White PAS Can Jump Aftermath
White Can Jump Aftermath
Summary: Damage control crews put out some post-jump fires on the PAS
Date: 4 BCH
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Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7
4 BCH 2235 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.

The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

----—< Condition 3 - Duty Area >-----

Contents: Rhea Snatch Taylor Maintenance Control RAPTOR-G_354
VIPER_109 VIPER_1738 VIPER_1741 VIPER_1742 VIPER_1743
VIPER_1744 VIPER_209 VIPER_210 VIPER_211 VIPER_212
VIPER_840 Whiteboard Wireless 1118

Exits: [AS] Aft Stairwell [FS] Fore Stairwell
[A] Hangar Bay A [E] Land. Deck Elevator
[LT] Launch Tubes [SH] Shuttle Transfer

Word has already spread down to the Hanger Deck. The burly Deck Chief is barking orders and getting his enlisted into firefighting gear. He's already dressed in his massive suit, a large hard-side case clasped in his hand. The booming voice carries across the flight deck as people scramble, getting Raptors preflighted and moved to their launch positions.

Rhea is still in her dress grays when she jogs onto the hangar deck. She hastily sprints over to suit up, barking to the various snipes she passes to do the same.

Taylor marches over to the Captain, not even bothering to salute. "Sir. I've got my Deck Team ready for firefighting if you need them. We're on standby for now. Six Raptors already loaded with gear. All we need are your people on board and we're green for go." Yes, he's going. The rapid-fire report comes as he watches a group of petty officers double-check loads, the man's own jaw coming to a hard set.

Snatch romps down a few stairs, already geared up to go, and six stairs up from the deck proper she hastens her descent with a quick peep and a jump over the railing, landing evenly and then rising to run after Rhea, gathering equipment as she goes with a bob to the left and a weave right, strapping her kit to her suit and making sure the built-in lantern is working.

Rhea is coverall'd up in short order, hair pulled back, tool kit in hand. The only sign that she came from the reception the make-up on her face. She nods to Taylor, not bothering with any unnecessary ceremony at the moment, either. "Let's go! Get boarded up!" she hollers at Snatch and the other snipes, motioning to prepped Raptors. "It didn't sound like they sustain too much serious damage, but we'd better be prepared. This is the first time *anything* like this has been attempted. Electrical and mechanical techs are ready for sparking. Let's mosey." And so she does, heading Raptor-ward.

Taylor gives her a curt nod and heads towards the Raptors. "Teams Two and Four on Raptors Eleven-Twenty-Two and Seventeen-Forty-Five!" he booms, sounding angry. The crews scamper up into their respective assignments and the ships begin being moves up to the Flight Deck, proper.

Snatch moseys, if moseying is characterised with a militarily patterned thudding of steel-toed boots over flooring. She takes the boarding ramp in three steps that look a little larger than they ought for a girl her size, files to the furthest available seat so that nobody will have to climb over her, pivots and sits in one clean motion and is strapping herself in before the next snipe settles next to her. "Ou-ais, Cap'm," she firmly declares her assent.

Arriving, Taylor nods Rhea towards the wireless and deploys one team across the Flight Deck. Lots of explodey things here. A team moves first to the tillium fuel lines and begins running backpressure through them, effectively emptying the entire system back into the tanks. The Chief himself moves to the center of the room with his other team close in trail. He then turns suddenly and looks back to Rhea and the Wireless on the wall, waiting for orders. "I'm all yours, Zimm," he barks.

Snatch moves as ordered, keeping in with the fan formation and unlocking her portable FS unit from her gear, keeping it ready in case a fire had damaged the fire detection grid. It doesn't look bad, sure, but she acts with properly trained caution in any case, keeping her gratification with the situation to herself.

CIC/Communications Center Support Station PAS - Deck 4
4 BCH 2235 Souls

The CC of the Support Station PAS, is rather spacious. It has a circle of seats around the large oval area that displays a myriad of consoles for monitoring life support, generators, ship-to-ship terminals, ship-to-ground terminals, a small weapons station and also a large DRADIS. A half moon of space is shown through the viewports. The various stations are manned at all times and people are constantly passing status updates back and forth.

Contents: Reed Rhea Taylor CIC Terminal 193
Exits: [O] Out

CIC has been pretty spared. And it appears empty till the sound of a Boroton extinguisher comes from the back 'BBBBSSSSSHHHHHH!' Foam spews up and Reed straighens from a weapons console, staring at it with hatred. He has some minor sparking burns on his temple and has singed some hair, but he looks mostly annoyed with the weapons. "Not their fault, Reed, you haaad to have the Weapons boys come in and do whe work without them briefed. If the structural Engineers did it, they would have used the right wiring. No one to blame but your dumb ass." He's talking to himself.

Rhea comes jogging up, up, up to CIC, with a Deck Chief and a collection of Deck and Engineering damage control folks in tow. Some of their team's down on the lower levels, handling the other small spots of damage. "Major Carter." It's sort of barked at him, but she does sound pleased to see him. In one piece. "What's the situation?"

Taylor does as said and follows Rhea in. There's half a dozen of the Chief's knuckle-draggers behind him in firefighting gear. The Chief isn't any different, only sans a helmet. There's a black hard-sided case in his claw/hand. Eyes scan the room carefully, noting things that are smoking, sparking or otherwise misbehaving. He pities the fool(ish machine).

Snatch comes to a half-attention behind Rhea and to her side a bit, keeping a ready stance in readiness to be deployed to another deck if the Captain thinks the situation up here's under control. She does a brief scan of the room, herself, looking for patterns in the blackening and singing along the consoles to tell her what sort of systems got blown.

Reed looks at the approaching DC team, and nods, "Situation contained so far as I am aware. Electrical reroute kicked in after this bitch here blew." He points the extinguisher at it. "I think this console's frakked. wiring along the computer guidance system for the point defense guns overloaded and fed back into her, that console went up like this was a Sci Fi Television show. <ahem>" He points to Taylor, "Chief, give this console a talking to." He points to Rhea, "Captain, Engineering Two is tied to the Master Engineering console from downstairs. Monitor FTL systems and help me transit the rings back and power down the drive." He moves to the main CIC consoles.

"We'll see about that," Rhea says, as to the frakked console. She likes a challenge. A look to Snatch. "PO, give the Chief a hand with that console. Let's see if we can't un-frak it." In technical engineering terms. For her part, she moseys over to the engineering console. Movements quick, an air of excitement about her. She looks over her shoulder to Reed, before getting down to business. "How'd she fly?"

The Chief gives a curt nod to Major Carter and snaps his fingers, point to a few different consoles. His team moves off to keep a close eye on certain things blowing up. Meanwhile the Chief heads towards the assigned sparker and sets down the box. "PO, cut the power to this console." He grabs a wratchet wrench out and goes to town on the console cover.

"Cap'm," Snatch takes her orders with that terse note of acknowledgement and moves to the assist, bobbing her head curtly, "Ou-ais, Chief," she agrees, dropping easily to one knee and unhooking her kit, setting it flush to the base of the console so no one will trip over it while she pries up a section of the flooring and disconnects the primary… secondary… tertiary… and emergency power supplies, "She cold, Chief," she reports loudly and clearly after tapping the lead a few times with a tool to harmlessly spark all traces of energy from the unit.

Reed nods to Rhea, as he approaches the main console, "She flew pretty well, Captain. Nice and smooth. Till the explosion. I-" He stops, then shakes his head, "Later." He looks at the console, "Beginning Ring Transition back to normal mode. You're clear to spin down the FTL at your leisure. Turn it all the way off, we're going to check every element in it."

<Trait Roll> Taylor rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Rhea fiddles with the console, pressing buttons, eyes flickering quickly over readings. She looks almost girlishly gleeful as she inputs commands to spin down the station's FTL. She's never played with a toy quite this big before. "Got it. Powering down. Looks like the main culprit of this was your new weapons systems. They look fair fried, but I'd like to get them all offline before we try to bring her home."

As soon as it goes cold, it begins glowing. "Ut oh." Taylor glares at the console and doesn't bother with the last few bolts, lifting the console's plating right up. He dives in, taking a few jolts as he does so. Leaning over into it, he reaches blindly into a pocket and grabs a set of wire snips. "Godsdamn, sonuva-" Snap! Snap! There's another brief flurry of electrical sparks from the console and Taylor stumbles out from under it as the glow fades. There's burns across his face but mostly on his arms. "EAT IT!" he barks, chucking the snips sidearm at the base of the console. They bounce off and clatter across the deck plating to land by Snatch's feet. His chest heaves with it, knowing he just came damned close to biting the electrical bullet.

Snatch looks surprised as the console glows and sparks, checking each of the base leads in turn with a furrowed brow. No. No elecricity in the system. So why is it blowing up? She crouches, all sorts of baffled at the sudden turn of events. "Chief?" she asks.

Reed looks over his shoulder to Rhea, "We are home, the reverse jump was flawless, not even hiccupped the Boroton mist systems, Being locked into the cycle of counter jump was harrowing, but… it-" He seems to catch on, then sighs, touching his forehead, "Right, I get what you mean." He chuckles, touching a few controls and bringing the station to normal ops before looking to where Taylors locked in single combat with the console. He takes two steps towards it, adrenaline still pumping through him he deftly picks up the Boroton extinguisher, and aims it at the Console and Taylor, covering him like a Marine on a Saggie Terrorist, eyes narrowed, waiting, watching, finger ready. He's still juiced from this experimental jump thing and having a near death experience. He looks ready to slam Taylor, or the console with Boroton, knowing that it's an insulator, therefore safe to use on electrical fire. Come on, punk, make Reeds day.

"Chief!?" Rhea echoes, standing bolt upright, eyes locking over to Taylor with concern. She gives him a quick once-over. Not fried. That's a good sign. Her eyes narrow at the console.

Taylor's hair, as short as it is, stands on end. He took a few volts. His eyes are like saucers, staring at the metal box in front of him. "Son of a bitch," he breathes, still breating heavy. Slowly his gaze turns to Snatch and he blinks. "Yeah?" The he looks to Reed and Rhea. "Major. Captain. You uh.. There was a.. well.. see.." He swallows and looks back to it. The explanation is there he's a bit dazed.

"Y'ns awright, Chief?" Snatch drawls, shifting a little toward him to look into his eyes and puther limited first-aid knowledge to good use with a blunt squint to see how 'there' he is.

Reed swallows, lowering the extinguisher, and swallowing. He looks at Taylor, "I can replace the console and weapons computer a lot easier than I can replace you, Chief. Next time, remember that." He lets out a breath, turning to Snatch, "Go get a medic from the teams." He looks to Taylor, "Stay down." He then turns to a beeping status light, and moves to it, looking at it. "We're powered down, and Teams report secure. I'm calling them all home." He reaches to the wireless.

[Intercom] Attention! Now hear this. PAS station returning to normal operation. All PAS personnel, free to return to station. That is all.

"Sit down, Chief. Take a breather," Rhea says to Taylor, rather gently. "You just got a little charge. It's happened to the best of us. Nothing the medics can't see to. The doctor and his merry band will give you a more thorough look-over back in Sickbay." To meaningful look is directed at Reed, minor though his burns are. "You should do the same, Major. You look like you got a little sun."

Taylor blinks and looks to Snatch and nods a few times. He reaches out and claps a hand on her shoulder, the burns on his arms more evident. Black and red. Some of the skin.. yeah he caught a lot of charge. "Wow. I'm cool.." He's still breathing heavy, eyes not quite focusing on anything until Reed grabs his attention. "Yeah. I'll try. Keep that in mind, I mean. Next time." Blink. Blink. Yeah, sitting sounds like a good idea. the Chief's arm drops from Snatch with a grin. He nods a few times to the Captain before just flopping on the deck and leaning against the wall. "Ain't that a ride? It was blue. Very pretty."

Snatch looks to the arm and wrinkles up her nose in concern, "Y'ns best ought head on Sickbay, t'se?" she comments, the arm reminding her rather of something she saw the last time she and her folks smoked up a hog, though she has at least as much sense as to not say -that- out loud. She tucks the ends of her protective firehazard suit's sleeves into the accompanying workgloves again, glad for them as she stands, peering distrustfully at the console.

Reed racks the wireless handset and turns back to the group, walking and looking at Snatch, blinking, and then looking at Rhea, seeming a little confused before moving to the wireless again, "Did I give that order? Frakking adrenaline drop." Still talking to himself. He leans to the Wireless, "Medical to CIC!" He then steps back from the wireless, extinguisher still in hand as he approaches the injured chief as two medics burst in from the hall, cases in hand and Reed points at Taylor. Medics start cracking open their cases and get to work on the Chief.

"Best let that console alone for now, PO," Rhea says to Snatch. "Give it time to cool off before we get into anymore repairs. There's plenty else here to mop up." She looks to Reed. Faintly concerned. "You should take it easy as well, Major. The hard part's done. Repairs shouldn't take more than a day or so. You came through this pretty well, given what you attempted. I'd be happy to loan you some of my snipes, if you don't mind them nosing around your station."

Taylor watches Snatch look to the console and he shakes a finger at it drunkenly. "Its cool, Third. Swears." He swipes the hand across the air and takes a long breath. "Wheeeew." He settles and looks back at it. "Circuit.. you cut. The fuses blew. I forget to reset them. Bad mistake. One of the circuits? Yeah it had severed from the uh.. the uh.. oh hell.. the frakkin DC line. It got caught in a cycle. It bit me a few times. Didn'a want to go down without a fight." Him or the console, its not clear. When the medical team appears, Taylor peers at them like Snatch was eyeing the console. "Its just a flesh wound!" But he doesn't fight. The sleeves of the firefighting jacket had gotten shoved up when he dove in and the jacket is slowly cut away from him. "Damnit, I'm gonna need another one of those." A pause. "I should probably see a dcotor or something." Slowly becoming more cognisent, he looks to his arms with a touch of concern.

Snatch turns her head sharply at her Rhea calling her by rank, having evidently been too involved with Taylor and the console to have noticed that Reed was casting a chore to her earlier. "Ou-ais, Cap'm," she replies, beating a retreat to allow the medics room to work and moving to investigate another dark patch where something had evidently blown, moving with all due caution.

People start coming into CIC, CIC crews. Reed looks to Rhea and nods, "You're right, Captain." He says as the Medics decide to take Taylor off to work on him, maybe take his wallet or something similar. Reed looks to Snatch, "Stay with him." He says, and looks to Rhea, handing off the extinguisher to an Ensign who looks surprised to have it. Reed sighs, "I'll have a resport sent to you with the damage assessment when it's completed, then we can either have some of your snipes, or just mine, see what the reports say." He thinks, "Lieutenant, what's next?" the Lieutenant clears his throat, having watched and gotten up to speed, "As per your orders, you're off duty sir, fully. I've been instructed to tell you to please leave CIC sir." The LT looks at one of the medics, "With this medic to tend to your injury." Reed nods, "Yeah, okay." He looks to the Medics on Taylor, "See to him," then looks to Rhea, "With me." He looks at the Medic, who is staring at Reed, and smiles at him, lifting the medical case, "Allright, come on." He turns, walking to the exit.

"Good idea," Rhea says, a touch wryly, to Taylor. As far as a visit to a doctor is concerned. A quick nod and smile is offered to Snatch as she moves off to work. For her part, Rhea slips off her work gloves, standing and striding out with Reed. She keeps an eye on him. As if making sure he goes where he's supposed to.

Reed walks, trailing the Medic, who seems hell bent to follow the Major wherever he goes. Reed turns and heads into his quarters. "Okay, in here."

Commanders Quarters Support Station PAS - Deck 4
4 BCH 2235 Souls

The Commanders Quarters of the PAS station is a large area, decorated in a subdued style, carrying a sense of quiet antiquity. Shelves of secured textbooks line one of the walls, with titles ranging from quantum mechanics to ecological reference materials. On the walls are a few certificates of accomplishment the commander keeps on display. There is a table with chairs situated in an open area, as well as a few comfortable chairs about a low coffee table. Two locked cabinets are set into the wall that divide a portion of the room off into a sleeping area, complete with a standard wardrobe. One corner is dedicated to the working of the station, with a large wooden desk on which is a computer, wireless and jar of candies. Behind the chair at the desk is a locked file cabinet, while in front of the desk are two chairs where those who are here for 'business' are regularly seated. Things here are kept neat and tidy.

Contents: Reed Rhea Magic 8 Ball Wireless 942
Exits: [O] Out

Rhea trails Reed, still eyeing him. The medic is given a short little nod of approval. Sic 'em.

Reed moves in and looks around. the Medic takes charge, "Major, please sit down." Reed moves to one of the chairs, turns it and sits, "Please, Captain, sit." The Medic opens his case, and gets some supplies as he moves Reeds head to expose the burns, "Not too bad, sir." Reed says, "Yeah, okay." The Medic, starts tending to Reeds burns, cleaning them and eyes the Major, applying a bandage. "What time is it sir?" Reed says, "Sixteen hundredish." The Medic replies, "Seventeen thirty, sir. You seem to be mildly stunned sir, adreneline, and stress. I'm putting you in for a medical checkup in the near future." He looks to Rhea, making sure she witnesses it. "I'll file it with the CMO." Reed shrugs, "Fine." The Medic, closes his case, and takes his equipment. He steps back, and salutes, "Sirs." Reed returns salute lightly.

"I'll pass the word to the CMO personally as well, Doc," Rhea promises the medic. Boxing Reed in. She offers him a quick salute, before sitting. She regards the major for a moment, silent, a faint half-smile crooking her lips.

Reed watches the Medic leave, and as the hatch closes, he swallows, "I thought I was dead. We jumped, and when the console blew, I thought, "So this is what it's going to be like, I failed and now I'm going to die and kill those other people under me." He lowers his head, letting out a deep sigh.

Rhea lets out a long breath. Still charged up from what she just witnessed. "But that didn't happen," she says firmly. Another deep breath, and she actually chuckles. One of those pent-up, amazed sort of laughs. "Frak. You actually did it. It worked. You *jumped* a space station."

Reed smiles, "Yeah, I actually did, didn't I?" He grins widely, and looks around the quarters as if he were seeing it for the first time, "And I only broke the Weapons systems."

Rhea extends a hand to Reed. For shaking purposes. "Am I allowed to say 'congratulations' now?" she asks with another of those chuckles. "Frak the weapons system. That was something to see. The light…my gods. What's been done with these engines to move a facility like this is astounding."

Reed chuckles, "You are allowed, if you get me a drink from the bar." He takes the hand though, muscles in his hand still jumpy. "Whiskey, neat."

"You got it," Rhea says. The shake is gentle. More a reassuring squeeze than a proper pumping. It's a moment before she lets go. "Speaking of Sickbay, I should be headed that direction, myself. I left the Sprocket in Jesse's care. I should pick him up before he starts smoking and picking up blondes." A joke. She trusts the CMO completely with her spawn.

Reed smiles, nodding, "Okay, just get me a glass and the bottle, then and you can go tell on me and send the Doctor to come and make sure I'm in one piece." He thinks. "Is this what it feels like after giving birth? You've had this going on for so long, now.. you've actually gone through the big climax and you've got this incredible accomplishment, this amazing creation, you are awed by it, and you still can't quite believe that it's over and you have the rest of your life ahead of you, not working toward creating your goal." He's looking into space.

Rhea snorts. "Childbirth involves more drugs. At least if you do it the smart way. And it's still *far* more painful. And awe-inspiring. Haven't met a man yet I think could take it." She allows with a smirk, "Not that your engines aren't kind of cool, too. Get some rest, Reed. You've earned it." That said, she takes her leave.

Reed nods, "Thank you, Rhea." He smiles faintly, and proceeds to chill out.

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