What did he really want?
What did he really want?
Summary: Regas goes to speak with Rue, but gets interrupted.
Date: 54 ACH - 01/05/09
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A voice from inside calls, "Enter!"

You head towards Ready Room.

Ready Room Genesis - Deck 11
54 ACH 23817 Souls

The Ready Room is for pilots to get their assignments for the daily CAP. Rows of seating line six deep and back to the wall. At the front of the room there is a whiteboard, star maps and a podium for the CAG or Squadron Leaders to address the room. The flags of the colonies stand along the starboard wall as well as plaques of recognition. One plaque stands above those who have lost their lives and reads:
Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis
May he rest in peace among the stars.
So Say We All.
'Star Screamers' - Fighting 58th


Rue is seated in the third row of chairs, second seat from the left, speaking with Orion who is standing at attention nearby.

"Yes sir." Orion is standing not too far from Rue, as casual as a tension wire. When Regas walks in, some additional color drains from his face and he salutes.

Regas swings the hatch open and steps inside. It seems he didn't want to barge in on whatever the CAG was doing. Noticing the two, he returns the salute. "I'm not interrupting am I?"

When she sees Regas enter, Rue pushes to her feet and says, "Commander." The salute is answered with a salute, the question with a response: "Sir, I believe the Ensign and I were finished. Were you looking for me?" Her eyes flit between the two men.

Regas steps to the side of the hatch, "Actually, I was," glancing to the Ensign now. Since he is finished with the CAG. His hands go behind his back as he simply rests there and waits.

"You're dismissed, ensign. I'll see you back at the berthings," Rue says, setting her clipboard and paperwork to the side as she focusses in on Regas. "Whatever you need, sir."

Orion nods, "Yes, sir." He salutes again, then turns to leave. If you've got very good ears, there is a monster-sized exhalation once he gets far enough that nobody will hear him actually start to breathe again.

Orion leaves for Corridor 11D [O].

Regas turns a little sideways as he views the boards in the room, "I don't get around here enough. So I'm told. I don't exactly want to burst in on your berthing areas, so if you could pass along how well I feel they are doing. I know it is tough out there."

"Tied with the Marines on life expectancy," Rue tries at humor, though it sort of fizzles. "Give them a line to hold and they'll hold it, sir." She cants her head to the side and she says, "A lot changed yesterday. Didn't it?"

The Commander looks like he has had little sleep the past day or so. But he is as spotless as ever, with every button shining and every crease in its place. "Yes." The word rings with a sigh that isn't released. His dark gaze turns to look at Rue now, "Keeping your pilots spotless right now, will be the best thing I can hope for."

Addie comes in from Corridor 11D.
Addie has arrived.

Rue meets the look from Regas head-on, turning to face him. "Aside from the occassional disciplinary concerns, I've been blessed with the officers who make up the air wing. I also believe that the more troubled pilots are straightening out." Pausing there, she asks, "If what this new fleet says is true, disciplinary concerns are the least of our worries."

"I've been listening to reports most of the day. I would say staying in the Ward Room has kept me from physically beating the living shit out of someone," That's about as close as Regas is going to get from being 'off his feed' at the moment. "So, how are you doing in berthings? Would you like your own area soon?"

And in walks Addie, just in time to hear that. Oh for fraks sakes, what did she walk in on? Pause. Uie.

"I…" That has Rue stumbling a bit, what Regas said. And then her pilot's periph strikes and she spots Addie. Blinking twice, she says, "Which is to say, I hadn't thought of it yet. I'm doing okay. No physical difficulties yet, though I imagine I'll have to shift to a bottom bunk eventually."

Regas frowns on that idea and notices Addie, "Captain?" Not letting her escape that fast. His hand goes up to motion her to come on inside and shut the hatch. "I'm not raping your CAG, it's safe."

Addison turns as she's noticed and addressed. "You can't rape the willing." Addie's arms slide crossed. Yeah, she just said that right to the CO's face. "Sir." There's a pause before she says, "Didn't want to interrupt. I thought I would review some footage of our rooks."

Rue wisely keeps her lip buttoned on the 'staying in the berthings' bit, though she does say, "Captain… if you stay, I wouldn't mind reviewing the footage with you. I didn't see the entire CAP, but Orion seemed pretty stiff at the stick." Rape. Willing. Gloooossssss.

Once he has turned his attention back to the CAG, Regas waves a hand in complete dismissal of that idea. "No. We'll set something up for you. You are going to need the room. Plus, it can be an Office as well and you won't need to be running stairs to talk to your pilots in here." He lets the comment slide from Addie. "Unless, you have…someone you'd rather share quarters with by now."

Addison looks between Rue and Regas. Something about this conversation is making her slightly uneasy, though, to her credit, it does not show. She clears her throat softly, steps aside, and waits.

"No one as yet, sir, but I wouldn't mind a proper office space," Rue answers, offering Regas a smile. "The chairs here are horrible for the back or so my pilots tell me." She glances Addie's way and says, "Commander Regas wanted to pass along his appreciation for the air wing."

Regas nods and simply grunts a bit of a response to it. His gaze shifts to Addie now, standing to the side. "Yes, feel free to pass it on, my duties don't allow me to catch you all at once." He then touches his imaculate uniform jacket, "I'll be moving on then, you two need to do your evals."

Addie's hands remain clasped lightly behind her back as she nods to Rue, then looks to Regas. "Very much appreciated, thank you, sir." She glances at the chairs, then back to Regas. The image of the Tick King photo pops right on into her head. "I'll be sure to do that, Commander." It's said with a slight smile.

"Aye, sir… and, if I may be so bold. Yesterday was dark, but it had a silver lining," Rue offers in parting. "There's seventeen thousand more human survivors than we had a day before. Aboard ships, mobile and safe from the Cylons."

Regas isn't so sure, but he doesn't voice these thoughts at the moment. "Yes, well, that makes our babysitting job that much harder." He takes a few steps to the hatch and pauses, "Do you know if it is a boy or girl?" Quick change of subject there.

Addie shoots Rue a look. Sometimes the CAG is like a cartoon rainbow. Yep, 17k, give or take a baker's dozen. She stands very still.

"I haven't asked Doctor Reighner yet." Rue's gaze drops down to her stomach, then back up. "I'll let you know."

Regas rests his hand on the hatch. He's waffling, which isn't usually his style. He's also about as subtle as a wet mop upside someone's head, "If you…" the throat clearing is evident, "If you need to see me on anything, my door is open."

Addison's expression stills, and her full attention goes from Rue to Regas. She stares at the Commander.

PeriphVision. Yes, the CAG noticed that look from Fender. Rue shoots Addie a Look, before turning back towards Regas and nodding. "I know, sir. Good night and sleep well."

A simple nod and the Commander has the hatch open and is gone, closing it behind him.

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