Waxy Lingerie Wrestlemania
Waxy Lingerie Wrestlemania
Summary: Eli starts her 'find a man' project and runs into Melia, Hazzard, Desusa, Chione and eventually more people join in as the time progresses. Waxing and Lingerie is discussed, Salin and Eli wrestle, even Zaharis ends up in the ring as everybody just gathers together (Sloane gets to meet the wall) to watch some fights and talk about strange things. Guest Starring: JAGman.
Date: 61 ACH
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Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9
61 ACH 23817 Souls
Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.
-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----
Contents: Desusa Eli Melia Wireless 442

Exits: [AC] Athletics Court [O] Corridor
[P] Pool

It's afternoon in the Gym and work has been proceeding apace on restocking supplies and water from The Red Planet. Of course, that means the gym is a bit emptier than usual. There's a little hummingbird-like woman over at one of the punching bags. She's short, but she's also a little on the quick side and a lot on the fierce side. That bag is getting a heck of a workout, even though it looks like the thing is going in the wrong direction 3 times out of every 4.

Desusa has been here for a few minutes, but has mostly stuck to the threadmill. The major breathes easy as he steps down from the machine and grabs his water. He has been looking at Melia as she whacks the bag too, but has said nothing to her.
Hazzard comes in from Corridor 9D.

It's afternoon in the Gym and work has been proceeding apace on restocking supplies and water from The Red Planet. Of course, that means the gym is a bit emptier than usual. There's a little hummingbird-like woman over at one of the punching bags. She's short, but she's also a little on the quick side and a lot on the fierce side. That bag is getting a heck of a workout, even though it looks like the thing is going in the wrong direction 3 times out of every 4. She's, obviously, going at the punching bag with the fierceness of a little terrier, knocking it the wrong way with most of her hits. Desusa is finishing up on the treadmill, having just stepped down to grab his water. Currently, he's observing the Beating of the Bag.

Melia continues to wail away at the bag. Her form isn't -totally- unfortunate - she's obviously been given some pointers by someone somewhere down the road. But the way she's hitting at the bag seems to suggest that she thinks she's taller than she actually is. There's a bit of a grin on her face, though. Probably a good thing she has gloves on - that bag would be bruised -everywhere- otherwise. She's, obviously, going at the punching bag with the fierceness of a little terrier, knocking it the wrong way with most of her hits. Desusa is finishing up on the treadmill, having just stepped down to grab his water. Currently, he's observing the Beating of the Bag.

The hatch opens up and through it walks the Hazman. It seems since he nearly frooze his ass off on the Nebula, he has been working out harder and more frequent then most Marines in the fleet. And today he comes in, already sporting a decent sweat from a run in the corridors of the Marine country. He takes a deep breath as he looks around and nods his head over towards Desusa. "Zeus." he says in a gasp before he looks over towards the energizer bunny of the Navy.

Desusa looks to Haz and nods to him, "Sergeant." His eyes trail back to Melia, as she hits the bags like it owes her money. "Impressive. Haven't seen that much energy devoted into clobbering a bag."

Eli is in her sweats again, slipping out of her jacket and tying it around her waist as her dog tags jangle and she runs her fingers through her hair, closing her eyes for a moment and then looking to the clipboard she untucks from under her arm, squinting at it and shaking her head.

Melia is, of course, working up a lovely sweat. She's not one of those women who glows when she works out. She also doesn't work out "prettily." No, she's working out like the Yorkshire Terrier trying to take down the St. Bernard. Or the medic who's trying to make herself a new patient to fix. Does there seem to be a bit of frustration in the way she's beating on the bag? Yep. Is she having fun doing it? Most definitely. Curls fly as she bounces around on the balls of her feet, clearly intending to take on the bag from the other side.

"She is a piece of work.." Hazzard adds as he looks away from the energizer bunny by the bag once again to look at Desusa. It may have been a hint of…nah..Sergeant Hazzard is down to the bone, a cold hearted killer..but it did nearly sound affectionate. He takes another deep breath, trying to figure out where to go since the punching bag is occupied. "Sheriff." he mutters in greeting as he notices Eli.

Desusa folds his arms in front of him and continues watching the girl bruise the canvas. Assuming the bags are made of something that reseambles canvas. "Good footwork," muses Desusa before he turns to look at Eli, "One of yours, Sheriff?" His finger points at Melia.

Eli just looks thoughtful, glancing over to Melia and doing a double take/once over and just chuckles before realizing he's being greeted and addressed. "…oh, yo." She lifts a hand to Hazzard and then greets Desusa respectfully. "Sir? Oh not yet sir, not yet…she keep workin' the bag like that though, I might be tempted to start begging." S/he just nods slowly.

If Mellie's noticed there are other people around, yet, she hasn't made any sign of it. She simply continues to hit the bag, over and over again. There's a slight change in her facial expression as she methodically beats at the canvas and dodges when the bag doesn't go the way it's supposed to. It's an expression of, well, unholy glee. After a few dozen more seconds, the bag finally has enough and clips her on the shoulder as it swings by. She finally stops, dancing back out of the way and holding a hand to her shoulder. It's only -then- does she notice the three other people around. "Afternoon, Sirs," she calls brightly, a little out of breath. "And you, too, Sergeant Hazzard."

"Navy Medic, Sir." Hazzard adds as he straightens up, can't show weakness infront of the Major that is a big no no. The Major said he counted upon him, and he will walk over corpses to uphold the honor of the Corps. A gentle smile plays over his lips as Melia adresses him and he offers her a nod in return. "Petty Officer Sullivan…Always a pleasure to meet you."

Desusa chuckles and looks back to Mel. When she stops her workout, Raul smiles an nods to the woman. "Good hits, PO. Want a job with the marines besides fixing them up," he teases as he takes some water and passes his towel over his face.
Chione comes in from Corridor 9D.

Eli's glance turns to Hazzard for a moment, eyeing him quietly for a few moments before looking back to Melia and chuckling softly once more, shaking her head and lifting a hand before starting to head off towards the weights with her clipboard, expression grim and serious now.

The Sheriff is on the prowl, which has Mellie dancing slightly to the side to get out of the officer's way. Apparently, somewhere along the line, Melia developed a VERY healthy respect for the Marine Sheriff. Her attention pops back to Desusa and Hazzard and a grin lights her face. "Thank you, Sir, but Major Zaharis would have my ass in a sling if I even thought about it, Sir. I AM hoping to observe Marine hostage negotiation tactics, Sir, in an attempt to learn something." She grins at Hazzard, dipping her head. "It's good to see you again, Sir," she replies. Yep, about every sixth word out of her mouth is Sir. They teach them well in the Navy.

Eli earns the Marine covert signal of a raised eyebrow from Hazzard and the smile. Ohh yes it is the 'what she is hot' look before he looks back towards Melia. "Sullivan, dont Sir me.." the 'I work for a living' is left out as his Major is in the room. "Makes me feel bad when I win your bet."

Desusa nods to Melia before he finds the nearest bench to sit down on and drink some water.

Eli writes something down on her clipboard, running her tongue over her front teeth and arching an eyebrow as she narrows her eyes and just smirks at Hazzard, the counter smirk of 'well yeah, I'd hit it' in response to the 'what she's hot' - It is Marine face sign language, really.

Whether unwise, unhealthy or just brought by the winds of fortune looking for laughter, Chione Dike strides into the gym at this point, her hands pulling her light blond hair into a single tail as she does so. Blue eyes glance around the room, stopping as she notes the unfair advantage of marines to navy in the room and suddenly the young Ensign is rethinking her desicion on a jogging at this exact moment in time.
It is just a momentary pause, and she is here now, so Chione strides the rest of the way in, giving a stiff-necked salute, like someone possibly uncomfortable in their own skin, or someone with a board very far up their own a… - well, that is a conversation for debate at another point in time. Quitely Chione moves to the side, taking a moment to get the lay of the land while stretching out to observe in relative safety and hopefuly anonymity.

Rounded face lends itself towards an air of innocence. Straight blond hair, light glistening towards white rests top Chione's heart-shaped face, framing her features. Azure eyes are outlined with dark lashes and arching brows rest overtop expressively. Lips tend to quirk one-side upwards in a half-smile. From there, Chione's form continues into the sculpted and well cared for feminine curves of the former model turned military young woman.

Chione is dressed in Colonial Fleet fatigues minus the outer shirt. A dark brown tank top covers a gray sleeveless T-shirt, with a pair of silver hexagonal dogtags dangling from a chain around her neck. The T-shirt is tucked into a pair of olive green trousers, the legs of which are bloused into the top of black combat boots. A subdued black web belt is worn around the waist.

Marine sign language and the little medic who just beat up a punching bag is utterly oblivious. Either that or she's just not looking. Her nose crinkles at Hazzard for a moment then she smiles over at Desusa, heading over to a bench and her own water. "I suggested a game of VIP, Sir," she tells him. "Sergeant Hazzard is fairly certain he's going to win. Now it's only a matter of getting a few more players and putting the game together." Chione's entrance has Mellie hopping to her feet - even though she just sat down - and returning salute with a sharp, quiet, "Sir."

'Frak' Hazzard winces as he studies Eli for a moment longer and then looks back towards Melia and smiles, in a bit more friendly then mere Marine fashion. His matters to discuss with the Major is not quite suited for the location and soo Desusa only earns another glance, before Chione makes her presence known, by the Energizer bunny's Sir.

Desusa nods simply to Melia and says, "Well, I don't play card games with the Sergeant, PO. He'd whipe my stash in a heartbeat." When Chione is 'Sired', Desusa looks towards her and lofts a brow. Too young to be a Colonel, so, he waits for the intros.

Eli is standing over —> there being quiet and watchful and Chione gets a curious tilt of her head as she lowers her clipboard for a moment. Okay, SO not a man, but Eli isn't going to complain as she continues to stare at Chione trying to place her for a moment, failing, she goes back to writing.

Mid-stretch, Chione pauses - caught. With Desusa looking her way, the Ensign turns, and stands at attention, "Ensign Chione Dike, Sir" she notes. "You were busy in conversation and I did not wish to interrupt a pleasant conversation, Sir." One thing Chione did do, upon her arrival to the Genesis, was familiarize herself with 'Those In Charge' like any good Caprican from a Political Family would do. And for the moment, Chione is even doing her best to just curve the corners of her lips upwards in a smile, instead of glaring at the Petty Officer who pointed her out in her hiding place. She's trying to make a FEW friends here, after all, not burn every bridge that comes along. Or, at least, that was Kalypso's advice.

Uhoh - Caught! Mellie tilts her head slightly to the side as she glances between Desusa and Chione. It's interesting how the emotions play across the young medic's face. She goes from "oh, shit," to "huh," to "I'm thirsty" in the space of just a few heartbeats. Once Chione begins the introductions, Mellie resettles herself on the bench and reaches for her water bottle - quiet, for once. Of course, even though she's quiet, she's not still - her legs are crossed at the ankles and swinging back and forth, burning off a little more of that excess of energy.

"Not a card game Sir.." Hazzard looks back towards Desusa. "Vip training..One group to escort a VIP and the other group to take out the VIP..The team to make it the fastest and cleanest win…Marine vs Navy." he explains, knowing full well why the Major wont play cards against him. All that explained he looks back towards Chione and nods his head in greeting. "Ensign." the salute can wait til outside of the Gym, since he is here to work out. Seeing the punching bag free, the Sergeant makes his way over and glances at Melia. "May I?"

"Ensign," chimes Desusa as he examines the girl further. He looks back to his water and nods to Haz as he clears that VIP scenario for him. "Still, I wont play on the ground with you, Sergeant." He snickers and drinks.

Eli just calls out seemingly out of the blue, towards Hazzard. "Sergeant, dude, how much do you weight?" Those icy blue eyes flick between Mellie and Chione distractedly before focusing back on Hazzard, lips pursing in her deep thought.

Another nod is given, before Chione turns towards Hazzard. "Sergeant, nice to see you again," she offers before pausing, and glancing around the room. Chione does glance over towards Eli a moment, an eyebrow arching upwards in curiousity back at the woman/man/something somewhere in-between catching Eli's flick in her direction. Drat, has she been discovered? Does she have to start acting like a bitch now? "Sergeant, if I might be so bold as to point out, if you wanted to play Navy versus Marines, we Navy folk are a little outmanned and outclassed right now."

"Game, Sir," Mellie tells Chione quietly. "Not even a training exercise, though there'll be a little learning going on. The Sergeant's just trying to get me in a dress and to agree to dinner with him." She flashes Hazzard another of those trademark grins before taking another swig of water and hopping to her feet again, off toward a treadmill.

Desusa gets beep on his timepiece and he sighs. "Well, that's my call." He stands up and nods to Melia and Chone, "Pleasure Ensign, PO." He gives Eli and Hazz a thumbs up before he begins walking out.

Hazzard looks over towards Eli and blinks a few times before he ponders a moment. "Dunno..'round 180.." he says before he starts to jab at the punching bag. As he moves it is clear to the trained eye that he is taught in the Marine department in close combat. A jab from the right, and then a knee up from the left as he rolls on his feet. "I didnt suggest it, Ensign..it was a bet made by a very lovely person among your own Corp…I'd guess she wishes to loose."

"Sir," offers Chione with a nod to Desusa as he stands and leaves. Then the young woman visibly relaxes more. "Okay, that went better than with Major Carter," she notes before looking to Hazzard and Melia. Now shines a very wicked and mischievious light in the Ensign's eyes. Following Melia, Hazzard is just given a far too sweet, smile, before Chione says, "Even if you loose, I have a dress you can borrow that will make certain you win. Once he sees you in this dress he won't be able to move because his jaw will be on the deck and his knees will be as weak as a babe's. I just enjoy helping out a woman involved in a bet."

Eli idly scratches her chin, narrowing her eyes at Hazzard once more and lips moving silently as she does math in her head and then scribbling something else down carefully before coughing and hmming softly. "And how much protein do you get in a day?" She pauses to wave to Desusa as he heads out and then continues working on…whatever she's doing.

Melia glances over her shoulder at Chione and just blinks for a long minute, then she smiles. Oh, it's a bad smile. Bad for Hazzard that is. "Oh, REALLY," she asks quietly, consideringly. "Sir, if you don't mind, I think I may take you up on that offer. Care to join the Navy team for this little training game?"

"Frak I dont know Sheriff..all the protein the Mess hall can spare during rationing?" Hazzard says with a chuckle as he continues to punish the punching bag, in a near enough frenzied state as Melia did but with a tad bit more skill to it, which for some reason seems to be slacking off a bit as Chione and Melia continue their discussion.

"I don't mind at all, I won't be using the dress any time soon, really. It was something I picked up during my year on the Destiny, you'll love it. It's a really Corina Aurellis. You know, the type that plunges to the navel in front, nothing but straps in the back, and it's from her Aurora Borealis line, very chic. What size shoe do you wear? I have these heels that were just MADE to go with it that make your legs look like they go all the way up to your armpits," drawls out Chione, her blue eyes darting sidelong towards Hazzard to gauge his reaction to the conversation. "And certain, I suppose I could give it a try. I was just put on Tactical, I need to use that part of my brain more."

Mellie's eyes go a bit wide at the description of the dress. "Oh," she breathes quietly. "I'm a six in shoes. Though, the dress might not fit right, Sir. You're slimmer than I am." Her lower lip gets nibbled a bit as she darts a glance over to Hazzard. Then there's that grin again. "It's something we can certainly consider, Sir. Most definitely." Then it's off to the treadmill.

Hazzard continues to work on the punching bag, perhaps not the desired effect Chione is seeking for Hazzard picks up his pace. Slowly becoming more and more frenzied as he slams his fists, knees and kicks into the punching bag. He is soo going to win that bet.
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Eli is luckily very dedicated to her project, so Chione just gets stared at for a few moments, eyebrow quirking and lips parting before she shakes her head off and nods to Hazzard, writing something down before asking delicately. "And…how easily do you…squish?" Scribble Scribble." She does point a pen at Chione. "Do you uh, know where to find lingerie then in the fleet? Sir?"

That smiles grows even larger as Hazzard picking up the pace on his punching. "Or I have another dress that would make a devotee of Hestia cringe at how modest it is. I had planned on having my picture taken in it and shipping said picture off to my mother …" she offers with a roll of her shoulders, as if the matter was off no concequence.
Turning, Chione looks over at Eli with an arch of an eyebrow. "Well, the Destiny still has some, but I would make a run on it, though I still have a few friends over there. When I worked my way back into the Navy after that dreadful year exiled by my mother as Cruise Director on the Destiny, I did manage to barter some lingere, as well. Was there anything or any size in particular you were looking for? And surely I'm not the only person who has connections on the Genesis. I'm afraid, because of the ship I was on, most of mine are typically high-end."

Hazzard suddenly stops in his frenzied fighting and looks over towards Eli. Unlike last time, he knows the bag will bounce back and actually takes a step to the side to avoid being sent on his ass. "Squish? And ask nicely Sheriff and I'll put my SST skills to use and bring you some lingerie just to be nice."

Mellie starts running on the treadmill, happily listening to the conversation swirl around her. "Squish, L.T. Cringle up, get hurt. You know, like you'd squish a cylon head between your bare hands if you could. Make it explode, spread goop everywhere." So helpful she is. "Lingerie, hmmmm," she says, head canting to the side as she mulls that.

Hazzard looks over towards Melia and then back towards Eli. "Oh, I can take a punch or two..takes sturdy stuff to survive alone in the wilderness of Sag."

Eli just gives Chione another curious look. "…big lingerie." She's not going to elaborate. "Just uh, ya know." She mumbles something about cake and asses and important before eyeing Hazzard again. "What the frak would I do with lingerie that you picked out…seriously dude?" She squints and then does a double take at Mellie. "Exactly uh, just well…err." She writes something else down.

"Well, If it is for you, I could fit you for it. There is nothing MORE uncomfortable than trying to walk around in ill-fitting lingerie. Trust me. Even if it's just down the catwalk, it's a beast," notes Chione with a shake of her head, that spark of delight clear in her eyes, enjoying 'girl talk' with the Sergeant there for some reason. "It's just a simple measurement of the hips, the waist and the bust for most. But if you have time off, I would go visit the Destiny. There is a shop there I like, tell them I sent you, and they will treat you right."
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Mellie is absorbing the girl talk with all of the attention of a girl who's never -had- it. There's utter and complete fascination there. "You mean…there's more than just pretty nightgowns and robes," she finally blurts out, as if she can't quite help herself. Then she glances at Hazzard, nearly tripping on the treadmill. "Should we be discussing it here," she squeaks, quickly looking back to Chione.

"I'm just offering Sheriff." Hazzard mutters, trying to talk about anything to take his mind off a certain someone wearing lingerie and sexy dresses. "Whats with the twenty questions anyhow?" he asks as he goes back to punching the bag.

Eli just stares at Chione for a few moments, stare stare, icy blue eyes getting even more icy for a moment before her lips just twist in a hint of a smirk, shaking her head. "It isn't for me, sir." She offers dryly before glancing back to Mellie. "Shi-hel-err..yeah. There is. All the lace and beads and silk and satin…" That gender neutral 'surfer' ish kinda voice getting rougher as she trails off staring at nothing in particular for a few moments before she just shudders. "What?" Then she looks over to Hazzard. "Oh. I'm getting you a date." That's all she says about that before coughing and looking between Mellie and Chione. "Don't let us interrupt the girl talk stuff, really." See, She's nice.
Cassia comes in from Corridor 9D.

Turning towards Melia for a moment, Chione gives a nod, lowering her voice. "Oh, absolutely. Now all he's going to think about his you in a dress and you shopping for lingerie. It might make him want to win the bet more, but even if he does, the effect of seeing you in the dress you wear will be all the greater in the end." Reaching up a curled fist and clearing her throat, Chione turns back around and offers her most charming smile to Eli and Hazzard. "Don't worry, you're not interrupting," she offers kindly, then shifts her stance to seemingly include Eli and Melia as she continues. "Oh, indeed there is everyday where, plus camisoles, tangas, teddys, negliges, nightgowns, and when worn right, pants and a top can be perfectly alluring not to mention comfortable. I aught to arrange an outing for you and some of the other enlisted to the Destiny who are interested, I can tell you which shops to visit, where to go what to do, just for a girl's day, to feel like women for one day, before going back to being soldiers. We're all soldiers, but we women deserve to feel like women once in a while."
<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Mellie turns those now HUGE eyes on Eli as she slowly rolls off the back of the treadmill. Thump. Luckily she doesn't land on her behind. "I…wow," she says quietly. "I think I missed a few things growing up." If her eyes got any wider, they'd take over her face completely. As it is, she looks like a Precious Moments figurine. "On Destiny, you say? I may have to go over and see what I've got in trade. Or maybe even just look." She pauses, glancing among Hazzard, Chino and Eli, then looks back to poor Eli. "What's a tanga? It sounds like some sort of furry little animal."

A finaly punch to send the bag swaing in the chain it is attached to before Hazzard turns to make his way over towards the pool area in a hurry, in a dire need to cool down.

Eli grips her clipboard tightly, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, cheeks puffing out some and color rising but she's not drooling, her eyes aren't popping out of her head and her head isn't turning into that of a wolf as she whistles. SO, she's doing very very very very good as she licks her lips and nods slowly, eyeing Chione like she might be the anti-christ with boobies and a BSG version of Victoria Secrets dictionary in her head. Then she just has to stare at Mellie and her head tilts to the side and her eyes widen a bit. "Dude wha-oh it uh, not furry. I mean if the chick's waxed it isn't furry but there is lace and uh if well, not technically a little animal. Some women are /wild/ but the tanga is like um. Pan-I think like panties kinda just err." She watches Hazzard run for safety and then just facepalms. "I should not know this shit."

The door to the hatch swings open in a decidedly slow motion, with just enough room given for Cassia to slip inside. With a somewhat dubious look etched upon delicate features, she gives the area a sweeping look, sighs dramatically, and heads for an open treadmill none too enthusiastically.. keeping herself to herself without much thought to the others in the room.

Blue eyes watch Hazzard leave in a rush, and Chione smiles like a satisfied cat. "See, already we've won," she notes to Melia. "My bets are that if we do play this VIP game, he will still associate it with this conversation, as well, and will be distracted. And secondly, I am going to have to make sure both of you meet Claudia over on the Destiny, she can explain this to you. And even if you don't feel you need to know this, if you are buying lingerie for someone, you SHOULD know it," offers the CIC Ensign thoughtfully. "I know this because I modeled it for a while, though dresses were certainly more fun, you did have to have the better body for lingerie. Plus, it really fraked with my mother would I would pay off the employees to leave the security tags on the items after I paid for them, and let me slip out the back, so I'd leave them around the house and she thought I was… well not paying for items. Ah, good times."

Melia is standing at the back of her treadmill just -staring- at Eli and Chione. It's a safe bet she hasn't even noticed that poor Hazzard is gone. "Waxed," she squeaks, still back a few comments in the conversation. One can practically see her mental hamster clutching its chest and dying a very dramatic death. "Waxed." She glances down briefly, then back to Eli. "Ok, so waxing and lingerie, two topics of which I know absolutely nothing. I think this is safe. I really think this is much safer." Shaking her head a bit, she reaches up to turn her treadmill off. Derailed in more ways that one, apparently. "Sir," she tells Chione. "I think I need to throw myself at your feet. Are you sure you're not one of Aphrodite's?"
Hazzard leaves for Pool [P].
Sloane comes in from Corridor 9D.

Eli just exhales shakily once more and just blinks as she watches Cassia for a few moments and then she looks back to Melia and nods slowly. "Yeah uh. You ever decide to become a Marine, you've got a desk um. Waiting in the MP department, I promise there is no waxing there." A pause. "I don't think…" She gets distracted, left eye twitching for a few minutes. Excuse her. Her brain is melting.
Karan comes in from Corridor 9D.

The door opens and Sloane steps through in his workout gear. A towel over his shoulder and a small refillable bottle of water in his hand, he lets the door swing closed behind him. He turns to head towards the treadmills, looking to the room.

There may or may not be a stifled giggle coming from the direction of Cassia as she switches on her treadmill. The young woman starts warming up on the machine with a slower walking pace, hands tangled in her long blonde hair as she pulls it up into a haphazard ponytail.

Melia picks up her water bottle and takes a long sip from it, clearly distracted, clearly lost in thought. Unfortunately, no one thought to leave her mind a trail of breadcrumbs to get -back-. The steam isn't coming out of her ears just -yet-, though. She bites her lower lip for a moment then, looking at Eli, blurts, "What's this waxing that got mentioned? I've never heard of it. Is it something you need to do to wear lingerie?" Still distracted, she nods to Cassia, but doesn't say anything else.

"You don't know about waxing?" asks Chione as she peers at Melia, then glances over her shoulder at Eli. A click of the former-model's tongue and she shakes her head. "Oh, -THIS- needs to be remedied. If you are going to wear a dress if you loose this bet, which I sincerely hop you don't, you need to look GOOD in the dress. I have a few articles, and I am getting you Claudia's personal contact information. She will set you right. Make sure you tell her -I- sent you, and if she does you wrong, let me know, and I will personally handle everything," offers Chione Dike in no uncertain terms. As Cassia, and then Sloane enter, the young CIC Ensign glances over, then nods to both, before looking back, "And I'll get some information on proper lingerie, as well. You could use some information on that, as well."

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Sloane blinks. Lingerie? He blinks again and gives a confused look to Chione as she exits. Raising his eyebrows, he stops at an empty treadmill and sets the towel and water bottle on it. "What in hades did I just walk into this time?" Sloane asks, 'this time' being a reference to his typical social life. He steps up and settles onto the treadmill.

Oh, gods. What has Karan walked in on? The priestling, currently dressed in an officer's uniform that identifies him as 'Lieutenant', also has a duffle bag slung over one shoulder. And an odd expression on his face as he catches some of the conversation by the treadmills. It seems vaguely disapproving.

Eli just chokes a bit on the spit s/he was swallowing to stare at Melia, so very glad that Chione has answered things and then she just looks very very very very reddishpurple as she scribbles something else down on her clipboard and she closes her eyes, lips moving in silent prayer, before looking over to Melia. "Do you want to help me find a man who won't squish?" She just asks delicately, grimacing and eyeing people as they enter.

A distraction. Thank the GODS Eli found a distraction for Mellie. A little color comes back into her face as she bounces over toward her duffle. "I'd love to," she says, dipping her head to Karan and Sloan as she passes them, murmuring a very quiet, "Sir" to each one. Duffle over her shoulder, she skids to a stop next to Eli. "A good, non-squishy man is hard to find." She pauses, glancing over her shoulder at where Chione just left. "I'll ask someone else about waxing a little later. She scares me."

Cassia nearly stumbles at the topic of waxing, though she manages to catch herself before making herself look like a fool in front of the others. Back in stride, she finally takes the time to nod to the general populance. "What kind of bet did you get into that requires waxing?" Cassia's somewhat confused about what they're talking, but that doesn't stop her from chiming in. Women issues. Her specialty!

"I didn't catch that one's name…" Sloane says, turning on his treadmill and starts to jog on it. Pacing himself, he breathes slowly, clearly, looking around at the following conversation. He looks to Karan and gives the Lieutenant a broad smile. "So…about lifting up heavy things, pyramid, and about who would win in a fight…."

Karan nods silently to Melia, and then Sloane. There's a small smile drifted quickly across his lips, then he continues through to the pool.
Karan leaves for Pool [P].

Hazzard comes in from Pool.

Eli just looks a bit relieved, eyeing Melia thoughtfully. "Indeed. I don't know anything about finding men, unless I'm arresting or uh trainin' with them so." She shudders, nodding and 'sirring' where appropriate by reflex but the people are still saying the W word and she has to take a deep breath and then another. "…Can we /stop/ talking about the W word now. Thank you!" She nods towards the ring. "Gonna throw people together or have 'em lift shi-stuff and the like. You're a medic right?"

Hazzard makes his way back into the gym, and runs his hands through his soaked hair. He mutters under his breath as he seemingly annoyed starts to make his way towards the exit.

Ok, waxing is a taboo topic! Mellie gives Eli a wry smile, then glances over toward Cassia. "Luckily, waxing isn't part of the bet," she calls quietly. "We're working on a game of VIP, Navy vs Marine. Sergeant Hazzard requested that, if I lost, I go to dinner with him. We were talking about that and things kind of…um…spiralled out of control. In a big way. The new tactical officer, Lieutenat Dike…well, she ran with it. Ran all the hell the way back to Destiny, I think." With a shake of her head, she smiles up at Eli, expression warming. "I am, Sir. Navy Medic trained. Herbalism trained. Christened Terrier by Lieutenant Stitch Craven." Her eyes track Hazzard for a moment, but she doesn't leave her spot by safety…err, Eli's side.

"Wait…" Sloane asks as he idly kicks up the speed on the treadmill. "That girl that I passed on the way out, yappin about lingerie? That was this Lieutenant Dike?" Sloane asks, looking towards Melia with a curiously raised eyebrow.

Well then! So much for casually inserting herself into the conversation. She mouths an 'ooookay' to herself while giving Eli the eye, then shifts her attention back to the treadmill and turns up the speed just a bit. Jogging now. A smile is given in Melia's direction as she explains. "Dike, hm? That sounds familiar. I'm pretty sure there was a Dike on the Destiny."

Eli just takes a deep and calming breath, clearing her throat and just blinking at Cassie and glancing over to Sloane and then back to Melia. "Heh. Don't really need uh, lingerie when you look like you do anyhow, got a cute smile, musical laugh and honest eyes…pretty sure the bets just a smokescreen of insecure bravado." The MaA murmurs with a hint of a grin. "All marines suffer from that I'm afraid, Acute Egoitus Talkingoutoutassesfulis." A thoughtful pause. "I think there's a cream." Then she coughs and tucks her clipboard under her arm. "Terrier hunh?"

Melia blinks at Eli for a long moment, then shakes her head, laughing softly. "I'm too short and too small to be of much interest to most men," she tells the Sheriff with a wry smile. "As my brothers used to tell me, no man wants to date someone who looks like I do. They'd break me." There's no self-pity there, just a simple statement of fact. "Oh! And I call that testosterone poisoning. There's only one cure for that, but I'm pretty sure acute lead poisoning is still illegal." Then her attention pops back to poor Cassia and she grins at the officer. "I think it's the same one, Sir. She mentioned coming from Destiny. Former model and CIC officer." Then, of course, she nods at Sloane, head and curls bobbing.
<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Superb (6).
<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Sloane listens to the conversation and keeps jogging, moving quite faster now. He looks to Eli and shakes his head. "Hey now…everyone likes a little dressing up to go with their date now." He says and then starts to listen to Melia. His eyes blink wide when she confirms that the girl that left was Chione, he looks to Cassie on the treadmill beside him. "Wait…holy…that was her?" He blinks and then suddenly issues an "URK—" before he accidentally trips over one of his shoes. He flails his arms at the front of the treadmill to try to grab onto one of the handles and fails, the treadmill protesting, and in turns he shoots off of the back of it, stumbling into the wall and falling to the floor onto his back.

"Gods, please feel free not to call me Sir. It's Cassia. I'm in medical as well, though I stay in the strctly in the Sickbay where I belong." A warm smile is afforded the medic then, before turning her attentions to Sloane. "I think her name was Chiane? Chione..? Something like—oh!" When Sloane goes flying off his treadmill, she hurriedly shuts off hers, jumps off, and moves quickly to kneel next to him. "Ouch. You okay?"

Eli rolls her eyes a bit, nose wrinkling. "Some people like the dainty little bite sized thing, ya know?" Then she looks back over to Sloane in time to see him fall off/get knocked off…fly, well just be hilarious off the treadmill and her eyebrows shoot up. "I'm pretty sure she gets that alot." She looks vaguely amused before glancing back to Melia. "Yeah, and fists to the face just get messy." Lips twist in a wry smirk before she runs her fingers through her hair, but she does edge closer to Sloane to make sure he's not, ya know, dead.

Melia lights up as Cassia mentions she's with Medical, but then her attention gets caught by Sloan and his oh, so elegant backward swandive. She blinks, head canting to the side, but doesn't seem excitable in situations like this. "Need a medkit, Sir," she calls to Cassia, preparing to move if so ordered. She DOES stick a little close to Eli, still. "You think ENS Dike gets men flying backward for her quite a bit," Mellie asks, curiosity in her tone. "I figured she'd be the one landing on her back."

Sloane lays on his back and simply starts laughing. There's a few 'ows' in there, but he nods towards Cassia. "Awwwwwwwwwgghh…" He grunts, staring upwards, his arms and legs moving just fine. He smiles. "I'm okay…I'm okay…oh man…you have no idea how okay I am…" He says, chuckling a little, offering a high five to Cassia for some reason. "Seriously, hit me up. Five…"

The possibility of a poor guy injured sends Cassia into automatic Mother Hen mode. She all but pets his hair while checking him over for possibly injuries, her voice soft and comforting. "Are you sure? Feeling dizzy at all?" There's a confused look when he asks for a high-five, but she laughs and humors him all the same.

Eli shifts her clipboard to under her other arm, just doing a double take at Melia and opening her mouth, shutting it and opening it again eyebrows shooting up. "Sometimes um, women like a position of power…" She mutters and just sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "But I'm sure the Ensign knows how to stay on top of whatever she's getting a workout on, treadmill…or not." She assures the little woman and then grimaces as she realizes how that could sound and then she looks back between Sloane and Cassia. There is a pause before she just /smirks/ at Sloane. "Feeling lucky are we?" Then shutting up so the medical peeps can make sure he's okay.

Melia studies Sloane and Cassia for a moment, then grins up at Elia, lips twitching a little. "I have the feeling she's not going to have to work too hard with that one," Mellie mutters quietly. Otherwise, however, she remains quiet, looking among the three she's with consideringly.

"No I'm not feeling dizzy and seriously…I'm fine." Sloane gives Cassia an emphatic high-five and then sits up a little with a grunt. "Just a stumble…seriously." He clears his throat and presses a palm to the wall, starting to stand. "No no no don't worry about it. I think I must have mis-tied my shoe or something." He grins, checking his shoes and placing an arm on Cassia's shoulder for support.

"Ready to stand, then?" She holds on to the arm he's draped over her shoulder, then uses her other arm to wrap around his waist. "He should be okay, so long as this isn't a concussion talking." A wink to Melia with that, before she attempts to hoist him up to his feet.

Eli covers her eyes with her hand, shoulders shaking with silent laughing, nose wrinkling and she bites her bottom lip. She doesn't quite drop her clipboard but it is close as she listens to Melia and is trying to keep her stoic composure.

Melia is standing near Eli over by the treadmills. Cassia is crouched near Sloane, getting his arm drapped over her shoulders, so she can help him up. The poor man is smiling like a loon. "Medical emergency averted, I think," she murmurs. "Wait until he meets her. Any bets on what'll break?"

Sloane straightens his back and checks his shoes. "No no I'm fine, seriously. I've had a concussion before, I know I don't have one." Sloane chuckles, stepping back onto the treadmill. Slowing it down, he hops on and starts jogging again on his own, speeding it back up to where it was before. "Dunno what happened there…but I'm fine." He beams.

Cassia doesn't look /too/ convinced that he's okay, but that may be more of a psychological assessment that a physical one. Back to her own treadmill, she keeps the speed low this time, but dials up the incline to one of the higher settings.

Thyche seems to smile on someone, or plays her twisted game again, as just at this moment, Chione turns the wheel and pulls over the door to the gym to step at just this exact moment. Blue eyes glance around, noting no new officers to salute and the woman nods to herself at this, a slow half-smile curving the left corner of her lips in a pleased expression. In the woman's arms are a few magazines, it seems, which she immediately takes in Melia's direction. "Ah, good, you are still here. Trust me, read some of the articles in these. Some are a little over detailed, feel free to skip them, but some of the other articles, and you'll get which ones such as how to care for your skin, especially your legs, you might find interesting. And this," she says holding a card out to the other woman, "Is Claudia's contact information. Like I said, tell her I sent you."
One last breath, and a glances around, and with an air of honest innocence, Chione asks, "So, did I miss anything?"

Snatch wanders back into the gym, neither looking particularly interested in nor particularly suited up for working out. The arms of her coveralls are tied around her waist and her feet are still locked firmly inside the hot confines of her workboots. On the whole she looks bored, arms crossed in front of her and looking at the gym equipment as if some earnest salesman were trying to sell it to her and she was humoring him by attempting to look interested.

Eli finally does look up, taking a deep breath and eyeing Melia for a few moments. "Trust me. Everything that matters will be solid as a rock…breakage not really an issue." Is muttered to the puppy like pal before she sorta twitches upon Chione coming back over, eyes widening a bit as she opens her mouth and closes it and then opens it again. "…you've never fallen off of anything you were exercising on before have you sir?" Then she does a double take upon seeing Snatch, lifting a hand.
<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Con and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Melia blinks as she's handed the magazines, then she grins up at Chione, a bit wryly. "I…well, I think this will keep me busy for a little while," she says, reaching out for the card as she juggles the magazines. "Thank you, Sir. I'll get these back to you as soon as possible." Then she looks up at Eli and just smiles. It's a slow, somewhat wicked little smile. "Remind me to show you a medical journal I found, Sheriff," she murmurs quietly. "It CAN be an issue." Pause. "If someone wants it to be."

Sloane smiles at Chione when she looks his way and promptly…loses his footing. This time he manages to grab one of the handholds on the treadmill, feet suddenly pounding as he stumbles to hang on. Slapping at the buttons, he manages to get the thing to stop, his water bottle falling onto the tread in the process. It bounces past his foot and almost trips him. He hops off of the treadmill with a sudden relief and lets out a loud sigh of relief. Blushing, he scowls at the machine. "Okay nobody get on this thing. I think it's improperly calibrated…."

Snatch looks up sharply, not at the wave, but at the claim of broken equipment. "Ou-ais?" she queries, hustling over, "Wammin t' git mahnself an look at 'er?"

Subtitles: Really? Want me to take a look at it?

She looks… really concerned. Or at least interested.

"Nothing really!" she chirps to Chione, though there's a sly look given to Sloane as she does so. Just in time to notice his near stumble, too. Poor guy. Its all she can do now to keep from laughing. Instead of risking her own limbs to an 'improperly calibrated' treadmill, she slows hers down to a near crawl. Time to cool down! Not that she ever actually exerted herself during the exercise time.
<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Con and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

A blink of blue eyes and Chione just stares at Sloane for a moment, rather, stares at the treadmill Sloane is on. "I was going to get on that machine earlier," she notes. "Good thing I didn't," is offered with a warm smile for the Viper pilot. "Better you than me, I can walk a mile in heels, but get me trying to recover from a spill and … well … I've heard the word hilarity used before," she notes. See, she's using Kalypso's advice and TRYING to be nice to people. "And really, I didn't miss a thing? A shame, you people need to be more entertaining while I'm gone, gossip about me or something. Really!"
Karan comes in from Pool.

Eli blinks several times at Melia. "Broken di-" Then she just quickly shakes her head. "I'd prefer not to make an issue out of accidentally breaking a bone that has no cartilage or marrow in it. Seriously." Another quick cough and shake of her head, Eli is shifting weight from one foot to the other, eyeing the ring now and raising her voice. "We got any guys interested in smacking each other around?" Then she does a double take at Snatch and then the treadmill and then at Snatch and then the treadmill and just covers her mouth and closes her eyes, praying again for sanity. She does peek at Chione for a moment, then quickly closes her eyes some more.

Juggling the card as well, Mellie reaches out as if to touch Eli's arm, but doesn't quite make contact. "Sheriff," she says quietly. "I think we might have better luck somewhere else on the ship. The men in here tend to either try to kill themselves on the treadmills or go running off to jump in the pool when people get to talking in here. It…might be safer to recruit from without."

"No…no no…" Sloane beams in Snatch's direction. "I'm pretty sure if there's a problem then the capacitor will be hot and I wouldn't want you to get shocked. Best to let these things cool off till later. Anyone have some paper? I think I'm gonna put up a sign…" He quickly retorts. He scratches the back of his neck and simply grins widely back at Chione. "Well, you're probably right. Better me than you, my extensive Viper training keeps me on my feet. Oh while we were gone lots was happening, but I'll never tell. Neither will anyone else. Right guys???" Sloane looks around.

Speaking of the pool, there's a young officer just slinking out of it now. Blonde hair wet and hanging mop-like about his face, he keeps his head down and threads between exercise machines on his way out. Talk of smacking people around causes him to slow his step and glance over curiously, though he doesn't stop.

Snatch slumps faintly as she's shoo'd away from fixing the treadmill, eyes going briefly dark as she narrows them, then quirks both brows, "We'ns scraippin'?" she wonders, some interest in her voice, but she's not getting her hopes too far up that she might actually find something to do more interesting than standing around not doing a damned thing.

Cassia turns of her treadmill and steps away before making the universal sign for 'my lips are sealed' to Sloane with a grin. "Try to be a careful, hm?" A amiable nod is given to both Snatch and Karan before she heads for the door.

Melia gets a smile. "Is it something I said?" is asked in the tone of the best innocents before Chione shakes her head. "Well, the Sergeant was my fault, and my intention, I will admit, as noted before. If he is going to try to bet you into a dress, I am going to make that bet difficult for him. I must help my fellow women, after all, no matter of rank," notes the Caprican. Turning around, Chione glances at Sloane, looking him up and down a moment. "A viper pilot, mmm? You wouldn't be one of the ones giving Leto a difficult time, would you? Because I would be familially obliged to make your life difficult, and that would be a shame," she offers. Blue eyes then dart towards the Chaplain leaving the pool area, and Chione pauses a moment, carefully considering, before she nods her head respectfully towards the Lieutenant. "Fight?" is then asked of Eli. "Are you planning to box, then? I don't box, I admit, I am simply curious."
Salin comes in from Corridor 9D.
Zaharis comes in from Corridor 9D.

Eli just sighs and shakes her head slowly, eyeing her clipboard and looking down to Melia quietly for a few moments, then over to Snatch thoughtfully and then just frowning a bit. She's got a clipboard and her jacket tied around her waist as she edges towards the area where the mats/ring are. "…right Terrier, you're the dangly expert here. SO, just to give folks some shi-stuff to do other than just stand around talking about g'strings and treadmill innards I propose a contest of wills." A pause and a look over to Chione. "I don't box…err, often." Then perking. "But if you want to get in the ring with uh any of these fine individuals and actually /wrestle/ to show people how things are done." She nods over towards Snatch. "I'd have to totally support that for morale." A pause. "And stress relief."

Melia is standing next to Eli, her arms filled with girly magazines and a card for a lingerie shop on Destiny. She looks just a -little- bowled over. "Sorry, Sheriff," she says, looking up at Eli a bit sheepishly. "I just got handed my waxing research. If you'll give me a few seconds to get these put away, I'll see if I can't roust a few people…" Pause. Ahhh, looks like someone just dangled the bait in front of Eli. Mellie just grins. She dips her head to Snatch, offering a little smile, then takes a few steps back.

"Me?" Sloane stops near Chione and shakes his head. "No, not at all. I'm the least of her worries. Actually, if you know who's giving her trouble and let me know, I'll arrange a chance meeting." Sloane smiles as he decides not to say he'll take care of it himself, nodding to Chione before offering a wave to the people around. He looks back to Chione as he grabs his towel and his water bottle. "Tell her Cornbread says hi next time you see Leto, allright?" He comments to Chione before he turns and walks towards the door. Turning the handle, he leaves.

Snatch gets sort of a 'I figured' look as Eli frowns at her, not surprised, or too upset, just… bored. She perks up, though, as she gets some matter of O.K. "A hain't scraipped sin' Ah war a small'un. Wayy-ell…" she amends, "A hain't scraipped -much,-" she adds with a sort of mischievous smile.

And so, the hatchway to the Gym slides open, allowing Salin to make his way into view. There's a brief pause as his eyes flicker around, noticing the rather large abudance of people within. "Hrm. I miss a memo or something." He offers, quietly, to himself before beginning to move further inwards and then off to the side, a hand lifting to pull the gym bag down off of his shoulder.

Zaharis is in his ugly gray Genesis sweats and running shoes, carrying the jacket crumpled up in his left hand. The crowd in here makes one of his dark brows go up as he starts to cut a path around the commotion.

What's that? Wrestling, you say? Cassia is just about at the door when Eli mentions it, curiosity thankfully stops her up just in time to avoid running into Salin.. neatly sidestepping to avoid his advance. She smiles brightly when Zaharis follows close behind, and turns right around to head on over next to Melia. She's apparently rethought that whole leaving thing.

Okay, Chione can't help it, her nose wrinkles just a bit, but the expression is quickly covered as she lifts a hand to look at it. "Aww, but I might break a claw," she says, indicating her finally manicured nails. After all, she did just come over from the Destiny. "And if I break a claw, I have no excuse to be catty. Then people will be thouroughly confused. I'm afraid I'll have to pass." There is half a heart-beat before Chione smiles, "That and I'll get my ass frakkin' handed to m…." It is then that more people enter the gym and Chione turns to see who it is. Recognizing at least one of them, suddenly an emotionless mask falls on the Ensigns face and she falls into attention for the Chief Medical Officer, before registering the JAG. "Sirs. Just a little conversation over excercise, Sirs. I was just on my way out, Sirs."

Karan looks to have had his erstwhile escape momentarily stalled. He's looking a little like a fish out of water, which isn't being helped by the expression on his face as he watches things unfold.

Eli just rolls her eyes at Chione with a good natured smirk, and then starts to wave Snatch a bit closer, giving her a chin-up and a look of approval before looking over to Melia and Cassia. "…Terrier? Sir? Ya'll gonna want a go at it then?" She pauses as she notices the newer people, straightening up a bit more. "Sirs…" Is the greeting before clearing her throat and going back to trying to arrange her wrestling match.

Zaharis pauses on his way to a treadmill when Chione feels the need to explain…something. He regards the new-ish Ensign with mild confusion, both brows raising. "Congratulations?" A glance at the group and then the treadmill he'd been heading for. A nod to Eli and the rest, clearly not intending to step on whatever wrasslin' or anything else going on.

A hand lifts and he's waving it in Chione's direction, "Gods, as you were. No need to be come to attention when we walk into the gym." There's a flicker of a smile and then Salin is looking over towards Eli, "Sheriff." That done, the JAG moves around the people and over towards one of the empty punching bags. Seems, he's intending to spend some time working out.

Melia finds a convenient bench to dump the stack of magazines on then dusts her hands off. "I'm up for it, though my skills are definitely lacking," she tells Eli. Then hands plant on her hips and she takes a look around, studying the likely victims for Eli's little in-ring experiment. Salin and Zaharis have her drawing up to attention, but the speculative gleam in her eyes kind of ruins it. "Major Zaharis," she calls over to him. "Care to join us? We're doing a little dance tonight, just a wrestling match. The Sheriff is organizing it and we need willing participants."

Snatch bounces, now, a hop to her step as she bounds up closer to Eli. "M'a dee, Ah'll spatchins!" She grins at the Sheriff, but as a taker comes up, she just turns and grins at her, a sort of playfully vicious grin, "Y'ns taaahny," she drawls it out, "A hain't gone braicher, m'a?"

Subtitles: I'll say I'll spat ya! … You're tiny. I'm not going to break you, am I?"

Cassia's eyes widen as she shakes her head enthusiastically to Eli's question. "Ooh no, not me. Strictly a spectator." To make her point, she backs up and leans against a wall casually, her legs crossing in front of her.

"Major Altair can wrestle," Zaharis replies to Melia. Loudly, so Salin's sure to hear. "He's taken a lot better care of his joints over the years than I have, gods bless him. I'd probably deafen the whole room with my creaking." He smirks.

An eyebrow arches upwards, and that sudden urge to flee fills Chione. A hand runs over her face, over her hair, then the Ensign spins on her heel, fleeing the room in a calm and controlled manner, but definitely fleeing.

Karan smiles a little to himself, and quietly slips out.
Karan leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

There's a slight arch of the lawyer's brow and Salin's turning his attention over towards Zaharis, "Are you volunteering me for things again, Zaharis?" There's a faint smirk, though he does turn to regard the ring and those that are gathered around it, "Huh. Wrestling, you say."
Chione leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Melia bounces on the balls of her feet, lower lip coming out just a little bit. "Oh, come on, Major," she calls to Zaharis. "Major Altair has bruises already, all you've got is grumpiness. One match and Major Altair can take on the winner?" She hasn't hit Precious Moments Figurine yet, but she IS giving Zaharis the wide-eyed, hopeful smile.

"Always, JAGman." Zaharis has a satisfied smirk on his face as Salin heads back to the ring. His dark eyes turn to Melia and he tosses his sweats jacket over his shoulder, then looks back at Salin. "What's it come to that my staff is determined to see me get my ass kicked in a ring? Do your aides do this to you too? Or is it just me?"

Snatch waits on Melia for an answer, but… as none comes, she just turns and looks to Zaharis instead, sizing the 'old man' up. "Ah'm game 'fin y'all are," she tells the Major with a jaunty up-tilt of her chin.

Subtitle: I'm game if you are.

There's a bit of a gleeful smile as she watched Melia egg on Salin and the doc, but Cassia stays quiet for now, her eyes darting back and forth to catch everyone's reaction. Snatch's proposition incites quiet laughter. This ought to be good.

There's a faint smirk towards Zaharis and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "No, they don't. Then again, I keep my aides so buried in paperwork, they wouldn't dream of trying something like this." A chuckle then, "But, they get back at me in other ways. Trust me one that one." He's looking over towards the others, giving an approving nod before looking to Zaharis again, "Come on Major. Get in there. Let's see what you're made of."

Zaharis is giving Salin the serious stink eye right now. For real. He rolls his eyes heavenward and pulls the jacket off his shoulder, tossing it aside. "Alright, alright. The things I do to make my crew happy." He's joking under all that, somewhere.

Melia grins over at Snatch, head tilting to the side slightly. "Oh, so you're taking winner," she asks the other woman. Yes, the medic is bouncing on the balls of her feet. "I think Major Altair won't object - too much?" She looks over to the JAG as if asking his permission. "Or, maybe you and the Major can have a bout on that mat and the winners will take each other on for the title?" She's seriously happy, it would appear, that Zaharis is sparring.

Salin merely gives a mock salute to Zaharis, "Payback's a bitch, Major." That's said amid a soft chuckle and then the JAG is looking over towards Melia, giving a slight shake of his head, "Nah, she can have winner. I'll sit out and watch for the time being. I'm curious to see how the Doc's going to fair in the ring."
Micah comes in from Corridor 9D.

"Ouu-ais!" Snatch cries in approval as the Major agrees to the match. Eager for a spat, the little snipe is, evidently. It's something to do, anyhow, since she got banned her second shift. A wild howl, a sort of Aerelonese war cry, is all the further warning the Major gets that there's a snipe charging him like an irritated bull, frame low and arms kept wide to try to catch at him no matter if he tries to flee left or right. There's a headbutt coming to his ribcage if she manages to catch him full-on.

Cassia is just about as happy as Melia right now, though rather less hyperactive about it. Still, there's an audible "Yay!" as she pushes herself away from the wall, to move over next to Zaharis and elbow him lightly with a cheeky grin. "Need a coach? I give backrubs." Nope, she's not being a smartass at all! She almost misses the charge from Snatch altogether, but stumbles back in time to avoid getting plowed. "Cheat!"

Zaharis returns Salin's salute with a proud display of his middle finger. "I'm going to fare like an old man with reduced lung capacity, how do you think?" He barely has time to make it into the ring, the black tattoo on his arm highly visible without the jacket covering it now, when Snatch decides to charge him. DEFENCE! Can he step to the side fast enough to throw her off balance, this is the question.

Melia blinks owlishly as Snatch takes off and, for a moment, looks -seriously- put out. "Apparently they -don't- teach the snipes manners," she mutters, mostly to herself, stepping back out of the way. She settles on her bench to watch the match, though her normal smile is gone.
<Opposed Roll> Snatch - Unarmed_Combat versus Zaharis - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Snatch: Great <Roll2> Zaharis: Poor
<Result> Snatch WINS by 4.

Micah tromps on into the gym, dressed in offduty fatigues with an apparent intent to pump some iron. He stops short when he spots Mopsus charging headlong into the CMO, and does what anyone in their right mind would do, when lacking context. He stares.

And so, JAGMan simply takes to the sidelines, hands moving behind his back to watch as the match begins. When Snatch simply charges towards Zaharis, he blinks slightly and then bellows out a soft laugh, "Come on, Jesse. Don't make the rest of us old folks look bad!"

Snatch doesn't seem to mind the whole circle thing, if she notes it at all. Nor does she particularly seem to have any more finesse in wrestling than a schoolchild settling a scrape on the playground, head going to his ribs and her arms around his torso as her impetus drags her around him, and she lets her knees go slack for her weight to pull him down.
Jax comes in from Corridor 9D.

Melia fades into the background, watching the wrestling match, quiet - for once.

There's a reason Zaharis wasn't interested in wrestling and here it is, obvious for everyone. That being: he doesn't fight. Not even remotely able to get out of the way of Snatch's unexpected charge, he takes the entire brunt of her head straight to the gut. The wind going out of him is audible and her weight pulls him forward with barely enough time to slam his hands down instead of his face. An easy pin, this is going to be, as his focus now is trying to keep from just going splat.

Eli is watching the fight, she's been here! Really! With her clipboard, scratching Z's name off of her list pretty damn quickly and just staring as she arches an eyebrow and then the other eyebrow and she just looks VERY interested now in Snatch, watching her with a quiet 'hmmmmmm'.
Jackson Miller is a young man, not past his mid-twenties, commonly associated with the deck crew of the Genesis. His complexion is fair from too many days couped up in Space. Chocolate brown eyes seem warm, but there is a sharpness to them that cannot be denied, especially when he is plying his gods-given skills in mechanics. With a head of dusty light brown hair and a face etched with laugh lines, he seems an approachable if not cheery fellow.
Jax is wearing the bright orange coveralls of the deck crew. Reflective yellow safety stripes run down the legs, arms, and across the top of the shoulders. The coveralls are rugged and flame-resistant, and are complemented by steel-toed rubber firefighter's boots. Reinforced dark gray cargo pockets hold a variety of tools and parts, and a handyman belt around his waist holds even more. On his left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch, and the pins on his collar show a rank of Specialist.

Cassia winces with secondhand embarassment and worry as she watches the Doc go down without a trace of resistance, her mouth in an 'O' as she considers trying to halt the fight right then and there. This was a lot more fun when there was less actual wrestling going on. "Careful!"

Snatch gives a laugh as she takes the Major down, obviously thinking it a fun enough game, and scrambles, unwrapping an arm from around his chest to grab at one of his arms as she lifts a leg and pushes up with her other knee to get into position to try to drop her weight on top of the small of his back in a straddling move.
<Opposed Roll> Snatch - Unarmed_Combat versus Zaharis - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Snatch: Great <Roll2> Zaharis: Fair
<Result> Snatch WINS by 2.

Micah is grinning, the bastard, as he watches Zaharis getting taken down. "That's it, Mopsus, hit 'im while he's down!" It's barked out between cupped hands, even though it's a wrestling match and the point is to subdue, not beat bloody.

A new face ambles into the gym, as he's not really prone to leaving Knuckle Dragger land. He usually gets all the exercise he needs down in the Hangar Bay, lifting and toting, but Jax has wandered up here in his sweats now that life is currently boring downstairs. Its easy to pick up on the hint of excitement and the noise that accompanies a good old fashioned wrasslin' match, so he makes his way in that direction.
<Trait Roll> Snatch rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Is there really a point to this? Zaharis doesn't seem to think so. By the time Snatch sees fit to pin him he's really not putting up any resistance, perhaps just ready to get this over with. Especially as she jams her knee that hard into his back. "I did tell you, Altair," his voice comes up, rather bored. "I have no idea what you were expecting, here."

Eli is quick to tuck the clipboard under her arm and drop to her knees beside Snatch and Zaharis, hitting the ground three times. "One…two…three! Uh, I'm callin' it! Let the poor doc go now." She smirks and gives Snatch a thoughtful once over before coughing. "Good match sir! Very good match, fortunately there wasn't any oil involved. Okay! Who's next?"

Salin lowers his head in shame and then he's shaking it, slowly, "Gods, Jesse. We /really/ need to get you some classes. Like .. badly." There's a soft grunt and he's lifting his head back up, "I figured you would have put up a little more of a battle then that."

Jax takes a step forward without hesitation. "I'll have a go." He's grinning from ear to ear, the expression wide on his lips that makes his cheeks divet.

Snatch only settles on the poor Doctor's back for a moment before she springs up again, looking pleased enough, but also looking down with some worry at the Major, leaning over to offer him a hand and help him up if he wants it, "Y'ns O.K. thaar?" she drawls.

Subtitle: You OK there?

Micah chews on his lip consideringly, then meanders a bit closer when someone else volunteers. "Ah'll take on the knuckledragger," he ventures with an assessing once-over aimed at the specialist.

"For what?" Zaharis asks Salin as he sits up. "I don't /want/ to." He explains as though not understanding how that's so strange, and he grins at Snatch. "I'm fine, thanks. Think you got some actual competition over there." He uses his hands to push himself up to sitting on his heels, then starts to stand. His hands set on his knees as he does so, using his arms to help straighten up.
<Trait Roll> Cassia rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Good (4).

"She caught you off-guard. It's not really your fault." Such is the comfort Cassia offers to her boss, though the tone is hardly reassuring, being as she sounds like she's still trying to convince herself of said fact. Coming to his side, she helps him stand as best she can and smiles reassuringly. "You okay?"

Snatch tucks her hand back to her side and straightens up, looking over and grinning at Micah, "Ou-ais, Jailhouse, git on 'ar!" she encourages him in the match he seems to be lining up.

Subtitle: Yah, boy, Jailhouse, go for it!

There's a snicker and Salin is giving a slight shrug of his shoulders, "What can I say, Jesse. After a display like that, I'm going to look good when I get into the ring." There's a flash of a smile and he's lifting a hand to rub lightly at the back of his neck, "I'll treat ya to a nice glass of brandy for that."

"Keep it quick, keep it clean, wrestling here not brawling so if anything starts bleeding…" Eli trails off. "Lets just try to avoid that, when you guys are ready…" She backs out of the ring with her clipboard, eyeing the men.

Zaharis pushes his hand against his knee as he gets all the way to standing, and rolls his shoulder. "I'm good, Ensign. Thanks much." He gives the nurse a friendly wink, then grins at Salin, shaking a finger at the JAG. "I'll hold you to that."

Jax tucks his tongue in his cheek, sucking on it audibly. Flight versus Deck. Its one of those just perfect scenarios that his expression turning a bit serious. Can't let his boys down by being mopped up by a Flyboy. "Aaalright." He drawals, unzipping his jacket and peeling it off. It gets tossed aside as he moves to the ring. "Let me see what you got, Airy Fairy." Eye brows twitch up and down with a renewed grin.

Micah is already slinging his bag down, and shrugging out of his fatigue jacket. Dogtags come off as well, no sense strangling someone on them. Left in his t-shirt/tank top combination and fatigue trousers, the pilot gives his right shoulder a little roll as he steps into the 'ring'. As well as the ink on his bicep, there's an ugly looking bruise. And a laugh, when Jax calls him an airy fairy. "Why don't you come a little closer and repeat that for me?" he taunts.

Jax slaps his hands together, then gets in a low crouch. "Tell you what, I'll whisper it in your ear all sweet like when I have you pinned." And with that, he's pushing off, lunging for Micah to try and get up under him and upend him.

There's a slight cant of his head towards Zaharis and Salin is offering the Doctor a quick grin, "Not a problem. Got a nice bottle of Caprician Brandy waiting in my locker and my office." Then, he's returning his gaze towards those that have gathered, no doubt browsing through the people. Finally, he looks over towards the Sheriff and grunts softly, "So, Sheriff. You up for a little one on one? I feel the need to see how well you do."

Snatch wrinkles her nose up, "He'ns done called yer an back-tickler, Jailhouse!" she repeats helpfully, "Y'ns git 'em un for 'at 'ere!" She grins as she eggs on her pick, bouncing a little.

Subtitle: He insinuated that you had homosexual tendencies! Deck him!
<Opposed Roll> Jax - Unarmed_Combat versus Micah - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Jax: Mediocre <Roll2> Micah: Good
<Result> Micah WINS by 2.

Cassia keeps her eyes glued to the doc, concern still painted across her features despite his assurances. The new match being set up is consciously ignored. She's had her fill of rough-housing for the night. "But your shoulder..?" Really, let the girl be nursely already!

Eli listens to the back and forth with a smirk and then just coughs when uh, it turns mildly flirtateous? She doesn't know. Then there is Salin addressing her and she opens her mouth and closes it and opens it again. "Well of course sir, just go easy on me…eh?" Then Snatch is opening her mouth and speaking and Eli has to cough to keep from laughing, watching the fight.

Zaharis snorts at the two in the ring, clapping twice as the match gets underway. He glances at Cassia and smiles. "Huh? Shoulder's fine. Just got the wind bashed out of me, don't worry about it." He doesn't seem to be in any particular pain, moving easily now. "Pilot versus deck, huh." He grimaces. You have to pick one?

How about a little bit of not so much? There's a lunge, and a grapple, but Micah somehow manages to twist around in Jax's grip so that he has the upper hand. Neither of them goes down, but the pilot has the deckhand in reasonably stable armlock. He'll attempt, of course, to floor him next. "In your frakked up dreams, specialist," he replies between gritted teeth.
<Opposed Roll> Micah - Unarmed_Combat versus Jax - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Micah: Fair <Roll2> Jax: Poor
<Result> Micah WINS by 2.

There's a faint chuckle towards Eli and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "I don't think I'm going to be the one taking it easy, Sheriff. But, it should be a good bout, nonetheless." Then, he's moving away from the ring to remove the dull green and a gray shirts, tossing them to the side and revealing that he's still covered in a multitude of bruises. Turning back to watch the fight, the lawyer begins to stretch both his arms and his legs.

Jax gets knocked to the mat with a grunt. "Try a frakking salad, sir. All that sitting in a cockpit has made your gut too big to toss like I did your girlfriend last night." He doesn't know the guy's girl, of course. Its just one of those insults you swing. He's not down for long, squirming away before Micah can go to pin him. He's not going to sit back and let Micah get in another attack, he's lunging for him again.
<Opposed Roll> Jax - Unarmed_Combat versus Micah - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Jax: Poor <Roll2> Micah: Good
<Result> Micah WINS by 3.
<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
Chione is not connected.

<Trait Roll> Jax rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
Micah spends 1 luck points on No salad jokes about Micah's girlfriend, omg..

Snatch is friends with Micah, so he's her easy pick. But the trash talk does get a loud HAW! of approval from the snipe— it's good trash, and, besides, she knows it'll rile Micah up, considering everything.
Jax spends 1 luck points on Letting Eli watch us squirm some more..

Micah is hitting the mats pretty quickly once he's got Jax down, and there might even be an elbow to the man's ribs for that salad comment. He tries, with much wrasslin' on both sides, to pin Jax.

For a moment Cassia seems unwilling to let up, but as the Doc seems to be doing well enough and getting into the new match besides, the young nurse relents. How did the gym get from full of females to testosterone city so quickly? Ugh! Cassia wrinkles her nose up in distaste, then turns around and quickly heads out of the gym.
<Trait Roll> Jax rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Eli just stares at the match, eyes narrowing thoughtfully.
Cassia leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Jax grapples with Micah for a moment, taking that jab to the rib and twisting to the side. Its that move that does him in, however, and his center of balance is off which leaves him wide open for Micah to put that weight advantage into use. There's an audible 'oof' as he's smooshed into the mat. And then a laugh.

Smoosh, indeed. Jax, to his credit, is no walkover; Micah's visibly putting effort into pinning him. But pin he does after a few moments' worth of flailing limbs. "Shit," he wheezes after he's begun clambering to his feet. He grins, and a hand's thrust out in offer of assistance. "You sure don't make it easy, do you?" That's probably something akin to praise, where he's concerned.

"Ou-ais, Shaarf!" Snatch calls for Eli, "He'ns got 'im, now, ou-ais!" she affirms, goading the sheriff to come and call it.

Eli blinks at Snatch before moving back into the ring and dropping to her knees as is her job on the mats beside the two to hit it three times. "1…2…3! And it appears that the Fairy's not so frail and fluttery after all, St. Germain takes it!"

Jax slaps his hand into Micah's, peeling himself back off the mat with the man's help. "Dude. You're leaving yourself wide open for another girlfriend joke." But he clearly is going to refrain, now that the bout is over. He's smiling that deeply creased smile of his, clamping St. Germain on the shoulder. "Nice match."
Meris comes in from Corridor 9D.

Moving back over towards the ring to watch the final count, Salin offers a faint smirk and his eyes flicker over towards Micah, "Well, Jailhouse, I'm glad to see you took my advice from the Carina. Nice to see you expending the energy in here, for a change." Yep, the Viper Pilot's never going to live down the time in the brig. "Nice win, though. Clean."

Zaharis smirks as the bout finishes, resting his arms down on his knees. He glances at the black watch on his right wrist and then back at the ring.

Oh, great, it's time for brig jokes. Who invited JAGman here, anyway? "If I didn't have a CAP to get to, Major, ah'd tell you to man up and put your cubits where your mouth is. Ta, though." He grins a little, he's teasing. Mostly. Jax simply receives a grunt, and a mock warning look as he wanders off to fetch his bag and jacket.

Eli watches Micah walk off, eyeing Jax thoughtfully and writing something else down on her clipboard before scanning the room. "Who's next eh? Wanna prove you have what it takes to make a pin?"

Lifting a hand, Salin offers the middle finger to Micah, followed with a flash of a grin, "I'm gonna take on the Sheriff. That'll be all the manning up I need to do for the night." Then, he's looking over towards Eli, "Whatcha say, Sheriff? Lets do this."

Subtle as a large brick to the head, Meris makes her way into the gym, towel around her shoulders. Sneaky like 6'5 ninja.

Jax grins as Micah departs, rolling his shoulders as if loosening up. Its clear he's not done having a little fun, but he's willing to let others take the ring. He finds a convenient bench to occupy in the mean time, huffing out a breath after his wrestling match with the pilot.

Salin's 'bird' is returned in kind with a middle-fingered salute ticked off to Micah's forehead. It's probably meant as no real insult, as the grin's also returned by the pilot. He even gives Jax, and Eli, a wave as he makes for the hatch.
Micah leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Zaharis bahs as his handheld buzzes. He reaches for his jacket, digging the small computer out of the pocket and consulting the screen, and he stands once he sees who it is. "Altair. Good luck." He calls over to the JAG and smirks, heading out of the gym at Official Speed (tm).
Zaharis leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Snatch calms down after the second match, having gotten to headbutt someone in the gut the first go-round and hear some good trash the second. She's satisfied, and waves happily to Micah. "Ah cin git on't agin, Shaarf, 'fin y'ns needful. A hain't done naught but knock poor ol' Doctor o'er yonder down. Than hain't proof fair," she points out. "No slaaht meant fer yins, Doctor," she adds in his direction.

Subtitles: I can go again, Sheriff, if you need someone. I haven't done anything but knock the poor doctor over there. That's not good proof. No offence, Doctor."

Snatch calms down after the second match, having gotten to headbutt someone in the gut the first go-round and hear some good trash the second. She's satisfied, and waves happily to Micah. "Ah cin git on't agin, Shaarf, 'fin y'ns needful. A hain't done naught but knock poor ol' Doctor o'er yonder down. Than hain't proof fair," she points out. "No slaaht meant fer yins, Doctor," she adds in his direction.

Subtitles: I can go again, Sheriff, if you need someone. I haven't done anything but knock the poor doctor over there. That's not good proof. No offense, Doctor."

Eli just looks a bit uncertain as she eyes Salin for a few moments and thumbs the side of her nose. "Okay okay…but remember, go easy on me." She smirks and slips her jacket from around her waist, wrapping it around her clipboard and removing her tags, dropping them in the jacket before looking between Snatch and Salin before clearing her throat and offering the bundle to Snatch. "I'll go a round with ya after, okay? Just hold these things for me?" Insert charming little grin and quirk of eyebrow here.

Jax hitches his head at Snatch. "I'd take a go with you too, there." Which, almost sounds innnocent. He means in the ring. Honest. Eyes slide over to JAGman and the Sheriff about to buckle down, "C'mon now!" Who ever he's cheering for isn't really specified, but he's clapping his cupped hands together.

There's a faint chuckle and Salin is shaking his head slightly before making his way into the ring, "I somehow don't think you need to worry about me taking it easy, Sheriff. You're the Marine. I'm the Lawyer." And if the multitude of bruises on him are any indication, he can at least take a beating and still stand. Placing his feet and lifting his hands slightly, it's clear that he's had some experience in this and he's making a waggling motion towards Eli, "Come on Sheriff. Let's see what you've got."

Snatch nods her head cheerfully at Eli, though the charming grin seems to have lost its dazzling effect upon her, since Meris helpfully let her know that the Sheriff wasn't looking for a wife. She still gives him a friendly smile, though, "Gone, git 'em!" she encourages, though not, perhaps, as vocally as she encouraged Micah.

Meris absently pokes at her ear with her towel, heading over to join the crowd watching the ring. "So, what am I missing, eh?" she asks in general.

Eli just gives Snatch a chin-up and takes a deep breath, heading into the ring and eyeing Salin thoughtfully. MaA versus JagMan - however JAGman doesn't quite have a cape yet, so maybe she'll be okay? WHO REALLY KNOWS. Either way, she starts to circle Salin, eyeing him for an opening, then making a 'bring it on' sorta gesture with her hands.

But, JAGMan does have a cape. When he's wearing his JAGSuit, which he's forgotten at the moment. And as Eli begins to circle him, Salin begins to turn in place, following the MaA's movement. At the gesture, the lawyer offers a faint smirk and he's lunging forward, body lowering slightly. It would seem the lawyer wants to toss the MaA to the ground.
<Opposed Roll> Salin - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Salin: Poor <Roll2> Eli: Good
<Result> Eli WINS by 3.

Eli watches Salin like a hawk, brow furrowing as she sorta twists around and slips out of the way. "Think of it like a case, sir, would you just come right out and go 'I WILL LEGAL JARGON YOUR ASS'? No, you're subtle and badass…" She murmurs softly, lowering her center of gravity, attempting to sweep the man's feet out from under him with smooth and practiced moves.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Salin - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Superb <Roll2> Salin: Fair
<Result> Eli WINS by 3.

Jax rubs his hands together as the figurative fur starts flying. At Eli's jab, there's a crook of his lips in a smirk. "C'mon Sheriff, hoist him up by his legal briefs!" Is hooted to the ring.

Ruh Roh. JAGMan is failing in his crime fighting attempt. Maybe, that's because there's no crime. Either way, his bull rush towards Eli doesn't seem to work and before he can react and realize what's happening, the MaA sweeps his feet out from beneath him, causing him to literally fall to the mat with audible grunt and a wince, followed by a gasp of air.
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Salin rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Eli glances towards Jax at his encouragement and smirks before ducking down and starting to reach for the man's arms and legs to pin him in a creative way.

Salin's going to have none of that being pinned nonesense, it would seem. And when Eli tries it, the lawyer simply begins to squirm away and when he's clear, he's rising to his feet. One hand moves to touch his side lightly, though he never takes his attention off the MaA, "Nice, Sheriff. You've got some oompf, there. Now, come on." He adopts a different stance, this time and one hand lifts to motion him forward.

Eli ahhs softly when Salin squirms away, brow furrowing again as she shivers and straightens up, eyeing Salin and bowing her head respectfully as she looks for another opening, but she's not one to rush or charge really, she just moves quickly, one arm coming up straight towards Salin's chest and his leg hooking around against as she drops her weight down, attempting to bring the man back down.
<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Salin - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Salin: Great
<Result> Salin WINS by 1.

Salin offers a bow of his own head in response to Eli's and when the MaA is moving forward an arm shooting for his chest and a leg trying to hook is, the lawyer manages to keep the upper hand, holding his weight and preventing himself from falling. His own hands move to Eli's arms, trying to use her own move to send her tumbling to the deck beside him.
<Opposed Roll> Salin - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Salin: Superb <Roll2> Eli: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Eli WINS by 1.

Jax gives an audible 'boo' as Salin doesn't eat mat as quickly as Jax himself did. Of course, its all in good fun. "Pin 'em, c'mon!" His eyes flick to Snatch and the clipboard she's holding, wondering what the Sheriff was writing down on it. Curiousity gets the better of him, and he's standing up, making his way over nonchalantly.

Eli really doesn't like men touching her, especially not close up, but she makes sacrifices for CAKE, so she just grits her teeth, pushing back against Salin's pushing against her attempts, gritting her teeth and swearing softly under her breath before trying to use pure momentum of falling back herself and bringing Salin down with her, is her attempt here, arm hooking around his neck.
<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Salin - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Fair <Roll2> Salin: Great
<Result> Salin WINS by 2.
It would seem that the JAG and the MaA are currently caught in a grapple, for when Eli hooks an arm around his neck and tries to use her momentum against him, he's simply shaking his head, "Tsk Tsk, Sheriff. I'm here to wrestle. Not dance." One hand lifts to grab at arm around his neck, while his own leg hooks behind hers and he's once again trying to force her down.
<Opposed Roll> Salin - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Salin: Superb <Roll2> Eli: Great
<Result> Salin WINS by 1.
Salin spends 1 luck points on Blowing a luck point to like .. fall on Eli and pin her..
<Trait Roll> Salin rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Eli grimaces in the grapple, struggling in it and just arching an eyebrow. "I don't dance with dudes sir…" She manages through gritted teeth, eyes widening as she's starting to go down though and something clicks with a boost of strength she actually stays up some how once down to her knees, pushing back up and another arm coming down to wrap around Salin's knees to try to just yank the man down as she closes her eyes. Man cooties. Man cooties, oh god, man cooties.
<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Salin - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Salin: Good
<Result> DRAW!

There's a faint snicker, but Salin doesn't have time to respond for his move doesn't appear to have worked. Rather, he finds himself in an awkward position and when the MaA wraps her arms about his knee's to yank his feet out from beneath him, he's grunting, barely able to keep his balance. "Nice try, Sheriff. Not gonna work." Bending slightly, the lawyer tries to slip an arm around the Sheriff's neck, not to strangle him, but to grapple so he can squirm and try and slip behind. Law verus Enforcer. Fun.
<Opposed Roll> Salin - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Salin: Good <Roll2> Eli: Good
<Result> DRAW!

This is awwwwwkward, more than awkward. Eli's arms around Salin's legs and Salin's arm around Eli's neck and Eli's ear…somewhere she'd rather not see has a heartbeat for a moment and they are entwined and there is probably some grunting in there. "Good gods, Sir…" There is some ironic metaphoric symbolism or something in here..about the Law and the Enforcer and all that, but that's the last thing on Eli's mind as she just throws all her weight forward, pushing back against Salin again, trying to knock him over.
<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Salin - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Salin: Fair
<Result> Eli WINS by 1.

Jax slides up next to Snatch, trying to peer over her shoulder at the clipboard Eli asked her to hold. "Now that, my friends, is what we call a locked jury." Okay, so now he's reaching a bit for appropriate quips to toss out, but he's having fun.

Meris just watches in awed silence for a long time, before finally asking the nearest person, "Is he trying to wrestle him or frak him?"

Yep. Awkward is probably a very good word for the moment, but thankfully, it doesn't last for much longer. When Eli pushes back with all her weight, Salin stumbles and falls flat on his back with another audible grunt. He's not laying there though, for his feet are already moving, lashing out at in a sweep at Eli's lower body in an attempt to bring her down before he thinks about getting to his feet. The peanut gallery, for the moment, is ignoerd.
<Opposed Roll> Salin - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Salin: Mediocre <Roll2> Eli: Mediocre
<Result> DRAW!

Eli has good hearing, really and as she finally gets Salin down she lets out a sigh of relief, wobbling and weebling and not falling down over/ontop of Salin for now, grunting again but that statement about frakking just makes her eyes flash and expression harden as she looks up to just stare at Meris for a few moments, dropping down with one knee towards Salin's stomach, cuz she's reaching for his arms trying to pin them over his head if she can. "What the /frak/…" Is muttered irritably.
<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Salin - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Fair <Roll2> Salin: Mediocre
<Result> Eli WINS by 1.

Snatch doesn't take much note of Jax looking over her shoulder, and her interest is more on the match than the clipboard, though as it wears on it's mostly Meris' comment that gets a grin. She looks up over her shoulder, and then down, as if just alerted to the fact that there's writing on the thing. She contents herself with suspecting it's a list of matches, though.

Ruh Roh. As Eli drops one knee towards Salin's stomach, he fails to move in time and it connects solidly with his right side. There's a visible wince and a slight groan and he's giving a shake of his head. He struggles as Eli makes the grab for his arms and then he's shifting his body, trying to throw the Sheriff off balance so he can get free.

Jax knits his brow as he sees what's next to his name, but just shakes off the ningling feeling crawling up his spine. A brilliant smile is flashed Meris' way, "There much difference, you reckon?" Which would seem an earnest question, if not for the shine to his eyes that looks particularly mischievious. He's knocking shoulders with Snatch now, "You up for the next go 'round?"
<Opposed Roll> Salin - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Salin: Mediocre <Roll2> Eli: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Eli WINS by 5.
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).
<Trait Roll> Salin rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Snatch watches the Sheriff tangle with the JAG with eyes widening. "Ah cain't right-as say whe'er Ah cin git up agin 'at 'ar…" she admits. "Ah reckon the Shaarf'll knock min plum o'er."

Subtitle: I don't really know if I can stand my ground against that. I think the Sheriff will just knock me down.

Eli's expression is pretty blank, almost too blank and her eyes dead as she with brute force resists being pushed off, scrabbling for the man's arms and then almost yanking them as she uses a knee to pin the man, her hands forcing the man's arms above his head to pin them there and her cheeks puff out as she's panting for breath and just staring down at Salin with an almost confused expression on her face, applying more pressure with that knee against his chest/sternum probably painfully before just letting off a bit and then scrambling up and off of the man like he's got something contagious, hand going to her crotch and then up to her head, running fingers through her hair and she looks vaguely spooked for a few moments.
Micah comes in from Corridor 9D.

Jax grins down at Mopsus who's a good head shorter than he is, really. "I meant against me." He comments, head bent towards her ear. Its said, after her words are put through a descrambler, of course.

When more pressure is applied to his chest, Salin offers a groan and his face twists into a painful wince. Then, he's going lip and he doesn't even begin to fight against Eli as she manages to pin him successfully. When the weight is fully relaxed from his chest, he's taking a gasp, followed by a wheezing breath an arm moves to circle his chest protectively. He doesn't quiet get up, either, but rather rolls into a half sitting position, "Holy .. frak .. Sheriff." A cough and another wince, "I think you broke something."

Eli looks down to Salin with some concern, bending down some and wrapping an arm around the man's back, offering him a more physical hand up, but she still looks vaguely uncomfortable. "I'm sorry sir. Really sir, do you need to head to sick bay sir?"

Snatch looks up to Jax and trades her sort of awed trepidation for a grin and a game face, "Ah maaht could take yin, Ah reckon," she peers at him, "Ah know yin?" she asks him, squinting as if placing him.

Subtitles: I think I might be able to take you. Do I know you?

Jax is still partially bent towards Snatch, his attention on the ring however, and the injured JAG. "Naw, not unless you spend a lot of time down in the Barn, watching us cuss and cut each other up. 'm Jax." And apparently deck crew, is what the rest of the indicators are pointing

Salin accepts Eli's help and he's giving a slight nod of his head. Each breath that he takes is almost wheezing in nature and he keeps an arm wrapped around his chest. "Yea, I think I do." With a little bit of a struggle and a wince, he's managing to get to his feet, "Going to need to get checked out. Something's wrong."

Eli just looks a bit frightened and then mouths 'oh frak', brow furrowing as she keeps that arm around Salin, more than willing to help him along. Snatch still has her things and she looks that way before looking back to Salin. "Okay sir, easy does it."

Snatch looks back toward the ring once she notes Jax' eyes fixing on something there. The two had been struggling so long she never thought she'd actually miss the pin. But she has, entirely, and it makes her wrinkle up her nose before her expression softens— he's hurt him? "Traah takin' a slow walk-a-bout?" she suggests, if quietly. At the look she hastens to get Eli's things into his free hand, if he wants them.

"Did you pull something, eh?" Meris queries, with faint concern. "You want to be careful, mate. Warm up and cool down heaps when you're training."

There's a flicker of his eyes towards Eli and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "Thanks for the hand up, Sheriff. I think I can make it to Sickbay on my own." There's a smile and he takes a soft laugh, though it's cut off by a wince and then a groan, "Probably should've let myself heal after the rounds I went the other day." A quick flicker of his eyes towards Meris and he's shaking his head, "Did that." Then, it's back to Eli, "Go back to your wrestling. Good bout, though. Enjoyed that."

Melia slips back into the gym, darting through the hatch - though she's brought up short by Salin's wince and groan. "Major," she asks, skidding to a stop right in front of him, head canted to the side.

Eli backs off a little bit and just eyes Salin with quiet concern, turning to Snatch to accept her things back, bowing her head with a murmured 'thanks' and then looking back to Salin. "Are you sure sir? I can have a couple of MPs escort you if need be, to make sure you get there safely." There is a long pause. "Err, yeah. You're good sir. Very good, thanks for the um, bout sir." She just looks uncomfortable. Might be a permanent expression.

Melia's suddenly arrival has Salin turning his attention towards her, "PO. I think I need to go to Sickbay." His arms remains wrapped around his chest and it seems to be providing some measure of comfort for him. He's casting a look back to Eli, offering another smile, "MP's won't be necessary. It's not that far. I can live with the pain till I get there."

Jax hrms quietly. "Looks like the festivities are over." There's a glance around as if to confirm.

Snatch seems to think so, too, though she doesn't say it. It's all fun and games until somebody… cracks a rib? Maybe?

Eli just sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose, slipping back into her jacket and her tags before eyeing her clipboard and clearing her throat. "…anybody want a go with one another?" She makes her way towards Meris.

Meris shrugs one shoulder. "It was a fair fight. I don't see what all the fuss is about. If you're going to wrestle, sure, there's a chance you're going to get hurt, eh?" She pulls the towel from her shoulder, turning for the treadmills now the spectacle is apparently done.

Snatch turns to her almost-spatting-parter, tipping up her head toward him with a questioning look.

Bell comes in from Corridor 9D.

Jax knocks Snatch with his elbow again. "Aha, there we go. C'mon punkin. Let's see if you've got spit to go with that shine." He raises his hand, pointing fingers down at himself and Mopsus. "Got two ready and willing right here, sir." They're standing near the ring, where round after round of wrestling is going on.
You give Salin a cookie.
Salin leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Snatch gives a predatory grin as she's knocked, answering it with a fist to his side. Not a tap, but not meant to hurt, either. "Y'ns don' wan' t' git min t' spittin'," she warns. "Haydes got no fury…" she adds, all talk until the Sheriff says go.

Eli eyes Jax for a few more thoughtful moments where she stands with her clipboard, waiting for people to head into the ring. "Keep it clean, keep it quick, when you're ready…go!"

Melia watches Salin go, then shrugs it off. "He's still mobile," she says quietly. "If he falls in the halls, someone will get him to Medical." Then she turns back toward the ring, smiling until she sets eyes on Snatch. Then it fades.

Jax gives a chuckle as he's socked, moving with Snatch into the ring. He gets low, shifting to oppose her position in the ring. Now he's eyeing his opponent carefully, trying to guage where the advantage lies more so than he did with Micah. Maybe this time he'll be sucessful. "Snipe's first." He offers, curling two fingers to egg her forward.

Bell flits into the gym, in sweats, a little spring in her step. She takes note of the crowd and promptly heads in that direction. To rubber-neck the match between Jax and Snatch. "Oooo! Who's winning?" she asks…everybody. Standing on her toes to try and see better.

Oh look! More fighting! Meris tugs the towel from her shoulders, hanging it over the rail of the treadmill, then turns to lean back against it, arms folded as she watches the match.

Snatch doesn't need more egging on than the word itself, at which point she scrunches the matting with her boots and hurtles herself at Jax, sprint-sprint-crouch-leaping at him.
<Opposed Roll> Snatch - Unarmed_Combat versus Jax - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Snatch: Fair <Roll2> Jax: Fair
<Result> DRAW!

Jax's eyes widen slightly at the Crouching Snatch Hidden Snipe manuever, but he seems ready for her. When their bodies collide in true car versus brick wall fashion, neither of them is giving an inch. There's a laugh on his lips, that's knocked loose at the jarring. And then he's thowing his hip into her midsection, trying to toss her over.
<Opposed Roll> Jax - Unarmed_Combat versus Snatch - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Jax: Fair <Roll2> Snatch: Good
<Result> Snatch WINS by 1.

Eli is writing on her clipboard, expression grim.

Snatch gives a grunt as Jax doesn't go down as easy as the ol' Doctor did, but grins, no less, at the laugh, grabbing up underneath one of his arms and dragging down as he pulls up to give his arm a hearty twist before she drops her stance lower to try and shoulder him over with a thrust of her legs.
<Opposed Roll> Snatch - Unarmed_Combat versus Jax - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Snatch: Mediocre <Roll2> Jax: Great
<Result> Jax WINS by 3.

Melia studies the match for a moment, then turns, shaking her head, to slip back out.

Jax is thrown off balance, but he quickly recovers by basically just rolling over the the snipe. "Oooh. A fiesty one. What's your name, sugar, so I can tattoo it above my heart." Seems he teases no matter the gender. He's what you call an equal opportunity tease. He grunts into a new position, trying to hook an arm around one of her knees and toss her onto her back like flipping a pancake.
<Opposed Roll> Jax - Unarmed_Combat versus Snatch - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Jax: Great <Roll2> Snatch: Good
<Result> Jax WINS by 1.
Melia leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Bell stops asking people random questions when it's clear she won't get any answers, and just watches folks get thrown around. "Oooo! Slam him, tech-girl!" she hollers at Snatch. Female support and all.

Snatch is on her back, and the wind plumb out of her, too. What just happened? She's certainly not trained in those fancy flips, but she knows how to spat. "Y'ns bes' ain't sayin' sich-als lest yin'n plainnin' on maahr-yin min," she notes with a grin, rolling back a bit and then pistoning a boot up and out toward his gut.
<Opposed Roll> Snatch - Unarmed_Combat versus Jax - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Snatch: Fair <Roll2> Jax: Good
<Result> Jax WINS by 1.

Subtitles: You shouldn't say those things unless you're planning on marrying me.

Jax isn't so quick when the boot comes at his gut, but at least he has the presence of mind to snag it and. Well. Lift. He lifts higher than is possibly comfortable for her height, and then he's throwing his weight against her to try and knock her to the mat and pin her. "Ain't I supposed to buy you dinner first?" He grunts.
<Trait Roll> Snatch rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Jax rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Snatch rolls— further back— onto her shoulders, her elbows having to fall to the floor to support her in the awkward position. And then she's flat again, some great force of deckhand having slammed her down there, one leg still in the air, knee bending by his side as she wraps it around him and growls as she tries to shove with her shoulders and roll him over, but the growl turns into a grunt as she shoves against an immovable object. Err. Deckhand.

Bell winces as the Snatch force meets the immovable Jax. If she'd been betting on that match, she would've lost. But, she wasn't, so her disappointment remains mild.

Eli moves to the mats, dropping down to hit the mat three times before calling it, distractedly. "1…2..3…annnnd the brick wall has won it I'm afraid, calling it!"

Jax stays flattened out ontop of Snatch until the call come, his grin spreading a mile wide again. "Guess I'm just too much for yah, huh, spunky?" He reaches down to tweak her nose. "Thanks, that was fun." He's then easing off of her and back to his feet, offering a hand to his opponent in a sense of good sportsmanship.

Snatch stays writhing until the call, there's always hope until the count's done— nope. She wrinkles her tweaked nose, then reaches up a hand to take the help in a similar show, heaving up to her feet and then pivoting her palm in his to give his hand a slanted grab of appreciation, "Ah reckon so— fer now, ou-ais… y'ns bes' watch fer nex' taahm," she grins. "Thar gone bin a nex' taahm, Shaarf?" she wonders.

Subtitles: I guess— for now, sure! Just watch out for next time. Is there going to be a next time, Sheriff?

Bell can't help but smile a little as she watches Snatch and Jax. "Aww…" she says softly. It's kind of sweet.

Eli blinks and looks between people, from person to person and then asks tentatively. "Hey, if people um…want there to be a next time, I'm game for holding shi-stuff like this so people can get out steam and emotions and stuff in a good way?"

Jax continues smiling at Mopsus as he backs off, then its swiveled to Eli in its full glory. "Yes, sir. That was fun. Even if I did get my ass flattened by a pilot." His gruff is tempered with the grin that make the skin around his eyes crease in heavy laugh lines. "Next time!" He's pointing at Snatch in mock threat before he's off to collect his sweats jacket.

"Ou-ais! Cap'm won' len min work full-taahm no more, Ah'm raaht bored t' tears off-duty," Mopsus Doe complains. She nods to the clipboard, having noted that Eli was keeping score, "Who all won?" she asks.

Subtitles: Sure would. Captain cut me off from my addiction to tinkering, and I've got nothing to do with myself outside of shift. Who won?

"Who won-well technically…out of all the guys, it is between Micah and Jax now." Eli just sighs softly and shakes her head slowly. "Now…I have to get them to meet…" He writes something else down. "But you got second place, so it is all good."

Jax screws up his eyebrows. "Won what?" He asks, looking around, then shaking his head. "I think I'm afraid to ask. Look, if there's a prize? Have it sent to my bunk. You folks wore me out." He's ticking off a few nods as he heads towards the hatch.
Jax leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

"Hwaa!" Snatch exclaims. "Fair done, Jax!" She looks to Eli, "Thar a second-placed praahz, in thar?" she wonders. Not fully expecting there to be. But she looks a little excited to have got close to first.
<Trait Roll> Bell rolls Unarmed_combat and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
Bell leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

Eli considers Snatch for a few moments and then offers. "Sure…you can uh, have some of my cake when I get it. We'll go to the Carina, sit in the park, eat cake and talk about tinkering."
Micah leaves for Corridor 9D [O].

"Han, ou-ais!" Snatch replies with a smile. "Happy Birthday," she tells the Sheriff. "Your frien' done tole min s'war your'n birthday, an' Ah jus' 'bout plumb forgot."

Subtitles: Hey, that's right! Happy birthday. Your friend told me it was your birthday, but I forgot.

Eli just idly scratches her head, chuckling softly. "That's cute ya know, that 'ou-ais' thing?" She coughs and then shakes her head slowly. "Thanks heh, didn't do much this year for it, but still thanks for that."

"Ou-ais? Than's jus' how we'n dee 'O.K.' or 'yan' or 'shore als' back home… Ah reckon Ah never will kick the sayin' of it," Snatch smiles faintly, folding her arms. "An' Ah reckon thar ain't much for't, these days. Ah had mahn a whiles back an' don' reckon e'en Ah noted 'er."

Subtitles: Yeah? It's just how we say okay or yeah or sure thing back home. I don't think I'll ever get out of the habit of saying it. And I figure there isn't much to do for them, these days, anyhow. I had mine a while back and don't think I even noticed.

It takes time to translate, but Eli is a patient sort, really. Eventually she nods quickly and gives a tiny smile. "Don't ever change it, it makes you unique." Then she has to nod and agree. "Yeah, there isn't that much you really can do out here about things."

"Ah ast yer frien' — Ah hope y'ns ain't maahnd at all — an' she'ns said y'ns ware'nt lookin' out fer a girl, ou-ais?" Mopsus Doe broaches the subject briefly, then peeks up to the intercom.

Subtitles: I asked your friend — I hope you don't mind — she said you weren't looking for a girl. S'at so?

"I'm not lookin', doesn't mean I don't see 'em and like what I see though." Eli admits honestly. "Doesn't mean I say no either…" Then the intercom goes off and her face screws up. "Oh gods frak me…" She looks apologetically to Snatch before gesturing towards the hatch. "I have to uh, get to security, work and all that but…I still owe you a swim!" She edges towards the exit.

Snatch nods her head with a smile and a wave.

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