White PAS Can Jump
White PAS Can Jump
Summary: Reception on board the Genesis has a great lightshow
Date: 4 BCH
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Observation Deck (#1332RXF) Genesis - Deck 9
4 BCH 2235 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.
----—< Condition 3 - Duty Area >-----
Contents: IC_Builder OOC Theater Camera Reception Desc Wireless 1494

Exits: [O] Corridor
Reception Desc(#1619Tn)
The Observation Deck has been arranged with the chairs moves to the sides of the room and a buffet table set up along the side, filled with a selection of shrimp, cold cuts, little weiners on sticks, meatballs on sticks, and an open bar. Some people might recognize some of the waitstaff and bartender from the PAS Taproom.

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Drusus comes in from Corridor 9A.
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Fotilas comes in from Corridor 9A.
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With a bit of time before things officially kick off, Major Fotilas walks slowly into the room and surveys the scene. Eyes move over the assembled crew thus far, a moment to do it twice. Perhaps looking for someone. After the pause he moves away from the hatch and heads off to the side, near to buffet table. For the moment he seems content to stand aside on his own, hands clasped behind his back.

Gaelan comes in from Corridor 9A.
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Manny comes in from Corridor 9A.
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Warwick comes in from Corridor 9A.
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Zaharis' hair is still damp as he gets to the observation deck, having pried himself from Sickbay a whole thirty seconds early to run through the shower. He's in his grays, the most formal things that he bothered to bring aboard a battlestar, and stops outside to straighten the collar before heading on into the reception.

Reighner stands with a couple of science types, chewing on the hor'dourves. He waves at Zaharis when he arrives.

Gaelan steps in the hatchway to the Observation Lounge. Quickly moving off to the side he does a quick survey of the room and notices the buffet table and wait staff milling around. Making sure noone is paying attention he gives his collar a tug then glances down to adjust his sash and makes sure all the service ribbons are just right. Eyes glance back up to the descent of more formal grey uniforms descend like an average London day.

Drusus notes the Major on his way in and gives him a subtle smile and an upward tip of his chin in greeting, settling a glass back onto the bar wth a word or two of thanks to the person manning in. He was here for the pre-game, evidently, and has put it to good use, starting out the evening with a rosy flush in his cheeks and a hint of mirth in his demeanor to offset the fitted dress greys he's wearing.

Zaharis gives the buffet table the kind of wary look that a doctor who's been dealing with parasites all day might give shadily cooked meat. He passes that up, going for the cups of sparkling whatever-that-is instead. A hand lifts towards Reighner and the science bunch.

Warwick steps in from the outside as well, looking around for a few moments. That done, he steps away from the entrance, studying the people present at the moment. Grimacing once in a while, for some reason.

Fotilas dips his head to Drusus as the man passes. "Specialist." The Major continues letting his gaze pass over the room until one of the PAS scientists arrives. A smile crosses him and me moves over to greet the woman. They chat for a few moments before he leads her off to the side, the two engaged in conversation for the time.

Rhea enters, along with her son. She's in her dress grays, clean and pressed for the occasion. Twelve-year-old Reece Zimmerman is wearing a blue shirt with a collar and khaki slacks. And a tie. One with pattern of big cartoon Pyramid balls on it, but a tie still. His expression is one of martyrdom.

Gaelan eyes one of the MPs standing off to the side on duty. Pulling himself away from the entranceway he steps up to the Marine and rolls off a quick salute from the slightly startled MP. Leaning in close the Captain begins to hold a quiet conversation with the Marine, periodically glancing over his shoulder to the forming crowd.

Regas comes in with Ensign Pepper in tow, both dressed in their formal Dress Greys. As the CO and his forced attachment Ensign arrive, he moves about the Reception, passing a few words here and there, before Regas takes a glass of something and the pair of them move toward the wireless on the wall close to the forward viewing window.

Manny looks about as happy as a cat getting and being well aware of getting fixed. She's cleaned up a bit, all in black with hints of grey and her hair done and there is a hint of make-up on her face but she slinks in and keeps her head /down/ and looks for a wall.

Most of the off-duty CIC staff arrives en masse, the group of mixed enlisted and officers move like a swarm of bees to honey, the buffet table their target. Some split off, occasionally tossing a few salutes and exchanging handshakes. Not an overly loud or boisterous bunch, there's some grins towards Drusus and their manages to stay low.

Warwick shakes his head a little as he watches the crowds in the room. He frowns a bit at the group of CIC staff, but only briefly. A few moments later, he looks over to the CO, gaze following the man for now. Still silent, though.

Zaharis is plagued by one of his medical Lieutenants, who keeps yammering at him until the CMO literally has to put a hand on the man's back and politely shove him off towards the buffet table. He sips at his drink, watching people come in here and there. Reece's state of affairs is duly noted, with a smirk. Poor kid. Been there.

"Major," Drusus replies, his tone striving to emulate Fotilas' in formality, but it can't help but droop toward the lilting and casual. He turns his head just briefly after Fotilas passes by to watch where he's off to, then turns back to watch the rest of everyone file in. He returns the grins of his fellow drones with an amiable comraderie before considering the Chief Engineer, coming to stand still, lips pursed in tooth-licking thought for a moment before he heads over. "Holding up, Captain?" he asks, tone polite but warm.

Gaelan pats the MP on the shoulder and turns to head back in the fray. Eyes scanning and target found. Alcohol. Slipping his way through the crowd with only brief how are you's the Captain finds the open bar. Leaning over he talks to the bartender a minute who nods and with little delay slides a small half glass with a distinct brown liquid in it over to the Marine. Gaelan picks it up and takes a sip before stepping away from the bar to keep his eye on the Brass.

Manny squints from where she's found to tuck herself away, fidgeting with her sleeves and frowning from time to time before she sees the bar? And makes a bee line for it.

Reighner finishes up his chat with the scientists and starts mingling, tray of food in hand.

"How long do we have to stay?" Reece Zimmermann asks Rhea in an undertone. He /tries/ to keep his tone out of whining range, but it's perilously close. Rhea smirks at him. "Relax, Sprocket. This'll be something worth seeing. I promise." Reece, unconvinced, shoots a half-wave to Zaharis. Along with a put-upon look. He eyes the buffet table speculatively. Rhea turns her attention to Drusus, offering the CIC man a cordial smile. "Specialist. Holding up fair to middling. You?"

Regas watches the party for a moment before lifting his glass and striking it with a fingernail. the 'Ting Ting Ting' ringing, then he speaks. As he does, Ensign Pepper turns to the Wireless, pulls the handset, and gets on it quietly.

"Attention please. Ladies and Gentlemen. We are here to commemorate the movement of the Support Station PAS into its final construction phase. It's been a long time on this construction project, and we're all happy to have the work done. To commemorate this event, we have another event to witness. Something historical. I would like to address your attention to the forward viewport."

Regas turns to Pepper, who hands him the handset. Taking it, he says, "CIC, Actual. Execute."

In response to her masters command, the massive ship turns, the stars of the viewport rolling past as the Support station PAS comes into view. Hanging massively in space, five times the size of the great Battlestar, twin rings rotating around the middle of the structure. As the PAS becomes centered in the viewport, a trio of Raptors fly into view from the Genesis, moving toward the station in formation. As they approach, they flash in the red/blue strobe of an FTL jump and are gone.

Regas turns to Pepper, handset in hand and says, "Tac." The Ensign nods and flips a switch on the wireless.

Zaharis smiles at Reece, but says nothing as the show starts up at the front. He turns his attention that way, watching the scene presented through the viewport as he slowly sips his drink.

Major Fotilas lets his gaze wash over the people, in particular eyeing the CIC crowd. The woman he's with smiles and follows his gaze. There's a soft chuckle from them before he nods toward Regas as the Colonel motions for the wireless. He motions for those around him to quiet down.

Gaelan eyes glance to the front and the Marine takes his closely guarded glass and moves to get a better view of the viewport. A crooked smile on his lips as he watches the PAS take movement.

Reighner applauds politely when the PAS station comes into view.

Warwick turns to look at the viewport now, watching the happenings there, once in a while glancing around the room. Noticing the bar, he starts moving in that direction, most of his attention on the viewport again.

Manny's attention goes to the viewport once she's gotten her drink, sipping slowly and staring with a quirk of an eyebrow.

Regas lifts the wireless to speak into it.

"PAS Actual, this is Genesis Actual. Report."

From the Wireless, Reeds voice.

"Genesis Actual, PAS Actual. Station has been secured, Marines holding off station at the extraction point. We are ready to proceed."

Regas speaks into the Wireless, "PAS, Genesis. Copy that, the show is yours."

Regas hands the Wireless to Pepper, who racks the handset as the CO turns to watch the station from his position.

Drusus is precluded from answering Rhea by the announcement of the spectacle, and merely gives ehr a crooked 'well, you know…' sort of smile before turning his attention to the viewport and tucking his arms behind him to watch.

Zaharis finds somewhere to stand that has an ashtray nearby and not a huge crowd of people. He takes his eyes off the viewport long enough to light a cigarette, then slides the lighter back into his pocket and resumes watching.

Fots moves, with the scientist, over away from the wall so he can get a better view of whats going on. At Regas' approval, his brow quirks and eyes fall back out the viewport.

Rhea crooks a grin at Drusus. "Showtime. C'mon." She herds Reece over to a spot, not far from Zaharis, where they've got a good view. Though she's outwardly unruffled there's an air of unusual energy about the ChEng. Anticipation. Perhaps even nervousness.

"Hey," Zaharis greets Rhea and Spawn under his breath. His attention's on the viewport, for the most part. His posture is as relaxed as always, as though just watching a vid of someone's home movies. His eyes, though, are very sharp.

Out in space, the Pas station hanging there. For a moment, nothing of interest happens at all really. then the rings turning around the station stop rotating. The rings then begin to move. Actually move along the length of the station, seperating from the middle of the station to slide along tracks in the hull of the massive structure. One ring moving to one end, the other ring moving to the other side. As the rings halt their progress, they stay steady at each end of the stations mass. At that point, a voice comes over the Wireless.

"PAS here. Ring transit complete. See you in two minutes."

At that time, from one ring, a red flash of light emerges, moving along the length of the massive station, striking the far ring as an answering blue flash bounces back along the length of the PAS. in a massive white flash, and ripple distortion in the light, the PAS vanishes in a tremendous energy release. An FTL jump.

Ensign Pepper reaches to a panel, and touches it as a circular timer clock lights on the panel and two minutes starts counting down.


Manny's head tilts to the side and she holds up her glass to peer into it before looking back to viewport and then back to her drink and just blinks several times.

"Good gods," Reighner exclaims. He clears his throat and carefully watches the empty space.

Gaelan pulls his grin into a broader grin as he closes his free hand in a fist and pumps it with a subtle, "C'mon.. C'mon.." emits under his breath. Eyes dart from the viewport to the timer then back to the viewport. For a Marine The Captain seems to have a very distinct interest in this event.

"Hey, Doc," the Zimmermann spawn replies laconically to Zaharis. Reece starts idly fiddling with his tie, loosening the knot. It ends up crooked. Rhea doesn't seem to notice. Her eyes are fixed on the station. She puts a hand on her son's shoulder, squeezing gently. This earns a funny look from Reece. "You okay, Mom? You've been acting weird all…" He doesn't get to finish the question. The jumping space station cuts him off. "Whoa!" he exclaims.

Major Fotilas watches the rings move in silence. Gaze travels over the length of it a few times. He's duely impressed and it shows on his face. When it jumps off, the man's face cracks into a grin. "Well Done, Major," he whispers.

Zaharis exhales a long plume of smoke as the PAS vanishes like…well, like that smoke. Only cooler. He nods slowly as the now-empty viewport, eyes on the timer. "Come on, Carter."

Warwick pauses a bit as he sees that, "What the…?" he says after a few moments, shaking his head a little bit. "Now where do we…" he begins, trailing off a bit as he glances to that timer. "This is crazy…" Said mostly to himself, though.

The CIC staff turns to watch as the station begins tranforming. Silence settles over them and when it jumps.. it doesn't leave. The number of shocked expressions is nearly the same as the number of faces in total.

Drusus drifts backward a few paces as the station's rings begin to shift, a subtle maneuvering for a slightly better view than he'd bothered attaining moments ago, banking on your standard-issue military hyperbole. "… Huh," is all he comments for the moment, the brief monosyllable succinctly summing up his mixture of confusion and curiosity.

A broad smile breaks across Rhea's face, a look of wonder in her eyes. "He did. He actually did it…" she murmurs softly. As if she can't quite believe it. She doesn't relax, though. If anything, she looks even more tense now. Reece shifts a look between her and the CMO, wide-eyed, though not quite so much as his mom. "…where'd the station go?" he asks softly. He /did/ just watch his home-away-from-home jump away. Rhea doesn't answer right away, gaze now fixed on the timer.

"They ran out of milk," Zaharis replies to Reece. "They'll be back in a sec." He hopes. He flashes Rhea a slight smile, the corners of his mouth just a wee bit tense, then looks back at the timer. Ticky ticky.

Manny holds up her glass now, a serious expression on her face. "Everybody saw that right? The whole POOF no more station? Or did somebody spike my drink?"

Gaelan glances to Manny and nods, "That it did.. now it should be coming back here real soon. At least they moved all the liquor off first." Lifting a finger and motioning to the bar. He decides now is a good time to take a sip of his drink. Glancing up to the timer he sets his glass down on a nearby table.


The timer starts flashing white on 0:00, and Regas narrows his eyes.
The timer starts again.

Regas takes in a breath, turning to Pepper as light fills the Obs deck as the PAS Station reappears in a flash of returning energy, and Regas turns to the viewport. Ensign Pepper, a ball of nerves, jumps as the Wireless crackles to life.

"This is PAS actual. Damage Control teams to the PAS. Be advised, Electrical Fire, Deck 2, Sub corridor 2AF. Electrical Fire, Deck 4, CIC, Boroton mist suppression systems functioning, and containing fire. I repeat, Away the damage control teams. All clear for MP personnel to return to PAS.

Regas turns, snatching the handset from Pepper

"PAS, Genesis. Damage report."

Genesis, PAS, Weapons offline, electrical fires contained. FTL systems optimal and stable at one hundred percent. Minor incidental damage. We blew a few fuses, Colonel, but the PAS station has become the largest object made by the hand of man to successfully transit through a hyperlight jump."

Regas lets out a breath,

"Copy that, PAS. This is Genesis Actual, DC teams to PAS, secure damage and prepare for full station check." He hands the handset to Pepper and closes his eyes.

Fots just stares. His heart stops when the timer reaches zero but finally kickstarts once more when it jumps back. He visibly sighs and looks to Regas. His face becomes a mask as the damage report rolls in and he moves towards the Colonel. "Want me to head over there and see if I can help out, sir?" he whispers under his breath, gaze still focused out on the station.

Gaelan claps his hands together once and emits an excited, "Yes!" Ears perk at the damage reports coming in, quicky turning to face the MP he was talking to earlier he just points at him then hooks his thumb towards the Hatch. Without hesitation the MP heads out the door double-time.

Manny just continues to stare at the viewport, worrying her bottom lip and setting her drink aside as she scratches her head. "Hunh." Then she's frowning again, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

Rhea lets out a breath she's been half-holding for the full two minutes, putting her arms around her son's shoulders and giving him a quick, tight hug. "Everything's good, Sprocket. Your room'll be back pretty soon," she says. Reece looks mildly embarrassed at being hugged in public, though he's still too amazed to really object. Rhea keeps one hand on his shoulder, though her focus goes to Regas. "The teams've been on stand-by, sir. We should be ready to roll." Herself included in that, obviously.

"Hope I never have to jump aboard that one…" Warwick mutters to himself. "Would be quite unsettling, I think." Going silent again now.

Drusus is glad to have boozed up early, as he retains decent composure through the tensest of the moments and under the flood of relief simply stands a little straighter and draws his hands in front of him into an impressed sort of golf clap, a smile pulling at a corner of his mouth.

Zaharis exhales a quiet breath through his nose, shoulders finally relaxing the inch they'd tensed while the station was gone. He motions over his Lieutenant, who's still standing there with her mouth hanging open. He issues a few quiet readiness orders for her to take down to Sickbay and disperse through the PAS' medical crew, and she scurries off.

Regas looks to Fotilas, and shakes his head, "No, you're here. I'll take the Conn and coordinate from CIC." He looks to Rhea, and nods curtly, "Green light." He then turns, striding through the reception. "Enjoy the party. I'll be in CIC." He says as Ensign Pepper scampers after the CO in his wake.

"Aye, sir." The Major takes the order with a nod. He swallows and looks back around, suddenly feeling useless. He makes a face and nods to Rhea before heading back to the dark-haired scientist. They move off to a corner, concern on her face.

Rhea nods shortly to Regas, ready to scurry herself. But first. Eyes on Zaharis. "Could you…?" She wordlessly nods to the spawn. "I shouldn't be too long. Just stash him someplace he can play with that video game he smuggled here?" Reece blinks. How did she /know/?

The CIC crew hears the damage report roll off the wireless and many don't even bother waiting for orders. The file out of the room calmly and once into the hall, are scurrying back off towards CIC and their backup stations.

Zaharis grins slightly at Rhea. "I'll get someone to take him to the lounge. Be lucky if one of the crewmen don't challenge him to a brawl for it." He winks at Reece and sends someone off to take care of this kid thing.

"Thanks," Rhea says simply to Zaharis, saying a quick, "Be good. I'll be back soon" to her spawn as she heads off. Reece watches her go without much concern. Stuff is broken, his mom goes to fix it. Fairly normal.
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Drusus is more hesitant than the rest of the CIC crew, performing a few small self-tests, reciting the alphabet backward in his mind to make sure he's got his wits there. Never touch the shiny buttons on the sauce. Still, he's curious as hell, so he begins to drift in the CIC's direction, as well.

In the viewport, the three Raptors that jumped out before the PAS went, jump back and fly past the viewport, apparently, returning with their job of being at wherever the Station went to.

Warwick keeps his eyes on the viewport for now, not saying anything at the moment, just watching.
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Manny is still here.

An Ensign chuckles as the silence stays on the Reception. He looks at another Ensign, "Frak, that was big. Well, come on, before the brass remembers they set out shrimp cocktails." And they go for the shellfish.

Fotilas steps away from the woman and heads around to check on a few people before heading over to the buffet table. Might as well grab some before anyone else rememb- He moves to intercept the Ensign's flight path. Meatballs on toothpicks!

Gaelan picks up his glass and takes a sip as he turns to Manny and grins to her, "Congrats on witnessing history." Lifting his glass to her he hears the subtle rumbling of herding cats rushing the buffett as he comments under his breath, "Well there goes the free food.."

Zaharis is still here as well, albeit a bit more attached to his handheld now as messages start coming up in earnest. Working on his second or third cigarette, the food goes ignored and he even has an non-alcoholic drink today.

Manny just blinks several times at Gaelan. "…uh, thanks." She still looks very very confused, folding her arms under her bosom and just squinting at Gaelan. "I was…this was the event that I just /didn't want to miss/?" She asks slowly and carefully.

Warwick moves to get himself some of that food, while it still lasts, getting himself a bit of it, before he heads over in the general direction of the bar. Because after witnessing this, one needs a drink, or five, or ten, or…

Gaelan shakes his head as he points to the window, "Well either witness it or experience it if you had stayed on board." Grinning he looks back to the window, "They just jumped an entire station. When have you ever heard of that being done before?

Fotilas looks up to Gaelan and shakes his head. "It hasn't been done before. I didn't even think it was possible. I mean, I remember what the Colonel briefed but..I wasn't expecting that." He pops one of those Swedish/Tauron meatballs in his mouth.

"But why would you /want/ to jump an entire research station…one screw up and alot of people would be really frakkin' pissed off…" Manny continues in her same kinda dazed and confused way of…responding to this whole thing.

Passing the others talking as he moves towards the bar, Warwick shrugs a little bit as he overhears what's being said. "I still don't think it's possible," he offers, a bit absently.

Gaelan chuckles and looks to Manny, "Because how else are suppose to prove we are still awesome? We have done everything else. Machines work for us. We are out winning every fight we do." Looking out the window and back, "I mean.. why /not/ jump a station?"

"There's a lot of reasons you would want to jump a station. Same reasons you'd want to jump a ship, I imagine." Fotilas just idly offers it before glancing to Warwick. "Well you don't have to think its possible. It just happened." The Major chuckles and reaches for a shrimp, nodding ot Gaelan's words.

Manny just looks very concerned now. "And what about sabotage? And what happens to your /body/ when that happens? And what if it gets stuck and you're in your bunk looking at your Mr. Caprica calendar and drooling over month 3 and then WHAM, the station jumps and it takes being left hanging to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL!" She flails and just holds her head. "Sweet /gods/ scientists are frakkin' nuts."

"Well, I might still be drunk, sir?" Warwick offers a bit lightly to Fotilas, before he shakes his head a bit. "Or maybe I'm not yet drunk enough. Still haven't decided on that part yet." He eyes the bar again.

Gaelan laughs and shakes his head, "It will be no different than when a Battlestar jumps. Stomach twists, face grimaces and everyone goes 'I frakkin' hate that.' Space Station is just bigger is all." Pointing to Manny he adds, "With that thing able to jump, means you could get home sooner to get the latest edition."

Fotilas shrugs and looks between them. "On the surface, its no different that the Genesis jumping out someplace. Its just a much bigger platform. Sure there's a lot more to it on the technical end but the theory is still the same I would assume. Would you get concerned about being on the Genesis when it jumped?" His brow rises with the question, nodding to Warwick. "Don't be drunk in uniform. At least not visibly." The edge of a smirk crosses his face but holds /just/ short of showing up.

Manny just gives Gaelan a /look/, she unbuttons her vest and just fans herself, grimacing and shaking her head as she eyes the viewport again, she shifts her weight from foot to foot then something registers. "Jumping is jumping! That's like telling me it is no different than /you/ jumping and then /me/ jumping." She grabs at her chest. Yep. Gotta get a boobie grope into every scene. "Naked! Beside a pool! There is a big difference and yes I would be VERY concerned about turning inside out if I was on the Genesis." She tosses her hair and places her hands on her hips. "Be honest with me. Somebody was huffing paint and then got the notion this would be a good idea weren't they? Just like inhaaaaaaaaaale and then OH my GODS, let's play PEEK a BOO with the whole frakkin station, it is brilliant!"

Gaelan eyes the unbuttoning of the vest then raises his eyebrows at her sudden exclamation. Taking her hand in his, he pulls it up towards him and places the glass in it and flatly states, "Just accept it. Or drink it into acceptance."

"It messes with the definition of a station, though." Warwick remarks, before he blinks at Manny's words. Looking about to comment, before he goes silent again, then nods to Fotilas. "I'll try avoiding that, sir. Even if the fraking uniform itches like…" He stops there, shaking his head a bit.

Fotilas has disconnected.

Manny takes a deep breath and then another before there is a glass in her hand and with wide eyes she just takes a long sip of the drink, shoulders dropping and exhaling softly. She takes another sip and it is like somebody flipped a switch.

"Hey, look." The voice comes from an Ensign at the viewport. His words are given out as the PAS rings begin moving, sliding from the ends of the station back to the middle. Once there, they begin turning, just like normal.

Warwick has moved to get himself a drink now, and then looks out through the viewport as he hears the Ensign. "Ah, much better…" he comments, a bit absently.

Gaelan points to the glass as he looks to Manny, "See. Told you it would help." Glancing out as the Ensign makes his comment and the Marine adds, "And look. They even let you have air again."

"I like to breathe." Manny nods sagely and continues to sip at her drink.

Warwick gets his drink, and takes a long sip from it. "Breathing always helps," he agrees, then shakes his head a little bit.

Gaelan glances around and pats Manny on the shoulder, "Well I am hoping the drinking is helping at least. Pretty soon you can be back in the safety of the Taproom." Glancing around he nods, "Well I don't think I am needed here much longer. Time for me to see what trouble my Marines have found."
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"I owe you a drink." Manny replies to Gaelan, chuckling softly and tilting her head to the side. "But thanks…and remember. Whatever trouble they might find, it so isn't my fault!"

Gaelan smiles and nods to her, "You can repay me later. I owe you a shirt anyway." With that he smiles to Manny and heads out the Hatch off to the safety of Marine Country.
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"Have fun with the trouble, sir," Warwick offers after Gaelan, before he takes another sip from his own drink, then offers a bit of a nod to Manny. "How did it go, that stuff in the taproom?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Manny frowns at the mention of the taproom and her jaw sets and she just eyes Warwick for a moment. "It was…well, it was resolved. And now I can't show any skin or wear anything that could even be potentially considered in any way sexy."

Warwick pauses for a few moments as he hears that. "Really? That's too bad…" A brief pause as he hears his own words. "I mean…" he begins, before he shakes his head a bit, "Sorry." Another brief pause. "I don't believe we've been formally introduced? I'm JB Warwick, but most people around here just calls me Hound." Offering a hand.

Manny just smirks gently and rolls her eyes, turning to take the hand, shaking it with a small squeeze before releasing. "I'm Manny, and I won't bother with the rest of my name because it is too much of a mouthful, pleasure to meetcha Hound."

"I think I heard some of it after that unfortunate event," Warwick offers, before he shrugs, "What made you end out in this place, if you don't mind me asking? It's sort of a faraway place, after all."

[Intercom] Attention! Now hear this. PAS station returning to normal operation. All PAS personnel, free to return to station. That is all.

Manny is just quiet before replying softly. "Cuz I'm good at my job. Very good." She shrugs easily enough. "Will you excuse me? I need to take a trip to the head." She's…classy.

Warwick grins, "Good point," he offers, before he nods a bit, "Of course."

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