When You're Making Other Plans
When You're Making Other Plans…
Summary: …life happens. Rue and Rhea talk about the past, present and the highly uncertain future of humanity.
Date: 52 ACH
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9

51 ACH 6285 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Contents: Rhea Rue Wireless 1494

Exits: [O] Corridor

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The Observation Lounge is a quiet place at this time of day. Perhaps that's why Rue has found herself a place by the glass, legs folded up underneath her as she stargazes.

Rhea strides onto the Observation Deck. Clomping a bit, which may disturb the quiet. The ChEng is a clompy creature. There's a tight, inscrutable expression on her face. As if she's mulling something unpleasant over. And whatever she's mulling doesn't look pleasant. Perhaps she's come here seeking the quiet. She proceeds to a spot with a good view of the stars and plops down. Not far from Rue, as it happens, though she doesn't immediately notice the CAG.

The clomping doesn't seem to bother Rue. Without looking directly at the other woman, she says, "Major." Actually, it's kind of freakish that she gets it right. Reaching out, she runs her fingers down the glass in front of her, before straightening her posture.

Rhea turns toward Rue, when the CAG makes herself known. "Major," she replies in kind. The fact that her clomping is distinctive enough to recognize earns a smirk. "Hope I didn't interrupt. I needed to get my head on straight about a few things. This place is usually good for that."

"It's good for anything that requires quiet and focus. Usually," Rue agrees, though she adds a disclaimer: "Except when the younger folks are out, looking for a good place to neck." She finally turns her head and eyes Rhea, smiling, though her eyes seem a little wet. "I was thinking 'bout the past, myself."

Rhea laughs at that, snorting. "In my day, we had the decorum to neck in the supply closet like civilized folk. I still prefer it. But I've never been much for PDA." She smirks, though her expression moderates when Rue mentions the past. Turning wistful. "Yeah. Me, too. All the things I'd do different if I had another shot, mostly. Things I frakked up. But we don't get do-overs, do we?"

"No. Though, it isn't a do-over that I'd want," Rue admits, steering her gaze back out the viewport. "Five minutes would be enough." She lifts her chin a touch and asks, "What's on your mind?"

Rhea is quiet for a long moment before she answers. It almost seems like she won't answer at all. But she finally sighs. And just says it. Not looking at Rue. Eyes out on the stars. "My husband was frakking another woman." She snorts. "Awhile ago. We went through a real shitty patch in our marriage and…we worked things out, but I guess that happened in the interim. The bitch of it is, I can't even be properly pissed off at him. Death kind of gives you leverage in all the arguments. Frakker." She sounds irritated at him for dying and making it more difficult for her to fight with him.

"Depends on the argument. There's some even death can't grant a trump card." The blonde let's her eyes close and she says, "Man I want to talk to, he was a good man. He was a bastard, but he was a good man, too. Smarter'n he gave himself credit for, always short changin' himself, but… Brave as all get out."

Rhea nods a little at all that. "Ephraim was a good man, too. He could catastrophically frak up with the best of them but…he was a good man. Good father. Good soldier. He carried that part of it easier than I did, in a lot of ways…Well. I did some pretty frakked up stuff to him, too. Still loved him. We had a good marriage, I think. But you're with somebody for thirteen years, even when it's good, it's never perfect. Love's not happiness. Love is an access code. Lets people into all your soft spots. The bitch of it? I would've forgiven him. Eventually. I would've made his life a living hades for awhile but…" She shrugs. "I just wish I had the chance to be pissed off at him."

Rue listens and nods once, before opening her eyes and staring out at the stars some more. She's silent a good long time before she says, "It's a good thing our duties keep us so busy."

"Frakkin'a on that, Major," Rhea agrees firmly. "Machines I can deal with. People are harder. They argue with me when I try to take a wrench to them." She chuckles softly. "I'd like to think I learned something from all of it. The non-duty stuff. Maybe I can do better this time. Or, maybe I'll just frak that up catastrophically, too. I don't know. None of this was anything I planned on…"

"Seems to me, plans are made to be broken," Rue reasons outloud, "I planned on stayin' on Leonis… ended up joinin' the Fleet. Planned on focussing on my duties, ended up in love. Planned on retiring… ended up in a war with no forseeable end in sight. Planned a lot of things and every time, it got frakked up. I'm tired of making plans."

"You were going to retire?" That makes Rhea smile dryly. "Me, too. Another year, I was going to head back to Picon. Get a teaching position with the Engineering Corps. Pop out another kid or two. Before that…I never planned on being an officer. Never planned on getting married, or having a kid. Sure as frak never planned on being a soldier." She smirks. "I've never been much good at planning, either, I guess. I don't know. Some parts of my life, I've never had much control over. I've sort of given up on trying. I'm just grateful I had what I had. And that I've got something left worth fighting for."

Rue glances briefly at Rhea and nods, "The day of the attacks. I had the paperwork ready." She fidgets with her fingers some and looks back out at the stars. "The only thing that I find myself able to do is try to keep my pilots together… I don't. Or rather, I didn't. Make plans for myself. Things have changed."

"I was putting off telling Regas. I had time. I thought I had so much time, for so many things…" Rhea sighs. She nods to Rue. "My snipes. This ship. My son. It makes it easier somehow. Having things to take care of. Keeps you focused. Well, everything's changed. For everyone. You strike me as a woman who knows how to roll with the punches."

"I just try to keep everything in perspective," Rue replies, a slight smile is levied at the engineer. "You strike me as a woman who knows what she's good at and isn't afraid to tell others when they're being stupid."

Rhea snorts a wry laugh at that. "I am a blunt instrument, Major Rue. Too much for my own good, some days. But, I'd rather push too hard than not hard enough." Which reminds her of something. "I've been meaning to confab with you, actually. About duty-related matters. Vaguely. It's nothing aerial or mechanical but I'm working with some of the other department heads on a response to some recent…command directives." She snorts. "Figured we should get everybody's input. In your capacity as CAG, of course."

"The Commander telling all the women in the fleet that if they got pregnant, they have to get hitched," Rue states, then adds, "And this has nothing to do with my pregnancy being the one that set him off." She nods at that, a smirk entering her expression. "I think he overstepped his legal bounds under Colonial law, yes. But, what I'd counter with is… what, if any, meaning do those laws have now. And please, please, please, don't say 'they're all the more important now.' They aren't, honestly. Command on the ship has a record of disregarding civilians. How much longer before they disregard civilian laws as obsolete?" Rolling her shoulders, she goes quiet and back to staring forward.

Rhea is sitting near Rue, on one of the couches with a good view of the stars. ChEng and CAG jawing. Be afraid. Be very afraid. She laughs at Rue's response. "That's the one, yeah. I admit, I kind of lost it when I saw that notice. Sent off an official memo in response and everything. The words 'patriarchal Gemenese cult' may or may not have been used. And I may, or may not, have told command to keep its nose out of my ovaries. It's all kind of hazy." She tries to sound contrite, but kind of fails. That grin says on her lips. To Rue, she shrugs. "Your business is your business. My nose is out of it. And law is the JAGs territory. But forcing adults into marriages they don't want is just going to create more problems. For the poor kids more than anyone else. I do want to present command with some vaguely sensible alternative. Whatever set Regas off, there are certain things it'd be smart to plan for. We've been talking about establishing a day care facility on the Carina. A school, too, if I can hammer that together. Maybe a satellite office, where personnel who were in-the-family-way could pull desk duty when they were too far along for anything else. It's all in the speculative stages right now."

"I don't see a future for the human race living on space ships. And I'd be the first to say that I'd rather have my kid on Genie than that rusty bucket the civilians call home… And pardon my vernacular here, but I could give a flying frak all about everyone else. It shouldn't be /your/ job. Or the JAG's job or any other Fleet officer's job to work out hundred million possible events that could happen. We don't even know where we're going to the frakkin' Tyllium to run our ships, the water and food to just /survive/… and we're worried about a what-if scenario." Okay, yeah, Rue's tone has taken on a distinctly sarcastic and biting shade. "I don't mean to make it sound like it isn't a worthwhile endeavour… I'm just sayin' that you, Major Altair and frak all everyone else who is workin' on that proposal have better things to do. Why don't we worry about survivin' til next month instead of whether we'll have schools to raise our children in a year from now."

"You're not wrong," Rhea says with a shrug, taking the sarcasm in stride. "I don't think a battlestar is any place for my son. I have indepth technical knowledge of everything that could go wrong, even in the best of times. But, I'm in no position to tell anyone else how to raise their kids. I miss the PAS. For a lot of reasons, but it made things a lot easier in that area especially. Anyway. I've worked out something on the Carina I can live with. You'll do the same, wherever. Food, water, fuel…not like any of us are taking a break from working on the basics. At least, I'm not. But, we are where we are. I figure we've got to make what we can out of it. Not much choice. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter."

"I understand that and I realize that you're working on this proposal because you are passionate about it. It's to your credit," Rue states firmly, making eye contact with Rhea now. "I know everyone is workin' on our basic survival needs. But you're still takin' time from /somewhere/, your personal life or what have you, to work on something that may not matter in a year… let's be pragmatic here. We're facing a superior force and we've verified that what is left of the Colonies is struggling to survive. We do -not- have enough people out here to recreate our civilization. Why waste any time, resources or thoughts on planning out a future when we don't know what will happen tomorrow, let alone a week, a month or a year from now." She pauses there, then finishes with, "I believe Command's Directive was wrong… But do I believe they had the right to issue it? I do. In my opinion, JAG's idealism is worth absolutely nothing out here."

"I do believe they were wrong to issue it," Rhea says firmly, her own eyes holding the Rue's. "It's frakked with morale. It's got my own officers coming to me worrying about it rather than their jobs. And, personally, the idea that my commander suddenly has the right to make those kinds of decisions for me, it makes me cringe. I doubt I live my life according to a perfect moral code. Regas' or anybody's. But I do my job, and I follow the regs. I'd give my life for this ship. But I get to keep some things for myself. I can't live any other way." She shrugs again. "Anyhow, you're right in that if he pushes we probably can't stop him. But, I'm going to try. Anyway. I can get you the specs on what we've worked out, if you want to add to it. Or properly tell us what we're doing wrong. Or you can stay out of it. I'm sure you've got plenty to occupy your time as it is."

"I understand the morality of it. And I value my personal freedoms as much as any citizen. But he's my Commander. And while martial law hasn't been declared… there's no civilian government. There are no Colonies," Rue says, sarcasm gone, but passion still there in her voice as she speaks. "It may seem cold, but, as you said earlier, I've learned to roll with the punches." Pushing up to her feet, she adds, "I'll be staying out of it. However, I wish you well."

Rhea stands as well, nodding to that. "Fair enough. Just figured you deserved the chance to have a say, if you wanted it. Whatever comes of this, I don't think anyone has any right to tell anyone else how to raise their kids. I'll endeavor to preserve that much. Anyway. I have to go clear out my old closet a little. And see if the CMO's pressed assault charges against me yet." It's hard to tell if she's joking or not. Her tone is decidedly wry.

"Don't abuse him too much, he's the only CMO we've got," is Rue's response, crooked smile slipping back into place. "I'll see you around. Be safe, Rhea." And off she toddles.

"I only go for the face. No necessary appendages were harmed," Rhea replies after Rue. "Take care of yourself, Savannah." She lingers to look at the stars a moment longer, though it won't be long until she wanders out of the Nest as well.

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