We're Leaving
We're Leaving
Summary: Regas talks to Reed and Gaelan, it doesn't go so well.
Date: 94 ACH - 2/15/2009
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11

94 ACH 23797 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


The Commander has been waiting for the arrival as soon as he sent the word out to have the Marine CO and the Hera CO come to his quarters. The stitching along his jawline is still a little tender and his knuckles are still holding some bruising and scrapes, but he does seem like he is ready for something.

Reed enters as soon as he arrives, thanks to the increasingly nervous guard that is outside the Commanders door. Rumors abound about these people and what they did to get the assignment of guarding the CO's door, but Reed doesn't speculate. He moves in and salutes, "Sir."

Gaelan steps into the quarters after the summoning call was issued. Glancing around the quarters curiously it's not often he gets called directly to the quarters of his commander. As soon as he is inside he comes to attention and raises his hand in a quick salute, "Commander, Sir."

Regas returns the salutes and motions for them to sit down. "My XO will not be attending this meeting, so please, come in and sit down. I have something I'd like to go over with you both." He even has some precious liquor open and sitting on the desk, picking it up, he looks ready to pour them both some in the square glasses with an upraised brow to see if they want one. Something is definately up.

Reed drops salute, and moves to sit. To the liquor, he shakes his head, drawing out his handheld computer from a pocket, putting an ankle on his opposite knee and setting the handheld on his leg, as if preparing to take notes.

Gaelan eyes the liquor and then the Commander he holds his hand up and comments, "Not just yet, Sir." Looking to the Commander after the lowered arm goes to grab the back of his chair as he goes to sit down.

Regas nods and sets the bottle down, "All right. I've asked you both here, because the Genesis is going back to the War. I've had a few days to think on this, so don't wonder if I haven't weighed all the options." He glances to Reed now, "You are one of the smartest men on these tubs, Colonel so I want you to continue searching for a home. You can keep Captain Solon with you since he was the other man on this project. The assaultstar will go with us." He rests a hip on the desk. "I'm going to call a meeting with the crew and set this before them. It'll be voluntary, especially for the men with new families. The pregnant women will be taken off and put into an area on the Carina. If the men choose to go, that will be their decision."

Reed listens to the Commander, and blinks. He looks down to the computer, frowning, then back to Regas, "So.. Genesis and Pandora move to combat strikes against the Cylon armada, while Hera and the Civilian fleet ships head for deep space, with the Map and seek out a new homeworld, sir?" Just making sure he has this right.

Gaelan looks from the Commander then to the Colonel as his brow stitches together. Leaning back in the chair his hands fold in his lap as he looks back to the Commander and responds with a rasped tone, "With all due respects Sir. We are not a Milia. We are the Colonial Navy and if you issue an order, we will follow it."

A simple nod goes to Reed from Regas, "Yes. We've done what we could, but we are a Battlestar. Your work is also important in this new world that the Cylons gave us. You were searching for this on the PAS." His gaze shifts to Gaelan, "I realize that, Major. But the last thing I need is another Pegasus incident left on Reed's doorstep while we spirit away. I'll need you to get your people ready, because this isn't going to be a joyride."

Reed settles back in his chair, frowning. He scratches the side of his neck briefly, "Alright, and what is the intended plan of the Pandora and Genesis, sir? Return to the colony worlds and destroy the Cylon occupying forces?"

Gaelan nods slowly as he shifts slightly in his chair and asks, "Estimated timeframe on return or we going on a suicide mission with deep seeded hopes of returning victorious?"

"We are going to return to the homeworlds and pick our battles. I don't plan on leaping into a nest of them. As I had planned on doing in the beginning, we'll become a mobile recon force and take out what we can." Regas looks toward Gaelan, "I don't know a timeframe, and it isn't a suicide mission either. But, there is a chance we won't return. I dislike running and limping away, but I have no choice when I have thousands of lives at stake. I only want to retreat when I can go back and kick some ass."

Reed thinks for a moment, "So this is a permanent separation of the fleet, then sir." He shrugs, "With the Civvies and the Hera heading into deep space on a flexible route toward a habitable world.." He shakes his head, "Even with the Map, there's going to be little to no chance of the Genesis and Pandora catching up with us.. Ever."

Gaelan raises his eyebrows slightly as he looks to Reed and comments, "On top of that, the Hera is not under capacity to defend the remaining fleet. On top of that we probably won't last very long with supplies nearly severed since we were utilizing so many civilian crafts to off-load some of our resupply work."

"Not necessarily," Regas answers, "What we'll do with the seventy two hours after my announcement, is work out some areas. What you know now, will be your destinations and we'll set up the coords, between you and me. Because honestly, my trust right now is pretty thin." His gaze shifts to Gaelan, "You'd be surprised at what the Hera can do. And yes, yo are right about the supplies. Within a few weeks to a month, we'll be completely out. They have a chance of finding something, we'll have a chance of raiding. I'd rather go down fighting than starving to death, Major." He once more looks to Reed, "I can afford you two Raptors. I'll have the deck crew set them up with nukes also."

Reed looks at his computer, focusing. He takes on an overclocked look in his eyes as he concentrates. "Sir, this is going to place a great deal of strain on the personnel of the Genesis and Pandora. I can imagine that many of the people will either opt to the Civilian fleet, and the Hera, to look for a new homeworld and leave the Pandora and Genesis dangerously undermanned, or, if they are required to remain on the Genesis or Pandora, then the strain of the seperation will cut down on their effectiveness in combat operations." This is delivered with an even monotone, as if he were verbalizing it while thinking about eight other things.

Gaelan nods to the Colonel as he adds in, "Sir. While I will be one of the first to resist leaving a field of battle, I still am aware when a tactical retreat is in the best interest of my men. What you are describing is a suicide mission and I can not condone that as a soldier, even more as a Marine Commander. My men require rest and shore leave to reduce the effects of battle fatigue. If these were not necessary then the Colonial Navy would not have made them a requirement of our structure." Eyes lock with the Commander as he makes the comments, fingers tapping idly on the back of his other hand still curled in his lap.

Regas rises from his seat on the edge of the desk. "As you stated Major, this is the military and when a command is given, you either do it or you refuse. Considering how people feel I'm such an asshole, I had figured should I lay this out to some of my Officers, they would understand. But, I guess not." He moves back to behind the desk, "It's now an order and you've both shown me that this would not do well as a meeting. You are now tasked to act, not think. You'll be informed when we are leaving and are now both dismissed."

Reed snaps out of his intent internal calculations, and blinks a couple of times to Regas. He takes his computer, and rises, "Sir, permission to speak freely." Simple enough, he hasn't pushed before, and there's a first time for everything.

Gaelan rises slowly from his chair and watches the Commander. The stare is hard and the rasped tone is flat, almost staccato in it's deliver, "Commander these actions are against the best interest of the fleet, her personnel and most importantly they seem like nothing more than a stake of personal revenge at the expense of what is left of the Colonies and her fleet. I can not good faith ask my men to follow these orders you are issuing."

"Major, are you refusing a direct order?" You can just tell how much the Major and the Commander show the love on this boat. Regas ignores Reed for the moment with a hand up to the Hera CO. "A military man, born to fight. You seriously disappoint me. I'd never have thought you to tuck tail and run."

Reed holds his position. He's watching Regas, letting Gaelan stay in his peripheral vision. He's quiet.

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Gaelan visibly twitches at the lip as he locks eyes with the Commander. Hands curl into fists as he leans forward, the whitened knuckles of his hands resting on the desk as his rasped tone emits almost too calmly, "Commander Regas. Don't you ever question my ability to fight, much less insult me that I am a coward. I have spent more times on real missions stuck in the shit behind enemy lines while frakker's like you issue orders from the safety of your Naval Battlestars that have caused my men to die and have caused me to get nearly killed myself. So if you think I am refusing an order because I don't like the idea of combat, you are sorely mistaken. I am advising you as a commander of your ground forces that it is not a valued order for the best interest of her Marines."

<Trait Roll> Regas rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Regas reaches over and picks up the comm, "Colonel bring a guard in here. Major, you are relieved of duty." he then begins speaking with a sideways tilt to the speaker on the handset.

[Intercom] Security to the Commander's Quarters.

Reed turns, moving to the door, opening it, "In here." He tells the guard outside the door as he moves aside, and the man comes into the quarters. This is why there's a guard outside the door.

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Eli comes in from Corridor 11E.

Eli has arrived.

Gaelan eyes stay locked with the Commander as he issues the order. Lips purse as he straightens up, reaching back he grabs the chair he was sitting in and with one arm launches it flat across the Commanders desk shoving all the contents to the ground as it slams into the now evacuated chair the Commander was sitting in. Looking to the COmmander he points at him and barks out, "Go frak yourself, Commander! This isn't over."

<Trait Roll> Regas rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

It's a lovely sight really. There went his last full stock of booze, hitting the floor and busting into shards of glass all over the place. Three glasses as well. His papers, lamp, in and out boxes and the chair ends up humping his nice leather one. The Commander does a dodge to the side as liquor splashes on his pants and the Guard that Reed is getting steps inside to view it. His weapon is now pulled of course at seeing the end of that little chair toss.

Reed is standing at the hatch, holding it open for the guard outside the door to come in. No, he sucks at hand to hand, so he's not even remotely going to get involved.

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Regas rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Gaelan straightens up, tugging at the bottom of his duty shirt. A slow deep breath as he hears the weapon unholster as he turns to face the guard outside. The Marine, kinda sorta not really but still possibly, CO stares at the guard who just entered the hatch. Breathing deeply in a level of seething anger, fingers curled into tight fists as he flatly comments, "IF you are going to draw that weapon Marine, you better be prepared to use it."

Eli comes down the hallway quickly, concern on her face and she's lingering near the hatch for a moment. Was that booze splashing. She moves a hand to betty reflexively. "Sirs?" She's got a couple of other faceless MPs with her though. Somewhere behind her and now she's tense. "Security was called." Hello Captain Obvious. She eyes the guard too.

Reed is the most overqualified doorman in the universe. He holds the door open and gestures to the ruins of the CO's quarters and the Major and Commander.

"Place the Major under arrest, Sergeant. He will be charged with insubordination to a superior Officer and threatening the life of a Superior Officer." The Commander glances to the booze on the floor, "And the death of a twelve year bottle of Leonis whiskey." A handkerchief comes out of his pocket in an idle swipe to the splashing along his pantleg. One cool cookie, it seems.

Gaelan looks to the Sheriff as he holds his arms out showing no signs of resistance to the order. The one is flat as he comments in retort to the Commanders order, "Sheriff. I want to see JAG about drawing up charges to the Commander about being unfit for command and to be removed immediately." Not even turning to glance back at the Commander or to Reed he just watches Eli and waits to be detained.

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Intelligence and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Eli looks between Regas and Gaelan and then Gaelan and Regas and then over to Reed questioningly and then back to Regas and Gaelan. "Yes sirs." She's moving to get her handcuffs with an arch of an eyebrow as she fully enters the room, approaching Gaelan and clearing her throat. "Permission to speak frankly sirs?" Eyebrows shooting up.

Regas simply stands there as the booze seeps into the rug he has near the front of the desk, "Yes, make sure he gets good counsel, he's going to need it." The handkerchief is tucked away in a pocket again. The guard is ready to begin escorting as soon as Eli gets the cuffs on Gaelan. When the Sheriff speaks up, he looks over to her. "No. Do your job."

Reed watches the cuffs come out and holds the door impassively.

Gaelan eyes the Sheriff as she handcuffs him. Being compliant as he gets escorted out he only passes a sideglance to Reed before heading out. See, he follows orders just fine. Silly Navy.

Gaelan leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

Gaelan has left.

Regas waits until the room is cleared before he looks over to Reed, "Are you going to make me use my other guard outside?"

Reed shakes his head, "No sir. I simply want to point out that this is going to tear apart your upper command staff. You're going to be seperating men and women, husbands and wives, parents and children, or you're going to make them choose between their ship and their loved ones, to choose to return to a fight knowing they're not likely to survive, and even if they do, their families will be somewhere in the Galaxy. Hera and the Civvies will go, make a run for supplies and materials in deep space. Honestly, our chances are better than yours. But if you succeed, if you defy the odds, and everything goes flawlessly, then what?"

"They knew that when they signed onto the military," Regas responds. "I'll thank you for your concerns on the subject, but that is my problem. You just get those people somewhere they can start a new life."

Reed nods, "I'll do that sir. I'll.. Get a box of salt and the scriptures book." Ah the old Military custom of drawing a line of salt, crews of two ships on each side. the custom used when two crews are likely to never see each other again.

Regas nods. "I'll see you before we leave," he then looks back to the floor and barks to the partially open hatch to get someone in here to clean this mess up.

Reed turns and heads out.

Reed leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

[Intercom] To all Genesis personnel, this is the Commmander speaking. The Battlestar will be moving out of fleet formation in 72 hours. During this time, all off-duty Personnel are allowed to take a short leave, get their affects together and be back on board in twenty-four hours.

All pregnant personnel will be moved off the ship and onto the Carina. All husbands or fiance's of said pregnant personnel, will make their decision to remain behind with their spouses or return to the ship. That is all.

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