Summary: Farkas did what?! Evelyn finds out about Farkas' latest from Shem. Brings it to Zaharis and gets an audience.
Date: 39 ACH
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Psychiatry Office Genesis - Deck 13
39 ACH 6285 Souls

This room is decorated in a deep, rich green color. Some plants are in pots here, including one climbing Ivy on a small trellis which stretches up the side of a wooden bookcase set against one wall, filled with textbooks. There is a desk in front of a few file cabinets in the corner of the room farthest from the door, while opposite the bookshelves there is a comfortable looking leather reclining setee with a large leather chair next to it with an unobtrusive table nearby with a box of disposable tissues on it.
< Condition Three —- Duty Area >
Contents: Eve Shem
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When Eve doesn't have a patient, she usually leaves the door wide open as it is now. The doctor is within, drinking water from a coffee cup thanks to that delightful thing called rationing. She has a coffee pot on one shelf, but its sitting idle. Apparently, if she has the grounds, she's not wasting making a pot for the simple day to day stuff. A file is open, and she's skimming the contents from behind her reading glasses.

Shem's shadow fills the door. He appears soon later, wearing a small frown, and knocks on the door. "Doc?" he asks.

Eve glances up, quickly registering Shem's face. Shem never seems to be bringing good news. Eve rises to her feet, but doesn't move from behind her desk, merely offering a sweeping hand to the chair in front of her desk. "Come in. Please."

Shem enters. He pauses to close the door behind him. No, doesn't look like good news. The marine comes to a stop in front of Eve's desk. "I'm sorry to say, doc, but I'm back here about the Farkas issue."

Eve smiles, but its clearly without mirth. She sinks back down into her chair, "Now why doesn't that surprise me? I've given my statement, signed sealed and delivered. I don't know what else you'd have me do."

"I'll come out and say it." Shem remains standing, cautiously scrutinizing Eve's reaction. "He's claimed to have raped you."

And her only response, at least physically, is a dark eyebrow cresting high on her forehead. "Is that so?" Evelyn says evenly, then lets out a long sigh that empties her lungs, and her head rests back against the chair. Lashes filter down over dark eyes, closing them in exasperation.

Shem's expression remains constant. "I'm trying to close this file, but this is a claim that I won't ignore." He pauses and continues, slowly, "If he's done so, you should tell me now. You're not doing yourself any favors by keeping it quiet."

Eve's opens her eyes, levelling her gaze at Shem. Its clear her distaste isn't in Shem himself, but the situation. "If the man had raped me, I surely would have reported it, instead of harbouring it like the infraction it was. I trust you're taking into account the man's frakked up sense of honor? Likely he thinks by coping to it in that manner, he'll save me the humiliation and dishonor to my career. He likely doesn't realize I've already been reprimanded and its over. I'm not a victim, Lieutenant. You can close your file."

Shem watches Eve for a few seconds, as a detective would view a suspect. "Good day." His posture relaxes, and he nods, turning back for the door.

Eve has to ask, because its her nature. "Do you believe me?"

Shem pauses at the profile. "You." His eyes lose their lock on Eve, and he glances at the floor. "More than him." A nuanced answer. He completes the turn and starts walking for the door.

Eve just lets him go this time. But she's not far behind. Looks like she has a few visits of her own to make.

Shem pauses at the door. He turns around. "Doc, I had to tell Major Zaharis about the claim. I asked for somebody to take a look at his head. I don't know if you guys have another shrink on board, but you should be aware."

Eve raises a hand, tucking hair behind her ear. Her gaze is diverted from Shem, "Good. That's all I ever wanted in the first place." There was a /reason/ she came forward with this afterall, beyond a guilty conscience.

Shem nods. He opens the door and leaves without another word.

Shem has left.

You head towards Sickbay.
Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
39 ACH 6285 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

< Condition Three —- Duty Area >
Contents: Eve Medical Charts Memorial Board Wireless 1492

Exits: [CMO] CMOs Office [O] Corridor
[PO] Psychiatry Office [RW] Recovery Ward

Special: +lhelp - Local Help Available

You knock on the door to CMOs Office.

From Chief Medical Officers Office you hear shouting: Come in.

You head towards Chief Medical Officers Office.
Chief Medical Officers Office Genesis - Deck 13
39 ACH 6285 Souls

The office of the Chief Medical Officer is a small room, used mostly for consultations and review of sensitive patient materials than the paperwork of the Medical department, which goes through the Naval Administrative offices. Still somehow it has file cabinets along one wall stuffed full of papers, two chairs in front of a desk behind which a large leather chair is set. On the desk sits a computer terminal.
Sitting on the file cabinet is a Rod of Asclepius carved from two different types of wood. The rod is made from lighter wood, while the snake is darker. The eye of the snake is inlayed with tiny crystals so that it sparkles in the light. It stands on a smallish pedestal with a legend: Do no harm to thyself nor to others.

< Condition Three —- Duty Area >
Contents: Eve Zaharis Medical 846 Wireless 454

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Zaharis is working on something, as that's what the CMO is usually doing in here. His pen stills on the paper as someone knocks and he calls out to enter.

Someone is knocking at the door.

And then someone ELSE knocks. Zaharis squints at the door, calling out again. "Yes, come in!"

You hear shouting: Yes, come in!

Regas comes in from Sickbay.
Regas has arrived.

Eve steps in briskly, clicking the door closed behind her. Only to have someone knock on it again. "Rape? He's claiming he raped me now?" So much for preamble, aaaaand, she probably should have looked over her shoulder before she shouts that out.

Zaharis was working on something, as that's what the CMO is usually doing in here. His pen stills on the paper as someone knocks and he calls out to enter. And then the second buzz hits, and he calls out again. Right as Eve strolls in with that. "/What/?" The CMO stares at her a second before his eyes switch to Regas. Dear oh dear. He stands up. "Sir."

Well. Isn't that just the best thing to walk in on. This time the door gets looked at and closed behind him. Commander Do Not Disturb Signs in affect here now. "Major. Lieutenant." He seems to be waiting for the rest of this little soap opera spilling out all over the room.

There is a reason they nicknamed Evelyn 'Fainter' and having the Commander come in when the word 'rape' is still ringing off the walls of the CMO's office has her looking ten shades of pale. The fact that Zaharis is standing up saying 'Sir', has Evelyn twisting and stammering. "S..Sir." Oh shit. Her hand grabs the back of a chair so she doesn't topple over.

Well, that's…wonderful. Zaharis remains on his feet, his focus on his Lieutenant as she grabs the chair. "Sloan, sit down," he says, his voice making a shift to gentle, but firm. "Calm down." He draws a breath, glancing at Regas and then back at Eve. "Are you okay talking in front of the Commander?" If she's not, he'll take the fallout for asking Regas to leave.

"At ease, Lieutenant before you fall over," Regas actually steps over and offers the chair for her to sit down in and then he glances toward Zaharis, "Don't let me interrupt this. It sounds like something is going around again that I just miss out on." Commandy smile. Leave? Never.

Zaharis knew that was going to happen, yo.

Eve glances between Zaharis and Regas, before edging around the chair and sinking into it. Comfortable or no, seems she's not going to have a choice. "Apparently Lieutenant Shem can not close his file on the fraternization between Sergeant Farkas and I, despite my written statement." Her gaze is on her hands, fingers knitting together over and over again. "The Sergeant is apparently now claiming it wasn't consentual." Much better than rape, yup.

Zaharis gestures Regas to a chair as well, since it seems their Commander friend is permanent. He sits down on the edge of his own, turning his attention to Eve, and his face darkens into a frown. "I…see." He exhales quietly, clearly /quite/ unhappy with the Marines just now. "And is there any truth to Farkas' claim, at all? I'm sorry to ask, Lieutenant, but we have to be clear."

Regas takes a seat, since he was invited. He merely glances at the Lieutenant now. "Not consentual. I somehow think you just toned that down because I am here, since it wasn't what you said." He gets comfortable now. His gaze going between both of them. "He's trying to spare your dignity, is that it?"

Eve gives a little shake of her head in the negative, her gaze still directed at her shoes. "I believe so, Commander. There's not a stitch of truth to his claims. I told the lieutenant to take into account the Sergeant's backwards sense of honor. He likely believes he's doing me a favor, not realizing I've already been reprimanded for the action. I'm not a victim, sirs."

"Or he's delusional," Zaharis comments thinly, as to Regas' statement. "Farkas has a psychological evaluation schedule to start in forty-five minutes. I'll make sure the attending is aware of the Sergeant's statements. As for you, El-Tee, if things are as you state then we will handle it. You're already given your official statement, you are responsible for no more unless asked by the proper channels." Such as the two in this room.

Regas links his fingers together, "I stated rather plainly, should anything else come across my desk on the Sergeant, when I called that meeting," he pauses, "that it would be dealt with and he would be shuttled to the Civilian side of things. It seems that will indeed be the case. Rape is not the best of words to use when addressing a woman, at the very least, an officer. I don't care how much of a sense of honor the marine thinks he is dealing with. It was not the way to go about it. If it had been, I'm sure the Lieutenant, would have spoke up long before she did."

Eve falls silent, its really out of her hands now. Originally just trying to get the man help, she's only further condemned him to a dishonorable discharge. Her head just hangs further, but perhaps its under the guise of a breathing exercise to help regain some of her color.

Zaharis nods to Regas. "Lieutenant Sloan has been nothing but forthcoming about the incident, sir. I commend her honesty. I'm not aware of what all the issues have been with Farkas, besides what Lieutenant Shem provided us to assist us with for the evaluation. But I will place my faith that Farkas will be handled, and in a manner that brings no further harm from his hands to Lieutenant Sloan. The Marines will have a copy of his evaluation and Medical's recommendations as soon as the attending is finished."

Regas decides that must be good enough for him and he now rises, "I had only came by to offer my condolences to you, Major. I'll be visting the ChEng also. I'm sorry we couldn't bring him home." He then nods to both and begins the short trek to the door.

Eve lifts her eyes at the mention of condolences, it seems rumors didn't quite make it as far as the psyche yet. Her mind is immediately churning, trying to put a name to what the pronoun could mean, and what connection that has to Zaharis and Rhea. Oh. Wait. Commander is leaving, Evelyn shifts in her chair.

Zaharis stands as Regas turns to go. The parting sentiment then shifts the CMO's mind gears without the clutch, and he's very still for a moment. "Thank you." He clears his throat softly. "Sir, about that. I have a commendation proposal…for him. May I speak to you about it in a few?"

Regas sets his hand on the door and turns to look at Zaharis, "Yes. I'll be around." He turns back to the door, opens it and steps through while closing it behind him.

Regas leaves for Sickbay [o].
Regas has left.

Eve watches the Commander go, but as soon as the door clicks closed, her eyes are back on Zaharis. Concerns, questions, and apprehension all in that simple look.

Zaharis sits back down, still silent for a few seconds as he regroups from that speedbump. He looks back at Eve, folding his hands. "You have nothing further to worry about, Lieutenant. Farkas is digging his own hole. We are not going to let you fall in with him."

Eve takes a step towards his desk, "Thank you. I appreciate that sir…" She was going to ask permission to see Farkas, but as it stands, something more important seems to be still adding its presence to the atmosphere. "If I may ask…what happened on the Persius?"

"Major Zimmermann's husband was found alive," Zaharis answers, in a reserved tone. "However, he died from wounds inflicted by hostiles." He flips the folder on his desk back open. "I'm sure the report will be available publically soon."

Eve presses her lips together, daring another step forward. "You're close to Major Zimmerman, aren't you, sir?" And something about her tone makes it sound as if she's asking as a friend, and not a psychiatrist.

Zaharis looks up from the paper, regarding her from under his brows. His body doesn't move, but his voice seems to take a step back from her. "She's a friend, yes."

Eve draws up short of his desk, "You're only as alone in this as you make yourself…Jesse." She dares his first name, a bold move for her when not in her offices.

Zaharis picks up his pen. "Anything else you need, Lieutenant?"

Eve folds her arms over her chest, "As a matter of fact, yes."

The small gesture Zaharis makes with his pen seems to indicate for her to continue.

Eve lifts her chin a hint. "A drinking partner. Sir." The last is said with a bit of a punch to her voice.

Zaharis looks at her for a second, then gives a weak-sounding chuckle. "Decided to come out of your shell a little bit?"

And doesn't she look nervous about it too. Eve's tongue makes a pass over her lips. "If that's what it takes, then yes. I'm willing to vacate it completely, if you are."

The half-smile fades and Zaharis rolls his pen between his fingers. "Lofty goal. I try to keep mine a little more realistic. I wouldn't mind a drink though."

Eve smiles slightly, even as his melts off his features. "I aim high, settle low." But no doubt she counts this as a victory. "When you're off duty then?" She shakes her wrist, jangling out a watch from the confines of her sleeve to give a glance at the face of it.

'Off-duty' is such a nebulous concept for a department head. Zaharis glances at his computer screen. "Tonight isn't good. I have something I need to do later. Maybe tomorrow."

Eve gives a brief shake of her head, "Maybe won't do. Write it down on your schedule, hang up the 'do not disturb' sign. We're drinking. Otherwise I'm marching right back into my shell and closing the door."

Zaharis exhales through his nose. "I'll do my best, Lieutenant. Our schedules don't really belong to us in the military, you know that. But I'll make the effort, I promise you."

Eve's smile regains some of its brilliance. "You're a man of your word, sir." She nods, taking a step backwards, relieved almost that he's taking her up on the drinking. "I'll leave you to it, then."

Zaharis nods to her in reply and flips a page over in his folder, bracing an arm on the desk as he goes back to what he was doing before all this crazy happened.

You head towards Sickbay.

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