of the Tauron News Center. I was exposed to a diverse collection of information."

Reighner scratches his eyebrow. "I may know him," he mumbles, as if trying to convince himself. "I don't suppose you stayed in his line of work."

Corinne's eyes narrow a touch, but her gaze doesn't linger much longer on Alexandra. "I'd be willing to wager you did," she comments while her eyes angle towards the brown paper sack on the ground near Reighner. She reaches out with the toe of her shoe, lightly tapping it with unabashed curiosity.

Alex replies, "Before leaving Tauron, I kept many of his interviews on disk. I wanted to preserve his legacy. Unfortunately, he was amongst the first of many casualties. And yes, Doctor, I worked for him many years after graduating from the University." Her eyes follow the prodding of the woman's toe, fearful the bag may disgorge its contents on the shoreline.

The bag crinkles, but there's resistance. Definitely something in there. Reighner looks down at the bag, too, and allows an awkward couple of seconds to go by. He looks up and starts talking again. "Your line of work's in demand."

Corinne retracts her toe, curiosity unsated. And as brazen an individual she may seem to be, she doesn't demand to know what is in the bag. Yet. She looks back up, quietly casting a glance between Alexandra and Reighner as her restlessness reemerges.

Alexandra's eyes continue to center on the stationary bag, maybe expecting something to spring forth from the enclosure, "So would a distiller, though no one's been beating down my door, nor offering much information for the asking."

Reighner makes an mmm noise. "Yeah, I'm told that that happens." He glances at Corinne before asking the reporter, candidly, "What have you heard about the water problem here?"

Corinne's interest in Alexandra's response to the question posed by Reighner is made clear as her gaze stops drifting aimlessly around and snaps back to the reporter. "Some of those engineering techs I saw working on the pipes looked like they'd be fairly easy to crack," she offers helpfully.

Alexandra looks directly into the Doctor's face, reviewing the information she's found. "That there was a chemical container found near one of the junctions after the first of the water systems flushings. It was given to Security here on the ship, but from there I've found nothing. What it contained, where it was found precisely, who found it…What of the autopsies done on those who died…" She turns back to Corinne, frustration registering on her knitted brow, "It's as if there's a lock down on information. And the public should be informed."

Reighner nods a few times. "Is the military not letting you guys get access or something?" The irony of the question seems lost to him.

"I've never known the military to be tight-lipped about anything," Corinne muses derisively. "But now that the party's over and the liquor's dried up, maybe there is something to this fear of mass hysteria if the facts were made public." There's something to be said about comdemning both sides of a coin.

Alexandra looks up at him with interest, "I suppose I simply need to find the right…conduit, Doctor Reighner." A smile is offered at Corinne's comment, though it is short-lived if that is, indeed the case.

"Well, I suppose you'd need to make your request to our, uhh, captain," Reighner answers. He smiles weakly again. "I can't help you, I'm afraid. There's all sorts of regulations that say I can't just up and talk to a reporter on the record." He glances at Corinne with a slight arch of an eyebrow.

It's not like Corinne has anything constructive to say, so she just shrugs at Reighner's glance. She pushes a thumb into her brow, putting some repetative pressure on a single spot for a moment, her eyes squinting shut.

Alexandra's sky blue gaze returns to Matt, "And does your Captain have a name? From my finite knowledge of starships, there seems to be a surfeit of that particular rank, yourself included."

Reighner makes an oh noise. "The captain in position, not the captain in rank. His name is Salin Altair. Colonel." He pats his left breast, testing the inside pocket. "I could spell out his name for you."

Corinne drops her hand from her forehead, angling her body to face the placid lake. She folds her arms again as though they needed to be restrained, and just watches the water.

Out of habit, Alex's pen is at the ready, a click of the cap and pressed against the folder to write the name. "It would be most appreciated, Doctor." A glance towards Corinne with concerned filled eyes, "Headache, Miss Zosimus?"

Yet another glance at the singer. Reighner mumbles something in thanks and lowers his eyes to scrawl the skipper's name on the face of the folder. It's pretty shoddy handwriting, but it's passable, by most standards. As he returns the stuff, he says, genuinely, "Let me know if you don't get anywhere with the colonel."

"Just a small one," Corinne replies, still facing the lake.

Alexandra reclaims the folder and the pen with a murmured thanks, fingers brushing fingers in the exchange. Stepping back she assesses the two silently, "It was a pleasure, Miss Zosimus, Doctor Reighner. I will, of course keep you informed as to my efforts. And thank you for the information."

"Take care," Reighner says in parting as he extends his right hand. He smiles. And yes, another weak one.

Corinne swivels her neck to regard Alexandra. "Good luck," she says, her tone jaded but not entirely insincere. She follows it up with the flicker of a smile, then turns to stride back toward the bench she occupied earlier. She considers it for a few seconds too long before finally seating herself once more.

Alexandra takes the hand, drawing herself nearer to him in parting.

You murmurs, "If you've the time, I should like to have dinner with you soon." to Reighner.

Reighner grasps the woman's hand for a few seconds. He leans his head in, pausing there for a moment, then draws away, letting go of her hand. "Sure, let me know," he replies in a natural volume, nodding. He raises his palm to her. "Nice meeting you."

Alexandra smiles her good-bye to them both and walks with determination out of the area.

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