Where's My Destiny - Two
Where's My Destiny - Two
Summary: The people on the Destiny get briefed by the Captain.
Date: 86 ACH - 2/07/09
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Lido Deck Destiny - Deck 5

86 ACH 23817 Souls

At one time, this cruise liner was the top of the Caprican fleet. Vacations that couldn't be taken on the colonies, were taken in space. The coastal water themed park here, is quite the sight. Umbrellas sit around under fake sun lights and comfortable deck chairs. Even the smell of the ocean is piped through the vents. Nothing was left to spare, as the larger than Olympic sized pool even has a wave machine.

An 'outdoor' bar with the look of palm leaves, grass sides and roof give way to the feel of being on a tropical resort. Music plays, people dance and drink around the tiki torches and people simply enjoy their stay among the vacationers here.


Nicholas comes in from Elevators.

Drusus comes in from Elevators.

Bayless comes in from Elevators.

Eli comes in from Elevators.

Melia comes in from Elevators.

Since there is no more water in the wave pool, the place has been set up with enough chairs to accomodate most of the people, the ships Captain has drawn in for this meeting. Captain Salizar is waiting patiently while those who are arriving get settled. He's an older gentlemen, who would have retired next year, had all this not happened. His hair is bone white and his eyes still a clear blue.

Since it is a cruise ship in space, there are microphones set up so he can be heard over the din of conversations that make a low drone in the area. The tiki lights are still lit with their 'fake' fire, giving it an odd appearance considering no water laps at the edges of the pool.

Sloane, having already been on the Lido deck, manages to find a seat near the front. Hands hurting a little from a full day of dish washing, he brings a small cup of coffee with him and lowers himself down onto a chair. Not really speaking to anyone, he seems to be waiting quietly.

Nicholas has been taking care of things in the background, as has always been his job in this place. Up the Lido Deck he moves, after briefly checking to be sure his tie is nice and knotted straight. Can't come into public looking a mess, dear him.

Sasha comes in from Elevators.

Roz is still in her dress, although she managed to scrounge up some more comfortable shoes. Whether she has been doing menial chores, is anyone's guess. Although, it is doubtful. Taking a seat, she crosses her arms and watches the piles of refugees coming in and floor sitting.

Bell pads onto the Lido deck, armed with a cup of coffee and dressed in pool-side lounge wear undoubtedly purchased from the Destiny shops. She, at least, looks like she's found highly non-productive ways to occupy her time on the cruise ship. She finds herself a chair and plops down behind Sloane. Only nerds sit in the front row.

The docks aren't far away, and Paris certainly wasn't going to miss this meeting. He comes from the promenade, strolling casually, hands in a pair of his overabundant pockets. Seeing the main area where the meeting is taking place, he moes decidedly toward the periphery. No reason to dive head first into that nonsense. He's still bearing his badge of hon- er, that bruise on his jaw, although it has faded from the big purple, yellow and black mess to something smaller and less colorful.

Bayless makes her way into the pool area and grabs herself a seat near Sloane, clad in the t-shirt and jeans she's been seen in since the day after the party, brought from the Genesis before she came over for the party.

Melia is dressed like a refugee ten year old. Either that, or she looks like a little girl playing dress-up in Hazzard's clothes. She's got an over-sized man's button-down shirt unbuttoned over a white tanktop and a pair of men's pants that have been rolled up a couple times at the waist and cuffs. Of course, she's also coming in walking next to Eli.

Eli makes her way into the area, fedora perched on her head at a stylish angle, drawing the rest of her somewhat dapper casual look together as she saunters along, protectively walking along with Melia as she finds a safe place to perch, pulling/dragging something for Melia to sit on reflexively and just hmming softly.

McKenzie comes in from State Rooms.

McKenzie leaves for Elevators [E].

McKenzie comes in from Elevators.

Andi comes in from Elevators.

Drusus strolls along a short while after Nicholas, arms folded lazily across his chest. The slight heels of his clubbing shoes don't seem to be bothering him even after having wandered around in them for several days, now (though the taller heels he'd worn that first night have been retired for the moment). He drifts close to a halt, but doesn't quite settle on anywhere to stop, yet.

The Captain begins, stepping up to the mic, "I want to thank everyone for showing up and the politeness that has been among those here, during this trying time," he doesn't plan on pointing any one out or stating names, he keeps them all as one large group. "Everyone has been helpful and for that I'm appreciative. My Co-captain, or as those in the military call the Executive Officer and my head of the Engineering area, have been working on our navigational problem. We were refitted when we were found. The Genesis crew has us up to date on our equipment, as much as it can be. But we still are an old ship, and some of our areas could use some upgrading. Unfortunately, there is no where we can do that kind of refitting."

Nicholas gives a glance at his clean fingernails, then around at the faces piling onto the Lido deck. He notes Paris and lifts his chin a little that way, then his attention goes back to Salizar when the man starts. He loosely folds his arms over his chest, one dark blond brow raising in a graceful loft.

Sasha looks like the unfortunate byproduct of a leather store exploding, just at the moment. He saunters in and proceeds to lurk somewhere near the back of the crowd, hands weaseling their way into the pockets of his pants.

McKenzie eases into the crowd, her attention on the Captain rather than the throng. When she gets near the front of the group, she stops and stands at ease. It is a comfortable enough way to remain for a time. At least a familiar one. As he speaks, she nods once, slightly, but that is the only acknowledgement offered for now.

The nerd in front, Sloane, sips his cup of coffee as the Captain speaks. Paying close attention to the man and everything he says as if this is some sort of pre-combat briefing, he sits up in his chair a little to appear attentive. This keeps the CAG from yelling at you.

Bayless looks over with a smile towards Sloane, but glances back to Destiny's captain to give his address full attention.

Melia smiles her thanks to Eli then settles in near the Sheriff, hands folding neatly in her lap.

Drusus stares up at the man behind the mic, attentive but not as fiercely so as some of the other military sort. All in all his countenance remains idly neutral, but there is a hint of 'yes, and…?' to the cant of his head.

"However," Salizar begins again, once the murmurs have quieted down, "We feel we may have something that can help. It is a patch and about all we can hope for is that it will work. It seems the Gods smiled on us, when we were found, and when Mr. Fulton stepped over and left one of his conveyances in our landing bay. Even though the Cloudbuster is an antique, it was upgraded with some really excellent navigational equipment." He motions to his head of engineering. She's a tall woman, but looks to be about in her forties. And he hands over the mic to her.

"My name is Karin Lawton. I've had alot of experience with engines and my crew, I feel is one of the best there is in the civilian side of things. A couple of my tech's came up with an idea and we're going to try it out. I realize some of the miltiary also has experience, so we'd be happy for you to work along side us."

Eli's full attention goes to the captain after she's sure Melia is situated as she's quiet and cocking her head to the side, narrowing her eyes.

Andi meanders in, some where around Sasha. She's at least sticking to her own kind which make her a tad more comfortable then the hoo-rah go-get'em attitudes of the military. The shadows of her features mark her as a little skeptical of the Captain and their efforts. She's not precisely an optimist, she's a realist. They'll either get home or they won't.

Bell sips at her coffee and listens to the captain. All the stuff about refits and equipment and technical thingies sort of flies over her head. But she still manages to look attentive. Head tilted.

Sasha shadows a look over his shoulder to the approaching Andi, and there's a simpering little narrowing of his eyes as if to express his disinterest with all of this. Home? Home's a relative term, ain't it? He starts rustling about for a cigarette in those too-tight pants.

Paris catches sight of Nick a little after Nick catches sight of him, apparently, and nods to himself. He sidles over a bit that direction, casual and attempting to remain rather unobtrusive. The whole gaggle of military folks is good cover. Eventally, he ends up somewhat near the other man. When someone new comes to the mike, he cranes his neck a bit to see better. "Oh, huh," he mutters to himself. Of course, he knows about the Cloudburster - it's parked right next to his own ride.

Bayless glances to Sloane then back to Lawton, curious as to whatever plan this might be, since this doesn't sound like what she was told.

Melia remains quiet and attentive to the Captain, but she perks up ever so slightly at the mentions of DOING something.

Drusus rolls his neck slowly around to tip his head a few degrees in the opposite direction. He's listening.

Karin continues, "Now, Mr. Fulton isn't here, so we'll be tearing into his nice Limo shuttle, but I am afraid he will have to send us a bill," she smiles at that, "Of those of you who are from the Genesis could step up if you have any electronic training," She looks out over the huge group of people. Some look relieved that their Captain is hoping to get them back to the main fleet.

Eli does step forward at the mention of electronic training, running fingers through her hair after removing her hat and coughing softly.

Sloane's eyes brighten a little bit as the request for Genesis staff is brought up, and then lower a bit as the request is for people with electronics training. He's across the board, but no electronics. Sipping his coffee, he looks to Eli and nods in her direction before turning his eyes back to the stage. When he does this, he slips his dogtags out to be visible to the speakers.

Nicholas is still listening and watching. He's seen the Cloudburster on his various slides through the docking bay. He glances at Paris and smiles a little, then looks back at the Cap and Karin. At the call for Genesis personnel, his brow lifts a little bit. He unfolds one arm, lofting an index finger up near his temple. "Well, I'm not from the Genesis."

Andi smiles just a hint to Sasha, mumbling under her breath. "I know how to hotwire a car. I'm not sure that qualifies." Of course that was said lowly and not offered up to the Captain. She can't help Sasha on the hunt for cigarettes, but she certainly can watch him. And does so, for a moment, before her eyes return to the proceedings.

"Me neither," Paris mutters. "This was worth an announcement? Why not tell us when the stupid thing was done, and we were back, or that it blew up and we're all frakked."

McKenzie shifts her eyes a little, then lifts her hand to volunteer. Her glance flickers to those around her, then resettles on the speaker.

Bell just blinks sort of vacantly at the mention for electrical techs. Blink, blink.

Bayless also remains seated. She can fly a bird with the best of them, but the electronics bit is why she flies with an ECO. Still, she reaches down the front of her shirt and pulls out her ID tags, letting them dangle over her shirt.

Karin smiles to Eli when the hat is removed, she seems to figure there would be more though. A nod goes to Nicholas, "You are welcome also." Another man stands up, one of the civilians, "I have a little training in it," he tells Karin and she motions him up also. A nod then to McKenzie also, befor the rest of those here huddled in groups are sought out again, "Thank you, now who here is briefed in mechanics?"

And so the faux-ten year old remains in her seat, swinging her legs. Apparently Mellie's mechanical knowledge stops with the connection of the ulna.

Sasha doesn't have dogtags, and doesn't have electronics training, it seems. Or at least, he isn't volunteering as such. "You and me both, honey," he asides in a low murmur to Andi, liberating the pack of cigarettes finally and offering her one before lighting up his own.

Drusus, too, requires functioning equipment before he can get it to do what he wants it to do. So he remains listening, brows quirking a little as jobs seem to be getting assigned before they hear properly what this plan is all about. But— it's not his ship. He's a guest, and here to either help or stay out of the way, So he waits to see which will be needed.

Bell knows not of mechanics, either. So she keeps sitting. Drinking her over-sugary coffee. At least she's no longer blinking.

Nicholas' finger went back down once the call stopped for electronics, but when it goes out for mechanics it goes up again. The ex-engineer in him has to be woken up, it seems.

Bayless leans back in her chair. Another area of expertise that's outside hers and another task she won't be needed for.

Sloane shakes his head from left to right with a pair of flattened lips in the direction of Karin. He sips his coffee and continues to listen.

And, in the back alongside Nick, Paris starts laughing. "This is great. Whole lot of 'em come in here spouting off like they're our saviors, and not a one among them can actually lift a useful finger to help out. Frakkin' brilliant. Suppose I should tag along, huh?" He didn't raise his hand, though.

Andi gives a brief shake of her head at the offering of a cigarette. There are a few things that she won't pollute her body with. Something that affects her ability to breath on the court seems to be one of them. "I'm content to watch you smoke mine." Nobody? No takers on getting their asses out of here? She huffs a sigh.

Eli thumbs the side of her nose, looking from person to person curiously. Seriously…there has to be more people than the MaA who is capable of fixing stuff…

"Alright, thank those for volunteering. If the Captain has anything else, I'll hand the microphone back over to him." Karin steps back now and Salizar steps up, taking the mic. "I'll thank you all as well. Hopefully this will be quick and we won't have to do much worrying past this point." He makes a gesture to the bars set up, "We've pulled some stock out for an extra treat, so feel free to have some food and kool-aid. We had alot of kool-aid. Cherry."

"I can't believe I have to reveal my dark secret that I once got my hands dirty," Nicholas says to Paris as he lowers his hand, with a faint smirk. "Don't tell Roy, I'll never hear the end of it."

Bell knows not of these funky technical matters, so she stays out of the way. Don't look at her. Just a mini-Jarhead.

Roz just looks rather—bored. She doesn't really tinker with stuff, that's not her gig. Rising up off her chair, she does a stretch and a yawn. "I'm going back to bed."

"Your loss," murmurs Sasha, tucking the lighter and pack away, and already starting to backpedal when it seems obvious they won't be needing anyone to strip for, uh, ship morale.

Sloane looks to the bar and raises an eyebrow. Kool-aid. Standing, he moves towards the edge of the stage on one said, hands behind his back in silence as he waits to speak with Karin. He does look to her with a raised set of eyebrows, as if he has a question.

Karin crosses over as Sloane needs her attention. "Yes? Can I help you with something?" Making polite conversation as is her way of things.

More snickering from the back at what Nick says. "Your dark secret is safe with me. Ah well, looks like I get to spend the day like I spend most days. Thrilling." And then there's mention of the bar being stocked. Bar? "Oh frak it, they can fix their own…" Oh wait, he said Kool Aid. Not booze. Paris's hope fades. "Bah."

Once the proceedings have completed, McKenzie eases through the oh-so-enthusiastic crowd forward. When she gets close enough to speak without lifting her voice, she stops, "Excuse me, Captain? May I have a brief word with you, sir?" So, she is military. She's trying to be polite without going all hoo-rah on the poor man.

Bayless shakes her head and looks to Sloane, clearly not happy that what skills they're good for aren't going to be needed. As he makes his way off, she frowns deeply. Kool-Aid's probably going to be insufficient to cool off the frustration she's got going on. Spotting McKenzie, she makes her way over, neutralizing her displeased expression.

Sloane looks to Karin and gives her a charming smile. "Maam I'm Antonio Sloane, a Viper pilot. I may not have those two skills you need, but I am a bit of a mathemetician and graduated a physics major in college. If there's anything you need from calculations to handing out tools, I'd love the opportunity to help."

Salizar steps over as McKenzie hails him, "Yes, ma'am, what can I do for you this evening? I hope you are enjoying this nice little cruise we had to depart on."

Karin nods, "I'm not sure there is anything you can do, sir. I'll keep it in mind though. You'll just have to be patient for now."

Drusus looks to be left to his own devices. He gives a playful smirk in Nicholas' direction. Won't catch Drusus mussing up his nails tearing into anything mechanical. But he does turn his attention back to the Captain— for the kool-aid announcement, and perhaps more. But the brass is off to talk to him, and so he just drifts into motion again, heading toward Nicholas and Paris.

Melia makes her way over to the kool-aid, seeing as how Eli is now conscripted. She seems quiet tonight, a little withdrawn, tense.

Eli just stands there for a few moments. That's it? She looks uncertain what to do with herself now, patting her hat back on and frowning as she folds her arms over her chest.

Bell sticks with her sweet coffee. That sort of thing doesn't mix too well with kool-aid. She does get out of her chair, since class is over, and bops over to join Melia. "Think we're really going back to the Fleet?" she asks the medic.

"Just offering ma'am." Sloane nods, being very well behaved and standing tall. Looking eager to assist, he turns and heads away. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes, he moves towards the bar and sips his coffee against a post.

Karin gathers her little group and begins heading off the Lido deck. "If everyone would follow me down to the docking bay who volunteered, we'll get started on this."

Nicholas gives Drusus a light wink and shrugs. He exhales quietly, reaching up to undo the expensive tie he's wearing, and slide it off his neck, holding it over to Drusus. "Take care of that for me, would you? It's one of my favourites." he looks at Paris and raises an eyebrow. "You going?"

Eli does turn to look at Melia, kissing two fingers to her lips and doing that becoming trademark blowing kiss/wave of two fingers, even if that woman doesn't notice then turns to follow after Karin.

Paris watches Sloane approach, and offer his own skills to the project. More snickering. "Viper boy is going to do calculations for us," he asides to Nick. And then, a prompt nod as the other man asks if he'll be tagging along. "Yeah, I can help, so I oughta, eh?" How terribly altruistic of him. "'Sides, the navy is really clogging up the club." See? Personal reason. Of course, as Drusus is there, he flashes a grin and offers a quick, "No offense or anything."

McKenzie smiles at Salizar, her eyes sparkling with quiet amusement, "Oh, sure. You've a lovely ship, sir, and a top notch crew by any standards." She shifts her gaze slightly, then moves a bit away from those sorting themselves out, "Thing is, Captain, that one of the Genesis folk came up with a suggestion in case we need it. It's a last ditch sort of thing, so I don't want to make a big production of it. I just want to appraise you of it. Then, if, in your estimation, the time has come, you'll have it to consider. Sort of a 'more information is better than less', if you follow me?"

Andi rubs her thumb on the side of her nose, like she's a boxer getting ready to throw a punch. "Could be." She mutters to Sasha, still keeping an eye on things in a looming capacity.

Bayless moves alongside McKenzie as she makes her proposal to the Captain, maintaining a neutral distance so as not to appear to be ganging up.

Sasha's still lurking, too, somewhere near Andi. But as there's nothing for him to contribute, he's mostly using this as an excuse to slack off and smoke.

Salizar waits patiently while the young woman does her spiel, "What solution are you talking about ma'am?" He looks like the friendly grandfather for all intents and purposes, but there is still a steel about the man, that shows he has been in this business a long time.

Sloane nods to Bell and Bayless as he slides a cigarette out of his pack and lights it. Exhaling the first breath of smoke, he slides the pack away and pulls one of the tabletop ashtrays closer to him as he keeps in easy sight of the docking bay.

Eli leaves for Promenade [P].

"Hotness," Drusus remarks, taking the tie and putting it around back of his neck, straightening his shirt collar and buttoning the shirt the rest of the way before tying the tie. It doesn't go badly with the outfit, all things considered. "Good luck," he tells him, then grins at Paris, "Don't worry, I know what you mean," he replies, even going so far as to button his dress jacket. He looks to the sea of brass honing in on the Captain and then back to Nicholas and Paris. Yyyup. "See you later."

Melia looks up at Bell and pastes the smile back in place. "I hope so," she says quietly. "I have faith in both the civilian engineers and military. They want to get us back as much as we want to get back. Of course, we can tease Chione about having thrown a hell of a party."

Nicholas smiles as Drusus puts the tie on, though he gives the knot a critical look. May be giving tie lessons later, hm. He motions to Paris, towards the promenade. "Shall we."

Bell shrugs to Melia. "I don't really know much about the whole tech thing. I'm just a grunt. I point my gun at a toaster when I'm told to but I don't, like, rewire them or anything. I hope they know what they're doing." She snickers, as to Chione. "For sure! Though I don't think I'll go clubbing again anytime soon. It's *totally* not worth the hassle."

Nicholas leaves for Promenade [P].

Paris stretches a bit, gives Drusus a salute for some reason, and twirls around to pad after Nick.

Paris leaves for Promenade [P].

Andi gives a snort. No, she's not hopeful in the least. "I'm bouncing back to the club. You coming?" She asks the tall drink of dancer meat at her side, before turning without waiting for an answer. Frak kool-aid, its time for a real drink.

McKenzie waits until many of the others have drifted away. It isn't that she is trying to monopolize the captain's time, for she does know that it is precious. Far more so than her own right now. Lifting a bit of paper from her pocket, she passes it to the man, "It's on here, sir. You can look it over as there is time."

"Of course. I'm not leaving you alone with all that alcohol." Sasha's right behind the swarthy pyramid player, cigarette tucked between his teeth as the pair sidle their way out of the milling crowd.

Melia grins up at Bell, shaking her head again. "It's an adventure," she tells the other woman quietly. "That's the only way we can look at this. I wish them luck, but trust in their skills. If anything, it's the learning experience."

Salizar takes the paper and pulls out a pair of glasses that are set on his nose. Looking it over while the young woman seems to be waiting for an answer. Atleast, he feels she is in any case.

Sasha leaves for Elevators [E].

Andi leaves for Elevators [E].

Bayless, seeing that McKenzie's done all she humanly can to put forth her plan, the one she *was* told aboout, and makes her way to the bar.

Salizar removes the glasses from his nose, "Not a bad idea, young lady, only we have nothing that jumps. Except this cruiser. Our transponders are on the ship itself, built into the systems."

Once the gentleman takes the paper, McKanzie nods to the Captain, but does not yet move in case the gentleman has questions. She returns to a military at-ease, to be less conspicuous. To her mind. Gods know that a military person is still going to stand out like a sore thumb in a crowd of civilians.

Once the gentleman takes the paper, McKanzie nods to the Captain, but does not yet move in case the gentleman has questions. She returns to a military at-ease, to be less conspicuous. To her mind. Gods know that a military person is still going to stand out like a sore thumb in a crowd of civilians. When he speaks, she focuses on him once more, "Hmm. Well, thank you, sir. Perhaps it could be modified, if need be. Does the ship have weapons systems, sir?"

Bell wanders off, probably back to the shops.

Salizar chuckles some. "A cruise ship with weapons? Why would we have ever needed weapons here?"

Bell leaves for Elevators [E].

Sloane, standing near the bar as Bayless approaches, offers her a quiet nod. Making himself available for conversation, he smokes his cigarette by himself. "Tits on a bull, huh?" He asks, shaking his head a little bit. "I'm aching for a CAP if you believe that…"

Drusus lurks about where he'd been standing with Nicholas and Paris, re-arranging the tie after that critical look it had garnered. Where's a mirror when you need one? In any case, he glances toward the Captain at his chuckle, smiles quietly, goes back to re-working the tie and re-fastening the jacket.

McKenzie blushes a bit, though her smile is quick enough, "Dunno, sir. To… fire off sparklers or fireworks?" She sighs softly, as though disappointed that her particular favorite toy isn't available. "I was just thinkin' that we could've used the weapons system's power to boost the transponder's signal. But, as you don't have th' weapons, that won't work."

Salizar shakes his head, "I'm sorry. Please, go have a drink and relax. We'll do all we can to get you back to your ship."

Bayless sighs. "Yeah, no kidding," she says to Cornbread as she makes her way close. She shakes her head. "Tell ya one thing for sure. They *do* get us home?" A look's sent his direction. "I'm never setting foot on this boat again."

"It's not such a bad place, but home definitely has a few less rough edges." Cornbread says quietly to Bayless, dragging off of his cigarette. "We're not wholly welcome here, that's for sure…" He looks to her. "…rough stay?"

McKenzie nods, "Thank you, sir." Stepping back, she turns neatly to the side and starts walking away. Slowly, she tucks her hands into her pockets. Rather than head for the bar, however, she angles toward the elevators.

The closure of the top of Drusus' dress top and the fastening of his jacket, plus the addition of the tie, lends a respectable masculinity to the outfit which is only belied by the strange print and tight fit of the pant. As he hears words that seem to have a conclusive tone to them from the Captain, he glances in that direction again, lifting his chin and taking a few steps over in an endeavor to catch his eye and engage him with a gentle smile.

Melia remains where she is for the time being, sipping on her kool-aid. Her eyes track to the elevators for a moment, as if she's considering something.

Bayless sighs and looks out at the crowd. "None of us are wearing uniforms, we're not imposing our will… hell, I've insisted on first-name basis with these people, but they keep the party going and choke it down our throats to do the same. We didn't do a godsdamned thing to them, and it's like they're torturing us. All because of that bitch Cain." Her head dips a bit. "Swear, Tony… if we find that woman, I am personally putting a bullet in her head. All this? This distrust? This fracture?" Another look to the crowd. "This is her fault."

Cornbread shrugs a little bit. He nods to her opinion and offers her one of his cigarettes. "Best thing we can do is be well behaved and be everything that those other bastards aren't. Helpful, professional, and servants of the people." Cornbread says as he exhales a small cloud of smoke towards the roof of the bar. "But I hear ya…I hear ya…I'm just glad that no one's gotten angry at any of us to the point where a rock or something got thrown. Chalk that up a miracle."

McKenzie catches the sound of Bayless' voice in the crowd and turns toward her. The walk over is managed easily in part because many of the civilians simply move out of the way. It isn't a commanding presence on the part of the Weapons Officer. Instead it is a desire on the part of the civilians not to touch a military person. When she gets near the woman, she clears her throat a little. "Excuse me. Got a sec?"

Bayless sighs and shakes her head at the offered cigarette. "Don't smoke, but thanks." A few stray strands of hair are brushed out of her haggard face. "I can't get back into a jocksmock fast enough. I'm volunteering for first CAP when we…" She then looks to McKenzie. "Apparently, we've got a giant trashbag of them. What's up?"

Short and refugee is being relatively quiet tonight. Oh, she tries to make eye contact with some of the civvies, but there's the stench of military on her. So she waits, relaxing, chewing on her lower lip.

Bell comes in from Elevators.

McKenzie pauses a moment to glance around, then refocuses. "I spoke to the Captain about Dike's idea. He said that it's a good one, but the only FTL is this ship. And the only transponder is on her. I didn't get the idea that he wanted to discuss alternatives, so didn't push. I don't want him thinking we're going to rush him or anything." She sounds a bit bitter about that, her gaze flickering back toward the Captain. "Nice enough guy, but…" Looking back, she adds, "Anyway. I'm going to see if I can find where they're working. My electronics ain't stellar like the Sheriff's, but maybe I can hold something still while they sauder or something."

Sloane raises his eyebrows a little to Bayless in a gesture of agreement. "Be right there with you. Chances are the CAG's gonna bump me up anyway after this little vacation…" He replies, turning to look at McKenzie. "Hey." He says with a nod to her in greeting. "Okay if they need someone to help out, don't forget about us, allright?"

Bell wanders back onto the Lido Deck. She's finished her coffee and now looks even more peppy than usual. "Did they figure out how to get us home yet?" Apparently she thinks techs wave a magic wand and fix things.

Bayless nods somberly to McKenzie. "Sure. Thanks for letting us know." She opts not to say anything else, feeling fifteen shades of useless at the moment.

Melia looks over at Bell and laughs quietly. "I think we need to give them a little time to dismantle some things and construct others," she says, then reaches out to offer Bell the second cup of kool-aid.

Sitting down at one of the tables near the small group, Sloane stubs out his cigarette and relaxes. Letting out a sigh, he stretches his arms out in front of him to relieve his tense muscles as the waiting game begins.

McKenzie knows exactly how Bayless feels. She nods, "No sweat, Rache." She half smiles at the nickname, then turns to Sloane. Her smile warms to laughter that is only marginally bitter, "Oh, no hope'f that, dudeman. How could I possibly forget the dude that makes that woman over there smile?" She jerks a thumb at Bayless, then turns. Walking past Melia and Bell, she lifts a wave but continues toward the elevators.

Bell shrugs to Melia. "Oh, yeah, maybe," she says, taking the kool-aid. "Thanks." She returns McKenzie's wave. For her part, she feels no need to volunteer herself to wrenching and wiring duties. SO not her thing.

[Intercom] The Destiny suddenly has a large scale power fluctuations, lights dimming and a strange lurch in the guts as the Gravity system fluctuates, but Gravity remains active, though many drinks are likely spilled, and a sudden alarm, 'Alert Collision warning! Alert Col-" The automated alarm shuts off, and "Captain Salizar to the Bridge!"

Sloane looks to Bayless with a lifted eyebrow and grins. Winking at her, he sips his coffee. On call, effectively whether he's in his flight suit or not, he suddenly blinks and tackles Bayless to the ground, rolling them underneat the table that he was seated at. Covering her head, he hangs on to the pole beneath the table that is bolted down.

McKenzie presses the button for the elevators and just as the doors open, the ship decides to play bronco and buck. She almost steps within when the power fluctuation hits. The doors slam shut, then open again, only to shut once more. "Frak! What the Hades is going on?" The collision alert sounds and she pales, looking up. Stepping back from the elevators, she turns to the crowd. "Okay, folks, stay calm." One hand motions toward Bayless.

The Captain was mingling, he must have got lost in the crowd. (Sorry Drusus, I missed it. You can follow if you want. Just head bridgeward) Then he hears the call and he is off like a shot.

Drusus leaves for Elevators [E].

"The fra…" That's all about Scorch gets out before Sloane hauls the two of them under the table. "What the frak was that..?!" She manages to pull her face in McKenzie's direction. "Cornbread, I'm fine, seriously…"

Well the intercom did say crash positions, what did she expect. Blinking a few times, he lets go and stops hugging her head and braces for any sort of impact. Hanging onto the pole from beneath the table, it gets pretty crowded beneath the table as a few civilians do the same.

"Frak!" Bell squeaks, lurching and falling straight onto her backside. Kool-aid spilling all over her, dying her new T-shirt bright cherry pink. She blinks rapidly around, alarmed and puzzled, though she doesn't look terribly hurt from her fall.

Mellie's just enough lost in thought that it doesn't -register- that crash positions were called for. Like the violinist on the Titanic, she simply keeps drinking.

The room is full of refugee's still and they start to panic. There is screaming and sudden rushing to the elevators. This is the Titanic and it hit an ICEBERG! OMG We're all gonna die! They plow right over that table like cattle in a stampede.

And McKenzie is standing between the civilians and the elevators. Elevators full of civilians and power fluctuations is a recipe for disaster. She cups her hands around her mouth and hells, "TEN HUT!" The civilians might not recognize it, but the shouting might get their attention, "Ladies an' gentlemen, boys an' girls. The elevators ain't in service right now. Please proceed in an orderly fashion back to your tables. There are enough of 'em. Divide up four by four and get under the tables."

Bayless glances from her position under the table at the throng hitting the elevators like a human tsunami. "Oh, this isn't good…" The Raptor pilot looks over in McKenzie's direction and waves a hand towards her, having noticed her attempt to get her attention earlier. "Lieutenant McKenzie, sitrep!" she tries to call out to her over the crowd, hoping it's heard over the crowd.

Sitrep. Right. The situation seems rather clear from where Mellie sits, kool-aid in hand, getting jostled by civilians. Something went wrong. Now the civilians are panicking. Rather than get in the midst of stampeding people, she's apparently content to remain on her stool until the tide has swept them away. But then instinct kicks in when she sees that Bell is down. Woman down. Stampeding civilians. Like cats at a food bowl in the morning, someone's gonna get cut if something doesn't happen quickly. Off the stool she goes, heading for the fallen Bell, shouldering her way through people. Yet she manages to say "excuse me."

Bell scrambles back to her feet, with Melia's assistance, doing her best to avoid getting trampled by the refugees. "Thanks," she gasps to the medic. She half-moves toward a table, half-toward McKenzie. To lend her moral support, presumably, as the blonde Marine isn't armed. And, covered in kool-aid, is even less imposing than usual.

Ten Hut?! Civvies are screaming and crying. One woman knocks past McKenzie and bangs on the elevator for it to open. Two more plow on through. Then four, then ten, it's like a wave of them. They begin slamming hands on the elevator like that will get it open.

McKenzie is jostled and then pressed against the elevator banks by panicking people. So, military speak didn't help. Figures. Somewhere in the distance, she hears Bayless and calls a reply, "Situation FUBAR, LT. We need to keep folk away from these frakin' elevators." She does not push back, though the urge is strong. Lifting two fingers, she places them in her mouth and blows a resounding whistle in an attention to get the attention of the people nearest her. "Get away from the elevators! They ain't goin' to go nowhere."

"Did anyone see where Chione went?" Sloane calls out, peeking out from under the table. Hanging onto the table in crash positions, he's no use to anyone flying all over the place. "Frak…" He mutters under his breath and slides out from beneath the table. Moving to stand atop it, he puts his fingers together and looks for Chione before whistling loudly to get everyone's attention.

<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Melia rolls Psychology and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Sloane spends 2 luck points on get a 3 on leadership.

<Trait Roll> Chione rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Chione spends 2 luck points on Leadership <Dike Bonus>.

Melia starts at the back of the crowd with some of less freaked out looking of the crowd. "The elevators aren't working," she tells one man quietly. "Could you please get that passed around and help move people toward tables where they can be safe? We're going to be alright here for now, but we might not be if people rush the elevators." She remains calm, a small smile on her lips as she looks up at the man.

Some of the crowd pauses as whistling is heard from both ends. Some are helping others up now that got knocked down. They realize that nothing else is rocking the boat and even though they look like the could still jump out a window to 'save theirselves'. The man nods to Melia and tries to move through the crowd that are still being lemmings and let them know, it really is no use to try.

Bell sticks close to Melia, to avoid elbowing her way through the crowd. For her part, she just tries to help other folks who've been knocked down to their feet. Her screechy Private Marine-level skills of crowd-leading probably would not be particularly useful right now. "It's totally going to be okay," she does try to assurethe man who nodded to Melia. "There are, like, electricians working on all of our problems right now." That probably sounded more reassuring in her head.

"Godsdammit…" Bayless mutters as she spots the crowd shoving past McKenzie. She crawls out from under the table and looks to Sloane, "Cornbread, keep these people here and calm!" 'These people' being the ones smart enough to assume crash positions. She then makes her way over to McKenzie, just as the realization that things have calmed down a bit. "Think the captain's feeling charitable with sharing intel?"

Pushing her way through the crowd, as best she can, Chione finds something, wobbly though it is, to stand upon. Crawling up, she uses one hand on the wall, and one hand on the bulkhead. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" she tries to project her voice over the screams, "MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! TONIGHT'S ENTERTAINMENT HAS BEEN UNFORTUNATELY CUT SHORT! A SHAME, I KNOW!" she starts, hoping that will make people start and look at her a moment.

"The collision alarm has been sounded. If you would please get to your crash positions, which I know the Captain has drilled you on, you will all be safe. The elevators are glass, and will shatter, and will only cause you more injury. Now please, CALMLY move to your positions, this way," she starts as she begins motioning.

<Trait Roll> Sloane rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Sloane smiles seeing Chione and hops down off of his table to talk to the people at the bar. "Allright everybody we do these drills all of the time on every ship we go to. You are safe under the tables. Wrap your arms around the bolted down bars and relax…remember to breathe." Sloane offers them while Chione calms the other end. "There hasn't been a crash or anything so just stay put, the captain will let us know what we need to know." He adds, heading back under the table to set a good example.

When the people near her hear the whistling, McKenzie darts Sloane a grin, then begins to speak to them, "Breath. Good. Again. Right. Now…" But, Chione begins doing her best hostess impersonation and the Lieutenant smiles and nods, "There. See? Nothin' to worry about. You know what to do." She nods, then turns to Bayless when she gets close enough, "Thanks, LT." But, perversely, the woman does not move from where she is stationed in front of the elevators until the crush of people determined to cast themselves, or perhaps her into the abyss eases.

One woman suddenly screams! "Oh GODS WE'RE REALLY GONNA CRASH?!" The entire room goes into a panic again. There is screaming, fainting, crying and men are glaring up at Chione for the 'help'.

<Trait Roll> Chione rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Good (4).

At the screaming, Chione just smiles, not meanly, but calmly, even sweetly one could say. "There are safety measures taken when designing a ship like the Destiny. And believe it or not, crashes are actually taken into account. In fact, the Destiny's design was tested nuporous times in computer simulation, model, and even in full size mock-up. The passenger area is protected by several layers of buffering and safety protocols and bulkheads. Now, listen to our good man here. Take a deep breath, in, out, in out. Don't stop crying, if you feel you need to. It is a stressful time, and there is no reason to ignore that. But the Captain is a good man, and he is exceedingly well trained, as is his crew. Their first thought is your safety. Your safety above theirs, I'll have you know. There is NOTHING to panic about," offers the blond woman.

Bayless opens her mouth to say something to McKenzie, then the sounds of renewed panic erupt and she just exhales. "Gods-frakkin'-dammit, what'd they put in that Kool-Aid, chamalla..?!" She then says to McKenzie, "So what now? Because as long as the crew's cutting us out of the loop, I'm short on ideas."

Melia continues to pick away at those on the backside of the crowd, attempting to talk to the calmer-looking ones, pointing the way to tables and offering quiet words.

Bell looks to McKenzie and Bayless briefly, perhaps offering some help or looking for instruction, though she doesn't interfere in any crowd control measures. Bad things happen when Marines try to interfere with rioting civilians. This lesson, Bell has absorbed. She makes her way to a table, assisting those civs calm enough to be ducking under it.

Most of the crowd knows they got all this before they got going on the cruising. It doesn't help to know that they are drifting in space. Things are bumping around and they could probably die at any moment. Some do go to their positions. Some simply cry in a corner. Most of them mutter and curse under their breath. No one has thrown anything though.

McKenzie turns to listen to Bayless when the passengers once more take a cue from the Screaming Mimi kids toy and wail. She winces and resists the urge to clap her hands over her ears, "Frak/tastic/." Inhaling, she nods to Bayless. "Until they share, we won't know. Start takin' 'em in small groups. Ask where they're supposed to go durin' emergencies. Get as many as we can under the frakin' tables. If they panic at you, excuse yourself and move on. The more we can get into safe places, the better for everyone." A glance around finds Melia and Bell doing pretty much that, "Awsome. You start there and I'll work here. Just keep 'em off the fraktarded elevators, yeah?"

Sloane looks out across the crowd from his position, scanning for stray kids and elderly that aren't as capable as some of the adults. "Yeah…we do drill all of the time on the Gen…" Sloane says to the people beneath his table. "…may or may not be a drill but trust me when I say that this is the best place to be allright guys?" He asks the people beneath his table. "Stay calm and hang on until the captain says otherwise."

Bayless nods once to McKenzie, then heads towards the various people in the room, trying to give them some encouragement and calm them. "Okay, folks, we're all gonna be fine here. Captain's got this buttoned down, we're all gonna make it through this, okay?"

"Remember the drills, everyone, under tables, away from anything heavy not properly secured. Everything will be fine," offers Chione from her perch, trying to project her voice as best she can, and not getting to safe spot herself. This will hurt if there is a collision, but that will have to be for later. "Now, while we are getting into our possessions, let me take this moment to review the procedures in case of an actual collision, not just bracing for impact." Chione will then take this time to calmly, and Cheerfully(tm!) walk everyone through what you should do 'In Case of an Emergancy' - the typical speech that no one listens to, everyone zones out to, some even fall asleep during. Either this will put people to sleep, or be useful if there is a collision.

Melia continues gently herding, offering smiles and soft words of reassurance to those crying and milling. "Under the table there," she says quietly. "Deep breaths. Just slide in right there, four to a table."

McKenzie pauses a moment to check on Sloane and Melia, Bell and then Bayless. Chione? She can easily see the cruise director from where she is. Good. No one is rushing at her again. People seem to be listening as far as she can tell. Staying near the elevators to keep anyone from actually getting in one, she begins directing those near her back toward the tables. "Follow them. See that lady? Listen to her. Right. Under a table." Like the others, she is in a terrible place if an impact actually happens. The elevators are glass. Good Gods.

"There you go. Just duck and hold on," Bell says to one reasonably cooperative civilian. To be a good example, she also gets under a table. Though her head stays craned up, and angled toward Chione. She's actually paying attention to the 'in case of an emergency' spiel this once.

[Intercom] This is Captain Salizar. DRADIS is back online, and we have full read on our surrounding space. We're all alone, no Cylons, no Colonials. We're still working on the problem and will have it taken care of. There is no need to panic. Please remain calm.

Sloane scans the crowd still, being a good example. He starts to think about it. If the Destiny is drifting then a collision would be detected way ahead of time…unless something jumped into path. He doesn't like not having his flight suit and his service pistol in all of these moments of 'what if'. Chomping at the bit a little bit as he watches Chione, he props his leg against the rail under the table to spring out if he has to…just in case. Grinning for a moment, he uses his Master of Ceremonies style charisma and lets out a whistle. "Allrighhhht…." He calls out, hoping to get some people cheering.

"DRADIS?! YOU said we were crashing?" One man yells from the crowd. "What the FRAK? It was just the frakking dradis?" Others start moving out too now, and staring at the table Chione is standing on, "No wonder you lost your job!" People now go stomping off toward the stairs, since they think the elevators are going to kill them all in a horrible glass shattering dump to the deck. There is more muttering about the military and their so-called expertise on things.

Bayless looks over to McKenzie, points to the glass elevators, then nods to the glass elevators, then cocks her head to one side, as if to tell her to move to one side. In reaction to the new announcement from Salizar, she sighs. "Why does that *not* fill me with confidence…" she says quietly to herself. Since the announcement's stating the ship's out of danger, she heads back into earshot of McKenzie. "So good news, no collision, bad news, we're still stranded." And then the nastiness commences. "And we're no more popular. Much more of this…" She shakes her head.

Bell wrinkles her nose, peering toward the speaker that captain's voice came from. "But he said…" But she stops herself from complaining. Probably fearful it'd inflame the civvies.

<Trait Roll> Chione rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).

Chione spends 1 luck points on Leadership <Don't Riot On Me Now!>.

Unflapped by the insult, Chione just continues to smile. "When the DRADIS is not working properly and picks up a blimp immediately ahead, it automatically sends out the collision alarm, which is what we heard overhead," she offers calmly. "Now, please. Consider this a drill. Obviously we are all clear to return to our quarters," says Chione, still standing where she is on the table, shining that Cruise Director smile, though… perhaps with a bit TOO many teeth.

Mellie's smile grows at the announcement and she starts going back to the folks under the tables, offering a hand out for some, quiet words for others. She still seems relaxed, as if she handles pissed off civilians all the time.

[Colonial] A flash of FTL energy off the Fleets side. DRADIS contact comes over. After a moment of identification, the DRADIS screens assign the contact as 'HERA'.

Drusus comes in from Elevators.

They do begin dispersing, it's late. They've had enough excitement again for one day. Most may go off to pray per usual. Still no rioting though, they may have learned something from all those dead people. They are on vacation, no one wants to die on vacation!

Sloane slides out from under his table. Helping an older gentleman up, he nods with Chione's words. "It wasn't us that called the collision alarm…" He says, letting out a sigh. He starts to move towards the table where Chione is.

McKenzie glances over to note Bayless, and quirks a smile. She begins herding people farther from the elevators, getting herself away from them as well. When the announcement comes, she sighs, but does not look relieved. It does calm the hoard, somewhat and they file for the stairs. Shaking her head, she moves to Bayless, "No shit. They're a lovely bunch." Tucking her hands into her pockets, she begins to move through the calming throng toward the others. "Well done, by the way." That is angled to Bayless, though she turns to look at Bell, Melia and Sloane. When she reaches Chione's table, she lifts a hand to offer an assist down. "You did good, Ensign."

Bell does eye-rolling at the civvies muttering about 'so-called military expertise.' But she limits any reaction to rolling eyes. She looks down at her shirt, pouting. "Now I'm going to need something *else* to wear." Ah, but this means more shopping. A smile comes to her face. A quick nod is given in McKenzie's direction when she catches that look, and Bell slips out from under the table.

Staying where she is, Chione still wears that plastered smile on her face, watching each of the civilians leave. She doesn't move or say anything more until the very last civilian is gone from the area. She does nod to McKenzie, before kindly waving off the hand for the moment.

Drusus hustles on down the stairs as quickly as his heels will let him without danger of his falling on his face. He gets down to the Lido Deck in time to see the civvies filing out. He watches them, then turns to look over who's still there.

Bayless moves to join her fellow military personnel, the pink stain on Bell's t-shirt catching a glance. "You guys all okay?" she asks to the lot of them, arms crossing loosely over her abdomen.

"Yeah…I'm fine." Sloane watches Chione for a moment and a small smile tugs at his lips. Looking to the floor, deciding it best to not disturb her when she's in crowd control mode, he folds his arms and turns to face the outwards. Spotting Drusus, he waves him in their direction.


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