When Good JuJu Goes Bad
When Good Juju Goes Bad
Summary: Lex & Ramiro run into each other performing various marine type duties on the surface, conversation ensues when Ram lets slip he slid the CO a love note of a most unsettling kind. When witnesses arrive, Lex lets fly with some heretical foo and flees before anyone else is in earshot.
Date: 60 ACH (12 Jan 2009)
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Red Planet, Surface, North Path, 60 ACH

The stones stop here and give way to an enclosed length of grass. Each side has stepped ramps that lead to ceremonial platforms or small temples, the area itself is in a captial 'I' shape. The 'I' shape 'hallway' leads toward a broken wall and the stepped ramps look to be some seating for those attending.

At the end of the grassy area, a round stone has been placed and a small circular inner area has been carved inside it. It sits against a wall that is crumbling and has mostly fallen over to be covered by more vegetation. As part of the stone wall rises upward, there has been something carved within. But time has seem to worn it down to barely discernible etchings. To the left of the area, there looks to be an open area that has been covered by more vegetation.

Ramiro's made his way back down to the Red Planet as a part of the Recon attachment. In his ghillie suit again, he's made his way east towards the northern path. Sitting he watches the cat and the site carefully. Listening for other sounds of movement, he quietly rests in the underbrush, covered in mud and local plantlife.

Lex is crouched, motionless, somewhere in the clearing to the east, eyes on the remains of a structure. She's armed, but her weapon is slung over her shoulder. Lex's version of perimeter patrol, today, seems to be keeping an eye out for cats. And smoking. What. Yeah, she has a cigarette, and she's totally sneaking a smoke. She doesn't smoke to all accounts.

A patch of plantlife moves slowly, revealing a mass of branches and leaves not far from Lex. It's Dane Ramiro, there's no telling how long he's been there, but he seems rather fixated on the two sites. He turns and looks to Lex, giving her a little wave.

Lex is startled by the movement, but she catches the rustle soon enough that she doesn't actually jump when the plant life moves, revealing a marine. In her head she may be cursing his sneakiness, but it doesn't come out her mouth, or influence her posture. She does, however, reach to the left of the rock she's sitting on, the side on the other side of her body from Ramiro, and she stubs out the cigarette like it never existed. She lifts a hand to wave back.

Ramiro sits on his rear, propping his knees up and letting his rifle brace downwards against them. He turns his attention back towards the panthers, smiling quietly beneath his hood. Pulling back the hood to reveal his face, partly covered in mud and camo paint, he gives Lex a small smile. "Hey…" He says, eyes trailing back to the male Panther, watching closely.

The blonde private tips her helmet back a little, and glances over as Ramiro de-hoods. Lex watches Ramiro watch the cats, and his behavior from the previous recon comes to mind. "What is it with you and the 200 pound pussy?" She had to ask. "Are you going native?"

Ramiro smiles quietly, shaking his head a little bit. "There's something significant about this place…I figure I might as well get my time in watching before I probably get pulled off of recon." He admits, turning his head to look at Lex. He offers another weak smile before looking back to the Cats.

Lex looks at Ramiro oddly, from her perch on a rock not far from where he's sitting in his recon gear. She's in duties with her weapon stowed across her back. "… Why would you be pulled from recon?"

Zaharis has been doing some wandering around the planet with the rest of the well-guarded science and medical dorks. Carrying a small samples case with him, he's smoking a cigarette as he heads up the cut path.

"Probably psych eval." Ramiro says quietly. "It's too long to explain here…there's so much involved in all of it, but there's something significant about this place, Nico." He looks to her. "I believe that we were warned about it a month ago…" He pauses. "…so the memo that I forwarded to the Commander…" He stops, sensing someone approaching and slides his hand to his rifle's grip. Seeing Zaharis, he mimicks a birdcall and lets Lex's lack of ghillie suit get his attention.

The blonde stands, leaving her rock perch, and moves toward the sniper. Pvt Lex adjusts the pack on her back, the demo kit she never goes anywhere without, and swaps her rifle to her left arm, balanced in the crook, barrel pointed to the ground. "What the frak did you DO?" That's hissed at the Sarge. She crouches a little at the call, and looks around. "Did you spew some religiosity at the Commander? Are you frakking kidding me?" She'd probably literally kick him in the ass if not for the crouching, and incoming. "You're supposed to save the touchy feely drama for the chapel!" All that is said very quietly, likely only audible to Ramiro. When she finally spots Z, she straightens.

Hissing Marines. Might be the scariest thing Zaharis has seen on the planet so far. He raises an eyebrow slightly at the two of them, adjusting his grip on the case handle as he goes past. "Sergeant. Private." Passing through.

Ramiro flattens his lips as Zaharis' back is turned to them. "Major." Ramiro nods with a quiet address to the officer, who heads off into the distance. Feeling secure that he's out of earshot, Ramiro whispers to Lex. "Darlin if you only knew everything that led up to it you'd probably agree with me. That's why I gave a recon order down here to leave the cats alone until the order gets superceded. I can at least keep my men away from them." He pauses. "I think there's going to be bad consequences if the panthers are harmed or if the faithless enter the sacred sites…" He looks to her. "…it was my duty to warn them."

Major Zaharis has just headed back down the path towards the ruins with some sort of case in his hands. Believing that they are alone again, Lex is standing near Ramiro and is hissing at him like an angry girlfriend while he sits quietly to exchange looks between her and the cats nearby. The two of them are just inside of the treeline, Ramiro's face is visible as his ghillie suit hood has been pulled back to reveal a painted face. Lex is in combat gear as well, but no ghillie suit.

Nico's blue eyes watch the officer pass with a careful calculation of his progression, and just how far away he needs to be before he can't hear them anymore. She nods and mutters a respectful 'sir' in the middle of that progression. Then she turns back to Ramiro. "… Sorry?" Lex's rifle arm twitches, and she slings the firearm over her shoulder by the strap. "The cats?" Incredulous, what. "You think if we shoot a pussy, we'll all catch the creepy crud and if, say, I pop a squat in the crumbly ruins, my gun's going to misfire for a month?" Her voice remains quiet, but the tone is just. What. "You were duty bound to tell the old man bad juju is afoot, and the spirits are restless. Did you eat something the monkeys threw at you?"

There is a lazy flickering of the kitty tail as the male lies on the rock. His eyes look half closed, either he is bored or snickering under his breath at the two in the brush. Looking disinterested is a the way of the cat though.

Zaharis is a little ways away, consulting some file and not bothering the Marines. When he finally closes it, he slides it into the case by his hip and folds his arms, turning around to look at the area. And the cat.

"Nico…" Ramiro says quietly, watching the cats with quiet concern. He is kneeling inside of the tree line with an upset looking Lex standing beside him. His ghilie suit's hood is down, revealing his camouflaged face. "I believe that this place was mentioned in prophecy." He simply replies, looking to Lex and then to Zaharis in the distance. "It may have not been the most advisable move, but…I just thought that you should know if I get pulled off of rotation." Ramiro adds, not feeling one bit sorry for it. "Don't tell anyone else. I'm only telling you because…well.." He decides not to state the obvious. "Please…stay out of the ruins and away from the Panthers."

Oh look who is back. Although they aren't coming anywhere near those cats. The monkeys hang on the edge of the clearing and chitter monkey-chat as they watch the two-leggers walking around.

Having kindly had the way pointed out for her, Greje steps carefully but with confidence through woods and over mossy stones, helped along with the sacred phallus which she holds in her right hand and which rises in falls in correct time along with her left foot. She comes in quiet conversation with Jocasta, with the Brother some distance behind.

"I don't touch everything I see." Lex replies with a mutter. "I will beat the shit out of the next monkey to look at me funny." The throw the corpse to the cats. That's fair right? "If I feed the pussies, does that count as defiling their gastrointestinal systems? I know I'm an unbeliever." Now she's a little pissed. "I have to get back to swap shifts. My patrol is over." Mutter, she turns to go. "I'd hate to be the steamy shit of unworthiness." Mutter. Probably no one else hears that. Probably. Thank the gods she doesn't see Greje sporting wood. "Sirs."

Zaharis is looking off at the odd ramps and platforms, this being quite new to him. He slides his hands into his pockets, his chin lifting as he looks over the stones and the incline of the seating. Monkeys, not gettin' close to those. Luckily he hasn't got anything on him that might look like food, either.

Ramiro turns his head to Lex as she starts to walk off and gives her a slightly angered scowl, directed at her back. He's about to say something, but then she mentions 'sirs'. That shuts his mouth quickly. Turning, he sees the Chaplains approaching and he rises in the brush. Rifle down, he steps to the edge of the clearing, letting himself be seen.

Karan had, it seems, a few things to gather from the raptor before he joined Greje and the initiate on their trek. He's dressed in simple, flowing robes of a darker aesthetic than the priestess', with a satchel slung over one shoulder. It's empty, implying an intent to fill it with something.

The male cat just lies there. Then there is movement from the side as two females slink in slowly. They come to sit on either side of the stone the male is lying on. New people. A curious kitty look to Zaharis as he studies the area.

Someone probably should've warned the CMO not to go this far, but it's a bit late now. Zaharis keeps his hands in his pockets as he gets a curious look from the kitty. His eyes move to the cats and then lower, not looking any of the animals in the eye. His head then tilts as he notices the etchings in the rock, his brows drawing slightly.

Jocasta is careful and cautious with her steps and, though they may be participating in religious rite, she still wears her sidearm slung low on her web-belted hip. Once she and the Sister arrive in the clearing, the Raptor co-pilot finds herself somewhere to sit that isn't verbotten or directly in line-of-cat fire.

Greje sees Dane first, coming through the brush, carrying herself in the ritual pace, a fluid motion meant to carry the Bacchant smoothly through and across any terrain. She comes to a stop a short way from him, inclining her head in silent greeting, then turning it by slow degree to scan the rest of the clearing.

Ramiro respectfully nods slowly to Greje and Karas, a slight bow to his head in complete silence. Turning his eyes, he then nods again to Zaharis and Jocasta as well. Rifle pointed dowards, he's still on recon duty, but merely watching the nearby area. He lets out a slow, quiet, long breath to ease his tension.

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