What was in that juice?
What was in that juice?
Summary: Rue sees the Commander about Lakis.
Date: 62 ACH - 01/13/09
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
62 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Regas Wireless 1300
Exits: [O] Corridor

It's getting late and having walked out of CIC, the Commander headed straight for his quarters. If someone was lurking along to catch him, he hasn't noticed it yet.

Alas, Regas can't have his quiet relaxation period before going to bed. The hatch is only part of the way closed before there's a knock on it and Rue's voice calls, "Sir. Could you spare a few moments?"

Regas is working on undoing the flap and he turns, "Come in." Which he continues to finish the unbuttoning and remove the jacket. He unwinds a little by rolling his neck, "What can I do for you, Major?"

Rue is still buttoned up as she enters. It doesn't look like this is one of those conversations where the jacket gets unbuttoned. Seeing as how she looks a little tense, those suspicions can be reasonably assumed. "I need to ask you about Leonis, sir. About the Marine we're going back for. I need to know why you think it's important to go back for her." There's a pause there and she adds, "Sir, if she was part of the plot that almost destroyed Pandora, or if she's one of those skinjobs… why would she want to be picked up by us? And if she isn't either of those things, why is this one private worth risking resources and good people on?" This is would be a first for Rue. Questioning an order.

Regas reaches his hand up and scratches along his neck, "What if she is? We can use her," who knows what it means by 'using' her. "If she isn't, she still has to answer for whatever she did." A light shrug to that. "Besides, didn't the Colonel want to find ammo stores back on the colonies? I doubt we'll make any trip back that way again after this."

"If she is, why would she come to us for a rescue… she's made her escape," Rue fires back, keeping her voice at an even keel. "If she isn't either a Cylon or a terrorist, then there is no reason to go back for her. Sir, please." She's quiet a moment and pleading with her eyes a bit, whether or not he's looking into them. "Colonel Fotilas has planned a materiel raid… on Virgon."

Regas walks over and tosses his jacket on the back of a chair. "It's your call, you are the CAG. No one is going to put your people into a situation you feel is too risky. Not any more," he half murmers to himself. His head comes up, "Virgon…" there is a long thought on that one. "What are your thoughts on that?"

"The plan as it stands is to scout out multiple possible targets at the same time to keep the Cylon forces guessing, we jump in with Raptors and the Sula. The target is Markham Airbase. We land, we take all the ammo we can load onto the Sula, we take off and we jump out. We're figuring on some ground combat, so Marines will be involved as well as an empty Raptor or two, in case there are any survivors. Obviously, given the possibility of skinjobs amongst them, we'll be quaranteening them immediately," is Rue's response, though she's eyeing Regas curiously. "And… just like that sir? It's my decision on that other mission? I didn't mean to come in here, guns blazing…" Sighing, she reaches up to undo the first couple buttons on her flap, letting it hang down off her jacket.

[Intercom] Sergeant Browne, please report to Security. Sergeant Browne to Security.

"Did you expect a big fight? I said I'd like to find her. Due to what we have ran into. And what happened on the Pandora. But not at the expense of my pilots. The ammo is more important." Regas watches her for a moment and then something akin to a smile rises, "Besides, if I can't trust my staff to do what they think is best, why do I have them?"

"I." Rue is caught off-balance, clearly. She says, "I'm sorry. I don't know what exactly I came in expecting, but I'm glad I found what I did." Cryptic much? "I didn't forget about our dinner… Doctor Zaharis had a favor he's letting me pull in."

"I try not to fight with my Officers, it makes things a little easier in getting things done. Not that I haven't had a few chewings back and forth," Like Gaelan, but we aren't mentioning names. Regas offers a chair, "Did you want some water or juice? I think Pepper has me stocked again. And she's also making me take a day off, we can do the dinner then if you would like."

"Some juice, please." Rue moves closer and settles into the offered chair, hands on the armrests. "Some of those officers tend to choose poor times and places to make their questions or disagreements known," she offers. "It would be nice to do it on a day off. Did you want to go to Carina for it?"

Regas walks over to the small fridge in his office and bends over, poking around for whatever the Ensign put in there. Pulling out a cardboard box of grape-apple. It also has a sippy straw attached to the side. "She must be stealing from the children's ward." A smile as he takes the box to her. "If you want. Carina has a nice lake for a picnic." No one has told him they are going to drain it yet!

"I've seen it, that'd be lovely. And not very private, but… if you're okay with that, then I am too," Rue says, taking the juice box in hand. She eyes it's covering and just shakes her head. "That Pepper is something else." Stripping the straw off the side, she punctures the plastic seal on it and plunges the straw into the box's top. "I did, ah. Have an answer for you."

"Oh? Were you wanting a more private area? I'm afraid I don't do that on a first date, Major. I have a reputation to uphold." Taking a seat nearby, he lets that dry wit settle. "I see. All right, I'm all ears."

Smiling at the dryly delivered response, Rue licks her lips and says, "I don't want to get into a marriage with no love in it. And I don't want to skip from the beginning of a relationship to somewhere in the middle for the sake of propriety… It ain't how I'm wired." She reaches into her jacket and tugs out the deed to the Destiny, leaning forward to set it nearby on a table. "It was a beautiful gesture, but I'd have been just as happy with a kiss. I have no use for the Destiny… I have a Hangar full of birds that are all mine." She pauses, then adds, "I want to get to know you. Beyond the professional exterior. And the personal life that you've shared with me so far."

What's this? A woman who makes sense? Impossible. Regas eyes the deed and then the woman. After a moment or two, he clears his throat. "You are directly under my Command, that would be Frat." Not that half the ship isn't doing it lately.

"I'm as devoted to my position as you are, Tarik," Rue says, looking into Regas' eyes. "I'm a pilot and I am your CAG. If that means I can't be more, then I have to roll the hard six… and hope that you understand." She swallows tightly, throat suddenly dry.

Regas nods slowly, "I realize that. I also realize it was rather selfish of me to ask, when you don't want something you may regret later on. It was, however, the only way I knew to do it. Without finding Major Altair on my doorstep." He muses rather quietly.

"The Fleet can't afford to do without you," Rue says, looking down at the papers in front of her. "And maybe that means most of the time, you have to be selfless, not selfish. But at some point you will have to do something just for you." She pauses a second, then says, "Have a picnic with me."

Regas brings up a smile, which lights up his features and makes his dark eyes seem warmer, "I'd be delighted to have a picnic with you, Savannah." He leans back then, "I think sometimes the fleet would like to do without me."

"If they didn't have you, they'd pick a new person to blame whatever imagined ills they have on," Rue replies. A smile lights up her face when Regas brightens, flashing her pearly whites at the man. "A good number of them have Admiral Cain fixed in their minds. It's going to take a lot of work to counter that… But we'll do it. We're in this together."

Regas nods once again, "I have to wonder what turned her so vicious though. As a commander I can almost see the reasoning, but not the deaths nor leaving Colonials behind," he shakes his head a moment, "But you are right. We'll do this the best we can." He pauses a moment, "I want you to be careful out there."

"Careful is my middle name," the blonde says with a toss of her head. She pushes up to her feet, taking her be-strawed juice box with her. Rue says, "I'm being careful for two now. As much as I can be. Seems a shame to go through all of this without any benefit… I've already put on five pounds." Smiling through it, she notes, "I should get to work on some of the tactical planning with Colonel Fotilas."

Regas rises up when she does and has to smile again at the kiddie drink in her hand. When she mentions having gained five pounds, he glances down and back up again. "Keep that up and we'll have to widen the viper," a light chuckle after his teasing and he offers his arm, "Let me walk you to the door." Which is about ten feet.

"I'm not waddling around yet," Rue teases. She also takes the offered arm, slipping her own through it and walks towards the hatch, taking her time. "Do me a favor, Tarik?"

"What's that?" Regas takes it slow too, making the short walk a little longer. He glances down when she asks the question.

Rue kisses Regas. It seems the question was a deception. It's a fierce kiss, accompanied by a cheek touch and when she pulls away, she slips out of his grip and opens the hatch, stepping through it and then eyeing him, "I don't believe in living with regrets. Not anymore. Never again. Consider doing the same." And then, gently, she shuts the hatch and makes her way down the hall, sipping from the grape-apple juice box.

Regas just stares at the closed hatch. You could probably knock him over with a feather about this point. Then he simply smiles and turns around, whistling as he heads to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

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